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Alla Adamov

0 · 215 views · located in Post-apocalyptic Moscow

a character in “Metro: C7”, as played by Arctic Fury


Name: Alla "Boots" Adamov

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Home station: Reich

Physical description: Adamov is a tall (6'6") white male with short, unkempt blonde hair and blue-grey eyes. He maintains a well-toned physique with distinct muscular features.

Personality: An upbeat, dim-witted former Nazi, Adamov is not the most intelligent individual in the Metro. Apparently fairly divorced from reality, he is prone to frequent non-sequiturs, going as far as to use a bullet as a writing utensil and spelling his own name wrong. This could be due to his accidental exposure to concentrated radiation as a child. He occasionally asks questions about things that others take for granted, and has difficulty grasping even the most basic concepts, though he has also been known to notice things others have not. To make up for these shortcomings, Adamov is an extremely competent fighter, particularly with a shotgun.

History: Alla Adamov was born not long before the hellfire and was raised in the Nazi home station of Reich and, as such, grew up a fascist. He served on the frontlines for several years before he was given officer rank. However, he abandoned his post soon after for unknown reasons. Since then he has traveled to many stations, working as a hired gun most of the time, though occasionally he could be found assisting the local station cook. Many have sought his considerable combat prowess as tales of his ventures through some of the more hazardous tunnels spread through the stations. Not many are willing to trust him with any task that involves excessive amounts of thinking, however. He has gotten into frequent entanglements with the Reds due to his former alliance with the fascists.

Gear: Adamov carries gear typical of a Metro merc. Body armour, head gear, his form of attire is not an uncommon sight within the Moscow underground. However, he often wears a gas-mask with a distinctive dark-pink skull painted on it. In terms of weaponry he favors a fully customized tri-barrel shotgun, hand-crafted in Reich by his father. It has seen many years of service and seems in constant disrepair. Nevertheless, when it does work, it packs a punch that could "knock a Librarian on its ass." When there's no time to reload, he pulls out his trusty Colt M1873, a foreign weapon which he claims to have found among some old ruins on the surface. He also carries a military-grade knife for when the mutants get a little too close for comfort.

So begins...

Alla Adamov's Story