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Nicolas Renaud

"Shhh... Don't tell... I took the last patisserie."

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a character in “Mi Amor”, as played by Stilts


Nicolas Renaud

"Nico-lah Reh-nauhd"

Apparent age:


Human Four.

Nicolas stands at 5'8", his courtly posture befitting the manner of his profession. He weighs around 150 lbs; lightly pronounced muscles complementing the man's sturdy form. His movements are smooth, graceful, and polished. Nicolas' short, soft white hair is eternally mussed around his stoic face; the longer strands often falling untamed into his keenly astute russet eyes. His unruly locks are the only aspect of his physique Nicolas does not attempt to discipline; his clothes are always immaculate- without the slightest wrinkle. He wears a set of cerise glasses; the rich colors of his attire comparable to his passionate nature.


Nicolas is a outright, utterly amorous flirt. He delights in tantalizing and teasing everyone he happens across when the mood strikes him. His sweetly spun words, and deliberately sensual movement leave those he plays with confused and dazed as to what the true meaning behind his actions might be. He will never tell. Nicolas holds an air of subtle mystery about him; just under the obvious surface- a hint at the mind that works beneath the charming smile. He is extraordinarily composed and refined when serious, yet there is always that slow burning fire within the French butler that cannot be hidden by any amount of gentility. He is a skillful charmer, shamelessly expressing emotions through the most perplexing ways. He creates desires whether purposefully or not, and he lives life completely, with vigor; Therefore, he never holds himself back from anything he chooses to partake in. His quite smoldering stares, and sultry sighs are tempting flowers that never fully bloom. One would be hard pressed to try to grasp fully Nicolas' true feelings, much less his inner being. His complicated personality used to confound many a enamored significant, before Sabine took him away into isolation.

In his work, Nicolas is exacting and precise. He cannot leave a job done partially well. In all things he requires a standard of excellence; some call this standard french prudence, Nicolas prefers to think of it as a devotion to the quality of what he is held accountable to. He can be rather stringent and harsh when he is in his "working" mood; usually if he is stressed, or troubled by something, he will retreat into his work. These phases don't last long however, because it is almost impossible for Nicolas to brood. He is highly expressive, but at the same time reserved.

  • Gourmet food, and of course- French wine. Although, Nicolas drunk may be a little... Dangerous. [edit: can they even get drunk? xP]
  • Beautiful women, and handsome men.
  • Sabine's blood. That's a given.
  • Cooking and baking- Especially french pastries. He does not need the sustenance, but he enjoys the tastes. It makes him feel slightly 'human' again.
  • Siting beside the fire after a long day to read a book.
  • Well-crafted clothing (He's french)

  • Dogs. Who could admire a stinking, slobbering mongrel? Mangy mutts. Cats are much more lovely.
  • When Sabine chases him. Really, the man can be very demanding and intense. Not to mention bipolar.
  • Having his work, his clothes, his cooking criticized; because he knows exactly how much precision went into each.
  • Being hurt by his lord, and seeing the others hurt.

Nicolas has an infallible eye for detail and quality, as well as a affinity towards excellence. This comes in handy when one works as a butler, in order to maintain the estate, the paperwork, and attend to the Master's needs. The focus he brings to his work contrasts sharply with his almost lax persona, but he always completes a job. He can cook traditional french cuisine, and bake french pastries. He speaks French.


Nicolas was a French servant employed into the prestigious estate of the english nobleman Bachlier. Every day he brought the old man tea, helped him dress, arranged the affairs of state, and served him meals. Every day he was subjected to the whims of the elderly noble; a ill-humored, irritable gentleman. Four years he worked for the man, having no family of his own left in France to return to. Slowly his pronounced french accent started to fade, but his eccentricities did not. Romantic trifles filled his time, when he was not hastening to complete every task for his Lord.

One autumn eventing, Nicolas was sent with a letter to a remote mansion on the far side of town. There he asked admission to see the Lord Cayne. Upon entering, Nicolas was almost struck dumb in the presence of the aristocratic noble. He was like a drink of fresh water for parched eyes; the beautiful attire, the graceful poise. Nicolas had almost forgotten what real presence was. The man's gaze was unnerving, and Nicolas handed over the letter quickly. As the man read, he was enrapt in tracing over the pale Lord's figure. Much gaunter than his own, but seemingly holding so much power within. The man's perfect mouth frowned, then he crumpled the letter, giving a few orders to his english serving maid before he turned on Nicolas. The butler was yanked out of the house by his wrist without a word from the Lord who held him in the crushing grasp. After a while Nicolas stopped struggling and questioning, accepting that the man was not going to let him go.

They walked, and walked. Through the village, people throwing looks at the strange pair. They came upon a girl with shining hair and mystic eyes. The Lord Cayne stopped to study her, then collected her wrist as well. They encountered a coach with a chauffeur, and Nicolas never saw the town again.

Nicolas didn't mind his new master. Certainly, it was a slight improvement; he did not have to wear the hideous english butler garb, and was allowed to pursue his interests to a degree. But then again, he was now also a prisoner of sorts- dependent on his new lord to provide him with life.
There was also the small issue of his lord being strangely attached...

Nicolas worked hard within the new household. It was tedious; not only the work, but also the tactical strategics for avoiding his master's advances. However, wonderfully fresh new tenants continued to fill the mansion, giving Nicolas plentiful distractions with which to pass his time.

Feelings On Others:

Augustus: The only male of the three tenants before Nicolas arrived. The graceful man's slender fingers can traverse across piano keys as if they were water; Nicolas still enjoys listening to him play as he reads. It is such fun to watch how the gentle male becomes so flustered at Nicolas' rascal meddling. Augustus fancies the Lord Cayne, and Nicolas knows well the look of a lover in fuming jealousy. The man is funny, Nicolas does not understand why he tries so hard. He is stately and attractive already...

Helen: Fille de la lune. Moon girl. She is a secret that has not been unlocked yet. He knows of her turbulent emotions, and takes a liking to tease the snappy girl sometimes. She is quite a lot like him, but he would never admit to it. He likes to secretly watch her create her pretty art sometimes, and when he is exasperated over a loose seam, she is the only one he will risk allowing to mend it.

Kalani: Quite exotic. He is often bemused that his charms don't always work on her. She tends to stare at him with a haughty expression, which makes Nicolas slightly cooler towards her than the others. He has never really seen her become overly angry, or any real strong emotion for that matter. Her dancing though... Her dancing is enchanting.

Ruth: Spit-fire. It is dangerous to play with fire. But then again, what is life worth when lived in a half-state? She amuses him with her antics, especially the night they arrived at the mansion. Lord Cayne was not happy. Although rough, she is fairly entertaining. The woman is strong, with a vitality for life that is unmatched in most of the women he has seen. He suspects she does not always appreciate his attentions, but Nicolas finds it humorous to be witness to her reciprocations.

Artemis: Marionette, who pulls your strings? The tall, thin man has eyes like Onyx; sharp, dark eyes that puncture the psyche of others without revealing his own. Nicolas often wonders how one can stay so reserved, so impassive, and not burst from the effort. To Nicolas, his emotions are as controlled as the waters of a raging river; to dam this natural flow would be a crime of passion. Thus, Nicolas suspects the quite man is haunted by something. Artemis is much harder to throw off his guard, but that does not dissuade Nicolas from trying.

Colette: When Nicolas first saw the pale newcomer, he was intrigued. So very quite, so deliciously shy. She attached quite quickly onto the Master, before she fell into a fright at the sight of a blood transfer, and ran off. Needless to say, she continued living with them. The girl is like a little ghost, he does not usually see much of her, although he enjoys her music. Colette is the only one of them Nicolas does not purposefully try to tease. She seems so fragile. Like a little white rose.

Valentine: That strong, brooding man. It tickles Nicolas to see how Valentine is so serious, most of the time. As the frenchman likes to say; "Work is work, play is play." One needs time for both, if one is to be content. Responsibility and relaxation. Valentine however, does not seem to understand the meaning of "play"... Or how to take playing in good humor....
That is fine with Nicolas. After all; the predominant fun in "flirting" comes with the responses it divines.

So begins...

Nicolas Renaud's Story


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Sabine Cayne

Sabine didn't grasp the thoughts, the emotions afflicting his oldest pet. Perhaps because he only saw what he wanted to see or perhaps because he couldn't fathom such a reaction coming from his little Lark. That someone could be upset while he was so bright and excited. He looked after the dark haired man as he moved back into the room. Well, he was busy, that made sense, Sabine supposed. He'd come back later then and thank his little lark for cleaning more than was required from him. He reached down and lifted the little poppet up again, she'd run back to him after Augustus gave her a hug. Perhaps she was shy as well as mute. Of course, she'd only just been introduced to all these things, just picked up off the street. Considering, she was taking this whole thing rather well.

"Let us find the others and introduce you, yes?" He said as he carried her back down the stairs and through the halls.

Kalani Roman

After Ruth responded Kalani looked her over skeptically. The red-head didn't looked to pleased about having to remain 'calm and still' for any length of time, which the woman took to mean that she was alright in the grand sense of things. It looked like Artemis had things under control. That was a bit surprising, admittedly. Artemis, of all people. Maybe he was finally getting used to the manor. That was a good sign, his opening up. Now if she could just help Valentine out of his stiff shell. That didn't seem very likely without force, however, so Kalani thought she'd better leave him be.

Then the light haired young man began to read. The words on the page seemed to reach up and swipe him up, replacing him with some similar faced boy with a flowing voice and great amounts of inflection. His face was flushed, and he seemed to see nothing but the words on the page. Kalani decided it best to retreat again, and moved quietly to stand by Helen again. The young woman looked slightly troubled for a moment, but shook it off as Kalani neared. Curious. Kalani wondered what she was thinking. She noticed that the petite young woman had hidden her basket behind her skirts, and that made the faint creases of a frown line her forehead and mouth. Hopefully this wouldn't close her up again.

Sabine Cayne

Sabine passed Valentine and Nicolas again on his trek to the sitting room. He hadn't been upstairs for very long. "Come." He said shortly to them. He didn't want to make his speech too many more times. If he could get every one together it would make his life much easier. So to speak. Of course, he went out of his way to tell of Augustus, because he was, well, Augustus.

Then he made his way to the room again. Oh, Kalani and Helen were there now. That made everyone except for Collete. He'd find her later, he supposed. She was delicate, he could forgive her for being so little and fragile, for not wandering around. Perhaps she was still playing with the kitten he'd found. Ariel. He had a better pet than a cat now though. But perhaps the little girl would like a kitten. He had no clue what little girls liked, actually.

Once he emerged fully into the room, he stood for a moment, waiting for their attentions to be drawn to him. It appeared that Artemis was reading to Ruth. The other two were watching on. Once all the heads were turned towards him, he set Amara down again. "Look who I found." he said proudly, even though they were most likely already looking at the strange, wide eyed little girl. "She ran into me. She doesn't say much though. I call her Amara." He paused for a beat. "Poppet, there is Artemis, Ruth, Kalani and Helen." He made a gesture in said pet's direction as he said each name. Then he shifted to look behind him as Valentine and a rather pale Nicolas joined them. "And there are Valentine and Nicolas. This is Amara."

Sabine grinned widely, it was obvious that he was quite happy with his find.