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Amara Aymelek Cayne

The Little Rabbit Doll

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a character in “Mi Amor”, as played by Lady Inali




Name: Amara Aymelek Cayne
**Amara: Abyssian Legend = “Paradise” **
** Aymelek: Turkish for Moon Angel**

Apparent age: 3-5 years old
Gender: Female
Role: ?



Hair color: Long Pomegranate red with slight curles.
Eye Color: a Sea green blue
Height: 2" 6 feet even
Weight:18 pounds (underweight for what she should be at she should be around 20 to 29 pounds)
Build: Amara is under weight and rather small for her age. She looks rather sickly. She is very pale with porcelain skin. She rather looks like a loving doll with her size and build. Her fingers are long and thin matching her slender build.


Personality: She is rather silent and tends to hide from people she does not know. However she can be like a cat when thing intrigue her. She loves music and her stuffed bunny toy which means the world to her. She will throw a fit if any mess with her stuff bunny and cry until she gets it back even with fact that it is very dirty and really, really, needs to be replaced.

She is very sweet when she gets use to people and will cling to people she likes seeing them as a mother or father like person. If someone scares her she will run off and hide from them.

For some reason she loves being read to, she will use who ever is reading to her as a pillow and most likely will fall a sleep. Calm music will do the same thing to her. It is a good way when she is scared or up set to get her to calm down.

Overly loud sounds or being yelled at will make her brake down a cry witch in turn means she will run off and find a place to hide that she feels is safe. If someone tries to get a hold of her when she panics she will try to bite to get free or go limp and shut down. Her eyes will become glazed over and she will become doll like.

she likes to sleep in strange places....on top of coffee tables, under beds, cabinets, empty bookshelfs and so on. If she want to be picked
up she has ways of showing even more so if she likes the the person...but if she does not like someone and they pick her p she will do what ever it takes to be put down

Amara is very quit in talking wise and moment, she does not mean to come across as creepy she is just a very lost child trying to find her place.

Dragons I like dragon I would really like to have one!
If I cant have a dragon can I have a bunny rabbit?
"A little Bunny rabbit?"
SWEETS! Can I have some please?
Spicy food is ok but I would rather have an apple.
I like coloring and books.
Fruit it is so yummy in the tummy!
Can you read me this book? Pleaseeeee I promise to keep still!
I like trees for they where made to be climbed.

I don’t like spiders there SCARY!
snakes are ok as long as they dont have fangs
I don’t want to eat a baby animal! That’s just mean!
Thunder and lightning are just as scary as spiders!
I am sorry! Please stop yelling ~starts crying~ is so pink
I dont like the dark....please dont leave me in it.
Dead flowers are so sad
egg plant is icky as are the icky green egg things!
Why do things have to die? is bad, very, very, bad and scary

She can wiggle her nose like a rabbit and will do it randomly
Being cute.
Doing childlike things
She has away of making what should not be be....for example she can bring toy rabbit to life....She does it for more childish things and to have something to do. Amara does not fully under stand this gift and does take care not to do it when people are watching. It has gotten her in to trouble.





All that really is known is that she was found wondering outside with a blank look on her face. She had cuts, bruises and blood on her skin giving the tall tale sign something very dark happened where she came from. Scaring her mentally, this is the big reason she is so quite. How long she had been walking around and wondering is very hard to say but it was growing close to being to long with out water and food. She was so very frail and weak it was a wounder how long she had keep going, keep walking and walked right in to Sabine in the town he found her in.

This is where her life would change, from her not remembering anything the tall blond man giving her a new name a new start.

a bunny rabbits thoughts on the others:
**Mind you her thoughts will change as time goes on**

Sabine Cayne~ He is warm and safe, he cares and wants me around. I like him so does Bunny.

Augustus~ he is a handsome doll but scary.....he does not like me....just like the others.


Other pics of her:








Image ... 380136.jpg

So begins...

Amara Aymelek Cayne's Story


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Some showing care and not trying to hurt her was new this strange man seemed to truly care and want to take care of. Why should she fear him for that, he was being so kind to her. She keep her head against his chest holding on to her rabbit doll, her eyes shut. She was as happy as pie at this point....he felt so warm and so safe....

She looked around that blank looking never changing. She cocked her head at the large gate ad walls and eyed the grounds. Fallowed by he large door and rater large home. All so new and all so big. She looked at the few people that could be spotted and blinked a few times the word 'big family' dancing about in her head. Family she was not use to, she was an outsider.

Up the stairs to areas with many rooms to count. She looked at him when he told her this is where she would be staying than back at all the rooms. The area with the books but the promise of being read to was wonderful to meant some one cared to take the time with her. Amara moved some when they went up to the third floor. She blinked at him when he sat her down in front of the large doors that lead to his room. She held her rabbit doll in her lap and looked up some when he gave her the pat on the head. She keep in the spot he left some what playing with her rabbit doll. unlike most children she keep where he put her.

When Sabine brought Augustus out to meet her. she looked at the tall man who made her think of a high end china doll. The type that looked like a prince or high born. The breath taking angelic build...was this man made of star dust and porcelain going to be her family? but his anger at her made her pull back some she clung to her doll more holding it to as tight as she could.....'why are people so cold to me....why did they hate I that bad?' was all she could think.

The smile and hug that Augustus gave her felt ice cold and forced. the moment he let go she darted be hind Sabine hiding from Augustus. The way he walked off that robotic stiff movements. She could tell he was angry, and she blamed her self for his anger. Every loud sound, every sound of something being hit or ripped she cringed, only to cling more to Sabine.


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Sabine Cayne

Sabine didn't grasp the thoughts, the emotions afflicting his oldest pet. Perhaps because he only saw what he wanted to see or perhaps because he couldn't fathom such a reaction coming from his little Lark. That someone could be upset while he was so bright and excited. He looked after the dark haired man as he moved back into the room. Well, he was busy, that made sense, Sabine supposed. He'd come back later then and thank his little lark for cleaning more than was required from him. He reached down and lifted the little poppet up again, she'd run back to him after Augustus gave her a hug. Perhaps she was shy as well as mute. Of course, she'd only just been introduced to all these things, just picked up off the street. Considering, she was taking this whole thing rather well.

"Let us find the others and introduce you, yes?" He said as he carried her back down the stairs and through the halls.

Kalani Roman

After Ruth responded Kalani looked her over skeptically. The red-head didn't looked to pleased about having to remain 'calm and still' for any length of time, which the woman took to mean that she was alright in the grand sense of things. It looked like Artemis had things under control. That was a bit surprising, admittedly. Artemis, of all people. Maybe he was finally getting used to the manor. That was a good sign, his opening up. Now if she could just help Valentine out of his stiff shell. That didn't seem very likely without force, however, so Kalani thought she'd better leave him be.

Then the light haired young man began to read. The words on the page seemed to reach up and swipe him up, replacing him with some similar faced boy with a flowing voice and great amounts of inflection. His face was flushed, and he seemed to see nothing but the words on the page. Kalani decided it best to retreat again, and moved quietly to stand by Helen again. The young woman looked slightly troubled for a moment, but shook it off as Kalani neared. Curious. Kalani wondered what she was thinking. She noticed that the petite young woman had hidden her basket behind her skirts, and that made the faint creases of a frown line her forehead and mouth. Hopefully this wouldn't close her up again.

Sabine Cayne

Sabine passed Valentine and Nicolas again on his trek to the sitting room. He hadn't been upstairs for very long. "Come." He said shortly to them. He didn't want to make his speech too many more times. If he could get every one together it would make his life much easier. So to speak. Of course, he went out of his way to tell of Augustus, because he was, well, Augustus.

Then he made his way to the room again. Oh, Kalani and Helen were there now. That made everyone except for Collete. He'd find her later, he supposed. She was delicate, he could forgive her for being so little and fragile, for not wandering around. Perhaps she was still playing with the kitten he'd found. Ariel. He had a better pet than a cat now though. But perhaps the little girl would like a kitten. He had no clue what little girls liked, actually.

Once he emerged fully into the room, he stood for a moment, waiting for their attentions to be drawn to him. It appeared that Artemis was reading to Ruth. The other two were watching on. Once all the heads were turned towards him, he set Amara down again. "Look who I found." he said proudly, even though they were most likely already looking at the strange, wide eyed little girl. "She ran into me. She doesn't say much though. I call her Amara." He paused for a beat. "Poppet, there is Artemis, Ruth, Kalani and Helen." He made a gesture in said pet's direction as he said each name. Then he shifted to look behind him as Valentine and a rather pale Nicolas joined them. "And there are Valentine and Nicolas. This is Amara."

Sabine grinned widely, it was obvious that he was quite happy with his find.


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Ruth's voice snapped him out of his mussings and his eyes turned away from Amara to look at the redhead. Valentine knew that look well. Actually, he'd been on the recieving end of it a few times here and there. Knowing exactly why Ruth was calling everyone away, he didnt much linger in the living room. He took a step back before his gaze returned to the small child at Sabines feet. Shaking his head he coughed softly before turning and heading back to where he left his bird house. He still hadnt asked Ruth's permission to put it out somewhere in the garden. He grunted in frustratin and shook his head. What has gotten into him?

Hitting his thigh with a few slaps he tol himself to concentrate on his tasks. Picking up the mini sized version of their mansion he looked at the door that lead to the garden. Surely Ruth wouldnt mind, would she? The little spunky woman was unpredictable in his opinion and he was never sure what she would think up of next. He sighed and shrugged. If she objected to the bird house e could always just take it somewhere else. Stepping outside he looked around for a place of shade. He'd just spotted the perfect spot when he also noticed Artemis near the shed. He tilted his head. What is he doing just standing there? he asked himself. He looked down at the mini mansion bird house and sighed. He was doing a lot of sighing that day. Placing it down he slowly walked up to the other man. Once beside him, he just looked forward at the shed like Artemis was doing. "What's got you?" he asked, his voice low but he was sure Artemis heard him.