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Kalani Roman

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a character in “Mi Amor”, originally authored by phooka, as played by RolePlayGateway


Kalani Renee Roman

Apparent age:


Human 3

Kalani has long, soft dark brown hair. So dark, that it is almost black. It lays down her back and goes just below her bottom, a result of many years of letting it grow out. She is rather tall, standing at about five foot, eleven inches, though she's never really measured herself and she weighs in at about 120 lbs. Her body is thin and curvy with long legs and pinkish, pale skin that refuses to tan. Her pale skin, and delicate, doll-like features make her appear almost like a life sized porcelain doll. Kalani's eyes are dark and hold many mysteries, starting with the mysterious color of purple and her eyebrows are thin and the same dark shade of brown as her hair. Her face is heart-shaped, with full, rosy cheeks and her chin is small and her forehead is blemish free.
She likes to wear lavender and gold, and she is fascinated by flowers and butterflies, and likes to decorate herself with ornaments such as flowers and paper butterflies, all the light shade of purple that she loves so much. She is usually found wearing more bland clothing like a simple lavender or white dress, though, she'll still decorate herself with flowers and butterflies.


Kalani really isn't that interesting. She's a very simple girl. She doesn't try to stand out, so she acts more of a peacemaker. She'll stay back and talk only when talked to, and she'll stay calm even in the tightest of situations and tries to keep a level head at all time for the sake of those around her. She doesn't like it when others freak out, so she keeps a calm 'bubble' around her, trying to make sure nothing really phases her, this calmness is supposed to benefit others around her, so they see her calmness and calm down a bit themselves. But, her poise is also for herself, it's protecting herself as well. She keeps up this calm and patient facade to attempt to protect herself from letting others find her vulnerabilities and use them against her. She's not so bubbly and naive that people can easily take advantage of her and she doesn't allow herself to get easily angered, so that people won't try to drive her over the edge for their own entertainment.
Kalani is quite motherly and tries to take care of everyone before she even bothers with herself. She keeps her patience with others and speaks gently as if talking to a child, but not in an annoying way. She isn't the annoying babying motherly type, more of the mother that will listen to what you have to say and whom you can talk to without worrying about how she'll react, for this reason, people find her easy to get along with, and a good friend.
But Kalani isn't all poise and neutrality, she does have emotions, though sometimes it might not seem so. When she knows she can trust you, she acts like every other teenage girl. She'll laugh and make sarcastic comments and crack jokes. She's a fairly fun person once you get to know her, still holding onto her motherly personality, and trustworthy. She's hard to anger, and if you do manage so get her angry, she won't give you the satisfactory of seeing her angry, she'll stomp off and sit somewhere alone. She usually blows off steam by writing about people, but, instead of writing actual words, she'll think them and write the first letter of each word down. She can fill out page upon page of jumbled random letters. Later, she'll look at the papers and find funny words in letters, to help her get back to normal. Kalani doesn't like letting people see her sad or angry, so she'll usually mask her emotions until she's alone, but, like I said before, if you push her over the edge, she has a hard time masking that, and will just run off, this goes for anger as well as extreme sadness.

-Fancy dinners
-Flowers and butterflies
-Interesting, mysterious people
-Beauty in nature

-She doesn't like silly shows of superiority, such as sports, contests, or any type of competitions
-Fire, she has an extreme fear of it
-Sleeping, the dark holds too many secrets
-The mistake of following Sabin. She doesn't hate the Manor, she just wishes she didn't have to live like this
-Being contained
-Loud people

Kalani is an exceptional singer, and she'll often wander the halls of the manor singing and dancing, and enjoys performing for the other people in the manor. She is also very good at playing woodwinds.


Dear Diary,
My love, Demetri, hasn't returned from his trip to the village he comes from, so I am lead to believe the worst, he has found another to love. I shouldn't be surprised, I suppose, he was pledged to be married before he met me, he was probably forced into it, held against his will. Or perhaps that is only what I want to believe.
I wish there was more for me out there in the open world.
Maybe there is. I've been thinking, what if I follow the man who is leaving the village soon? I believe his name to be Sabine. The villagers are afraid of him, because neither he, nor the others who follow him as well, seem to have aged. This may strike fear into the others, but he intrigues me.
Yes, I've decided it, I'm going to follow him tomorrow when he leaves. I am so excited!

Dear Diary,
He has lured me, it has all been a trap. He fed me his blood, and now I am almost like some sort of monster. I will never age, nor be the same ever again. I regret my decision to follow him, but I cannot do anything anymore about it. I do enjoy it here, however. Sabine allows me to sing and dance for the others and the manor is full of amazing things that I could never have seen or experienced in the quaint village I once lived in.
The others are nice and I enjoy their company, and I do like Sabine. His love of hair is interesting, and I like to let him brush my hair, I love it when people brush my hair.
I regret my decision to follow Sabine, but it doesn't mean I'm not enjoying myself.

So begins...

Kalani Roman's Story


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Sabine Cayne

Sabine didn't grasp the thoughts, the emotions afflicting his oldest pet. Perhaps because he only saw what he wanted to see or perhaps because he couldn't fathom such a reaction coming from his little Lark. That someone could be upset while he was so bright and excited. He looked after the dark haired man as he moved back into the room. Well, he was busy, that made sense, Sabine supposed. He'd come back later then and thank his little lark for cleaning more than was required from him. He reached down and lifted the little poppet up again, she'd run back to him after Augustus gave her a hug. Perhaps she was shy as well as mute. Of course, she'd only just been introduced to all these things, just picked up off the street. Considering, she was taking this whole thing rather well.

"Let us find the others and introduce you, yes?" He said as he carried her back down the stairs and through the halls.

Kalani Roman

After Ruth responded Kalani looked her over skeptically. The red-head didn't looked to pleased about having to remain 'calm and still' for any length of time, which the woman took to mean that she was alright in the grand sense of things. It looked like Artemis had things under control. That was a bit surprising, admittedly. Artemis, of all people. Maybe he was finally getting used to the manor. That was a good sign, his opening up. Now if she could just help Valentine out of his stiff shell. That didn't seem very likely without force, however, so Kalani thought she'd better leave him be.

Then the light haired young man began to read. The words on the page seemed to reach up and swipe him up, replacing him with some similar faced boy with a flowing voice and great amounts of inflection. His face was flushed, and he seemed to see nothing but the words on the page. Kalani decided it best to retreat again, and moved quietly to stand by Helen again. The young woman looked slightly troubled for a moment, but shook it off as Kalani neared. Curious. Kalani wondered what she was thinking. She noticed that the petite young woman had hidden her basket behind her skirts, and that made the faint creases of a frown line her forehead and mouth. Hopefully this wouldn't close her up again.

Sabine Cayne

Sabine passed Valentine and Nicolas again on his trek to the sitting room. He hadn't been upstairs for very long. "Come." He said shortly to them. He didn't want to make his speech too many more times. If he could get every one together it would make his life much easier. So to speak. Of course, he went out of his way to tell of Augustus, because he was, well, Augustus.

Then he made his way to the room again. Oh, Kalani and Helen were there now. That made everyone except for Collete. He'd find her later, he supposed. She was delicate, he could forgive her for being so little and fragile, for not wandering around. Perhaps she was still playing with the kitten he'd found. Ariel. He had a better pet than a cat now though. But perhaps the little girl would like a kitten. He had no clue what little girls liked, actually.

Once he emerged fully into the room, he stood for a moment, waiting for their attentions to be drawn to him. It appeared that Artemis was reading to Ruth. The other two were watching on. Once all the heads were turned towards him, he set Amara down again. "Look who I found." he said proudly, even though they were most likely already looking at the strange, wide eyed little girl. "She ran into me. She doesn't say much though. I call her Amara." He paused for a beat. "Poppet, there is Artemis, Ruth, Kalani and Helen." He made a gesture in said pet's direction as he said each name. Then he shifted to look behind him as Valentine and a rather pale Nicolas joined them. "And there are Valentine and Nicolas. This is Amara."

Sabine grinned widely, it was obvious that he was quite happy with his find.


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Ruth's voice snapped him out of his mussings and his eyes turned away from Amara to look at the redhead. Valentine knew that look well. Actually, he'd been on the recieving end of it a few times here and there. Knowing exactly why Ruth was calling everyone away, he didnt much linger in the living room. He took a step back before his gaze returned to the small child at Sabines feet. Shaking his head he coughed softly before turning and heading back to where he left his bird house. He still hadnt asked Ruth's permission to put it out somewhere in the garden. He grunted in frustratin and shook his head. What has gotten into him?

Hitting his thigh with a few slaps he tol himself to concentrate on his tasks. Picking up the mini sized version of their mansion he looked at the door that lead to the garden. Surely Ruth wouldnt mind, would she? The little spunky woman was unpredictable in his opinion and he was never sure what she would think up of next. He sighed and shrugged. If she objected to the bird house e could always just take it somewhere else. Stepping outside he looked around for a place of shade. He'd just spotted the perfect spot when he also noticed Artemis near the shed. He tilted his head. What is he doing just standing there? he asked himself. He looked down at the mini mansion bird house and sighed. He was doing a lot of sighing that day. Placing it down he slowly walked up to the other man. Once beside him, he just looked forward at the shed like Artemis was doing. "What's got you?" he asked, his voice low but he was sure Artemis heard him.