Marilee Gunner

"Hope expresses doubt. I'm not hopeful, I'm certain."

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a character in “Metro: The Underground”, as played by PumpkinBear


Full Name: Marilee Gunner
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Home Region: Cherrywood
Occupation: Seamstress

Appearance: Marilee has smooth tanned skin, and thick curly brown hair worn loose and flowing. Her eyes are dark brown, inviting, and framed by thick eyebrows. Notible features are her plump lips and high cheekbones. Since she works as a seamstress, she is often dressed elaborately in billowy dresses. She takes create pride in her appearance and always tries to look her best for festivals or travels to Lynne Harbor whether it be by pinching her cheeks till they're rosy or painting her eyes with the juices of crushed berries.

Personality: Marilee is motivated by her desire to be recognized for her talents. She generally has a calm disposition, but her mood tends to change frequently if things go wrong. One of her greatest strengths is her confidence; she believes herself to be the best as what she does and remains optimistic that one day she will become everything she desires. When it comes to her work, she is very meticulous to the point of getting fussy if just one stitch is out of place. But her impulsiveness is one of her flaws. Marilee enjoys spontaneous behavior, which often can lead to erratic choices. Her boldness has the potential to lead her to danger and her optimism often leaves her blind.

Towards other people, she can be quite stubborn; once her mind is set on something, she won't turn back. Another one of her flaws is her self-absorbed nature. If she can make a conversation about herself, she will. And if she can brag about her accomplishments, she will be ecstatic. While arrogant, she is, at least, very engaging in conversations. Shy is not a description of her in the slighest and she can easily start a conversation with anyone in any situation. She is an open book and will say exactly how she feels or what's on her mind. She values traditions, but has no qualms with breaking them to suit her own needs.

History: Marilee's father worked as smith in the town of Westfield. He made weapons for the soldiers of Cherrywood as did his father and grandfather. Marilee's mother was the daughter of a wealthy merchant from Locust Market in Lynne Harbor. The two met at an autumn festival: The father took a break from his usual work to make decorative metal leaves. He gave the leaves out to friends and family while he drank and sang along to the music. But as he partied, he was approached by a woman with glowing dark skin and inviting brown eyes. The woman insisted he sell her his metal leaves and while he would have loved to oblige, he had ran out. What he did promise her, however, was that if she returned for the next festival he would make her much more beautiful than a simple leaf. Weeks passed and on the day of the festival, he had created a metal dove. Throughout the entire festival he searched for the woman, but could not find her. It wasn't until the very end when the fires were soon to be extinguished that he found her. She had an underlining sadness in her expression and as he gave her the gift, she began to cry. The woman told the smith how she was arranged to marry a business partner's of her father's and how she was forbidden to leave the region for fear of being disowned. The smith was confused as to why she would give up such a comfortable life to be with a tradesman, but joy overtook him and he invited her to live in his home.

Their daughter, Marilee, was born the day before the autumn festival of the next year. She was healthy, beautiful like her mother, and strong like her father. The smith had everything he could ever dream of, but the mother's underlining sadness returned. As the years passed, the woman he loved grew more cold and distant. She'd sit outside and stare off into the distance for hours. She spoke to no one, not even her daughter. This, however, never seemed to faze Marilee. She'd sit beside her mother and talk to her for hours. She'd tell her about birds she saw or a squirrel she chased. Never once did she expect a response. But one day, the day after Marilee turned six, her mother was gone. The smith gathered his friends on the Cherrywood guard to search for his wife, but no trace of her was ever found. Marilee's father never quite recovered from the loss of his wife. He'd work from the moment he woke until the moment he slept. The only happiness he found was in a completed project and even then something always felt missing.

Due to her father's reclusive behavior, Marilee often ventured out around the region of Cherrywood and never ceased to find new friends and adventures. When she was thirteen, she even traveled on her own through the Metro to get to Locust Market, the ultimate trade district of Newerth. It was there that she saw wealthy people adored in rich fabrics, jewelry, and make-up. Looking at her own reflection, she felt ashamed and the feeling sickened her. When she returned to Westfield, she knew she wanted to become a seamstress so she could be like the people in Locust Market, if not better. Through friends, she learned of a woman who lived in Mapletown and taught sewing. Marilee did not hesitate, packed her belongings and set out to become an apprentice. By the time she was seventeen, she opened her own shop in Westfield to sell her wares. But even though she made a decent living, it was never enough. Marilee will never be satisfied until she has her own shop in Locust Market.

Skills: Sewing, charisma, strong work-ethic
Wants: To be recognized for her talents, live a wealthy lifestyle in Locust Market, and remembered as the best.
Fears: Failure, looking foolish/ugly, being poor, producing shoddy work, and being forgettable.
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