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"I'm not a good guy. I just want all the bad guys to rot in hell."

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a character in “Mere Board Games”, as played by Ceoltior


Name: Ceoltoir

Age: 726

Appearance: Image

Race: Black dragon

Personality: Ceoltoir is generally angry, but angry of the quiet kind. He loathes stupidity, and loathes even more, those who commit evil. He doesn't mind violence, but he hates evil things. He attacks demons and half-demons on sight as he has a personal vendetta against them.

Ceoltoir does not hate humanity as many dragons do. While he used to see them as flawed creatures with no means of defending themselves, only good for manual labor and food, he now sees them as creatures that are more mislead than useless or flawed.

For a dragon, especially black, he has an oddly high love and understanding of music. He believes he acquired this love of music from the memories of his old host, but regardless, he enjoys music and has skill at the cello.

Ceoltoir currently seeks to cleanse the world of evil.


Sorcery - Ceoltoir has the inherent dragon sorcery that comes with being a dragon. This much being said, he's good at healing and wards. Specifically wards against lightning and fire, the former of the two consisting of stronger wards. He also specializes in anti-magic and anti-power magic.

Cello - A typical cello with a few charms on it to make the music more emotionally provocative, but nothing strong. The cello may also be used as a medium for soothing and rioting effects, although the cello must be played for this to happen.

Cello case - The case that Ceoltoir carries his cello in is actually a magically enhanced compartment that contains Ceol's entire horde, his cello and cello chair.

Sword - A charmed black and green blade made of an unknown (possibly divine) materiel that vibrates at a molecular level (due to the charms, not the make). It's edge is incapable of dulling and is sharpened to a molecules thickness. The end result is that it can cut through just about any materiel by first getting between the molecules, and then pushing them apart with it's oscillation.

On top of that, the sword also has many other charms that keep it from being affected by magic, anti-magic, and other such de-buffs. A long slender vein that spreads to the edges of the blade holds a poison that causes blood to boil. Ceol does not know how to make this compound as of yet but knows that it never diminishes inside the blade.

The blade is considered a holy weapon, imbued with the power to harm the incorporeal and even the spirit itself, an ability Ceol affectionately calls "Soul rend." It is particularly effective against evil creatures. The blade was upgraded by a god (lowercase g) of fate who sought to help him carry out Ceol's self-appointed task.

History: Ceoltoir's story gains significance only after his childhood when he is ruling over a certain village of little notoriety. Ceol was a stereotypical black dragon at that time, evil, hateful, backstabbing, slimy, and hungry. Being an ambitious dragon, he desired dominion over lesser creatures, aka humans. So he subjugated a village and for several years the human settlement was under his tyrannical and oppressive rule.

But such tyrants can only last for so long. The settlement organized their entire hamlet into a militia which then attacked Ceoltoir, subdued him, looted his horde in front of his eyes (a most traumatizing event for him) and then carted him back to the hamlet.

A group of wizard/scientists came along when hearing of a subdued black dragon and continued their work in human enhancement, specifically in the area of soul merging. They extracted Ceoltoir's soul and implanted it within a human being.

Ceol's soul and conscience, while suppressed, still functioned. Rather than follow instincts and just invoke his control over the body, he decided to follow subtlety and patiently and slowly assimilated the conscience and memories of the human into himself. The experiences gained from this process gave him a new perspective on humanity, however it did not dampen his brooding rage at the village. After immolating the town in rage he went on to slaughter the wizards who experimented on him.

Ever since that day he has wandered about, slowly, very slowly, transforming back into a dragon, his magical prowess increasing as he gained his old form back. Having achieved this goal he found himself lacking a drive or motivation.

Fortunately it was around this time that the world he was on began to end by unnatural causes. His own personal safety at risk, he went to face this foe. Acquiring friends in this process he managed to fall in love with another black dragon named Meloji, their love finally consummated in full after he ended the threat to the world, coming close to death in the process.

Unfortunately, having become such a prominent figure, as far as fate goes, he gained the attention of the divine, both malicious and merciful. It was such malicious deities that slew Meloji and the children she and Ceol had. Overcome with grief he vowed revenge and has to this day sought out the evil and unholy and put an end to them.

So begins...

Ceoltoir's Story