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Artemis Gael

"You are an odd one."

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a character in “Mi Amor”, originally authored by PixieCP, as played by Prof. Slendy


Name: Artemis Gael
Apparent age: 19, possibly 20.
Gender: Male
Role: Human 6
Appearance: Artemis is a tall, slender thing, standing at a height of 5'11. Despite being quite short at a young age, he seemed to blossom in height at the turning point of his mature life. His weight remains unknown to him, as he has never seen a doctor or had need to be weighed. Despite this mystery number, he's very light on his feet, never making a sound as he strolls through the manor's vast halls.
His eyes are a deep, dark gray, sometimes appearing black. What was once a blonde mop has become a strangely reflective, silvery white head of unkempt hair, resting at almost shoulder-length. Artemis has never questioned his body's decision to change, as his body is the last thing that matters to him. His skin is smooth and shockingly white, yet he does not appear pale. For all but a strange scar on both sides of his left hand, Artemis is completely free of marks and blemishes. Possibly due to his very minimalist diet of tea, apples, water and bread.
Artemis has a potent jawline, with a youthful shape to it. His face is lean and free of wrinkles, but if you look in the proper lighting, you can see the faintest hint of dimples. Artemis somewhat wishes he was without these, for whatever reason.
As for fashion, Artemis is rarely seen without his long black coat. It flows behind him, almost like a tail, and gives his silhouette a recognizable shifting ambiguity. He also has the strangest admiration of head-wear, and often feels to urge to pick up any disowned hats he finds laying about. He is often seen in either a puffed black newsboy cap, or a short round top hat with some white frills. These were the first hats he came across during his time in the manor. The rest he finds remain in his room.


Personality: Artemis keeps to himself, and stays out of the way of others. He is quiet, calm, and by default addresses people with a composed nonchalance. His manners are unwavering, as he is overwhelmingly polite, especially to women. His hidden emotions tend to make his moods into a bit of an enigma; one can rarely tell if he is happy or not. For instance, he'll present himself with a swaggering bow, but his eyes will maintain their empty and troubled look. He is almost like a performer, an actor, playing a role that opposes his true self.
Being a celibate, Artemis dismisses any romantic advances. In fact, one could say that he doesn't even notice them. This is followed by the fact that he is a pacifist, never acting provoked, unless the matter is extremely personal, or involves the defense of a loved one.
Getting close to him may be difficult, but Artemis' friendship is like a sentry, and it never truly dies.

- Red apples, tea, scones. The only foods anyone should ever need.
- Peace and quiet.
- Symmetrical design, everything in black and white.
- Being polite.
- Gazing up at the moon and stars, nighttime in general.
- Small animals.
- Various hats.
- Being alone. It makes his thoughts flow more freely, and reduces his longings.
- The thrill and relief of letting out true emotion.

- Being forced into a conversation, especially with nothing to say on the matter.
- Loud noises, simply can't stand them. Without quiet, there can't be peace.
- Overly colourful design.
- Being mistaken as "shy" or "distant", it's just not true.
- Green apples. Far too tangy.
- Meat.
- Lack of symmetry.
- Greed, vanity...
- Having to rely on Sabine for his blood.
- Needing to bottle his emotions.
- Needing to keep secrets.


- Athletic. Artemis is capable of sprinting, climbing, all sorts of things. If only he had the opportunity.
- Can play the violin quite well, although he's ashamed to have such a hobby.
- Capable of picking locks and moving silently. He has yet to pick any doors open, as he knows that Sabine sees all.
- Very, very persuasive, when need be. Word choice is very important to him.
- Quite good at reading emotions, and applying the causes behind them. It's a bit ironic, in a way.
- Literary art. Artemis can write, though nobody has ever seen him do so. And there isn't a page in sight...


- Artemis keeps a small pair of square spectacles in his inner coat pocket, for when he wants to immerse himself in a book.
- He is never seen without his gentleman's cane, which is long and black, with a pearl head shaped like a wolf. Depending on his mood, he either uses it to walk, or carries it over his shoulder.
- He keeps a bobby pin in his coat, which he uses to practice picking locks. (It was taken from Helen, though he plans to return it.)
- There is a shovel in Artemis' room, along with many small boxes. He's not sure where they came from, honestly. All of the boxes are empty. They tend to vanish on occasion.


History: Growing up, Artemis was the only child in a poor family. His kind mother, and his begrudging father. On a turn of sorrow and luck, an old friend passed away, leaving them ownership of a small corner building. It was an antique book store, and it was, for Artemis, the greatest home in the world. His father however, loathed the place, as well as the man who had left it to them.
"Why couldn't he have left us a portion of that mansion of his?" He would always mumble, never grateful for this new-found blessing.
His parents lived in the back room, while Artemis enjoyed a view of the street from his makeshift bedroom in the upper loft. He spent his days cleaning the store, and his nights reading. He also took care of the flowers in the windows.
One day, his father simply left. Vanished from their lives. He'd ran off with a rich harlot, who was well known throughout town for throwing masquerade balls. She was not beautiful, not like Artemis' mother. He knew that his father had left them for her money. For power. He was a man of greed. That was the day Artemis started to live by a philosophy:
"The mind must always have dominion over the body, lest I become like the whores who seek their next bang... And the soul must always have dominion over the mind, lest I become like my father."
Without father's support, the shop slowly started to fall into disarray. His mother was heartbroken and afraid, though she acted as bright and cheery as ever she had. She was becoming old, and sick. She hid her pain from Artemis, and Artemis hid his pain from her. Then, one night, his pain doubled.
A cold winter breeze made the walls creak, as it swept away his mother's soul. The sickness had taken her. Artemis cried until the morning, and all through the next day.
"God rest you, mother. I'm so sorry."

She had saved a secret fund to allow Artemis continued ownership of the store. Smaller meals, fewer clothes and blankets, putting a portion of the store's earnings into a hidden box... This was his mother's sacrifice. Even in death, he relied on her.

"Always be polite, my angel. Always tell people how you feel. Love makes the world go around..."


Three years later, Artemis had grown in many ways. He had finally resolved to settle things with his swine of a father. In a plot that involved many bribes, many threats, and many people, Artemis managed to get a hold of an invitation to one of the well-renowned masquerade balls. He would reach his father, and, under false identity, tell him that his family had perished, cold and alone without him. If anything, he would instill guilt in that pig of a man. And if not...
Artemis grabbed his father's old coat and cane from the trunk he'd left behind, the symbols of his father's greed, and made for the party.
That evening was surreal, to say the least. Artemis wandered, a shadow in a sea of colour, through bright lights and loud songs echoing through what felt like a palace on a hill. At last he located his father, and followed silently behind him until he was alone.
There he stood, his back to Artemis, at the end of a long, isolated, moonlit hall.
Artemis shook. Something was wrong. His emotions, his past angers, they were coming back. Up until now, he had been collected, his mind acting for his body. But now... His had reached for the handle of his cane. He twisted it, pulling out a long, thin blade, which glinted in the moonlight. He traveled forward without thought, his coat blazing behind him like an inky black trail.

He ran his father through. Tears were running down his cheeks, he was grinding his teeth. But something was horribly wrong. Artemis' mind finally started working again. It noticed that his father was facing a blank wall, without reason. He hadn't flinched or made a noise upon being stabbed. He wasn't even bleeding.

And then, his head twisted around. Artemis was taken aback, stumbling away from the glowing demonic face. This was not his father. This was not a man.

"Hello, young one. My name is Sabine... Now, sleep..."

The one time he'd allowed his emotions to get the better of him, it cost him his life, his freedom, and his revenge.

Never again.

Feelings toward The Others;

Augustus: Artemis respects Augustus. Though, to his embarrassment, he believed him to be a woman upon their first meeting. He hoped that he hadn't noticed the way his treatment toward him changed upon finding out. He sees Augustus as the self-proclaimed leader of the 'pets'. Which, in Artemis' opinion, is fine. Everyone needs a leader, and a caretaker that isn't a daemon. Oh, and he's very talented on the piano. Admirable.

Helen: Oh, you poor girl. Artemis can see the pain in Helen, he can almost relate with her. He can tell that she was unloved, even more so than him. Unlike him, however, she makes up for it by loving those around her. A noble act, indeed. Artemis takes great care when around Helen, doing everything in his power to never wrong her. She is innocence born of cruelty.

Kalani: Of all the women in the manor, Kalani's personality is the only one to remind Artemis of his own. He admires her calm, levelheaded outlook. He also loves her singing. Often times, he'll stand at a distance while she sings for somebody else, pretending to read while he listens.
A beautiful woman who is rational- It's a shame that she's trapped here. The outside world needs more people like her.

Nicolas: What an odd fellow. Always making advances on everybody. The poor man is weak to the ways of the world, clearly. And yet... At times, he seems to have ulterior motives. How very confusing. Well, if anything, he's certainly an intriguing man. Though Artemis wouldn't want to be alone in a room with him for too long.

Ruth: Such a wonderful human being. A shining example of what the world could be like. She makes it so difficult for him to hold back his smile, to hide his joy. More than anything, Artemis wants to be able to share emotions with Ruth. To experience happiness, glee, fun, all of those things, they simply flow from her with every word spoken. Even though he hasn't spoken to her, she's the closest thing to a best friend he's ever had. Maybe one day he'll manage a "Hello," he thinks.

Colette: A little wisp of a girl, haunting the halls and rooms. It amazes him that she's basically his age. In terms of looks, she is his polar opposite, and yet... Her disposition, her appearance, they make people want to protect her, to love her. Despite this, she seems the one who wants the least protection. Needs the least love. Somehow, Artemis can respect that.

Valentine: Artemis doesn't mind his honesty, though it pains him to see others hurt by Valentine's statements. He understands that Valentine isn't rude, or cruel, for the matter. No, he's a very respectable man, clearly with some past issues. Artemis stays out of his way, and Valentine stays out of his. His ability to work with wood and steel is also quite admirable.

So begins...

Artemis Gael's Story


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Sabine Cayne

Sabine didn't grasp the thoughts, the emotions afflicting his oldest pet. Perhaps because he only saw what he wanted to see or perhaps because he couldn't fathom such a reaction coming from his little Lark. That someone could be upset while he was so bright and excited. He looked after the dark haired man as he moved back into the room. Well, he was busy, that made sense, Sabine supposed. He'd come back later then and thank his little lark for cleaning more than was required from him. He reached down and lifted the little poppet up again, she'd run back to him after Augustus gave her a hug. Perhaps she was shy as well as mute. Of course, she'd only just been introduced to all these things, just picked up off the street. Considering, she was taking this whole thing rather well.

"Let us find the others and introduce you, yes?" He said as he carried her back down the stairs and through the halls.

Kalani Roman

After Ruth responded Kalani looked her over skeptically. The red-head didn't looked to pleased about having to remain 'calm and still' for any length of time, which the woman took to mean that she was alright in the grand sense of things. It looked like Artemis had things under control. That was a bit surprising, admittedly. Artemis, of all people. Maybe he was finally getting used to the manor. That was a good sign, his opening up. Now if she could just help Valentine out of his stiff shell. That didn't seem very likely without force, however, so Kalani thought she'd better leave him be.

Then the light haired young man began to read. The words on the page seemed to reach up and swipe him up, replacing him with some similar faced boy with a flowing voice and great amounts of inflection. His face was flushed, and he seemed to see nothing but the words on the page. Kalani decided it best to retreat again, and moved quietly to stand by Helen again. The young woman looked slightly troubled for a moment, but shook it off as Kalani neared. Curious. Kalani wondered what she was thinking. She noticed that the petite young woman had hidden her basket behind her skirts, and that made the faint creases of a frown line her forehead and mouth. Hopefully this wouldn't close her up again.

Sabine Cayne

Sabine passed Valentine and Nicolas again on his trek to the sitting room. He hadn't been upstairs for very long. "Come." He said shortly to them. He didn't want to make his speech too many more times. If he could get every one together it would make his life much easier. So to speak. Of course, he went out of his way to tell of Augustus, because he was, well, Augustus.

Then he made his way to the room again. Oh, Kalani and Helen were there now. That made everyone except for Collete. He'd find her later, he supposed. She was delicate, he could forgive her for being so little and fragile, for not wandering around. Perhaps she was still playing with the kitten he'd found. Ariel. He had a better pet than a cat now though. But perhaps the little girl would like a kitten. He had no clue what little girls liked, actually.

Once he emerged fully into the room, he stood for a moment, waiting for their attentions to be drawn to him. It appeared that Artemis was reading to Ruth. The other two were watching on. Once all the heads were turned towards him, he set Amara down again. "Look who I found." he said proudly, even though they were most likely already looking at the strange, wide eyed little girl. "She ran into me. She doesn't say much though. I call her Amara." He paused for a beat. "Poppet, there is Artemis, Ruth, Kalani and Helen." He made a gesture in said pet's direction as he said each name. Then he shifted to look behind him as Valentine and a rather pale Nicolas joined them. "And there are Valentine and Nicolas. This is Amara."

Sabine grinned widely, it was obvious that he was quite happy with his find.


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Ruth's voice snapped him out of his mussings and his eyes turned away from Amara to look at the redhead. Valentine knew that look well. Actually, he'd been on the recieving end of it a few times here and there. Knowing exactly why Ruth was calling everyone away, he didnt much linger in the living room. He took a step back before his gaze returned to the small child at Sabines feet. Shaking his head he coughed softly before turning and heading back to where he left his bird house. He still hadnt asked Ruth's permission to put it out somewhere in the garden. He grunted in frustratin and shook his head. What has gotten into him?

Hitting his thigh with a few slaps he tol himself to concentrate on his tasks. Picking up the mini sized version of their mansion he looked at the door that lead to the garden. Surely Ruth wouldnt mind, would she? The little spunky woman was unpredictable in his opinion and he was never sure what she would think up of next. He sighed and shrugged. If she objected to the bird house e could always just take it somewhere else. Stepping outside he looked around for a place of shade. He'd just spotted the perfect spot when he also noticed Artemis near the shed. He tilted his head. What is he doing just standing there? he asked himself. He looked down at the mini mansion bird house and sighed. He was doing a lot of sighing that day. Placing it down he slowly walked up to the other man. Once beside him, he just looked forward at the shed like Artemis was doing. "What's got you?" he asked, his voice low but he was sure Artemis heard him.