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Valentine Santonio

"Back off. Im not in the mood to pretend to be pleasant..."

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a character in “Mi Amor”, as played by ChildOfNone


Valentine Santonio

Apparent age:


Human eight

Valentine is a man in the whole sense of the word. He stand tall at 6’3”, has broad shoulders and a toned muscular body. His hair is deep fiery red that reaches just a bit below his shoulders. He often just leaves it loose but on some occasions when he is working he ties it back. His eyes are a honey brown hue and give off an intense stare to whoever he glances at. His face is a bit angular yet it sets off his features quite nicely. He has large hands and long fingers that he dislikes.
On another note, Valentine normally wears simple work clothing- or more exactly, ‘peasant’ attire. He likes to be comfortable and prefers to wear this type of clothing because if it dirties it doesn’t really matter. Plus, he can get around better in them. Now, if he must wear fine clothing he will but since he likes to spend most of his time working, it’s rare to see him all fancied up.


Valentine is not the most pleasant fellow to be around with. He can be rude, blunt and very temperamental. You could say he’s not much of a people person, really. Being blunt is just him being honest. He doesn’t see the need to sugar coat things or make them sound as pretty as everyone expects it to be. If you’re looking for a real honest opinion, ask him. If not, it’s best you don’t utter a word.
Though Valentine is rude most of the time he was raised with principles in mind. Honesty, of course but he was raised to be a complete gentlemen. He does the whole opening doors, pulling out chairs, giving a hand in need and rescuing once in a while. To women and children only. If he’s dealing with a woman he at least acts civil. Truthfully, he finds most of them a bit… tedious. How they flock together and gossip and such. Now, children sort of… just take out a more paternal side in him. Now with men, it depends on what type of guy it is he’s dealing with. To some he’s nice, others civil and the rest with contempt. Of course, even the toughest of men have a sweet spot. Anyway, the only way to see a more… soft side to him is through animals and little kids. THAT right there is his “weakness”.

Animals- finds that they’re better companions than your regular person.
Sweets- sadly, he almost always has a sweet tooth that has yet to be sated.
Building things- it’s the carpenter in him.
Fixing things- he feels useful when he does.
Spicy food- no idea.
Gambling- it’s the risk of losing what you bet.
And a few other things.

Pompous men- do you have to ask?
Men hitting women- loathes it to extremities beyond ones comprehension.
His fingers- blame it to his father’s insults.
Gossipy women- again, need you ask?
Fish- it’s the one animal or food he can’t stand.
Cheating women- it’s a long story that he won’t answer.
And a lots more!

Valentine fixes things. He can repair from steel material to hard wood and then some. Also, with his history in the trade, Valentine is a great carpenter and carver.


Valentine was neither poor nor rich in his past life. He had a loving mother that he treasured, a younger brother that looked up to him and two twin sisters that made him laugh like no other. At some point he had a father but he died at war. His father wasn’t the most paternal person out there but he cared for his wife and that’s all that mattered. When Valentine acted too weak for his father’s taste he’d get a lashing to stump it out of him. He’d do the same to Valentines brother but he’d always step in and take the hits.

When Valentines father died they struggled a few times financially but Valentine came through it all, keeping his family on its feet. At one point he had been engaged to what he believed was the love of his life. He could actually hold a decent conversation with her and he enjoyed her company to no end.

A few days before their wedding, Valentines eyes were pried open. He had found her sleeping with one of his friends. At first he was shattered but then the rage and loathed settled in. He, of course, pummelled the man until he was unconscious (didn’t kill him mind you but he was close). Then, proceeded to defame his “love” by forcing her out of the place and announcing to all her sin.

Typically, afterwards he went and got himself into a stupor. Filled with numbing alcohol and a still raging fire inside he picked fights with whoever he crossed. Some were not so lucky and others were too much. Needless to say he ended up on the streets all beat up and drunk. When he came to he was already Sabine’s newest pet.

Feelings on others:
((enrties from his journal which he calls his note pad))


My first encounter with the man himself was... unpleasant. I had thought him a female at first only to find out he is in fact a male. A male! I could not look at him in the eyes for weeks and would avoid him at times! I called him a few choice words which of now I do truly regret and have told him so myself. Im not entirely sure he has forgiven me for it though. I do respect the leadership he shows though. A man with as much responsibility as him can only ever be called a true leader. Try as I might I still find him to be very feminine and often act upon that misunderstanding. I sometimes find myself opening doors for the man and then I'll remember he is not a she. I try, I do but it is not so simple when the man has the markings of a woman.

That girl, really. I want to shake some sense into her now and again! The woman is sweet and by all means pleasant to all but it is as if she has no spine! At times I get the feeling that she needs protection of sorts then she does something that tells me she needs a mind of her own. I cant stand women who cant think or act for themselves. Im not saying for her to be selfish but it would harm her to indulge in herself. Its like she lives to please others. The time I told her my opinion of her, I dont regret. Though the sadness in her eyes did cause guilt to course through my chest. As compensation I accept without fuss any small gift she tends to give me for no reason at all. Really, I dont understand her!

Unnerving. The similarities are rather daunting. I spit fire at the woman when she can near me. I cant help but be reminded of my former fiance. It is for that reason that I stay away from her at all cost. She is another person, I do know of that. But it cant be helped that when similarities show up I feel vile, anger and, I am afraid to admit, hurt. These days I am okay with standing in the same room or even a small "hello" but anything further I can not. I try my best to overcome this past but it always seems to catch up to me.

The man is insufferable! Persistent to no end! The flirtatious frenchman has no boundaries or limits to his amorous ways. I will only admit in these notes that I was flustered in the beggining by the man. But as time has passed Ive grown to withstand some of his antics, though I cant say all. He has determinaton, I will gve him that. And I admire thefact that in his work he doesnt stand for anything less than perfect. A good quality, I will admit.

Ah, Ruth. I can honestly say I have no bad comments to say over this busy woman. She reminds me a great deal of a neighbor of mines. While I had never met the woman personally I did watch as she worked hard for her an her families future. Ruth is as normal as they get, in this house of... well, "pets". I rather enjoy the small conversations I have with the woman and I admire her zeal. Its a hard thing to find these days in societies vain women.

Quiet chap. Cant say he ever caused me any trouble or gave me reason to dislike him. Though his silent ways unnerve me to no end. A ghost of sorts, if you believe in that sort of thing. The man has a good way about him though. While he doesnt necessaly go out of his way to make friendly he does have a bit of pleasantness when around the women. Men have no need for it so I have no problem with him. I stay clear of him and he of me.

A woman I cant seem to understand. Though that goes for all women. She looks as fraguile as the glass doll in my old homes window yet acts with such a strong sense of independence its confusing. But I guess looks are just that, outer appearances that fool one person into thinking one thing when really its another. A puzzle indeed. I try not to act so protective of the girl as she does not like this. I rather think she needs to be reasured of her own standing point. That she is no faguile vase that needs to be tended to every second of the day. So I try not to. Though sometimes I slip up.

So begins...

Valentine Santonio's Story


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Sabine Cayne

Sabine didn't grasp the thoughts, the emotions afflicting his oldest pet. Perhaps because he only saw what he wanted to see or perhaps because he couldn't fathom such a reaction coming from his little Lark. That someone could be upset while he was so bright and excited. He looked after the dark haired man as he moved back into the room. Well, he was busy, that made sense, Sabine supposed. He'd come back later then and thank his little lark for cleaning more than was required from him. He reached down and lifted the little poppet up again, she'd run back to him after Augustus gave her a hug. Perhaps she was shy as well as mute. Of course, she'd only just been introduced to all these things, just picked up off the street. Considering, she was taking this whole thing rather well.

"Let us find the others and introduce you, yes?" He said as he carried her back down the stairs and through the halls.

Kalani Roman

After Ruth responded Kalani looked her over skeptically. The red-head didn't looked to pleased about having to remain 'calm and still' for any length of time, which the woman took to mean that she was alright in the grand sense of things. It looked like Artemis had things under control. That was a bit surprising, admittedly. Artemis, of all people. Maybe he was finally getting used to the manor. That was a good sign, his opening up. Now if she could just help Valentine out of his stiff shell. That didn't seem very likely without force, however, so Kalani thought she'd better leave him be.

Then the light haired young man began to read. The words on the page seemed to reach up and swipe him up, replacing him with some similar faced boy with a flowing voice and great amounts of inflection. His face was flushed, and he seemed to see nothing but the words on the page. Kalani decided it best to retreat again, and moved quietly to stand by Helen again. The young woman looked slightly troubled for a moment, but shook it off as Kalani neared. Curious. Kalani wondered what she was thinking. She noticed that the petite young woman had hidden her basket behind her skirts, and that made the faint creases of a frown line her forehead and mouth. Hopefully this wouldn't close her up again.

Sabine Cayne

Sabine passed Valentine and Nicolas again on his trek to the sitting room. He hadn't been upstairs for very long. "Come." He said shortly to them. He didn't want to make his speech too many more times. If he could get every one together it would make his life much easier. So to speak. Of course, he went out of his way to tell of Augustus, because he was, well, Augustus.

Then he made his way to the room again. Oh, Kalani and Helen were there now. That made everyone except for Collete. He'd find her later, he supposed. She was delicate, he could forgive her for being so little and fragile, for not wandering around. Perhaps she was still playing with the kitten he'd found. Ariel. He had a better pet than a cat now though. But perhaps the little girl would like a kitten. He had no clue what little girls liked, actually.

Once he emerged fully into the room, he stood for a moment, waiting for their attentions to be drawn to him. It appeared that Artemis was reading to Ruth. The other two were watching on. Once all the heads were turned towards him, he set Amara down again. "Look who I found." he said proudly, even though they were most likely already looking at the strange, wide eyed little girl. "She ran into me. She doesn't say much though. I call her Amara." He paused for a beat. "Poppet, there is Artemis, Ruth, Kalani and Helen." He made a gesture in said pet's direction as he said each name. Then he shifted to look behind him as Valentine and a rather pale Nicolas joined them. "And there are Valentine and Nicolas. This is Amara."

Sabine grinned widely, it was obvious that he was quite happy with his find.


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Ruth's voice snapped him out of his mussings and his eyes turned away from Amara to look at the redhead. Valentine knew that look well. Actually, he'd been on the recieving end of it a few times here and there. Knowing exactly why Ruth was calling everyone away, he didnt much linger in the living room. He took a step back before his gaze returned to the small child at Sabines feet. Shaking his head he coughed softly before turning and heading back to where he left his bird house. He still hadnt asked Ruth's permission to put it out somewhere in the garden. He grunted in frustratin and shook his head. What has gotten into him?

Hitting his thigh with a few slaps he tol himself to concentrate on his tasks. Picking up the mini sized version of their mansion he looked at the door that lead to the garden. Surely Ruth wouldnt mind, would she? The little spunky woman was unpredictable in his opinion and he was never sure what she would think up of next. He sighed and shrugged. If she objected to the bird house e could always just take it somewhere else. Stepping outside he looked around for a place of shade. He'd just spotted the perfect spot when he also noticed Artemis near the shed. He tilted his head. What is he doing just standing there? he asked himself. He looked down at the mini mansion bird house and sighed. He was doing a lot of sighing that day. Placing it down he slowly walked up to the other man. Once beside him, he just looked forward at the shed like Artemis was doing. "What's got you?" he asked, his voice low but he was sure Artemis heard him.