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Collin Madison Kraft

"What's a girl without a designer purse and some pink lipstick?"

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a character in “Midnight Hills University”, as played by lovestorygurl




Collin Kraft


Sexual Orientation:

Relationship Status:

Does this mean faceclaim? If so, Holland Roden.

Home Town:
Nashville, Tennessee

Pi Beta Phi


Part time singer at a restraunt downtown

Sports/Art/Music Programs:
She's in Chorus, drama, and digital graffiti


+Playing Guitar
+Laughing and making others laugh
+Being Sassy

-Negative people
-Being put down by others
-cold days

Writing novels

Being left alone
Not being loved
Never falling in love
Being disliked

Collin is a very sassy girl. She is very high maintanence, and she strongly believes that love is the key to happiness. However, she also believes that doing what you love will make you happy as well.
In her eyes, everything happens for a reason, and in the end, everything will be great. She's the most optimistic person you will ever meet.
Collin is very dramatic, and she is hard to please. She has big dreams and goals, and she believes that everyone will be happy if they do what they love.

Ever since she was five, Collin has been singing, and needless to say, she has an amazing voice. She taught herself to play the guitar when her parents bought her her very first acoustic guitar at the age of eight. At the age of nine, she started hip-hop dance and ballet, and she has loved dancing with a passion ever since. When she was twelve, she wrote a three hundred and twenty-seven page long book. She has dreams of becoming an author, actress, dancer, and a musician. She knows it's not impossible to do all three. She's not only good at writing, singing, dancing and playing guitar, but she is also good at acting. Collin was in plays for most of her life. She was in three of them in elementary school as a minor role, but in middle school, she got the lead role in the play, Annie, and she was also in a few other plays in middle school. In high school, she was in a total of eight musicals, and she played the lead role in all but two of them.

Collin is an aspiring singer/song-writer, dancer, guitarist, actress, dancer, and author. She has always wanted to write a #1 best seller, and it's one of her main goals to pursue that dream.

Her family was never supportive for her, and they told her she would never make it big, but she is determined to prove them wrong.

Theme song:,d.cWc

So begins...

Collin Madison Kraft's Story

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If anyone would be willing to make a character sheet to play a male character as well, that would be great as I'm the only male character in the roleplay.


It was the first day of the new school year at Midnight Hills University and Acacia was beginning to unpack her belongings into her bedroom at the Delta Delta Delta house. She loved her sisters here and couldn't wait until she was able to meet the freshman who were going to be joining them. She always enjoyed helping them out and teaching them what it's like to be a Delta sister.

She pulled her radio out of one of the boxes she was unpacking and plugged it in. She turned the radio on and began singing and dancing as she continued to unpack. After all, why not have a little fun with the boring parts of your life? She always believed that life is supposed to be fun, no matter what you're doing. As long as you have a positive attitude with everything that comes your way, that you'll make it through life perfectly fine.


As the head Senior in the Delta Kappa Epsilon house it is his job to host the Sorority/Fraternity Bash for the beginning of the new school year. After he finished unpacking his things and setting his room up he began getting everything ready for the party. A couple of the other guys ordered some beer and hired a bartender for the party along with a DJ. He couldn't believe that they decided to get a bartender and a DJ but there was no point in getting them to cancel if they were already there. He let out a frustrated sigh and told them where they could begin settling everything they needed up.

At this point he wished that some of the other Seniors were around so they could help him get everything situated the way they wanted, but of course most of them were late, like usual. He just couldn't wait to get this party started so he could relax and enjoy himself for the first time all day.

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If you all would like to still do this roleplay, I am willing to. Please post if you are.