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Bai Ling

Shārén fàn, The loyal fighter

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a character in “Metahuman: Rebuilding The Heroes' Throne”, as played by VincentRayne


ImageName: Bai Ling
Alias: 杀人犯 (Shārén fàn) - translates as Murderess or killer

Age: 24
Gender: Female

Mentality/Personality: Bai is well known for her mercilessness on the battlefield. It most likely has to do with her history of being an active participate in Underground Fight Clubs. She’s often compared to Esther in concern of being a crazed killer. Only a slight smirk will be given in response.

Bai still dabbles a bit with honor and while merciless in combat, she still has a “code” she follows in fights and lashes out at anyone who interferes. But this is only under the circumstances of a personal duel or confrontation. When she’s on the job then she won’t hold anything back or show any sympathy.

When speaking with Bai she has a thick Chinese accent. But even though she can’t speak English well, the girl can definitely understand it. On multiple occasions she’s lashed out on people making fun thinking she has no clue what they are saying.

Bai has the shortest temper of the whole group. When in the Triad she was high up in authority and commanded well trained people. So she expects the same from the people she works for now. If she catches someone messing up then Bai often makes them an example towards the others by beating them within an inch of their life. The fact that she lets the poor individual get ready for the fight has never made a difference.

Background: Bai Ling’s full background is unknown. It is known that she worked for the Triad and was one of their champions for underground fight clubs. Even with her enhancements neutralized, her skill in combat and natural speed always saw her out on top. Her wide range of fighting skill and the ability to switch fighting styles on the fly easily made her a favorite to spectate.

The underground fights ranged from hand-to-hand to melee weapon combat. It was from these fights that she gained the attention of Countess, whom is already well known in the Underground World.

Image It was in one of the underground fights where she first came across a fighter that was under Corentine, before she was known as Countess. Bai’s opponent’s fighting style was different than other fighters and ended up losing the fight. Of course, since Bai had lost in the far stages of the underground fight club, she was considered disposable. She was going to be killed and the Triad would look and train a new champion to fight under their name.

Bai already knew this and accepted it but Corentine approached them and offered to buy their former fighter. Not only was the amount a nice sum but she also offered to take Bai out of the country. After negotiations concluded Bai Ling was now owned by Countess.

Afterwards Corentine offered to teach and train Bai Ling so that she may one day be able to take revenge on the person that beat her before. Corentine even showed Bai how to use her powers in combination with her martial arts. Even, several years later, Bai Ling still looks forward to her revenge match.

Alignment/Affiliation: Bai Ling is another trusted soldier that works under Countess.

ImageReputation: Bai Ling isn’t seen around, often, on her own. She is practically tethered to Countess. So there isn’t much information on her besides the fact that she was once a champion fighter in the Underground Fight Club. But even most of that crowd believes she was killed the night she lost because she was never seen again.

Resources: Working for Countess has its perks. She is cemented in the Black Market so she can pretty much provide just about ANYTHING people would want. Not to mention she pays very well.

Equipment/Weapons: Much like Countess, Bai Ling has dual short swords on her at times. Although they are slightly shorter in length and are associated with ninja swords. She can also us almost any traditional martial arts weapon proficiency. The rest of the equipment she wears is standard for a soldier working under Countess.

Power - Superhuman - Bai Ling is enhanced across the board. Heightened speed, enhanced strength, increased durability, heightened senses, etc. Despite all of these above average stats they aren’t ridiculous. Her being able to fight toe-to-toe with a lot of meta-humans is due to her fighting experience and skill as a combatant rather than just completely relying on any powers to brute force her way through anyone. Bai Ling’s fighting skill itself is sometimes considered a handicap due to some ability but she is just excellent at reading people and can spot weaknesses and a person’s strengths in the first few seconds of a fight.

Ability Level: 3.9

Tier: Beta

Skills: - Athletic, Martial Arts based combat

Weaknesses: - She can dodge bullets if she’s looking at the person firing but only from a semi-automatic weapon. She’s still human and doesn’t possess quick healing and can suffer from injuries in a fight. Her biggest weakness is losing. More than anything, Bai Ling feels like she has to have some grasp on the situation. Take that away and you might see her become worried. And she doesn’t know when to quit as well. If you beat her in combat then she better be unconscious or dead otherwise she will keep going until her body gives out.

Bai is also honor bound to Countess. An attack on Countess mind as well be an attack on Bai Ling.


So begins...

Bai Ling's Story


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Valoria City was a place that looked as beautiful as the name made it sound. It was a city that quickly built itself up to rival some of the larger capitals in the nation. Unfortunately, soon after its rise Valoria City seemed to fall at a much quickened speed. Many gangs and organized crime syndicates sought to claim the new city as territory. Then the fights for territory began. The city saw a drastic rise in crime in a short amount of time that even police had trouble with containment.

This, of course, sparked the rise of meta-human superheroes to also give their try at Valoria City. But their powers coupled with the plethora of weapons the criminals they faced had only resulted in catastrophic collateral damage. It wasn't long before the people of Valoria City had enough of the so called "superheroes" and laws immediately went into effect to put a leash on any and all meta-humans.

Any meta-human that entered the city received a bracelet that kept track of their location and use of powers. Any excess use resulted in violation of the law and they would be treated as a criminal. If a meta-human was discovered without a bracelet would immediately be escorted to be issued one if they haven't received the item yet. If it was found out they were already issued a bracelet but didn't have it on their person they would be escorted back to their home to retrieve it.

As time progressed so did Valoria City. The surge in violence was drastically reduced and contained, primarily, to the slums of the city. Technological advances were being made due to different organizations moving to the city as well. It wasn't long until the bracelets were produced for everyone and was used as a form of ID, credit card, money transactions, gps, watch, etc. If it could be done electronically to interact with society then the bracelet could do it. The mayor also thought it would make it seem like the meta-humans weren't just being singled out as well. That way they would be a bit more comfortable in Valoria City.

Now, Valoria City is one of the largest cities in the nation made up of several districts. And as the city grows so does potential criminal investments. And this time containment is barely holding them up. A lot of the common thugs graduated to organized crime. Working for more money and with bigger risk. Sometimes things went well. But when they didn't, the whole district would feel the consequences. And lately the citizens have been concerned with rumors of meta-humans being a part of these crime syndicates as well...