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Abel Mason

Why am I here?

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a character in “Mind Over Matter”, as played by Diane_Young




"On pins and needles we are waiting for the fall. We count the days scratching lines on the wall.
Wait in the wings at someone’s beck and call. No longer recognize the place that I call home.
No longer recognize this face as my own. Somewhere, this fate, I lost control"

Inspiration for Abel

Abel Rin Mason




"Being miserable, that's a job."
Lab Rat

Face Claim

Jay Ryan

Color Code



Eye Color



Fairly dark brown, however in brighter settings his hair looks more chestnut colored than dark brown. His hair is longer on the crown of his head, and the sides are shorter. The sides aren't buzzed, but simply noticeably shorter than the hair on the top of his head which can't be any shorter than five inches long. He tends to keep it neatly slicked back. Well, as best as he can with limited resources to aid in making himself look nice.

Height & Weight
Abel stands at 6'2" and weighs about 220lbs.

Body Type
He's pretty beefy. Having spent the past five years in a cage, he's gotten pretty bored with his time. His way of fixing this issue is to work out. Not to mention, the stronger he feels, the better chances he has of getting the hell out of the place that has held him prisoner for far too long.

Tattoos or Piercings
No tattoos or piercings. He's never been too much of a fan of them. He doesn't really like them, but he doesn't judge people who have them.

Light scar that travels from his upper right temple (on the left side if you're looking at him) that travels down over his cheek. He has scars that look like track marks just from all of the testing he's gone through, as well as a few incision lines from surgeries. Surgeries for what? Good question. Even he's not too sure.



The last time he's had a genuine feeling of hope has become a distant memory that was buried along with the majority of his emotions and feelings. Lately, he's been doing what he's told and just going with the mindless flow of the things. Having people constantly trying to test, poke, prod, and cut him open has taken a toll on his personality dramatically. He simply just doesn't care anymore.
He used to care, throughout the first three years of his imprisonment. He would take any chance possible to get out, to get away. But every time he had failed. It was only after trying and failing so many times that he had started to lose hope. He would try every once in a while, but the energy it had taken to come up with plans and to try and escape was too much for him to handle anymore.
There's a slight bit of hope inside of him, however, that one day he'll see the world again. And not just white walls, labs, and cells anymore. Hopefully, those things will disappear from his life. However, with each passing day the little shred of hope inside of him is slowly broken apart.
He's normally rather calm and emotionless, but when he's provoked he can lose his shit pretty easily. He's known for his violent outbursts and hates to be addressed about how he feels. He hates talking about his situation and his life that feels like nothing more than a complete waste. There have been times where he has considered taking his own life when the opportunity has presented itself, but there was always something nagging at him to just try one more time to free himself.



He used to think he had a pretty good life. He had a wife, a steady job, a home. Yet one by one and piece by piece everything was ripped away from him. His wife was killed in a car accident not even a year after their wedding. A drunk truck driver had t-boned her little Volvo and sent the car to crush between the vehicle and a brick building. After losing his wife, he enlisted in the Army. He had quit his job just after her death, unable to conceptualize the idea of a 9am to 5pm occupation. The Army helped him pull him out of his funk and helped him heal. However, this healing wasn't in the best form because his violent jobs and constant fighting were his ideas of coping.
The first time he found out that he could astrally project himself was the most intense experience of his life. He hadn't realized it was what had happened, and he had started his day like he normally did. He had made it through a good portion of the day, until all of a sudden he woke up in his bed again. His experience was a year or two before he became a genetic experiment. He had been enlisted in the army when he was selected to take part in an enhancement trial. He was told they were just pumping him full of special vitamins, and that seemed pretty reasonable.
He felt stronger, faster, and all-around more equipped to deal some damage to someone. However, as time progressed, he had serious side effects of blacking out and getting angry out of nowhere. Which has led him to the cell - cage he lives in now. However, as they've tested him to try and understand why he was having these outbursts, something else was developing inside of him.
He hasn't been too sure of what's been going on with his body, but whenever he has started to feel some sort of emotion, he's been physically changing. Every time he's been the slightest bit angry or excited in any way, his nails would grow into sharp points, and his facial features would change enough to depict more animalistic features. He's managed to calm himself down before he's fully transformed, but the feelings inside of him, when he changes, make him feel like he can rip apart a human without struggle.

So begins...

Abel Mason's Story


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It was the first time in some number of days that he had really seen the sun. It had been a while since he actually kept track of the days or even; what time it was. To him, it didn't really matter. What was the point if the days all dragged on the same? What was the point if every day started the same, went the same, and ended the same? There was none. At least that's what Abel figured. Letting out a small huff of air, he looked around. He had seen the sun recently, but he had not felt it. Feeling it was something he missed. The warm touch it left on his skin, the way it felt like it was warming his entire being just by shining on him.

Closing his eyes and lifting his face in the direction of the sun, Abel inhaled a deep breath of fresh air. Fresh. Air. Hell, he missed that too. Not just the way it was so crisp in his nose and lungs, but the small subtle scents that mixed in. The smell of fresh soils, trees, and any smells that carried along with the faint gentle breeze that tickled the ends of his hair. However, Abel tried not to enjoy the sensations to his senses too much, he knew that soon enough this would be the last time he'd have this experience for a while. Unless, somehow, he all of a sudden started to get lucky. Which, he doubted.

Although he resisted enjoying his time outside too much, he wasn't going to let the moment slip by without some bit of enjoyment. It had always irritated him that he didn't have the control of when he could or could not go outside. Not to mention it drove him nuts that he didn't really have a life of his own anymore at all. Except, he had started to get used to it. Like his mind has allowed him to go on autopilot from day to day. It didn't keep the feeling of time being slowed down to have a minute pass every hour though. His routine was the same. Every. Single. Day. Except for today. Today was different, something special was happening today.

It was only when they strayed from routine that he knew something new was coming. And today was his lucky day. However, for the time being he wasn't complaining too much. Especially because he got to be outside. Opening his eyes and looking around, his euphoric moment was easily replaced by his unhappiness all over again. He had almost forgotten for a moment there, that he wasn't standing in a four-foot by four-foot fenced in space connected to the side of the building. His only view was an open field that spread out to the edge of a somewhat dense forest. His lip twisted in slight disgust at the sight of the fence as he looked up to find the top. It had to at least be 12 feet high. They really didn't trust him, did they?

He couldn't blame them. He had to put up with his violent outbursts. The ones he got when he had enough pent up anger, unhappiness, and adrenaline that he was going to stop at nothing to get out. However, every time they managed to tranquilize him and he was back at square one. Where he just gave up all over again. Letting out a small sigh, he stepped closer to the fence. He gripped his hands into the fence staring out into the distance. He knew they'd call him in now. They always did as soon as he touched the fence. Except, he had to touch the fence. It was his only way of knowing that what was beyond it was actually real. That he wasn't just looking at wallpaper, or walls that had images displayed on them by some sort of projector.

"Number forty-four, it's time to come inside." The scientist called in a quiet voice. Right on time. "Abel." He thought to himself. Every time they called him 'forty-four' he made sure to repeat his name in his head. Out of fear that one day he would forget it. It was his cling to hope that he kept. His only hope that reminded him who he was. That he wasn't just some lab rat. That he had a life he needed to get back to at some point.

"Yes. Of course." He responded. Something he was trained to do. It wasn't polite training. The scientists rather enjoyed electrical currents far too much for his liking. He gave the fence links that he had gripped onto one last squeeze before turning and making his way back to the door that he hated so much. The entrance back into his living hell. The door was solid steel and absurdly thick. However, he also understood the precaution, since the door was connected to his cell. Not the smartest architectural choice for someone who just wanted to get the hell out of here, but genius for those who wanted to keep someone in.

This wasn't the first cell he was in. This was his third. He had broken out of the last two with some struggle, but he had done it. It was only a matter of time before he found a way out of this one. He didn't spend every waking moment in his cell, which was a plus. He just spent most of them. The scientist nodded at him as he locked the outside door shut. That's what Abel hated. That it was obviously fairly secure, why couldn't he just go out at his own leisure? Rolling his eyes as he sat down on his bed, grabbing a book from the counter.

"We'll be back for you in an hour for your routine tests." Abel gave a slight upward nod at the scientist's words. Whatever. He laid back, opening the book to a random page as he pretended to read. Watching the scientist leave the room, he watched through the glass wall that faced the hallway until he disappeared. It was then that Abel dropped the book and laid flat. Closing his eyes, he relaxed his entire body. He stayed that way for a few moments before he started to feel his body go into its normal sleep paralysis. He had managed to trick his brain into thinking he was asleep, just like so many times before.

He slowly envisioned himself standing just outside of the cell he was in, and soon enough a mirror image of him appeared laying on the floor. Abel focused hard on making the arms and legs move of the other being. The part he was most impatient about. Soon enough, he was standing outside of his cell. Like so many times before, Abel was as free as he could be. He wandered the laboratory, making his way down the long corridor he had only seen the end of a few times.

It was hard to project because either someone would shake his real body awake due to his ridiculously strict routine or he would find someone headed towards him. But this time, he knew he had some bit of freedom. He found a door at the end of the hall, with a small window cut out in the middle of it. He could see what looked like two people talking on the other side of it. As Abel got closer, he slipped through the door without having to open it, and found the people talking. He couldn't help but to wonder if it was about him, so he lingered for a moment.


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{Ignore... posted twice for some odd reason...}


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Brown rusted curls cascaded down the dip in her bare back as she looked down, the rays of sun that pushed themselves through the heavy curtains bouncing off thick, black eyelashes that framed doe-brown eyes that glued themselves to the floor. The hospital gown that ever so slightly draped off her shoulders revealed her back and narrow waist, deep dimples and a gruesome scar lead into black denim shorts. The smell of cigarettes circulated the room as Harley hung out the room’s window with the clipboard, taking in a deep drag before rubbing the graying stubble that attractively shadowed his chin as he looked at the papers through his wired glasses with careful assessment. Penelope shifted on the table while her head anchored back a bit as she breathed in slowly, the brown curls seemingly float in the air between her gown and back.

She had just returned from South Korea two weeks ago and already has had seven appointments made by Harley and her father without a single explanation as to why these appointments were made. Penny’s brown eyes shifted to the corners as she looked at the back of Harley, the man who has been her physician since she was merely a girl. Her eyes quickly shot away when he turned to look over at her, padding his way towards her and setting down the clip board on the table. “Alright,” He breathed while leaning against the chair opposite of the table. “You are free to go miss. Other than your usual digestive problems, I can’t find any other problems. My suggestion is for you to continue eating vegetables and fruits and you should be fine.” His eyes closed slightly as he rubbed them with a tired hand. Penny’s eyes narrowed slightly at him as she leaned back on her arms, her head tilting which caused brown curls to drip over her shoulders.

“If I’m alright then why do you guys keep calling me in for ‘checkups’?” She questioned as he handed her the plastic bag that contained her clothes. “You can’t expect to call me in seven times in two weeks and not have me suspect anything.” She took the bag and hopped off of the table, turning her back towards the man to dress herself. Her slender fingers pulled at the string at the base of her neck and the gown fell to the floor. Penny bent down to rummage through the bag to find her bra and tee shirt, putting them on quickly as Harley watched her silently, seeming examining the grisly scar on her lower back.
He released a sigh and picked up the clipboard, tapping his finger on it while examining his gold wedding band before focusing in on the white paper beneath his hand. “You know how your father is, very precautious since you where weak as a child.” Penny couldn’t hide the scuff that left her lips, wondering why Harley had said such words in an obvious monotone lie. “Not to mention you’ve been away from us for several months. He’s probably just worried about your health and wellbeing since you’ve been gone.” Penelope stood, putting her gown into the bag as she walked near him, her arm outstretched for him to grab.

“Fine,” She said, obviously a bit angry that he was clearly lying through his teeth without any attempt to hide it. “Don’t tell me. Whatever, it’s not like it’s my health we are talking about here.” Penny’s sarcastic words sounded almost as bitterly as she felt. “I’m going to the restroom. If my father comes back while I’m gone, tell him for me, please.” Penny spun on her heels and headed out the door with a frustrated expression planted on her face as she walked down the corridor, heading towards the bathroom several rooms down the hall.

“This was the same as last time?” Eugene asked, entering as soon as Penny had left the room. He shuffled through the door, closing it behind him just in case Penelope had decided to linger by the door for several seconds to try and pick up whatever conversation they had started. Harley merely nodded at him as he sat down in the chair. Harley was the only other living being on this earth that had known about Penelope Park’s condition and because of this he had been assigned to be her physician by Eugene.
Harley placed his index finger against the stubble on his face, groping it as his eyes stared down at the clipboard emptily. “Unfortunately,” He sighed. “It seems that her vital organs officially stopped its aging process within these two weeks of her return. While they still function, I believe it will only be time before they completely rot within her. I’d give her a few years or so.” His words caused Eugene to crack his voice a bit when clearing his throat, desperately needing a seat to sit in. “Unless it somehow takes a different path, then she may stop aging all together.” Harley glanced up at Eugene who had his hand glued to his head. “The likelihood of that though, is quite slim.”

Eugene took in a deep breath, trying to take in the thought of losing his daughter a second time. “You don’t have to tell me. I know very well of the chances.” His voice was quiet and he only looked up to meet the worrying eyes of Harley who offered him a cigarette. Rarely did he ever smoke, Eugene reached over to grab one and light it up, coughing when he inhaled.
“It won’t be long before she suddenly forgets who she is.” Harley said, lighting up one for himself with the sudden rage flaring within him. “This was one of the reasons as to why I wished not to get involved with her. You know very well that I lost my own daughter at her age.” This caused Eugene to choke on the smoke as Harley breathed in, releasing a sigh of smoke. “It doesn’t matter. I don’t care anymore. Let’s just find a solution as to why everything within her body completely halted the aging processes.”

Placing the cigarette in an ashtray, Eugene looked over at Harley with tired and remorseful eyes. “I am truly sorry for burdening you like this.” He spoke, bowing his head to the man who had done so much for Eugene and his family.
Harley merely watched him with cold eyes before placing a hand on his shoulder. “If you are as sorry as you say, then you will die before ‘daughter’. You will find the answer and save her, even if it kills you, old friend.” He sat back up, watching Eugene pause before sitting back as well, his elbows propped on his knees. “Anyways, I took the blood and tissue sample. You should probably start getting to work.” Eugene merely nodded to this and stood with a grunt, grabbing the clipboard to flip through the paper work.
“That I will, as soon as I see her.”

Penny sighed slightly as she exited from the bathroom, her brown hair now wrapped up in a ponytail while she walked slowly back down the corridor. It was no secret that she was a bit pissed that they had kept the visit reasons a secret from her but she couldn’t stay mad at them forever. While she detested the way he sounded while saying it, Penelope knew Harley was correct. Her father had been worried about her as of late, so much so that he had made her Skype him four different times a day while she was in Korea. The thought of him frantically trying to keep a connection up for that long made Penny giggle slightly as her fingers tapped on her lips slightly as she looked down the corridor with a less angry look about her now.

And then she saw him. Penelope stopped slightly as she watched the man stop outside her door. This corridor was often off limits to those not permitted as it was a physician wing only meant for Penny and perhaps Harley’s family. Everyone who has been in this wing has met Penelope more than once and she was able to memorize each of their faces. Not to mention those who did gain permission often wore a large lanyard around their neck excluding Penny, Harley and her father- to of which, this man was not wearing.
Brown eyes watched him carefully as he lingered past, slowly sliding through the door. Her mouth opened slightly at what she just witness and her eyes widened slowly. Penny’s feet began to move quickly, trying to follow the man towards the door and finding that the door had been closed. Penny stopped abruptly once more and slapped her face hard, trying to comprehend what had just happened and what she just witnessed before entering the room.

He stood there quietly like a ghost while the other two men turned towards the door, not quite seeing him completely. Penelope stared at the man carefully, brown eyes staring straight into his hazel ones. “Ah, Penny,” Her father breathed, tearing her attention away from the ghost man and to her father’s tired and aged face. “How did today’s checkup go?” He said with a relieved smile, walking near her. Penelope looked at him with a confused face, her eyes darting towards the man who stood beside the door. “What’s the matter? You look troubled.”
Quickly shaking her head, Penny gave a smile to him and released a sigh. “Thought I had diarrhea but it ended up being gas.” She shuffled her hand in front of her face with a smile, causing Harley and Eugene to hesitate slightly before closing their distance between them. “Anyways, the checkup went fine although I have to say that the amount of checkups seem a bit unnecessary.” Every so often, Penny’s eyes could shoot towards the man who continued to linger by the door, wondering if she was really going crazy or if he was real. For now, she decided it would be best to ignore him completely. Perhaps it was due to the amount of blood they took.


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Upon entering the room that he had found occupied by two men, he caught what seemed to be the tail end of a conversation. It wasn't until he was comfortably situated out of the way in the room that he recognized one of the two men. “It doesn’t matter. I don’t care anymore. Let’s just find a solution as to why everything within her body completely halted the aging processes.” The man he had recognized was the one to speak. However, Abel wasn't focused on what the man was saying but rather trying to figure out why he had recognized him. There was a slight nagging feeling in the back of his mind, like the man's identity was on the tip of his tongue.

Running a hand through the longer tufts of hair at the top of his head, he couldn't quite place the familiarity. He tried to focus on who the man was for a few more moments until the familiar male spoke once more. The other person seemed to be a doctor of some sort judging by the clipboard, and Abel couldn't help but to wonder what kind of doctor he was or what he was doing here. Both men were smoking, which was something he wasn't very fond of; he watched the smoke drift from the cigarette delicately. Even in his projected state, the trails of smoke found their way into his nose and invaded his senses. His face scrunched in response to the smell he despised so much and he waved a hand in front of his face in an attempt to alleviate the annoyance. “I am truly sorry for burdening you like this.”

His voice seemed to ring in his head like the obnoxious buzzing of an industrial fire alarm, a familiar sound, except one that he could place. This man's voice along with his appearance were on the edge of Abel's mind and it was starting to irritate him that he couldn't seem to figure it out. He wasn't the type of person to miss picking up on cues like these. He wasn't sure why this was so hard to figure out. Abel had been in a cell for a long time and had only seen a select few faces during that time spent. He figured that he would remember the man fairly well if he was here and Abel had seen him around before.

However, part of him wondered if the man was actually someone from his previous life, when he was free. It made sense, yet it didn't at the same time. The voice and face of the man was definitely too recent and familiar to be someone from his past. Everyone from his past had become a distant memory a long time ago. Their faces and voices were barely clear to him anymore. Which would explain why he was struggling to find an answer.

The other man finally spoke, pulling Abel from his thoughts once more to tune into the conversation. He still wasn't too sure what they were talking about, but he wanted to make sure he heard their voices as clear as possible in order to remember them for later on. Especially so he wouldn't run into this issue once more because it was no longer just an irritation. “If you are as sorry as you say, then you will die before ‘daughter’. You will find the answer and save her, even if it kills you, old friend.” The man readjusted himself before continuing. “Anyways, I took the blood and tissue sample. You should probably start getting to work.”

Work. Ah, yes. It finally struck him and Abel had to force himself still in order to not lose his shit. If his emotions got anywhere out of hand, he'd be launched back into his body and would wake up still stuck in a sleep paralysis. He needed to stay calm if he wanted to continue to project. Especially now that the man who had been studying him all this time was talking about someone with another doctor of some sort. He was more than just intrigued, he was desperate to know more. The words that the doctor had spoken weren't words he could just brush off and let go. Blood samples, tissue samples, find the answer and save her? He was relieved that they were at least talking about someone that wasn't him.

Abel's desire to get more details on the conversation fell short when the scientist started to speak again. “That I will, as soon as I see her.” The end of the conversation definitely left him with more than just a million questions, but he couldn't do much about it. It was just a moment later that the door to the room opened and a woman with long brown hair entered. He was just about to leave when she came in, and he couldn't help but to wonder if this was the woman that they had just been talking about. Almost instantly, the woman's eyes landed on his, and Abel's entire body froze as his eyes shot open wider in surprise. There was no way that she saw him, she must have been staring at something behind him, right? Turning around enough to see if there was in fact anything behind him that could possibly be interesting, he found nothing. Raising his eyebrow, he couldn't help but to feel that this woman was indeed actually looking at him.

Turning his head back around to the woman, he watched her carefully to see if he could pick up on anything that might give him a more definite answer as to what she was looking at. He could feel his power over his projection start to falter as his nerves seemed to set on fire. The thrill of the thought that this woman could actually see him was causing him to feel like his limbs had fallen asleep and were just waking up, shooting small tingling sensations throughout his entire being. He blinked a few times, inhaling a deep breath to try to regain composure. He wasn't ready to return to his body. As the man who had called her by what he assumed was her name Abel watched as her brown eyes left his for a moment to look at the man before darting back to his.

She seemed to be confused by his presence - if that was even what she was seeing, yet she kept looking back at him as if to make sure she was seeing him. It was on impulse that Abel decided to do something that tested the situation just a little bit more. He needed to know if the woman was truly looking at him or not. He wasn't going to settle until he knew for sure. Moving from his position behind the door, he stepped around the two men who had approached on the woman... Penny... before moving alongside her. His plan was to slip out of the door and find his way back to his body; especially if the man who called her Penny was getting to work soon. As he stood next to her, he moved his hand up just enough to brush the back of his knuckles on the side of her cheek ever so lightly. It was a soft and quick graze, but long enough to linger.

The feel of her warm skin under his hand made him jump back and his heart feel like it was going to leap from his chest. "Holy shit." He said softly out of surprise as he shook his hand as if to shake the feeling of her off of it. He'd never felt the warmth of a being or the being in general before. Normally he just felt a mass around a person that wasn't penetrable. Like they were walking in large bubbles with thick outer layers he couldn't possibly break through. Except for her, he could actually touch her. It was strange for him to feel such a thing, and part of him couldn't help but to feel a little weirded out by it. By her. His eyes met hers once more, still wide and full of shock and curiosity.

His heart started to pound harder and his breath hitched as he stared at the woman. There was no controlling the amount of emotions that had started to flood him. He was curious, afraid, excited, nervous, and everything in between. The perfect concoction to ruin his projection. His figure started to fade slowly as his energy made it's way back to his body on the other end. It was only a matter of moments before Abel's eyes shot open from the inside of his cell and he was frozen in place. Unable to move his body that was still stuck in sleep paralysis, he couldn't help put to replay what had just happened in his mind. The awake paralysis had only happened to him once before, when he was first learning how to project. Except the first time, he didn't expect it at all and had freaked out at the inability to move, resulting in a younger Abel screaming and trying to move his limbs. It took him roughly ten minutes to move his body that time, which felt more like an eternity. Except when he finally had been able to move, he knew he would avoid reliving the experience at all costs. Yet here he was stuck once again. However, this time around he was more prepared and decided to take a different approach. Abel tried to fall asleep.