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Ray Noxlucis

The telekinetic that went all out with the costume ideas

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a character in “Metahuman: Rebuilding The Heroes' Throne”, as played by Doctor Nope


Name: Ray Noxlucis
Alias: Poltergeist
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Mentality/Personality: Ray thrives off of the fear of others, feeling that because he'd been controlled by fear all of his life by his abusive father, he should deserve to finally use it to control others. In some cases he may feel sympathy or remorse for others, but this is rare.

Alignment/Affiliation: Chaotic Evil
Reputation: His alias has never been traced back to him. As Ray, he is known as the person who inherited his late father's tech R&D company. As The Poltergeist, he's known as a phantom that appears in the dead of night, bringing with him a slew of telekinetic chaos.

Resources: Owner of an advanced tech R&D company. Money and equipment isn't hard to come by.
Equipment/Weapons: Cloak with cloaking-abilities and smoke emitters, two daggers, an Xdm 9mm pistol, and a thunderball (8-ball attached to a chain).

Power - Telekinesis
User detects and manipulates the kinetic energy of matter around them.
Ability Level: 7.7
Tier: Delta
-Ability One: Projectile
Telekinetically launch an object(s) at the opponent
-Ability Two: Vortex
Create a vortex of telekinetic energy. Can be used to deflect rapid incoming attacks, create/stop tornadoes, or stir stuff quicker.
-Ability Three: Direct movement
Directly dictate the exact positions of objects. Can be used for construction, aiming floating objects, moving objects around precicely, etc.

Technology research
Hand-to-hand combat

Telekinesis uses up stamina depending on how heavy the objects are, and overexertion may lead to physically harming himself e.g fracturing bones or rupturing organs on the more extreme side, with headaches and muscle fatigue on the lower end.
Optional Image:

So begins...

Ray Noxlucis's Story


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Valoria City was a place that looked as beautiful as the name made it sound. It was a city that quickly built itself up to rival some of the larger capitals in the nation. Unfortunately, soon after its rise Valoria City seemed to fall at a much quickened speed. Many gangs and organized crime syndicates sought to claim the new city as territory. Then the fights for territory began. The city saw a drastic rise in crime in a short amount of time that even police had trouble with containment.

This, of course, sparked the rise of meta-human superheroes to also give their try at Valoria City. But their powers coupled with the plethora of weapons the criminals they faced had only resulted in catastrophic collateral damage. It wasn't long before the people of Valoria City had enough of the so called "superheroes" and laws immediately went into effect to put a leash on any and all meta-humans.

Any meta-human that entered the city received a bracelet that kept track of their location and use of powers. Any excess use resulted in violation of the law and they would be treated as a criminal. If a meta-human was discovered without a bracelet would immediately be escorted to be issued one if they haven't received the item yet. If it was found out they were already issued a bracelet but didn't have it on their person they would be escorted back to their home to retrieve it.

As time progressed so did Valoria City. The surge in violence was drastically reduced and contained, primarily, to the slums of the city. Technological advances were being made due to different organizations moving to the city as well. It wasn't long until the bracelets were produced for everyone and was used as a form of ID, credit card, money transactions, gps, watch, etc. If it could be done electronically to interact with society then the bracelet could do it. The mayor also thought it would make it seem like the meta-humans weren't just being singled out as well. That way they would be a bit more comfortable in Valoria City.

Now, Valoria City is one of the largest cities in the nation made up of several districts. And as the city grows so does potential criminal investments. And this time containment is barely holding them up. A lot of the common thugs graduated to organized crime. Working for more money and with bigger risk. Sometimes things went well. But when they didn't, the whole district would feel the consequences. And lately the citizens have been concerned with rumors of meta-humans being a part of these crime syndicates as well...


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Eryn Willow

Almost immediately after he slapped the thug, he turned to leave, not even waiting for them to hit the ground.

This, of course, led to him being pretty startled by what sounded like an earthquake right behind him.

"--Ghya! The hell?!" as he turned to see Jira. How...did she make that much noise? He also noticed that the thug had fallen the wrong way. She must have been pretty quick to appear in the time between the slap and Eryn turning away. He awkwardly watched her take a photo of his victim, then heard her asking her question.

" I didn't ask him anything, I just nullified a threat..."
...she called the thug an it. Did that mean that this person was also a vigilante, seeing as she didn't seem to humanise the criminals? Well, nice to know that he wasn't the only kid crazy enough to be doing this.


Ray Noxlucis

Ray looked on at the crowds of people at the event. These were the people he'd have to impress with his Regalia-Frames, as this was the first tech expo he had attended since inheriting his father's company. The new face of Cerberus Corp. was going to hit the ground running, especially with what he had planned for the event. Not even his present staff were aware of what he was going to do.

He looked to his section, occupied by a few dormant Regalia-Frames having their final checks done by his staff. The frames didn't look like much when deactivated, so nobody had figured out what they were meant to be used for yet. Ray decided that he might as well look around at the exhibitions of other people that were attending. Despite his ,cough, morally questionable motives, he did have a genuine passion for innovative technology and was curious to see the progress made by his fellow tinkerers. He began walking around and scouting out for anything that caught his eye.