Lexie Grey

Lexie left her parents at the age of 18 and never looked back

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Lexie Grey


Sexual Orientation:

Relationship Status:
In a relationship

Chyler Leigh

Home Town:
Seattle, Washington

Alpha Chi Omega


Barista at local cafe. Also performs at the cafe.

Sports/Art/Music Programs:
All-female a capella group called the Barden Bellas


+Cold days


Water polo

Being alone
Losing those she loves
The future
Coming out as bisexual

Geeky, Sexy, Easy going, Affectionate, Partier, Honest

Lexie grew up with her mother judging every decision Lexie made. Lexie was never good enough and her mother made that very clear to her. Lexie discovered in highschool that she liked both boys and girls. Although never making it known to others she always had boyfriends as a cover up trying to keep her secret. Lexie couldnt take her mothers constant criticism and left as soon as she graduated. Lexie found Midnight Hills University(MHU) and is now attending as a freshman. Her boyfriend, Matt, still lives in Seattle but visits from time to time. Lexie grew up loving music and the guitar. She has a bit of a geeky personality. She loves to sing and the moment she got accepted to MHU she joined their all female a capella group. HMU has both an all boys and all girls a capella group. Lexie got a job as a barista the the local cafe and the manager also pays her good money to perform in the evenings. Lexie is a virgin and is scared to lose her virginity.


So begins...

Lexie Grey's Story

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If anyone would be willing to make a character sheet to play a male character as well, that would be great as I'm the only male character in the roleplay.


It was the first day of the new school year at Midnight Hills University and Acacia was beginning to unpack her belongings into her bedroom at the Delta Delta Delta house. She loved her sisters here and couldn't wait until she was able to meet the freshman who were going to be joining them. She always enjoyed helping them out and teaching them what it's like to be a Delta sister.

She pulled her radio out of one of the boxes she was unpacking and plugged it in. She turned the radio on and began singing and dancing as she continued to unpack. After all, why not have a little fun with the boring parts of your life? She always believed that life is supposed to be fun, no matter what you're doing. As long as you have a positive attitude with everything that comes your way, that you'll make it through life perfectly fine.


As the head Senior in the Delta Kappa Epsilon house it is his job to host the Sorority/Fraternity Bash for the beginning of the new school year. After he finished unpacking his things and setting his room up he began getting everything ready for the party. A couple of the other guys ordered some beer and hired a bartender for the party along with a DJ. He couldn't believe that they decided to get a bartender and a DJ but there was no point in getting them to cancel if they were already there. He let out a frustrated sigh and told them where they could begin settling everything they needed up.

At this point he wished that some of the other Seniors were around so they could help him get everything situated the way they wanted, but of course most of them were late, like usual. He just couldn't wait to get this party started so he could relax and enjoy himself for the first time all day.

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If you all would like to still do this roleplay, I am willing to. Please post if you are.