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PumpkinBear holds sovereignty over Cherrywood, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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Known settlements: Mapletown and Westfield.

Cherrywood is the second most populated region in Newerth. This largely has to do with the many plains that break up the surrounding forests. Access to the Metro and Park's River makes travel to Lynne Harbor and Burnt Mill simple.

Residents of Cherrywood tend to live much for calm lives than those in other regions. The threat of vicious creatures is fairly low and due to the population, there is usually someone not too far by if trouble arises.

Because the region tends to be laid-back, artists and bards tend to flock to the town of Westfield to make their money off Metro travelers. The need for soldiers is not as high as in other regions, but some do patrol the routes between settlements. The fertile plains of Cherrywood make it one of the best for farming and fishing on Park's River can make a meager living as well.




Cherrywood is a part of Newerth.

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