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Alex Kirby

A young teenager.

0 · 240 views · located in Pacific

a character in “Middle of Nowhere”, as played by alexkirby12

So begins...

Alex Kirby's Story


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Eiko ran as fast as her legs could carry her (which was pretty fast) down the long white sandy beach, looking for any possible survivors. Her hand was gripping onto the red pocket knife he had given her just as she was about to jump off the ship.

Eiko stopped suddenly to catch her breath. While she stood there breathing heavily, she heard a male voice in the distance yell "HEEY!!".

She suddenly pearked up, seeing a figure in the distance. Picking up speed, she saw the the figure was that of a man's, with messy blond hair and (from what she could tell in the distance, though she wasn't sure) blue eyes. He was leaning up against a tree and looked to be struggling to stay conscious. Her instincts kicked in, and she ran up to him, carefully and gently putting a hand one on his shoulder and the other on his chest to keep him standing upright. By his appearance, she guessed he was only a couple years younger than her.
"Hey, are you alright? She notices a large bump on his head, in which there a nasty bumb. She reached into one of her many pockets on her jacket and pulled out a travel first aid kit that her grandmother always made her carry around, in which she didn't think she'd ever need till now. Pulling out a dry rag and a mini bottle of rubbing alcohol, she dipped the rag, letting in soak slightly for a few seconds.
"This may sting a bit" she said, lightly and gentle dabbing the wound. After she was done, she pulled out a bandage and covered the bump. Then she put the rag and rubbing alcohol back in the first aid kit, and pulled out a bottle of asprin, and put two pills in her hand.
"Here, this should help ease the pain. I'm sorry, I don't have any water."


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It was getting dark quickly and I had yet to find someone. The palm leaves rustled in the wind and small animals were moving in the underbrush. At least...I think they were small. 'I need to find someone fast.' I thought, as I picked up my pace. I skirted along the coast, looking for any camps set up along there but there was nothing. I was beginning to lose hope when a small flickering light coming from deeper in the woods caught my eye. Ignoring the fact that my feet were bare I ran over rocks and sharp sticks, scrambling for that one little hope. I burst into the clearing where the other survivors sat. They looked at me with the same bewildered look they gave me earlier. They obviously forgot I was there and left me laying where I was. I sat down on the log next to a blonde haired man and asked "You guys have anything to eat?"