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Violet Kingsley

Munition, The Soldier With Amnesia

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a character in “Metahuman: Rebuilding The Heroes' Throne”, as played by VincentRayne


ImageName: Violet Kingsley
Alias: Munition
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Mentality/Personality: Violet is a girl that seems to lack emotion. She’s cold, blunt, and calculating. The girl likes to know where all the pieces are on the board before making her move. Violet is the type that will accomplish her goal no matter what, or who, she has to go through.

Violet seems quite content with the firing range, her missions, and video games to keep her time occupied. It goes without saying that she’s not exactly the most social person. Parties, get togethers, bars, etc. She’s never felt the need to interact with people outside of the squad she’s apart of on missions.

Violet is much like her employer in the sense that she doesn’t feel comfortable with loose ends. Her personality paired with her extreme loyalty makes her an ideal candidate for her work. It’s why she’s considered one of the best due to combat training since she was younger.

Background: Violet was born to a family that was part of a clan of swordsman that has trained in various sword types from around the world. She also had an older brother named Darian who was almost five years old by the time she was born. He began sword training, such was the way of their people, shortly after Violet was introduced to the world. Darian was a prodigy amongst their people and almost immediately became as well versed as the veterans.

ImageUnfortunately, this talent did not find its way to Violet. When she was of age to start her training she was very clumsy and constantly made mistakes when it came to sword training. What was even more embarrassing was that everyone constantly compared Violet to her brother, Darian. It wasn’t until later that Violet’s instructor noticed that her aim seemed to be extremely accurate. This talent was discovered when Violet would practice with a bow and arrow as well as rock slings when she wanted to pass the time. Her sword training was halted and, instead, had her newfound talent explored further with all manner of ranged weapons that were available.

There was a conflict in the clan that kept growing within the clan until it divided itself. Half led by her father and the other half her uncle. It was a conflict over who was the rightful ruler since the untimely passing of their father. A rightful heir wasn’t selected and thus was the start of the dispute. Years later, when Violet was almost in her teens an attack happened at night that was led by her uncle. Her father gave his life so that Violet and her brother could escape but amidst the pandemonium of the fighting and explosions the two to get separated.

Violet lost track of her brother but was found by a pale woman. The woman offered to take Violet to safety and away from all the fighting. Believing her family dead or captured, Violet agreed to go with the woman. It was here that she found the world outside of her clan to be much more exciting and to her liking. Violet wasn’t the only person to taken in by the woman the called Countess. There were several others around Violet’s age. Countess said they were all special and that she had special plans for each of them.

Alignment/Affiliation: Violet has a very devoted loyalty to Countess. Whether she is told to do something good or bad, Violet will carry out the action without hesitation. She greatly admires Countess as well.

ImageReputation: Since Violet has worked for Countess and has developed her powers since a young age. But for anyone outside of that circle Violet is known as a hitwoman willing to take on any job.

Resources: Working for Countess has its perks. She is cemented in the Black Market so she can pretty much provide just about ANYTHING people would want. Not to mention she pays very well. This includes temporary hires as well as the people that are more long term.

Equipment/Weapons: Since Violet can make firearms at will the only material items she has are voice communication devices and her combat knife.

Power - Weapon Spawning - Violet also possesses the ability to almost instantaneously create weapons from nothing. This only applies to ranged weapons and she cannot individual parts or individual ammunition. The weapons she creates are made as a whole. When she’s conjuring a weapon it looks as if it’s forming from laser grids. The firearms disappear in the same manner but reversed.

Ability Level: 6.0

Tier: Gamma
-Dead eye - Violet has a passive ability to shoot with superb accuracy. Even when picking up a new weapon she can adapt in a mere few rounds no matter the fire rate or make of the weapon. Splitting an arrow with another? She can do that. Hitting the exact same pinpoint mark twice in a row on a target? That can be done as well.

Skills: - Parkour/freerunning, CQC, Battlefield Perception

Weaknesses: - Things that are resistant to bullets won’t mean anything different to Violet’s arsenal. She’s able to be dodged because she can’t make the bullets curve and doesn’t possess foresight to predict where her opponent will go unless they are moving in a predictable pattern. Her weapons are able to be shattered on hit from solid objects hard enough (which isn’t that hard). The smaller the weapon the easier it is to shatter. Larger weapons like a .50 caliber sniper rifle or an RPG will take a bit more effort to be broken.

So begins...

Violet Kingsley's Story


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Valoria City was a place that looked as beautiful as the name made it sound. It was a city that quickly built itself up to rival some of the larger capitals in the nation. Unfortunately, soon after its rise Valoria City seemed to fall at a much quickened speed. Many gangs and organized crime syndicates sought to claim the new city as territory. Then the fights for territory began. The city saw a drastic rise in crime in a short amount of time that even police had trouble with containment.

This, of course, sparked the rise of meta-human superheroes to also give their try at Valoria City. But their powers coupled with the plethora of weapons the criminals they faced had only resulted in catastrophic collateral damage. It wasn't long before the people of Valoria City had enough of the so called "superheroes" and laws immediately went into effect to put a leash on any and all meta-humans.

Any meta-human that entered the city received a bracelet that kept track of their location and use of powers. Any excess use resulted in violation of the law and they would be treated as a criminal. If a meta-human was discovered without a bracelet would immediately be escorted to be issued one if they haven't received the item yet. If it was found out they were already issued a bracelet but didn't have it on their person they would be escorted back to their home to retrieve it.

As time progressed so did Valoria City. The surge in violence was drastically reduced and contained, primarily, to the slums of the city. Technological advances were being made due to different organizations moving to the city as well. It wasn't long until the bracelets were produced for everyone and was used as a form of ID, credit card, money transactions, gps, watch, etc. If it could be done electronically to interact with society then the bracelet could do it. The mayor also thought it would make it seem like the meta-humans weren't just being singled out as well. That way they would be a bit more comfortable in Valoria City.

Now, Valoria City is one of the largest cities in the nation made up of several districts. And as the city grows so does potential criminal investments. And this time containment is barely holding them up. A lot of the common thugs graduated to organized crime. Working for more money and with bigger risk. Sometimes things went well. But when they didn't, the whole district would feel the consequences. And lately the citizens have been concerned with rumors of meta-humans being a part of these crime syndicates as well...