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Evan Hale

"Bros before hoes, man."

0 · 351 views · located in Forest Grove, Oregon

a character in “Midnighters: Portland”, as played by Redred33mer



Evan Hale

Age: Twenty
Height:5' 10"
Weight: 178 lbs.
College Major: Mechanical Engineering
Ability: TBD

- Building Things
- LEGO's
- Friends
- Good Comedy
- Fitness
- Baseball
- Titties 'n' Beer
- Parties
- Your Mom
- Your way hotter sister
- Politics
- Homework
- Hoes
- People who take themselves too seriously
- Insects
- Country and Blues Music
- Authority
- Jail Bait

- Frothy Vagina
- Not being employed after college

Dreams: "Su madre, mi casa, ahora." - He doesn't have any big goals as of right now, he's on an adventure anyways!

Personality: Evan is a bit of an instigator. On top of that, he has always been a comedic one. He is always aware of his environment and knows when to push his limits when trying to get away with something; class in college is not the place to do that, though just about anywhere else is. However, Evan isn't mean-spirited. He does things for the laughs, and more so for attention. He's not out to be a criminal.

He's always been creative, too. He likes building things and often rigs up little toys, if you could call them that. A quad-barreled potato cannon is a toy, right? With his endeavors to have fun, he does his best to do only what is necessary to get through college so he can maximize his time at parties. Still, when he wants something done, he gets it done.

Background: Evan was born in Seattle, Washington. He had a younger brother and sister, being the oldest of three. Being the older brother, he often antagonized his siblings, often pushing them to their limits and getting punished by his parents for it. The few times he has seen his brother or sister distressed, though, he's been there to protect them. Other than that, he had friends, played baseball, learned what sex was, and got by in school.

When he was in high school, he had a handful of girlfriends, and performed well on his school's baseball team. His hatred of sitting in a classroom being talked at for seven hours straight got him into trouble occasionally. He was talking with someone else or not paying attention or giving the teacher a hard time, simply because he could and the school thought he had power over him. In his spare time, he would build things to show his teachers what they could be learning about in school, rather than diddling their butt holes with tests and more standardized tests.

When he applied and went to college, his girlfriend left him and he had no friends coming with him. His parents help with money as he interns at engineering companies over the summer and works irregularly at a family friend's farm doing odd jobs. Evan found it easy to make friends, and has had a slew of girls in only three years. When he was a freshman, he tried out for and joined the Pacific University baseball team. He has found quite a few to call friends; over 2,000 Facebook would say. Evan's not sure where he's going to end up after college, but he's going to find out!

So begins...

Evan Hale's Story