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Maxim Kuznetsov

A HANZA-hired Stalker, a person who travels onto the surface to investigate and gather items.

0 · 50 views · located in Dobryninskaya

a character in “Metro: Nightfall”, as played by Joseph_Bennett


General Information
Things that can be determined through a short conversation, or could be heard about from an established NPC who knows the character. This and appearance are also going to appear on the character's given Station Passport, and can be determined by Station Security if it is given.

Name: Maxim Kuznetsov (Given name.)
Nickname: None (Feel free to invent any nickname for your character, or allow other PCs/NPCs to come up with one for you.)
Sex: Male (Self-explanatory.)
Race:Ethnic East Slav*
Age: 24/mid-twenties/Born 02/22/2012 (Any of these formats should work.)

*There are other options to this according to Metro lore, such as Europeans and Americans businesspersons who were in Moscow at the time of the bombing, although their numbers were few and likely reduced in faction wars. It's recommended that the backstory have some form of explanation for this, and the station "Europe" is known to house these people, so do with that what you will.

Things that can be determined from simply looking at the character, or speaking to another PC or NPC who has seen the character before, although efficiency will differ. Note that clothing plays a large part in appearance, especially on the surface, so it may be hard to distinguish these depending on choice of dress. There will eventually be a "disguised" and "obscured" status for RP interactions that will give advantage against opposing observation checks, and the physical attributes are likely placed on the PC's passport.
Height: 5'10"/1.7m (Height can be determined relatively easily by simply looking at a character, although it may be inaccurate depending on circumstances, likely to be subjected to a roll.)
Weight: 140lbs/63.5 kilos (Weight is not likely to be determined by a viewer. This is essentially just to establish a BMI, and is not essential. It may be useful if navigation over poor terrain is ever utilized, however.)
Distinguishing Markings: Several scars across the forearms and back (C). Circle HANZA tattoo on the left shoulder, drawn in blue ink (C). (Any markings that are extremely recognizable. The "C" in parenthesis marks whether or not the marking is concealed by clothing. There is no active roll for determining these regularly, but they may prove useful in identification if the character is injured or killed, or if there is an active investigation to find the markings on the PC's body.)
Skin: Lighter color, slightly tanned around the face and neck. Several freckles around the wrist of the left hand, making a V-shape. (This is not essential, but may help with even further ID for the character. Should include at least the skin color, if deciding to use this category.)
Eyes: Gray eyes. One eye has a blood pool in the white. (This is preferred to be included but is not essential. It, same as everything else here, will simply be used for IC interactions and is more of a fluff detail.)
Clothing/Dress: Wears exclusively gray clothes, including a jacket from the pre-war period and cargo pants, as well as an old backpack. Underneath that clothing, he wears a light-red T-shirt with the words "Moscow University," which has faded and been patched many times (C). Wears leather hiking boots and thick socks on his feet. (This is pretty self explanatory. Like with the "Height" category, this can be determined simply by looking at the character. It can be noticed and described by any character who remembers the person, or who knows them from somewhere else.)

This can be determined by interacting with the character, and is a useful aid for a sort of "guideline" if you wish to put it here. It's not entirely RP-essential to have one, but it is a viable option and more of a personal choice.

So begins...

Maxim Kuznetsov's Story