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Melody Rose Lyric

Does no one ever seem to see me? It's as if I'm completely invisible..

0 · 285 views · located in MiddleStone Hospital

a character in “MiddleStone Hospital”, as played by SizzlerZ


Full Name: Melody Rose Lyric
Nationality: American
D.O.B: 14/10/1998
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Melody is approximately 1.58m tall. Brown - hazel eyes and light brown hair that is mostly straight with a few curls around the tips. Melody prefers her hair to be presented in the most natural way as she doesn't like it messed with. She dresses very thoughtfully, thinking about how she is presented to the rest of the world. Not being a huge fan of make-up, she applies it very rarely; Messing around with her hair (i.e. straightening, curling, complicated braids e.c.t) is not much of an option as she strictly disapproves it. Wearing very less jewellery, except for a bracelet that her grandmother had made for he which she doesn't like taking it off, some may consider her 'simple'.


Melody is a very calm person who is very tolerant, she is not a very bold person, she is quite and cheeky in her own way. Most people don't really see her for who she is, when most people see her they see a very quite, kind and uninteresting person; but its only when you meet her and get to know her you realise how wrong you were, she is someone that has exceptional ambitions and dreams like no other and is filled with life, but she never seemed to find someone she could share all this amazement with.

Scared of judgement, Melody isn't open and honest about her opinions to everyone, there are very few people she trusts to be open and care-free with. When her opinion is usually asked about she would give an answer that the opposite person would agree with, not the one that she would always agree on. Her mother has taken this to her advantage always making Melody follow her decisions and not giving Melody a choice. There have been many times she wanted to stand up to this however she never could really stand up for herself, she felt too weak. However, there has been one time where she has stood up for what she wanted, which was her name.

Melody was disowned by her father when she was a child, later she felt disowned from her mother, then her family, and soon that turned into the rest of the world.

Melody's father left her before she was born; he believed she was nothing more than a mistake that ruined his life, aware of this Melody always felt disowned. When she was 7, her mother fell in love and it wasn't soon before she got married to him (Jim Tranver). Melody didn't really like much about Jim and tried to keep as much distance as she could between them, that was the reason she kept her name Melody Rose Lyric. It was the first time she ever stood up for anything, she didn't like the aftermath as after that incident her mother had seemed to not pay much attention to her. Jim had 5 other kids, 2 girls and 3 boys, even if they all lived in the same house she never really connected to them, they were just.. different.

As Melody didn't seem to get much attention from anyone she felt somewhat invisible to the rest of the world, she felt disowned once again, soon she got use to it though. However she carried the burden around everyday burying all her ambitions and dreams inside her. But there was one person in the entire world she felt she connected to, the one person who made her feel like she wasn't disowned; her grandmother. She only met her grandmother at the age of 10 but she felt so at home when she met her. Melody felt warm, safe and cared for with her grandmother. Unfortunately her grandmother passed away after a cardiac arrest, everything fell apart after she left, nothing was the same.

One night she while she was lost in deep thought of her grandmother while she was walking through the streets, she heard screaming and crying; she rushed towards the voices to notice a shop on fire and a couple stuck between the fire, she only had time to save one of them but the other one was stuck within the shop; before she could save them she tripped knocking her head on the flat smooth tiles and falling unconscious; although she lives in grief as she hears the terrible screams and cries of the person every night.


Melody is currently recovering from burns she suffered from the fire. There are a few 3rd degree burns on her back and some light burns on her arms and her legs.
She is also recovering from her mental challenges as she suffers from haunting memories from the night, there have been many cases where she wakes up soaked in her sweat, in worse cases she wakes up screaming. She hasn't told anyone about this as she fears people would believe she is going crazy.

So begins...

Melody Rose Lyric's Story