A curious ignorant teenage girl who loves to draw and write about new discoveries.

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a character in “Milquetoast Need Not Apply”, as played by Delve


Name: Erlyn
Age: 16
Race: Human
Appearance: Freckle faced, green eyed, and raven black hair. Erlyn looks like an ordinary girl and seems a bit plain. In her travels she is rarely noticed while being among an orc and a gnome who seem more distinguishable while she keeps her nose in her journal.
Origin: Cyrolixia
Profession: Journalist
Belongings: A chest full of a blank journals, a carriage with two horses that were stolen from her father’s farm. A hawk that she has trained as a child and uses its downed feathers to make quills out of.
Beliefs: Farlaghn. Erlyn inspires to discover all of Aerth by documenting the land, terrain, weather, local plants, animals, and is eager to discover new things with the help of her companions to guide and protect her along with the God she worships that has lead her towards this journey.

History: During a rainstorm Erlyn was lost in the woods and was surrounded by wolves who threatened her horses. An orc emerged from the trees and ripped the wolves with his bare hands and natural prowess. Most girls from Cyrolixia would have screamed at the unknown but Erlyn sketched her first encounter with an orc and his natural savage abilities. Erlyn offered shelter for the orc who claimed his name was Rick in her carriage with a Gnome already sleeping inside unaware to the teenager’s knowledge. After discussing what their plans were for the next day they agreed to travel together. Rick was a vagabond who wandered aimlessly in search of food and shelter without any motivation to do anything else, Basil was constantly looking for ideas for a song that people would remembered for ages, and Elryn observed and documented her companions and at the same time made small discoveries of new plant life and creatures in the woods of Aerth.

So begins...

Erlyn's Story