Len Moon-eared

For Duty and Honor!

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a character in “Middle Earth”, as played by Lost_chance


Race: Elf
Age: 20
Appearance: 6' 4'', is inexperienced, but resourceful and strong. Has short blonde hair. Blue Eyes. Green eyes. I am pale despite my outside travels, and i have a little gash on my right eye due to a battle.

Personality: I am a very honorable person, despite my quietness and distrusts of people. I still keep my word, honor, and protect my fellow elf. I have a very large distrust for Humans, and is surprisingly friendly towards Dwarfs. I am very quiet, and I don't really like talking to people, also because of my innocent and stupid nature in which they always twist my words around a little too much.

Equipment: An old, but sturdy Mirkwood bow with twin elf forged blades, a leather tunic with a dress shirt, and leather boots. I also have a green cloak with a carved mask to hide my face

History: In the past of history the Silver Elves were a very brave and valiant race, led by Lord Rivendell they helped defend many bits and pieces of other Elf homes. But, in time the Silver Elves settled there interbreeding with other elves, and started their own homes in Middle-Earth, living as people without the sake of worry as their Ancestors begin dying of diseases, and lack of immortality due to breeding. But, one day when Orcs have marched down to the forests of the Elf's sacred homes. The Mix Elf's have tried to take arms to fight as their ancestors did, and they were eventually slaughtered like animals. Except, for one boy a 16 year old named Len, was found by his Elf Uncle and trained to be a fighter to have revenge on every monster there is that would harm people, and to protect what he has left his people.

So begins...

Len Moon-eared's Story