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Seti Kleon

Mage of the Steel Wolves Company

0 · 180 views · located in Demortris

a character in “Merc's of Demortris 2”, as played by Eisenhorn


Name: Seti Kleon
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 31
Appearance: Not standing much taller than five feet and ten inches tall, Seti is a leaner fellow. Holding preference to his robes, being much more comfortable and useful to him than anything else in his opinion, being a tunic of blue with a hood sewn in, baggy trousers under fairly unrestrictive robes, a pair of cloth shoes finish the attire Kleon prefers.


First and foremost a scholar, Seti remains amiable and easy to get along with, though his flare for talking about his studies and ranting on at times paints him as a tad bit unsteady. He, while not trusting them farther than they could be thrown, can converse with Nobility due to his education, though he prefers to let other nobles do that work, or their glorious leader as he pokes fun at occasionally. For whomever earns it, he has a deep found respect for, and would gladly go out of his way for said people. Those who stand against him and his goals find a furious temper playing to the stereotype that many mages and wizards are angry and grumpy men. Not one to censor himself, unless directly addressing nobles, he lacks the social grace and poise that others may carry themselves with naturally.



Armor: Being a mage, Seti isn't overly reliant on physical armor, though he accepts that sometimes it is needed. And as such, his robes have been tweaked to fit his needs. A plate was sewn into the tunic, and only a single plate due to the restricting nature of armor, both in weight and maneuverability. His robes have an innate field that the mage weaved into them, having a habit of turning arrows that stood a chance of missing, and making him that subtly harder to hit. It is a subtle thing, reliant on the wearer being actively avoiding being hit, and cannot and will not turn a blade or arrow going right for his center of being.

Weapons: His main weapon, so to speak, is his staff, a solid oak with many rings added to give it additional support and weight, and potentially help focus better. Seti never noticed a difference between a ringed staff and an unringed one. The top of the staff is crowned with an oddly stylized bird of war, possibly a dragon depending on how it is seen, and glows whenever energy is channeled into the staff. The only other item is a curved dirk, about a foot in length, used for, rather than combat, mostly working with various items he may find in the field, whether it be prying items of notability out of stone or otherwise.

Magic: Seti is a very potent magic user, even without a foci such as his staff. His magics are mainly defensive in nature, evidence provided by his robes and their particular nature. He can project fields of varying size and visibility, designed to catch, block, or redirect hostile magics. The larger, and more visible the field, the more powerful its ability to accomplish its task, and it taxes the mage more to maintain the fields. In moments of true emergency he can produce a spherical dome around him and several close by, pouring his magic into his staff and the dome springing from the top of the staff. This can be lethal, as the amount of energy he outputs could backfire, or just not come back, and leave him at death's step. On the offensive, his strikes involve spikes of magical energy rather than blasts, pointing the shards into the cracks of armor, and can, in a pinch, form a sphere and fire it forward, like a wall of shards, though the individual shards do little against armored foes. His last notable spell is a telekinetic ability, able to move objects without having to actually touch them. Seeing them is necessary unless he has the item memorized by heart, and if it is larger than a large crate he requires his staff to move it, and if it gets a bit larger than that he cannot lift it, but could shift it briefly.


The seventh son of a seventh son, Seti Kleon was destined to inherit his family bloodline's power in the fields of magic. Unlike many mages who either had to learn from the bottom and garner power from their surroundings, the boy had an innate pool of magic that he could call on. This only functioned when uninjured, and the more blood that was spilled, the less of the reserves he could call on. His mother had been a witch, and his father a Warlock, and as such both were exiled to the outskirts of the civilized country. Being sent off to a aging wizard who was a family friend, he could train the boy and give him a better chance than his family could. Growing up, he proved inept with elemental magics, but harnessing pure energy was a skill that he had plenty of. This translated into his shields and defensive magics, and to a lesser extent, the shards of energy that he could produce to act as offensive weapons.

This training ended when a band of mage slayers arrived, looking for the young man due to his parents and their stand against them when the council wanted to remove potential rebellions in the mage population. The old wizard and young mage stood together, however the warriors were trained to slay magi, and thus drove Seti to flee and the death of his mentor. This left him bitter, and he quietly vanished into the country, finding employ in the Steel Wolves, finding a respect for their leader and the men and women who were part of the mercenary band. He applied the scholarly ability in research and detection of trouble, and his magics to protect his allies and strike wherever he, or his superior, saw fit.

So begins...

Seti Kleon's Story