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Metahuman: Rebuilding The Heroes' Throne



a part of Metahuman: Rebuilding The Heroes' Throne, by VincentRayne.


VincentRayne holds sovereignty over Meta-verse, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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based on an rp world from a separate rp site that is being reworked.


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Meta-verse is a part of Metahuman: Rebuilding The Heroes' Throne.

11 Characters Here

Eryn Willow [5] The 15-year-old newbie vampire who's also somehow lawful good.
Jira Novotný [4] A teenager fully hellbent on taking every encounter with any and all criminals too far.
Ray Noxlucis [2] The telekinetic that went all out with the costume ideas
Lillian Lord [2] "You can just call me Khalisi."
Bai Ling [1] Shārén fàn, The loyal fighter
Darian Kingsley [1] Extremely powerful swordsman with infinite swords
Leon Kings [1] A 21 year old chaotic neutral lightning manipulator on the wrong side of the law.
Okami Nightshade [1] The pumpkin-head persona that prefers to be as flashy as possible when attacking.
Heather Kamelotte [1] Angel, the Phoenix
Violet Kingsley [1] Munition, The Soldier With Amnesia

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12 Characters Present

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Valoria City was a place that looked as beautiful as the name made it sound. It was a city that quickly built itself up to rival some of the larger capitals in the nation. Unfortunately, soon after its rise Valoria City seemed to fall at a much quickened speed. Many gangs and organized crime syndicates sought to claim the new city as territory. Then the fights for territory began. The city saw a drastic rise in crime in a short amount of time that even police had trouble with containment.

This, of course, sparked the rise of meta-human superheroes to also give their try at Valoria City. But their powers coupled with the plethora of weapons the criminals they faced had only resulted in catastrophic collateral damage. It wasn't long before the people of Valoria City had enough of the so called "superheroes" and laws immediately went into effect to put a leash on any and all meta-humans.

Any meta-human that entered the city received a bracelet that kept track of their location and use of powers. Any excess use resulted in violation of the law and they would be treated as a criminal. If a meta-human was discovered without a bracelet would immediately be escorted to be issued one if they haven't received the item yet. If it was found out they were already issued a bracelet but didn't have it on their person they would be escorted back to their home to retrieve it.

As time progressed so did Valoria City. The surge in violence was drastically reduced and contained, primarily, to the slums of the city. Technological advances were being made due to different organizations moving to the city as well. It wasn't long until the bracelets were produced for everyone and was used as a form of ID, credit card, money transactions, gps, watch, etc. If it could be done electronically to interact with society then the bracelet could do it. The mayor also thought it would make it seem like the meta-humans weren't just being singled out as well. That way they would be a bit more comfortable in Valoria City.

Now, Valoria City is one of the largest cities in the nation made up of several districts. And as the city grows so does potential criminal investments. And this time containment is barely holding them up. A lot of the common thugs graduated to organized crime. Working for more money and with bigger risk. Sometimes things went well. But when they didn't, the whole district would feel the consequences. And lately the citizens have been concerned with rumors of meta-humans being a part of these crime syndicates as well...


1 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Eryn Willow
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Eryn Willow

Eryn sat perched on a roof, feet dangling down into the alleyway immediately in front of him. Now that it was night time, he didn't need to have his hood up, or his mask on, letting him feel like any other person, being able to feel the soft breezes on their skin. A feeling he didn't get to have very often anymore. In the cases where he could, such as this one, he certainly wasn't acting like a regular person. Regular people don't perch from rooftops, readying to strike down at thugs. Still, fleeting moments like these allowed him to at least pretend he was one. He had only been a vampire for a week, but he already missed his previous life.

Welp, time to get moving. He moved down his goggles, put on his respirator, and put up his hood. Thanks to some scoping out spanning several days and some enhanced senses, he figured out that this was a common spot for illegal weapons trading on a tiny scale.

Jumping down into the alleway, he landed right next to the dealer who was about to hand a gun to someone looking particularly edgy, while immediately flicking on the red lights in his lenses, illuminating the area. Before the dealer could really respond at all, Eryn had already sent the guy flying back a nice distance with a punch to the ribs. "Don't mind if I...drop in."

The buyer was about to attack Eryn, but hesitated when he heard the ring tone coming from Eryn's commercial ID bracelet, prompting the young vampire to hold up his palm as if to signal hold on a sec, and raised his other hand which wore the bracelet up to his ear. The guy only hesitated for a moment, though, and continued his attack, only to be briskly dodged by Eryn throughout the conversation.



Eryn stepped out of the way of a knife slash from the thug.

"What is it, Michael?"

"I, uh...lost your science textbook."

He dodged a lunge attack.

"...Ok, I really can't be bothered to react to that right now. I'll just reprimand you at school tomorrow."


Eryn put his bracelet arm down, ending the call. He turned back towards the thug and slapped them, sending a couple of their teeth flying out. The thug collapsed seconds later.

Point to note, don't let Michael borrow your stuff unless you want the thing to enter the same league as your keys.


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Character Portrait: Eryn Willow Character Portrait: Jira Novotný
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#, as written by JPax
Landing I
Jira Novotná

Jira squinted down at the ground in the darkness, enjoying the feeling of the wind whipping past her face. Any bugs or airborne particles that impacted her face and body simply slid past, losing all momentum as it touched her. She was late. For once, being late ruined most of her plans.

She intended to extract certain bits and pieces of information from basic street gangs, either by removing a few of their fingers or by gentle persuasion. Either way, it wasn't going to be an incredibly cute or intimate experience. She hated not having a proper suit that was fit for flying. A leather jacket and a short skirt were among some of the worst things to fly in, despite pilots wearing a similar thing on top.

Jira would kill for even a basic hero suit that didn't remind her of the old days. A skin-tight wetsuit and waterproof tarp draped over her shoulders like a cape would be absolutely delightful at this point. Then again, she knew what kind of attention that would draw. And that wouldn't be just toward her body. Conventional heroes were frowned upon.


Combat. It had a distinct sound, even over the howling wind. Jira loved combat, any form of combat. Hitting someone in the stomach and sending them hurtling down several blocks wasn't uncommon for her. Instead of continuing to her original location, she decided to examine what was going on here.

With a careless movement, she rotated her body erect, with her feet directly the center of the alleyway, and sent herself plummeting to the ground. She wouldn't get hurt from falling. Jira couldn't say the same for the ground.

With a crack that sounded like a jackhammer breaking the ground, she landed right next to the fallen man who lost a couple of teeth. Before he could hit the ground, Jira extended her arms and caught him, then pushed him the opposite direction. The thug fell on the other side.

She eyed the one who did the slapping. A guy in a suit. Some kind of suit. Jira felt a twinge of envy as she reached into her own pocket, withdrawing a clunky cell phone encased in an otterbox. She took a picture of the fallen man, then looked back at the glowing goggles.

"So...did it talk?" She gestured down toward the man. "I was going to ask it a few things."


4 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Ray Noxlucis Character Portrait: Eryn Willow Character Portrait: Jira Novotný Character Portrait: Lillian Lord
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Eryn Willow

Almost immediately after he slapped the thug, he turned to leave, not even waiting for them to hit the ground.

This, of course, led to him being pretty startled by what sounded like an earthquake right behind him.

"--Ghya! The hell?!" as he turned to see Jira. How...did she make that much noise? He also noticed that the thug had fallen the wrong way. She must have been pretty quick to appear in the time between the slap and Eryn turning away. He awkwardly watched her take a photo of his victim, then heard her asking her question.

" I didn't ask him anything, I just nullified a threat..."
...she called the thug an it. Did that mean that this person was also a vigilante, seeing as she didn't seem to humanise the criminals? Well, nice to know that he wasn't the only kid crazy enough to be doing this.


Ray Noxlucis

Ray looked on at the crowds of people at the event. These were the people he'd have to impress with his Regalia-Frames, as this was the first tech expo he had attended since inheriting his father's company. The new face of Cerberus Corp. was going to hit the ground running, especially with what he had planned for the event. Not even his present staff were aware of what he was going to do.

He looked to his section, occupied by a few dormant Regalia-Frames having their final checks done by his staff. The frames didn't look like much when deactivated, so nobody had figured out what they were meant to be used for yet. Ray decided that he might as well look around at the exhibitions of other people that were attending. Despite his ,cough, morally questionable motives, he did have a genuine passion for innovative technology and was curious to see the progress made by his fellow tinkerers. He began walking around and scouting out for anything that caught his eye.