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Mason Caspar

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a character in “Midnight Ink”, as played by No Vacancy Motel



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Full Name: Mason James Caspar Jr.

Preferred Name: Mason
"But apparently that doesn't stop people from calling me Cassy."

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Birth Date: December, 6th
"I'm not fond of birthdays..."

Age: 25
"Shit, where has the time gone?"

Sexuality: Pansexual
"Love is love, whether your a man, woman, or someone else entirely."

Role: Six

Skills: Piercing, Playing Guitar, Organization and some people like to say he has the skill of Bitching at people to keep them motivated. "My talents lay primarily in my art, but other than that I've been playing guitar for a while and while I'm not sure its particularly a skill I'm good at keeping things organized."

Art Type: Peircing

Height: 5'8"
Distinguishing Marks: Snake bites, Septum piercing, Plugs and a whole lot of tattoos.

Mason doesn't work out as often as he should but its still obvious that he has muscles and is quite strong. He stands at 5'8" with a more stocky build to him. He usually wears black clothes, and most of the time his shirts depict some brand of alcohol or a band. He likes to keep things simple, and doesn't really care about appearances or anything. He keeps his hair short in the back and longer towards the front, with his bangs often falling into his eyes. He doesn't dye his hair as much as he used to when he was a teen, but every now and again he likes to throw in random colors. Though currently his hair is just black. He has been known to wear make up at times, though recently he finds himself being a little too lazy to make it a routine thing.


Most famously known for being stoic, and just a little bit distant. It isn't like he doesn't like people or doesn't feel emotions, its just that he usually doesn't show either unless you are really close with him. He is a very collected individual, and doesn't ever really let anything get under his skin. If something bothers him he will say so up front. He isn't a beat around the bushes kind of guy and certainly wont sugarcoat anything for anyone. He is extremely protective of his friends and family, and is known for being bitchy when they deliberately put themselves in harms way. He is both strong of mind and strong of body. Mostly though his mental strength is in his stubborn, unmovable nature. Trying to change his opinion on something is nearly impossible and trying to get him to do something he doesn't want to do is like pulling teeth.

Usually he is pretty good at keeping things running. He has a way of making sure others are doing what they need to be doing. And even though he is a bit stiff he isn't really a boring guy. He likes to have fun just like anyone else and when he's having that fun his inhibitions usually get tossed out the window. He is whats known as a cuddly drunk. And if he's had too much to drink he turns into the crying-crying-all-over-you drunk....So yeah, he usually tries not to party too hard.

He mouths off a hell of a lot, and has been known to make others cry because of it. Even if he doesn't actually mean to do so. When he thinks something isn't right he will usually do something about it, and is known to jump into situations that don't necessarily involve him because of this. He is rather intelligent, and uses it to make sure things are running smoothly in the shop.



Its probably fair to say that Mason grew up in a rather...difficult home. He is the oldest of four, and as the oldest it was pretty much his job to take care of his younger siblings and kick the asses of anyone who messed with them. His mother worked two jobs to make sure they were always fed, so Mason usually was stuck babysitting or toting around his younger siblings until they all got old enough that they could take care of themselves. His father being in the picture probably would have helped out a lot but unfortunately he died when Mason was just eight years old (His sister was six and his brother was four.) He never really got to know his father, but he does remember that his death affected him horribly and for a long time he refused to speak to anyone besides his Aunt Nikki.

At age twelve even more tragedy struck, his Uncle died of an overdose. It was a devastating loss for the entire family, as Uncle Jimmy was one of their closest relatives and a frequent guest in their house. He also happened to be a single father attempting to raise his daughter without any help, and unfortunately Jimmy was already fighting a loosing battle with depression. Mason's mother fought hard to take custody of Jessie, having to undergo extensive investigation since her fathers death was from a drug overdose. Eventually custody was transferred to Mason's mother.

Mason grew up from then on also taking care of Jessie, who became very attached to Mason and as they both grew up they shared many things in common. They never really brought it up that Jessie wasn't Masons biological sister, because they were family anyways and Mason would do absolutely anything for her. Things got better as Mason grew older, he had gone through with high school and was ready to set out in the world.

He moved out of his family home and into an apartment of his own on the cash he saved up from a burger flipping job at a local chain restaurant. It wasn't until much later that Jake approached him with the crazy idea of opening up the shop, and just like that Mason went from flipping burgers to piercing.


Relationship Status: Single

Family and Friends:
Even though he may not show it he considers everyone at the shop his friend
Jake Masters|| Best friend, they are really close and have been that way for a while.

Pamela Caspar (Mother, 49)|| Not-Close, she was never really around but they have a tentative relationship now.
Macy Lawson (Half Sister, 23)|| Were constantly at each others throats when they were growing up, and they still are.
Oliver Caspar (Half Brother, 21)|| Recently their relationship has been strained, mostly due to the fact that Oliver is in prison for armed robbery.
Jessica "Jessie" Caspar (Adopted Sister, 14)|| They are extremely close, Mason would do anything for Jessie and dreads the day she starts actually acting like a rebellious teenager - because he just knows it isn't going to be pretty.
Nikki Force (Aunt, 43)|| His number one confidant when growing up, they are close.
Emily Lawson (Neice, 4 months)|| They are close, despite Macy being a bitch about it and mainly just using him as a babysitter.

Mason Caspar Sr. (Father, Deceased)|| Doesn't remember much about him.
Jimmy Hastings (Uncle, Deceased)|| Still bitter about his death even to this day, but loved the man like a second father and was the one to make sure Jessie knew about him.

Known Languages: English, some Spanish
"Its kind of a given to learn another language when it so happens to dominate your neighborhood.

Extra: He has a dog, a Pomeranian in fact, and he gets extremely defensive if teased about owning her. Seriously, he doesn't see whats wrong with owning a small dog. Her name is Binx.

So begins...

Mason Caspar's Story


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Mason jolts awake to the blaring sound of his phone going off. With a groan he searches for the offending object on his night stand. He checks the time and notices that he's slept through two alarms and three phone calls. Great... He groggily gets out of bed and goes about his usually morning routine, only rushing a little bit. He's sure he won't be late but doesn't feel like making it a possibility. Halfway through filling up his second cup of coffee his phone starts ringing again. He considers not answering, feeling as if its too early to make the effort in holding any sort of conversation, but ultimately decides it must be something important.

"Hello?" He answers.

"Mason! Hey, I've been trying to get a hold of you forever," Mason winces a little as Jessie's high pitched voice comes through the speaker. He sets his coffee aside and moves to his living room to gather up his keys and wallet. "What could you possibly need that has you calling me this early in the morning?" Mason knew one day his lenient nature towards her would bite him, and he wonders if today is going to be that day.

"Well....You see mom's been really, really busy." She pauses, as if waiting for him to fill in the blanks. Mason doesn't, allowing her to struggle with what she's trying to ask. He already knows where this is going, but he isn't going to make anything easy for her. Instead he busies himself with putting Binx into her kennel and making sure his front door is locked before heading out. "I'm heading into work so if you're trying to ask something you better do it now." He stresses, prompting her to get over whatever it is that's stopping her from asking.

"I just...Can I crash at your place for a while, just while moms gone?"

Mason can hear her make a noise of annoyance on the other end of the line. He bypasses his car, deciding that since he isn't so far from the shop anyways it'll be easier just to walk there instead of taking the risk of losing his prime parking spot. Sure he'll get there a little bit later than he would if he were to take his car, but he figures a little exercise won't do any harm.

"She's always gone, and I can't take you to school you know, you can't skip either so don't even try that with me."

"Well damn, there goes that plan," She mumbles in a sarcastic tone, "I'm not stupid you know, I can get myself there."

"You better have bus money because you aren't taking my car." He answers her, and he knows just by his answer that he's already lost and given her the go ahead. "Speaking of, shouldn't you be in school right now?" He asks, a warning tone in his voice. The other side of the line goes silent, before Jessie starts fake coughing.

"I'm sick," She answers, meekly.

"Uh huh." He answers, completely disbelieving, "You have a key, I'm almost at work now I'll talk to you later."

"Okay, talk to you later."

Mason sighs and pockets his phone.

Truthfully he wasn't almost at work yet, but the physical act of staying on the line with her that long was already giving him a head ache. Besides he didn't want to get anymore stressed out before going into work. Mason stops off at the closest gas station first so he can grab another cup of coffee, finding it hard to function without it, before finding himself finally at work.

He notices when he walks in that he is indeed the last to arrive, even Jake was already there. Mason wasn't ever earlier than needed but he had never been the last to show up before. "You know it would probably be a good idea to advertise that we are open," He tells the others, deadpan. He looks pointedly towards Jake but notices that he is still in his pajamas, which pretty much explains why he didn't already open. Mason sighs, finishes off his final cup of coffee and goes to open up.

"How is everyone?" He asks distantly, not particularly sounding concerned but all the same asking.


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Jay couldn't help but chuckle as he remembered Jake's face when Roanoke passed by. Honestly, he's known the dog since it was a pup, you'd think he'd be okay with Jay's constant companion. But alas, Jay's friend still is uncomfortable with Raonoke. Oh well. He watched as the rest of the merry band arrived. Sienna arrived next with a cheerful smile that hid her true feelings. Jay could point out those smiles on basically anyone. He was the king of the 'I'm okay smile' when he was growing up. He had to convice other somehow that his family wasn't fucked up so a fake happy smile it was. Over the years that smile turned real, but he could still pick them out from a crowd. But he decided against saying anything. If Sienna didn't want to talk about it, then he wouldn't push her. It probably had to do with her boyfriend. Met him once or twice and was never a fan. Roanoke tended to stay clear of the guy so yeah, not a fan.
Last to arrivewas Mason. He commented about the sign not being flipped which caused Jay to chuckle. Probably would have taken them a while to figure out why the place wasn't getting customers if it wasn't for Mason. Then again one of the girls probably would have noticed and commented about how none had noticed.
He watched as Jake slid over to Maggie, grab his cup, and greeted, "Morning everyone!" Jay greeted back, his left hand doodling as he rested his chin in his right palm. "What's the agenda for the day?" His question had become almost ritualistic at this point. Never was there ever a repeat day at Midnight Ink.


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Maggie was awing at Jake's exquisite art work when his sister, Julia came in -radiated as ever- with a, "Good morning!" To Maggie, and a, "your cats left me dead mice because you didn't feed them, you irresponsible boy." To Jake. Maggie was shocked to hear that Jake still carried his cats around. She knew that he still would be, but she didn't really want to admit to it. At that moment Jayce came in, followed by his dog, Roanoke . "Heyo." he said, though Maggie paid no attention to him as she hurried over and snatched up Roanoke. "Goodness gway-shush," she said to him, "you just get cuter and cuter every single day." Maggie glanced over at Jake to find him wrinkling his nose in displeasure. He clearly didn't like dogs, having to live with so many damn cats, it was kind of obvious. Maggie on the other hand loves them, though she has way too much time own her hands to actually buy one. She'd rather claim Jay's as one of her own.

"Hey, guys! Wassup?" Maggie was rubbing noses with Roanoke when Sienna came in the shop. Good ole' CC. The highlight of Maggie's life aside from Roanoke, however she seemed unusual when she first had entered. Almost as though she was nothing but a walking dead corpse. There had to be something upsetting her, but Maggie became sidetracked by Mason's sudden arrival from behind. "You know it would probably be a good idea to advertise that we are open," he said a bit impassive that even Maggie herself couldn't tell if he was either elated, irritated, or possibly both.

At that, the whole gang was here. Jake went over to Mason to tell him something before returning to sit next to her. "Morning everyone!" he greeted.

"Morning everyone!" Jay greeted back. "What's the agenda for the day?"

"Well, Maggie began, I'm thinking of kidnapping Roanoke and two, Jake seems to be having quite a bit of problem with a tattoo sketch for one of his customer, Amy Rose isn't it? She prefers something that I would occasionally do for my customers. I mean, if you want Jake I can take up for her." she added, looking over at him with Roanoke on her lap.


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Sienna knew that she hadn't painted enough of a bright smile on her face the second the words left her mouth and she had to fight herself from glowering. She didn't want to think about Ryder or bring it to the shop, not yet. Not when she was pretty sure he wasn't bold enough to do anything more than bitch and moan about who she spent her time with. No, it wasn't that important. Besides, the last thing she needed was to explain why her life was so complicated when she was pretty sure a lot of people had it worse than her. She was just about to spew out another form of greeting when she heard Mason enter and a grin formed on her lips.

"Whoa there, boss man. I just got here," Sienna replied cheekily, dimples fully blooming. She winked at Maggie on her way to her little station and dropped off her bag. She turned around to say more, but found herself beside Julia in a matter of seconds. Sienna's brow furrowed just slightly in confusion before Julia's words sunk in. She followed Julia's gaze down to her wrists, which seemed to be worsening. Or maybe Sienna was being overdramatic. "It's nothing, really. Just..." Sienna trailed off at that; it was pretty obvious to her and probably to Julia that she was lying through her damn teeth and there was no excuse she could make. She smiled appreciatively when Julia handed her some cream. "Thanks, hon." If she didn't want to draw too much attention to the situation, Sienna would have hugged Julia.

Screw it!

Sienna reached over to pull the woman into a warm embrace, a real smile forming on her face despite the fucked up morning. "You're the best," she whispered.


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Sienna's hesitation made Julia more sure, if that was ever possible, of the fact that something wasn't quite right with her. She kept calm, however, trying to help the girl feel more at ease. "You're welcome," she returned in a low voice.

It might have been the end of that conversation, and Julia started to turn away to deal with other matters, when Sienna pulled her into a hug. Julia, pleasantly surprised, patted her back gently, just holding her. A moment later, she pulled away, holding Sienna at arm's length.

"I am," she conceded teasingly. "And you," here she squeezed Sienna's shoulder, "need to get to work instead of being sappy. I'll bring one of Jake's cats down for you later if you want to squeeze something and be cute over it."

It was as if the rest of their colleagues weren't around anymore - at that point, all Julia cared about was Sienna's wellbeing. The girl was not all right, and damned if Julia wasn't going to find some way to fix it. She turned away, pretending to search for the book that detailed the day's schedules, trying to keep a lid on the anger rising quietly in her. She never got angry, she was the picture of self-control, and that would not break today.

Julia looked up at the rest. "Maggie and Jake, y'all had better decide who's taking charge of Amy Rose. She's coming in today, isn't she? And Jay - I got a guy the other day hoping you could do something for him, I think he'll be coming by either today or tomorrow," she commented casually, now trying almost as hard as Sienna to hide her emotions. The difference was she did a better job of it.