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False Reality


a part of Mindless, by zerodagger.


zerodagger holds sovereignty over False Reality, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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False Reality is a part of Mindless.

7 Characters Here

Zachary Ackers [12] "My hand was on fire, you say? Interesting.... Should I admit you to an asylum?"
Mindy Yang [11] "There are always people better than you. I used to be one of them."
Glykeria Orwell [11] "A simple mind does not mean a simple life. . . it's so interesting. . ."
Daisy Bowen [6] "What is in my past is done. And to be honest, i don't care if i never remember..."
Jay Daft [6] It started out as a whisper... then it grew into a shout.
Yuuma Mizushima [2] "Don't ever, ever, tell me that I don't understand how you are feeling. Believe me, I do."

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Characters Present

Character Portrait: Daisy Bowen Character Portrait: Mindy Yang Character Portrait: Yuuma Mizushima Character Portrait: Jay Daft Character Portrait: Glykeria Orwell Character Portrait: Zachary Ackers Character Portrait: Damien Leinguard


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"Professor? Professor? Where are you professor?"

"Hush, we don't want them hearing you."

"What is this? Are you in my head?"

"Yes, it's the only secure way of communication at this point."

"But they monitor brainwaves as well, how is this in anyway secure?"

"True, that is my I must constantly change the frequency every twenty-four hours but that is besides the point. Have you finished the construction?"

"Yes, but the chip still has to wait I have yet to find an opening."

"Very well, we can wait but the time draws near. Lead the way."

"Yes, right this way."


"Ah, this is perfect, we need to enhance a few things here and there but aside from that we are in the green. Is it safe for use?"

"Yes, go right ahead."

"Ah, good. I can finally establish a secure connection."

"I'll stay watch, don't exert yourself professor."

"No need to worry about already dead Emily, now leave me to my work."

"Yes sir."

Transmitting Message

"The city is no longer safe, you must escape but in order to escape you must reach the center of the city. Do not trust anyone, aside from the ones you meet at the center. Do not fail me children of the future."

Message Sent

Phoenix Arizona
September 13, 3010
11:42 am

Near the southern edge of the city lies a famous bakery known as Angel Buns. The block was filled with civilians walking and cars passing by even within the hot weather countless people walked along the sidewalks, a majority of them heading to the bakery for one of the bakery's famous meals. The bakery chose to settle at this location because on the edge of the city there were less skyscrapers and commotion. Compared to the inner city this was paradise, this was the closest to the country you could get from this city. Even though the scene of the sun's rays shimmering off the metallic streets the main focus is the silver car hovering across from the bakery. Hidden by the tinted windows sat a young lady accompanied by two other gentlemen. The two gentlemen dressed in high-class tuxes were seated at the front with the cold air conditioning flowing around the car in an endless cycle, the lady on the other hand sat in the back with her legs crossed as she read over one of many files that filled the empty seat beside her. If not for her pale skin and purple hair that she put into a ponytail she would perfectly camouflage in the darkness of the car's interior.

The immense silence within the car made the slightest movements loud, so when the phone sitting on top of the files in the backseat vibrated the noise was deafening. The young lady answered the phone, brought it to her ear, and brushed her hair aside in one fluid motion.

"What is the situation?" Russian voice was now the only sound within the car, aside for the voice on the other end.

"Status report. Jay Daft sighted, Zachary Ackers sighted, Yuuma Mizushima sighted, Daisy Bowen sighted, Mindy Yang sighted, Glykeria Orwell sighted."

"What of Damien Leinguard?"

The voice on the other took a few seconds to respond, "Target has been lost but we are on his trail."

"Very well, wait until the last mark has been found before executing the operation. I am on my way." At those words the car started up and began its soundless acceleration down the road.

"Yes ma'am."

Damien Leinguard a off-the-rail detective of only twenty-three was rummaging through his superior's office. Damien had a hunch, one that was created by the voice in his head but a hunch nonetheless, that there was more to the world he lived in. He had been suspicious of every individual he ran into ever since he was treated differently after the Joe Jacker investigation. The same investigation he was placed in lead for and was immediately thrown out of once he found what appeared to be delicate information on a society that Jacker had been investigating. All he got from it was Digital Circle-


Damien grabbed the edge of the desk within the office and slammed his head against it attempting to flood out the voices. The voices weren't always this bad but the more he did what he thought was right and went against the voices the louder they got and the more painful it was to think clearly. Who know your own mind could inflict so much pain.

"Why now? Why was I thrown off the case?" He mumbled against the oak wood that pressed against his lips.

Straightening up he walked around the desk and sat within the leather computer chair that was backed up to the window that took up the entire north wall. Sighing at the computer he attempted to get into half an hour ago his thoughts began to wonder. Even though it wasn't immediate but he could feel the distrust among the people he worked with, ever since the finding of the information on the circle his superiors immediately took it away from him so he began to do his own research and at that moment he began feeling the danger. The deeper he got the further everyone pushed him away to the point that he was kicked off the case and nearly lost his job. Now he has hit a roadblock leaving him in a desperate situation, the exact situation he is in right now. Sitting within his boss's office attempting to get any information on Jacker or the circle while the whole building is emptied due to an anonymous bomb threat. A threat he made but no one needs to know that.

"Hurry or you die."

The thoughts came to a stop at the words of the same voice that saved his rear end countless times. As if to answer his question two shady individuals in well trimmed suites, they were absolute brutes that didn't fit the suites but they wore them regardless, entering the floor from the stairway. Dropping off the chair and getting on his knees Damien used the desk as cover as he observed the two brutes. Just as he predicated they headed to his office but before even opening the door they drew their guns one aiming and the other slowly opening the door.

"They're here to kill me," Damien whispered to himself as he watched them enter his office.

"Hurry or die."

Without hesitation Damien began looking around thinking of a escape plan but his attention was brought back to the reason he was here, he could not leave the office empty handed, "Fuck this is a stupid idea."

With that he began unscrewing the computer case, once off he laid the case on the side and began working off the hard drive within the computer. Ignoring the noise the brutes were making as they rummaged through his office Damien worked diligently as he dismantled two of four hard drives but before he could even start on the third he heard their footsteps closing in. Peeking over the desk he witnessed the brutes go through one office to the next.

"Two will have to do."

Agreeing with the voice in his head he took the two hard drives and crawled behind the door before standing up and reaching for his weapon only to realize he was not armed. Clenching his fists in frustration he took a deep breath and held his breath as he listened. He waited exactly when they opened another set of doors before making a mad dash down the hall. The brutes were immediately alerted and stormed out of the offices they were searching to the middle of the hallway, but Damien already made it past their location and was halfway to the stairwell.

"It's him, stop!" One yelled after him and he could have sworn one of them said his name but that soon exited his mind when he heard the discharges of their weapons.

He could see yellow lasers zipping inches from him, their colors were the color of paralysis round a single hit will paralyze the area it makes contact with. It was hard to believe they wanted him alive but the fact that a shot to the spine would mean his done for made him take on evasive maneuvers. Either he was not dodging well enough or the brutes were too good of a shot caused him to take a round to the right arm resulting in the hard drive he was holding in the right hand to be dropped. Even though it was painless he could not help but to grind his teeth at the thought of him losing precious information, aside form the now useless arm he managed to make it through the stairwell doors and began his downward spiral.

"The city is no longer safe, you must escape but in order to escape you must reach the center of the city. Do not trust anyone, aside from the ones you meet at the center. Do not fail me children of the future."

Just as the familiar voice enter his mind the other voices flooded in, even though his head was filled with countless voices now he could still manage one thought.

"I'm not the only one?"


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Zachary Ackers


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Phoenix Arizona
September 13, 3010
12: 15 PM

Near the northern part of the city, a strapping young man with a blank look on his face walked down the sidewalk, his hand occasionally traveling to his head to wipe the sweat off of his head. This man, this white-haired man had walked this route every day as part of his routine. Of course... he tended to do this earlier in the morning rather than at lunch, but today he had woken up late. His dedication to being the best at what he does would not faulter due to a blazing hot day, not at all. Of course, his walk had become interesting, seeing as he had this feeling that someone was raping his back with their eyes and stalking him. First, he thought he was being paranoid, but after confirming that two, well dressed inviduals had been taking the same exact walk as he, he deduced that a coincidence was not a possibilty and that they wanted his autograph.....he wished.

Though the blistering heat's reach was unavoidable, he found this part of the city to be.... empty, at least in terms of pedestrians. Only the occasional person had passed him by on the sidewalk, which is why he could tell that these men were tailing him so easily. The question in his head was: Why? There wasn't really any reason he could exactly comprehend other than they were probably people who had bet on the wrong fighter and wanted to take him out or beat him to his senses. If that was their plan, they weren't really smart.... so he figured that no, he was not being stalked for such a reason. He continued walking, pretending like he hadn't picked up on the fact that he was being followed as he searched in his head for a reason, being interrupted by an intruding voice in his head.

"The city is no longer safe, you must escape but in order to escape you must reach the center of the city. Do not trust anyone, aside from the ones you meet at the center. Do not fail me children of the future."

"Eh?" Where did that come from, he wondered, increasing his pace with the two stalkers mimicking him. He lost himself in thought as he switched routes to head towards the center, as instructed, but he wasn't even sure why he was following the instructions.

"The center? Why the hell am should I go there? This is lame....Guess I'll lose those two mooks beforehand. Seems only obvious,"

Continuing around a corner that held a familiar computer cafe, Zach smirked again, knowing this was perfect. Since he was out of sight of the two stalkers, he decided he would leave them here, pressing his hand against the greeter-bot standing in front of the cafe, giving it his own likeness and turning himself into one of his own sparring buddies. As he continued walking, he gave a quick glance back, the two men staring at the fake-Zach with confused expressions on their faces while the bot simply paced around as if waiting for something. They took cover behind the wall, fearing for Zach's vision hitting them, oblivious to both the fact he already knew about them and that they were staring at a robot.

"Well, there goes one problem, now onto the next......"

After a bit of walking (and some sweating later), he reached what he determined to be the center of the city, the powerstation. Why meet here? Who was he going to meet? On top of that, why would he just trust a random voice and the people it asked him to when it had already said that the city wasn't a safe place to be. This was too confusing, and so Zach took himself a nice, big sit on a rather comfy bench just near the powerstation, wondering about the previously mentioned 'ones' he was supposed to meet. He didn't see them! Then again, he was the only one here........


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Jay Daft


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Phoenix Arizona
September 13, 3030

Jay woke up for the third day in a row late and it was the third day in a row he'd missed work. His head was reeling and he felt hung over. "Why is this happening to me?" he moaned to himself. "Make it stop" he cringed to himself holding his hands to his head tight, trying to block out the voices.

For years Jay had been hearing voices, everyone around him knew it, but no one seemed too fazed by it as he was supposed to be heavily medicated. But for a few months now the voices had been getting stronger and the medication seemingly weaker... So Jay made the decision to stop taking it altogether a week or so ago. But now he was regretting it... Two voices constantly ran circles in his head like an angle and demon fighting a war.

"Just stop!" he shouted feebly, gritting his teeth. Jay rolled over, begging for his insanity to quell so he could stop living in his apartment constantly paranoid. The voices stopped for a moment and Jay gathered his strength and got of bed, showered and dressed. He was brushing his teeth when they started again and he dropped his head with tears welling in hie eyes, "Fuck fuck fuck" he hissed banging his hands down on the bench top.

Jay clenched his teeth again and pressed his pointer and middle fingers to his temples in attempt to once again feebly block the damn sounds from his mind. Jay pushed the thoughts from his head with as much will as he could... For a moment everything went quiet as Jay thought hard about the only thing that seemed to allow him to cling to sanity - his sister - and he began to see her in his mind, as his eyes remained shut and his vision of Alexandra grew more vivide he spoke out loud to her asking for help, "What do I do Alex? Just say anything... some sign?" he whimpered quietly, then suddenly, cutting the momentary silence Jay had managed came a soft feminine voice


His eyes flashed open and in the reflection Jay saw his his sister... exactly as he remembered her - sixteen years old, long dark wavy hair and blue eyes with a comforting smile - Jay's eyes widened and he turned around with fear and Alexandra was gone. He collapsed to the ground on his knees with his his face in his palms sobbing, "What is wrong with me? What do I fucking do?"

Then, out of nowhere, breaking the silence again came the voices, this time though Jay listened to one of them; "The city is no longer safe, you must escape but in order to escape you must reach the center of the city. Do not trust anyone, aside from the ones you meet at the center. Do not fail me children of the future."

Jay's head rose slowly, this voice was familiar... It was different from the others... It sounded comforting. It was so familiar... it was the good voice as he called it whenever he had to explain it. But It had never given him specific directions before... never told him specific locations, never told him to not trust anyone like the others had.

Jay picked himself up from the floor and concentrated to shut the voice out of his head... He was crazy, it was the only logical solution... No one ever believed him, or anything he said about what he'd heard, or what he could see when no one was around. It only made sense that he was having another episode. Jay went to his lounge room, revelling in the momentary quietness he'd regained again. As Jay finished putting his shoes on, a knock on his apartment's front door startled him, "Mr. Daft, are you home?" A husky voice asked sternly through the door. Jay stood up quietly, his paranoia kicking in again, he shuffled quietly to the door and looked through the viewing hole carefully.

Two bulky men stood outside, dressed in black. Jay's eyes widened and the men knocked hard on the door again calling out his name. Jay stepped back startled and hit a nearby lamp table making a vase fall over. "He's inside!" one of them grunted and Jay quickly ducked and hid behind a corner in his kitchen which stood near the front door.

The men burst through the door, the first in grunted "In the bedroom... I'll search the bathroom" They split up and moved into their respective looking spots, Jay reacted quickly, bolting from his kitchen, grabbing the front door and slamming it behind in just in time to hear one of the men yell "He's out... we have to get him".

Jay ran faster when he realised they were on to him and made it to the elevator just in time to watch fearfully as the men nearly made it to the elevator just in time to catch him. Thankfully Jay had been faster and always was able to work the elevators with his mind faster than most people. The lift hit the ground floor within a few seconds and as soon as it opened Jay made a run from the foyer and out onto the street. He was three blocks away and in the middle of the city before he even knew or realised where he'd run.

Stopping outside the power station in the city center Jay heaved heavily gasping for air hiding behind a pylon at the power station, waiting for the next round of voices to start up, wondering why he'd listened to the voices in the first place and run here.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Daisy Bowen


0.00 INK

Phoenix Arizona
September 13, 3010

Daisy was in trouble. Again.

Mr Morrison was pissed off. She had been late to work again, arrived half-dressed and distracted his chefs. He was yelling at the top of his lungs, inches from her face, specks of saliva flying. Daisy's face was stony, her chest heaving from a mixture of breathlessness and anger. If even a single fleck of his spit hits me, I am out of here. She thought to herself as she nodded absently, rolling her eyes under her lashes as she tied her apron around her waist. He ranted on and Daisy decided that enough was enough. She waved him off, walking towards the kitchens, looking for an order-pad-


Daisy spun around, startled. She looked around wildly, but there was no-one around. She didn't want to believe, she didn't want to acknowledge that which had been going on in her head for, well, years. It had been worse of late, much worse. To the point of where Daisy was screaming into the air for whoever, whatever, to shut up and leave her alone. She didn't know what they wanted, why they spoke to her but in truth, she did not care. She just wanted them gone. She already had enough going on inside her head without voices. She had considered she had gone crazy, insane with guilt or rage but these weren't voice telling her to burn things or hurt people, rather telling her to stop doing or thinking things. And that is what really infuriated Daisy. She didn't need anyone telling her what not to do. She pushed the voices to the back of her mind, seizing hold of a tattered notebook, slipping it into her apron pocket and shoved herself out onto the diner floor. She sighed, her body slumping a little, the usuals were in. And Daisy really couldn't be bothered with their crap, but last time she refused to serve them, last time she reported their sexual remarks and pinchings, she got the warning. Instead, she went steely, grabbed the coffee pot and moved quickly to their table, blocking their whistles and sneering remarks out as she refilled their chipped mugs, piled their dirty plates onto her arm-

"Hey sugar, gimme a little-" A slap on her behind followed the drawl of Roger Tucker.
A sleazy laugh from his mates, Pete Murphy and Lesley Beaugal.
The plates hit the floor and Daisy spun around, her eyes wild as she opened her mouth, obsentities ready to split all over them along with the coffee-

Daisy cried out, throwing her free hand to her forehead, pressing hard to her temple. "FUCK OFF!" She yelled, "JUST...JUST-"

"MISS BOWEN!" Daisy barely heard her boss over her own screaming thoughts, the voices in her head. She whirled around, blinking back hot tears of anger, confusion. He scowled, his gaunt face folding onto itself. "Get. In. Here. Now." He spat, rage splashed across his shiny face. She shuffled passed him, dropped the coffee pot onto the station, sizzles and pops as the coffee splashed onto the hotplate. Her boss had stopped in the middle of the corridor, but Daisy just pushed past, trying to get to the bathrooms. "Daisy... DAISY!" He shouted after her, following her right up the swinging toilet doors. "DAISY! I AM RINGING THE 'THORITIES! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Y-YOU ARE OUTTA CONTROL!" He screamed. Daisy just let him yell as she splashed her face with water, then wiping the dribbles of mascara with her thumb. These voices were killing her, tearing her mind in two. She could barely understand her own thoughts, barely live her own life, let alone another source trying. She swallowed hard, taking a few deep breaths.

A few minutes ticked on and then Daisy could hear her boss talking to someone. They weren't talking back much and Daisy assumed the officers were here. She cracked open the bathroom door and her eyes widened, taking in the bulk of the two men standing before her boss, their fitted suits melded to their bodies. It looked almost uncomfortable. Daisy stared and then realised her skin had erupted with goosebumps. Something wasn't right. She shifted slightly, her feet twisted and as the door creaked, one of the suits head's spun in her direction. She gasped and stepped back, her chest heaving. Wh-what is going on...?

Suddenly, a voice. A soothing tone, a gentle voice. One Daisy had not heard before... "The city is no longer safe, you must escape but in order to escape you must reach the center of the city. Do not trust anyone, aside from the ones you meet at the center. Do not fail me children of the future."

Daisy's heart was racing from the moment the voice spoke, calm and firm in her mind. She felt herself nodding, almost unconsciously as it talked, as if she knew what it meant. She looked around, unable to exit the way she came, the only exit from the toilets unless... A small window beside the basin was about big enough for her to squeeze through. She had to be quick, she knew somehow, those men in the suits were there for her and not because her boss had called. Something felt off. Daisy hurried to the window, fiddled with the lock, the stuck slider for a minute before grinding it along enough for her to squeeze out and land on the path below. She swallowed hard, straightening up and starting quickly towards the center of the city. As she walked, she echoed the sweet voice inside her head and tore her apron off, balling it up and tossing it to the side.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Glykeria Orwell


0.00 INK

Phoenix Arizona
September 13, 3010

What a terrible night. Glykeria had those dreams again. . . dreams of past events that she had lived through. This time her dream had been the death of her little brother, but instead of being at home waiting for a call she was there, in the hospital room looking at her mother give birth to a dead child's corps. Her mother didn't even know yet that her son was dead and she wouldn't stop repeating, "Jazz, his name is Jazz."

She woke up drenched in sweat after that dream. Because of her frightening nightmares every nights, Gly had taken the habit of wearing only underwear and a shirt to bed or else she would literally be soaked in sweat. She took a shower and then as she took her very minimal breakfast she looked at the time. She had beaten her record, 3:40 a.m. It was the earliest time she had ever woken up to.
"Maybe I should go see a psychologist," Glykeria laughed as she drank her homemade fruit smoothie and simple low-fat cookies.

Because of her work as a model, she had to be extra careful about what she ate. . . she was only careful in the morning, after that she would eat so many sugary and bad-for-your-health foods. Another thing about her job, people didn't really care about how she was feeling, as long as she was pretty and fit they were happy, but her colleagues were starting to realize how tired she looked and she briefly spoke to them about her nightmares so they told her to see a specialist. She wasn't planning on doing anything of the sort but she did that basic nod of the head to reassure the people she worked with.

Her day had been pretty simple, she did some morning shots in which the theme was mystery int he dark. Gly had been dressed in white while the background was total black. They would sometimes had some black smoke or a few dark and gloomy decorations. Gly would adapt herself to anything. . . the only reason she actually like modeling was because of the outfits, the money and the fact that she had quite a bit of free time.

After her photo shoots, she was free to do whatever she wanted so she went for a coffee and a nice greasy glazed sugar donut. She walked around to visit the whole eastern part of the city. Since she was pretty new to the city there were many things she hadn't seen yet so she took her time and stopped at everything that looked interesting. Her eyes were suddenly captured by a blue shimmer in an alleyway. When Gly went to see what it was a voice echoed in her mind like the other ones except this one was strangely kind and didn't make her head ache.

"The city is no longer safe, you must escape but in order to escape you must reach the center of the city. Do not trust anyone, aside from the ones you meet at the center. Do not fail me children of the future."

She was absolutely confused after the voice spoke and she didn't know what to do. Believe it and go to the center or just ignore it. Although she had to admit that something told her she had to listen to the voice.
"You there," a very sharp female voice called.

When Glykeria turned around there was a very tall and strong woman standing at the entrance of the alley with two big guys. Their presence wasn't announcing anything good. Gly swallowed the rest of her donut and then said with her mouth full, "Yes?"

"Come with us."

"Did your mother never teacher you how to say please."

Apparently that was something Gly could have left out because one of the men shot something that just missed Gly's arm. It startled her to the point that she fell on her butt. Obviously their mothers hadn't taught them even the basics of respect.
"I won't say it again," the woman had a more cruel tone in her voice, "Come with us."

"I'm going to go on a whim here and guess that I should listen to the voice in my head," Glykeria thought to herself as the woman and the men walked in.
Glykeria wasn't a very good fighter but she was a quick thinker. She noticed the safety ladder of an apartment. Before the woman and the men could get too close Gly got onto her feet and climbed the ladder faster than she had ever climbed anything in her life. When she got to the window it was closed and she started to panic because the big and bulky men were on their way to get her.

She had no other choice but to break the window by kicking it. She had to hit it several times before succeeding and once it was opened enough for her to get through with his lean body she went in but cut her left forearm on the glass. She ran through the apartment startling a few old people but she was quickly out and in the street thinking, "Shit! Why did this have to happen now? I just got a good career!"


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Yuuma Mizushima


0.00 INK

#, as written by Leon21
Pheonix, Arizona
13. September, 3010
12:56 PM

Work, work, work. And more work. That appeared to be all that mattered in his life now, or so Yuuma thought. It certainly seemed that way now, with the piles of paperwork stacked on his desk. When he had graduated college, Yuuma had been expecting less work, not more. Clearly, nobody had been listening to his expectations.

The thin male leaned back in his chair, groaning. He had been at work since around 5:00 AM that morning, and hadn't had a single break except for to quickly grab a mug of hot chocolate. Yuuma never drank coffee, not wanting to risk the headaches that came with withdrawal if he didn't drink enough coffee. He certainly had enough headaches as, so he really didn't need anymore. Not to mention, he personally thought it would look rather odd for a psychologist - someone who helped cure other people of their addictions - to have an addiction to caffeine. And, while there was only a chance of him becoming addicted to caffeine, Yuuma knew it certainly would happen. He was practically addicted to hot chocolate already, and hot chocolate wasn't even normally known as a drink to contain addictive substances.

Why did he have so much paperwork? Sure, he had quite a few patients, probably numbering somewhere in the near thousands - for all of this talk about the place being a utopia, quite a few people appeared to have mental disorders or general problems with their life - but, still. This much paperwork shouldn't be considered legal.


"Not again..." Yuuma groaned under his breath, clutching his head. These 'voices' - these commands - in his head had been becoming more and more frequent over the recent time period. It seemed he couldn't even breathe without doing something wrong. 'No, inhale first.' 'Exhale now.'


So, it seemed even his very thoughts weren't safe. Yuuma ran his hands through his hair, tugging on the long strands, as if that would relieve him of the voices in his head. Was this how schizophrenics felt? He had always wondered what it felt like to hear voices in your head. Now, he wasn't so sure if he wanted to know anymore.

Blindly, he groped around his desk, eyes squinted shut as a way to slightly relieve himself of the symptoms of the pounding headache he currently had. He had already had a headache earlier from reading too small handwriting - Yuuma always had the problem of squishing his writing down to a miniscule size whenever he was holding a counseling appointment with one of his patients - and the 'voices' in his head hadn't made things much better.

Due to the often occurrence of both of these causes of his headaches, Yuuma often kept a bottle of painkillers on his desk. He usually ended up having to take the painkillers once, sometimes twice a day just to make the headaches fade away enough for him to manage to cope through daily life. At one point, he had the suspicion that some of the headaches were probably caused from him being addicted to the painkillers and he was just suffering withdrawal, but he never cared to put that theory to test, and continued using the painkillers. It was much nicer to be able to function in daily life and be addicted to something that not be addicted to something and not be able to function in daily life.

Suddenly, his hand came into contact with the flesh of someone else. He quickly glanced up, reacting just in time before a surge of... nothingness... overtook him. He couldn't feel anything, nothing at all. It was like someone had stripped him of all emotions, had taken his very ability to feel away. He didn't feel anything, not fear, not anger, not surprise. He couldn't feel pain either, so his headache at this point was rendered irrelevant.

A surge of curiosity broke through the nothingness, tints of fear coating it. Yuuma quickly drew his hand back, and, immediately, the pain of his headache resumed. But so did his other emotions. And now he realized that he was very, very terrified. Something about this man - and the one standing behind him, Yuuma now realized - completely terrified him. They just didn't look... right... Sure, they were human, but something about them seemed up.

He quickly summoned up a pleasant smile, hiding the emotions underneath. One thing Yuuma had learned very quickly upon becoming a psychologist was how to act, and by act, he meant act well. "Hello, how may I help you two gentlemen?" he said pleasantly, nearly cringing at having to call them 'gentlemen'. They were anything but, especially considering they didn't even knock when they had walked into his office earlier. Or had they knocked, and had he just not heard them through the pain of his headache?

"Please come with us, Mr. Mizushima." The one in the front was speaking, his voice a low baritone. It was the sort of voice you expected to hear in horror movies, or perhaps that of an evil villain, not of a buff man standing in a tux. It only added to the terrifying factor.

"Excuse me? I apologize, but I have to stay here at my office. I have a patient in half an hour." Yuuma actually didn't have any patients for the rest of the day, but he certainly wasn't going to go anywhere with these two men. For all he knew, they could be serial killers.

"Government business, Mr. Mizushima. You will come with us, willingly or not."

This was beginning to get terrifying. Who were these people?!

Suddenly, a voice broke into Yuuma's head. It wasn't the usual one, in fact, it was a fairly quiet woman's voice. It was soothing.

"The city is no longer safe, you must escape but in order to escape you must reach the center of the city. Do not trust anyone, aside from the ones you meet at the center. Do not fail me children of the future."

What was this?! Were they messing with his mind?! Yuuma had no clue what to do. Who should he go along with; the two men who said they were government agents, or the voice of the woman, who he had no clue who she was.

He decided to go with the woman's voice. It was much more soothing. Yuuma realised he would probably regret this later, but, for now, his decision would be that.

"Oh, okay. May I have one minute to gather my things together, please? I do not wish to leave my office in such a messy, state, and there are a few files I must put away." Yuuma slowly stood up, trying to convey all of his motions before he did them. The last thing he needed was to get shot by the agents because of some misunderstanding of intention. Slowly, he headed to the back room, only to stop as the agents made a move to follow him. "I apologize, you aren't allowed into the back room. All of the patient files are there, and, due to confidentiality, I am not permitted to take the risk of you seeing them."

He pulled open the door to the back room, quickly stepping inside and closing it after him. Yuuma flopped against the door, letting out a nervous sigh. Now what was he going to do? The back room had no other exits, and, unless he wanted to cause death by paper cuts from patient files, he didn't have any weapons either. Not that he - a tiny, 5'7" man who weighed perhaps a 110 pounds, if he was lucky - would stand any sort of chance against two buff men who clearly practically lived in a gym.

Then, his eyes fell onto a window. It was a fairly large one, and, to his luck, outside was a fire escape. A brand new fire escape. Vaguely, he could remember his company having some meeting in the past month or so talking about all of the new fire escapes on the building. "Thank you, boss," he breathed in relief.

Slowly, Yuuma turned the lock on the handle of the door, trying to make the bolt slide into place as quietly as possible. He paused for a moment, making a mental note to thank his boss a few thousands times for constantly scheduling intruder-alert drills. Finally, they came in use.

Once the lock was in place, he quietly crossed the room towards the window. He frantically searched the window, trying to figure out how to open it. Finally, he gave up, and just fell back before lunging forwards, giving it a good, solid kick. The glass shattered into pieces, most going outside but some spraying onto his body and into his hair. Yuuma made a mental note to brush himself off as soon as possible.

Now, he didn't bother to be quiet. Yuuma squeezed through the hole left in the window, trying to avoid cutting himself on any jagged bits of glass. Some of his hair caught on the pieces of glass, but he didn't care. The people already knew who he was anyways. It's not like he could do much by keeping his DNA hidden. Besides, he could already hear the two men trying to get through the door. Time was of an essence now. He couldn't be nit-picky.

Yuuma dashed down the fire escape as fast as humanly possible. He kept his right hand on the inside railing, trailing it along the metal and using it so that he could pull himself around the sharp corners without losing any momentum. Finally, he was all the way down on the first floor. Now he just had to go down the vertical ladder, and he would be on the ground and able to dash to the streets, where he could blend in and hide.

If this was a movie, Yuuma knew that he would have been able to jump down. Sadly, this was real life - although he wished it wasn't - and Yuuma had seen plenty of people who had tried stupid stunts like that. He had to instead take the slow way of climbing down the ladder to the ground. Finally, he was there. He broke into a sprint, slightly amazed at his own physical capabilities. Sure, he was tired, but, considering the lack of exercise he got, Yuuma had been half-expecting that he would have felt like he was dead by now.

Making it to one of the main streets, Yuuma quickly merged into the large crowd of people, keeping his head down. He tucked the white strands of his hair underneath his suit-jacket, raising the collar up. He knew that looked rather stupid, but it was better than having him be recognized for his rather odd looking hair. Now, he was really beginning to regret his choice of dyeing his hair. Oh well.

Unsure of where to go anymore, now that his office was probably being searched by the two men in suits, Yuuma slowly turned down a road heading towards city center. Sure, the voice in his head could be setting a trap. But this was the only place he could think of to go to.


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#, as written by BlueTea
Pheonix Arizona
September 13, 3010
1:03 PM

On calm, quiet days like these Mindy liked to lie upside-down on the couch and let the blood flow down to her head. It made her face completely red and caused her eyes to spin after a while, but for some reason it seemed to clear her head whenever she got up afterwards. Closing her eyes, she heard the usual voices nagging her inside of her head. They had first started with innocent questions, like “When are you going to get back to work?” but lately they had been giving her direct orders and insults.

“Stop lazing around and get a job.”
“Right now you’re just a nobody.”

“How long are you planning on lazing around like this?”

“...” It took Mindy a moment to realize that the third sentence was not from the usual, commanding voices inside of her head. Opening her eyes, she looked up to see a disgruntled redhead staring down at her. “Hey Cassie, welcome home.”

Lifting herself up, she sat down on the couch in the proper position to listen to her friend. “And I told you not to do that anymore. You’re going to get sock marks on my wall.”

“My socks are clean, but if it’ll make you ha-”

"The city is no longer safe, you must escape but in order to escape you must reach the center of the city. Do not trust anyone, aside from the ones you meet at the center. Do not fail me children of the future.”

She stopped talking as another voice invaded her head. This was one was also quite familiar, but she had never heard it give such clear instructions before. It was like the voices were evolving. Or perhaps her mental illness was, if she had one.

“Mindy?” Behind Cassie, a formally-dressed man peeked into the small window beside the front entrance. Catching her eyes, he shifted over to the right until he was out of view with a second man quickly following him. By the time her friend turned around to see what she had been staring at, just the comforting sight of the neighbourhood remained. “Are you listening to me?”

“Hm? Oh, right. No more hanging upside down. Got it.” She responded appropriately, but Mindy was no longer thinking about her strange habits or how to prolong her stay at Cassie’s home anymore. It was difficult to imagine that it was all a coincidence, and besides, no good came from strange men in nice suits.

Ding-dong. The doorbell rang with a pleasant tune.

As her friend walked over to the front entrance to see who the visitors were, Mindy got up and walked over to the back door leading to the yard. With a single command from her mind, the lock turned and the door opened slightly ajar for her.

Knock-knock. “Yes, who is it?” Cassie asked, giving the part-Asian girl a strange look as she wondered what she was doing.

“Is Mindy Yang here? We’re here on official business and need to speak with her.” She rolled her eyes. He had clearly seen her through the window. Looking back at her confused friend, she shook her head and mouthed, ‘I’m not here’.

“Er… Um, sorry, she’s out at the moment.”

“Don’t play smart with us.”

The next moment, two things happened almost simultaneously. First, Mindy swung the door open and quickly bolted outside. Secondly, an ear-splitting sound of something being torn down was heard behind her along with a scream from a feminine voice. She hesitated, for a single step, before continuing on her way. Whoever those people were, they were after her, not Cassie. Seeing her run, they would probably chase after her instead of doing anything horrible to an innocent by-stander who had the misfortune of harbouring the wrong person in her home… She hoped.

Leaving the residential street behind, she continued to run, ignoring the stares she got from people along the way. “Ah..!” Accidentally tripping over someone’s foot, she was forced to come to a sudden halt. Tasting some blood on her lips, she mistakenly assumed that she hurt herself when she fell instead of realizing that she’d been biting her lower lip ever since she heard Cassie’s scream. Stopping to catch her breath for a moment, she realized why people had been staring at her the entire time.

Having no shoes was one thing, but running around in shorts, an un-zipped hoodie and bikini tops was something else. “Oops.” Quickly zipping her hoodie up, she made a quick inspection of her legs to confirm that she hadn’t hurt anything during the fall. Luckily, she only suffered a few scrapes and slight bruising of the knees.

“She’s over here!”

She ran. She wasn’t entirely sure where she was running, as long as it was away from the voice that had announced her location. A few street signs she passed along the way reminded her that she was not too far off from the center of the city, the exact destination one of the voices in her head had told her about. The problem was, did she trust it?

No, but between a potential sign of her own insanity and strangers that could have potentially harmed a close friend of hers, she chose to follow the so-far less harmful of the two.

Taking as many twists and turns she dared to take to confuse her pursuers without getting caught, she came close the city’s center. Wiping the sweat off her brow, she felt a small sense of shame at becoming a little breathless from such a small bit of ‘exercise’. Before, when she had been at the peak of her athletic career, she was certain that she could have run the same distance as just a light warm-up for her daily routine. “Don’t… Trust anyone, whew, aside from… The ones… At the center, was it?”

Taking deep breaths, she continued forwards until the power station was within sight. Looking around she asked, “Anyone here?!”


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Zachary sat back on the bench he had sat on, pulling out his MP3 and placing each earbud in his ears after about five minutes of waiting. He popped on some tunes, happy he had something to entertain himself with while he patiently awaited these 'others' the voice in his head spoke about. He wasn't too sure why, but that sounded pretty bad.

So, on his MP3 was turned, his customized playlist already on que as he did so. He selected a preferred song and decided to relax to it. Luckily, this one bench was just under a tree... which seemed kind of out of place given the buildings and shit surrounding it were made of metal. Hell, the ground was made of some form of metal. Everything was metal, including the music he was listening to, actually. Old, old metal. Like the kind that nobody would remember, seeing as it was about a thousand years old. But, something about this techno crap Zach didn't like, and he was hard-pressed to find a suitable rock or metal musician in this day and age, so 'oldies' are what he was stuck with. Not that he was going to complain one bit, save for the fact these artists would never again make another song. Plus, he did have to laugh at the face he was given when he told someone interviewing him that his favorite band was Avenged Sevenfold.

About forty minutes later......

"...I'm not insane! I'm not insane!.....I'm not insane, I'm not-not insane--"

"Anyone here?!"

Snapped from low singing by a voice, he paused his music, briefly thinking that it was yet another voice in his head until he saw a black-haired woman, obviously the owner of the voice. Well about time! He was starting to get bored! He put away his MP3 after taking out the earbuds and rose to his feet, casually walking up to this woman with a smirk on his face. "Took you long enough!" he exclaimed, probably startling the sweaty woman, as she hadn't noticed him when he did so. "So did you hear that weird voice in your head too, or am I going insane? I can't tell, really," he asked. He glanced left and right, as if to look for someone before speaking once more. "Err, nobody else?"


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The nice cool breeze blew at Damien's back as he made his way through a fairly empty alleyway that he found once he escaped the police building. It took him a couple more reckless stunts to free himself of his pursuers, something he was very familiar with. His mind was thinking of home but his body continued its walked towards the power station, the city's power station. Why the power station? The structure powered everything within hundreds of miles, but there was no escape to be obtained from it if you wanted out of the city it is best to walk on out. His thoughts were drawn away at the sight of the power station. Quickening his steps he entered the clearing. As if witnessing it would reveal to him the escape promised him Damien walked up to the railing and peered down in the half mile radius hole in the ground.

The power station like most was a large hole in the ground. Down in the hole at the center is a large clear sphere with a hint of blue within the center. The walls is layered with solar-panel-like screens that captured the energy the sphere gave off. To keep the screens from overheating water is poured from pipes located under the railing onto them in a waterfall-like fashion. Aside from flying Damien could not think of another possible way of getting out of the center by coming here. Angered at the possibility that this meant his death, he balled up his hands into fists only to realize he was getting control of his arm once again.

He watched as he slowly moved his fingers and eventually his wrists. During this process he noticed two figures at the corner of his peripherals. Immediately on the defensive he turned on them and grabbed the railing as if it could help him in any way. Getting a better look on the two he noticed one was a male listening to music and the other a female that did not appear to be dressed for the public. He slightly lowered his guard once he realized they definitely were not associated with the two brutes he ran into or at least he did not think so. Time to find out.

"You two, who are you and why are yah here?"


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Glykeria wasn't an athlete but the many weeks she had spend working out to have a models slim body was put to good use. She had slipped of her black high heels and held them in her hand as she ran at a good pace she could keep up for about an hour which was more than enough for her to get to the center. Everything that had happened before also gave her a boost of adrenaline for her to keep running and not even look back.

"This is nuts!" Glykeria yelled when she got to the power station of the city.

She stopped and took a deep breath. She had never been to the center of the city and now she had completely forgotten about the assault she had just gone through. The enormous ditch illuminated at the bottom with blue and refreshed by water easing itself in over the solar panels against the sides of the hole just took Glykeria's breath away.
"Scratch that, this is nuts," she rectified herself and replaced the thought of being attacked by two men and a woman was crazy by the power source of the city.
She had never seen anything like it before and if she hadn't noticed the people sitting on the other side with another man walking toward them she would have stood there gawking at the marvelous power structure.

She slowly made her way toward the people but also observed the lovely ditch. So many things were going through her mind; the assault, the ditch, the people, the voice in her head. . . with everything brewing in her mind she had completely forgotten about her dream and considering to see a psychologist. Was the voice she had heard a trap? Were the people on the other end just going to attack her like that woman with the two bouncer-like men?

"Um. . . hey, so," Glykeria was close enough to be heard by the people, "any ideas about what's going on? Because I really wasn't expecting my day to turn like this."

She didn't even want to know what the people thought of her appearance. She was a wreck. She had torn her loose cloth shirt to wrap a part of it around her bleeding forearm, she was worse than beat up, her hair was a mess and her feet were bleeding because she had been running barefoot for too long.


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Before the young lady could respond, another joined them, asking their reason why they were here. Now, Zachary wasn't a mind-reader (surprisingly), but he could assume that she was here the same reason as he. Even still, he answered for himself and hoped this man was here for the same reason as him. "Well, I seem to be going insane and a voice in my head tol-" Zachary had to stop mid-sentence as another girl appeared and asked the obvious question. He would've commented in the same way he had just before, but when he saw her worn look, he couldn't really reply like that.

He moved past the man and to the girl, his gaze quickly scanning her for any unobvious injuries. By the way she was talking, she wasn't mortally wounded, and her appearance didn't give off the feel that she was, he just worried. You could thank his father for raising a chilvarous boy. What his eyes ended up staying locked on were her feet, which weren't hidden by shoes as one's feet normally should be. "Here," his first word to her was spoken as he kicked off his bigger shoes just next to her feet and motioned for her to put them on. Probably not a perfect fit, but the hot and dirty floor would only get her feet infected, something Zach wasn't going to allow if he did have to. "Your feet aren't near as big as mine... but I'm sure that'll do for now," he said. "As for the situation, I can only assume that you people are hearing weird voices in your head as well? Or am I really just going crazy?.... I hope not," he didn't move his eyes off her, and the look he gave was that of a worried father or the equivalent of one. Not like he cared what people thought, as long as she wasn't messed up any further. He wasn't a doctor, so he couldn't do much about the situation, but these injuries didn't just spawn from nowhere; there had to be a reason.

"You're not in the best of shape.... What happened?" he questioned. If she told him what he thought she was, that she was being violently pursued, then that meant he should pay more heed to the situation, instead of shrugging it off like he intended to in the first place.


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A tall and strong man walked up to her. His hair was white as snow and his presence was a bit intimidating but Glykeria didn't move. He was kind enough to remove his shoes and tell her that it might be better if she wore them to not ruin her feet. She did as he said. The shoes were warm and also very big so she felt kind of like an idiot wearing them but they were a lot more comfortable than the hot metal ground.

"Your feet aren't near as big as mine... but I'm sure that'll do for now," Gly couldn't help but giggle at what he said. "As for the situation, I can only assume that you people are hearing weird voices in your head as well? Or am I really just going crazy?.... I hope not," as he spoke he kept his eyes on Glykeria which made her a little uncomfortable but she pushed that feeling away and answered.

"I wouldn't say weird voices, I'd say helpful voices," she answered with some fury and a small accent from the downtown neighborhood she used to live in, "I ain't goin' crazy, I was physically attacked and I am not happy 'bout that!"

There she went again. . . When Glykeria got angry she sounded like an uneducated girl from the ghetto with no respect and the attitude of a boy. It was something she had learned to control when she became a model, she controlled her anger so that she would never sound like this but with what had just happened to her she didn't give a rats ass if she sounded like a boy or even a cow. She wanted answers and she wanted them now!

"You're not in the best of shape.... What happened?" Asked the tall white haired man.

"What happened?" Gllykeria was both enraged and also on the border of crying out a waterfall, "I was havin' a great day and then some woman just came out of no where with two big buff guys. They shot a bullet near my head and I had no choice but to flee, and I had to do it as fast as I could! I broke a window and cut myself as I went through, but they didn't care, they kept wantin' to catch me to do who knows what with me! Then I ran, I ran with no shoes on just to get to here! Now I want my ANSWERS!!!!!"

Glykeria's eyes were starting to swell up and sniffles were loud with buggers. Her whole body was shaking because of fear and anger, she had never felt these feelings in such an amplified manner. Fear was something she had experienced several times in her childhood but she was used to it coming from her mother or father, never from someone she didn't even know. What was going on?


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"I wouldn't say weird voices, I'd say helpful voices," Zachary wasn't expecting that kind of accent from her, given her look. If you disregarded the wear and tear, she looked smaller and more innocent, at least he thought so. "I ain't goin' crazy, I was physically attacked and I am not happy 'bout that!" The white-haired man raised his eyebrow as she declared this, a subtle increase in his worry occured. He didn't say anything, but it could be shown on his face, by the way his eyebrows dropped, that he wasn't happy upon hearing this. Even if she was a total stranger, he didn't like any form of assualt in the least.

"What happened?" Zach frowned at her tone, obviously hearing the pain behind it. The story she gave him immediately after didn't really make him feel any better. "I was havin' a great day and then some woman just came out of no where with two big buff guys. They shot a bullet near my head and I had no choice but to flee, and I had to do it as fast as I could! I broke a window and cut myself as I went through, but they didn't care, they kept wantin' to catch me to do who knows what with me! Then I ran, I ran with no shoes on just to get to here! Now I want my ANSWERS!!!!!"

"Hey.... calm down," he spoke softly, not showing any signs of being fazed by her outburst, as he was more worried about her breaking down than he was about anything else and this really wasn't the first time he had to deal with someone in this state. It was however, the first time he had to deal with someone in this state after they had been shot at, so maybe it was a bit different. Once again, blame his father for his chilvary, but at least he doesn't have any ulterior motives behind just being nice. "I'm so sorry that happened to you, and I'm glad you could escape," slowly, he rested his hand on her shoulder, a gesture saying that he was there, actually caring about her wellbeing rather than just being that stranger who just says 'oh, I hope you're okay' without meaning it. The smile he offered at the same time might've helped this affect, and to most, it was surprising that it came from someone with his intimidating figure. "I know that I'm just some stranger who happened to hear the same voice as you, and I can't exactly give you answers, but I can say that I will do my best to keep you from harm, okay? I'll make sure that listening to that voice wasn't a mistake,".


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Daisy was jogging. She had felt uneasy, as if someone was watching her, following her. And even though every time she had looked around, her long black hair streaking around with her twisting neck, she saw nothing. Which made her feel even worse. So she broke into a jog, and then a swift jog and then when she swore she heard footsteps, a sprint. Her breathing was getting hot and dry, her inhales raspy but she kept going, the panic-induced adrenalin pumping through her veins and muscles. Daisy looked around, her eyes narrowed trying to determine the center of the city. When she thought about it, she had never been to the center. Nor anywhere around it unless she was meeting some guy (and he had picked their meeting spot) or trying out a new eatery. Where she had run was not at all familiar to her and that made her stomach churn. She could be lost. She could be running straight into a trap.

Why was she listening to this voice? What if it had a malicious purpose, what if it was just a sign of mental instability or she had simply thought she had heard it because it gave her an excuse to leave work She felt her heart beat quicken, her skin tighten. And what of those men in the suits? Had they even been there? They must have, why else would she have reacted that way, in such fear? But she didn't even know them. What if they were just harmless businessmen looking to buy the diner for Mr Morrison? She gasped, slowing her run to an almost jog, as her mind skated though her thoughts. She had left her bag at work, behind the coat-stand. It had her whole life inside; wallet, phone, keys, ID, gum, condoms, chocolate, etc. Daisy's body trembled in terror, her hurried walk unsteady and her head looking straight ahead but into the empty distance. What if they broke into her home, found out more about her and her life? Her past? What if she was found guilty of what happen-

"Where are you going Daisy?" "Why did you leave work?" You SHOULD NOT have disrespected your superiors! You need to return! YOU NEED TO GO BA-"

Daisy shrieked, the voices clouding her mind, drowning out her own conscious thought. She broke into a frenzied run, chest heaving as she looked around wildly for safety and seclusion...

Daisy didn't even realise what was happening until she was entangled in another person's body, slamming into them and forcing them both to the ground, her hands pressed against their chest. It was a man. And then her body froze, rigid as if she were made of ice. And then everything slowed down, her heartbeat was in her ears and a burst of energy snaked around them, sending Daisy's hair straight up, dancing on the flurry. She looked to the right and felt her eyes widen in horror.


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Jay sat at the bottom of the pylon, his hands clasped firmly over his ears, gritting his teeth in pain. "Please please just stop" he whined, a headache emerging. All Jay could focus on, all that his thoughts were at that time were of the two men in front of him, their faces and suites so vivid within his imagination. Jay opened his eyes briefly and looked towards the actual power station itself and saw a group of people collecting nearer to the center than he was.

Jay was about to stand and shakily walk towards the group and ask for help, he was too in over his head... When suddenly he felt the weight of another person collide with him. He felt his limbs tangle with hers and suddenly is mouth was full with dark black hair. Jay rolled a few times and finished on his stomach, half on top of the girl who had collided with him, "What the hell?" he moaned, trying to get up.

Jay's hand made contact with the girl in his efforts to stand and suddenly his mind went clear. The two men he'd been thinking about suddenly became so vivid Jay's breathing stopped. The voices stopped for a moment, Jay's mind felt light and expansive a jolt of electricity and energy surged within him... he suddenly felt stronger. Jay looked down to the girl's face to gauge her reaction but saw she was staring ahead, her eyes wide with horror.

Jay looked up, and his eyes widened with terror like the girls, the two men he'd been thinking about were suddenly in front of him... "How did they find me? I got out of the building and down the street before they had a chance? he thought panicked. Jay picked the girl up and spoke to the girl, "We need to run" he fumbled, picking her up and starting towards the group shouting. "We need help! Two men are cha-" Jay looked back to where the men were to queue the group in front of him as to where to look, but stopped running and stood still.

"I...was...we were..." he turned to the group, "I was being chased..." He moved back over to the girl and grabbed her again, this time by her waist, holding her through the clothes and not skin. "Did you see them?" he asked flustered, "the two men? Please tell me i'm not as insane as I think I am?". Jay searched her face looking for answers then over to the group he'd just been running too, "Please for the love of god tell me I'm not crazy".


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What happened between Daisy and the man, when his hand touched her neck, flooded her mind with memories. Like a gritty blurred home-movie set on 1000x speed. Her body felt strong and her mind was open. And that was when she saw them again. Seconds passed before Daisy realised she had been dragged up and away from the two stuffed-suits. She had been so focused on them, frozen with a fear she didn't even understand. She heard the dull roar of the man's voice, telling her to run. Daisy suddenly felt weak when the man's bare contact was severed from hers and her body trembled, her knees buckled. She saw the man run to a few individuals standing within a waving structure.

She heard him babbling to them, and then seized hold of her, shaking her by waist, his fingers wrinkling her tshirt. "Did you see them? Please for the love of god tell me I'm not crazy." He spluttered at her, looking into her eyes wildly. She was scared and confused, and her knees felt as if they were about to fold. She looked at him and nodded, her mind starting sharpen. "I d-did. They were right there, they were the same m-men from before, they c-" Daisy had to swallow and inhale some oxygen, realising she had been holding her breath for almost a minute, "they came into my work."

She looked around at the group, two guys and two girls and felt uneasy, frustrated. She had no idea what was going on, her temples were pounding and she was now certain she had walked into a trap. She backed away a few shaky steps, looking at the man she had ran into. "I saw them too. M-maybe we are both nuts." She muttered, trying to smile.


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#, as written by BlueTea
Despite the fact their group continued to grow, apparently no one knew what was going on.

At any rate, it was a minor relief to learn that if this many people had heard the voices, she was probably not insane. Then hearing the other girl scream in what seemed like anger and perhaps a bit of panic, she couldn’t help but wince while resisting the urge to plug her ears. She would have if the girl had been complaining about something stupid, but getting shot at was a pretty good reason for it.

Seeing the man hand the girl his shoes, Mindy was just about to offer her own thinking that they would probably fit her better… Only to remember that she didn’t have shoes either. Offering the socks given the current situation didn’t seem like a very smart thing to do.

Sorting the questions out in her head she replied, “Unfortunately, I don’t know what’s going on. It was either come here like a voice in my head told me to, or go with these strange people in suits that broke into my friend’s home.” Mindy frowned at the second part of her own sentence. She half-wished she hadn’t said that. Just talking about it made her feel extremely guilty and worried about Cassie, who had been kind enough to let a bum like herself stay at her place only to be abandoned in a time of need. She tried to console herself with the thought that it was probably to her friend’s benefit that she didn’t stay around to drag her into the mess any further, but she also knew it was mostly an excuse without evidence to back the thought up.

“… The voice said something about ‘escape’, but it seems strange to run to the center of the city if we’re supposed to leave this place.” She found it almost eerie that she could be so calm despite feeling so panicked herself just a moment ago. Perhaps she no longer felt everything around her was real, or maybe the fact there was someone about to burst into tears in front of her made her unable to break down herself. “More importantly, what now? Do we look for an escape hatch or something? I don’t much fancy being out in the open like this if the people from before manage to track us down.”


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Damien took a step back and simply observed as more people entered the area. He allowed himself to be ignored and simply watched the confusion on their faces giving away that they all were in the same confusing situation. They all were clueless, including him but maybe he had the answers in his hand. Looking down at the hard drive for a few seconds he decided it was maybe best he kept to himself. Shoving the hard drive into the coat pocket of the coat he managed to get off a random person he bumped into in the alleyway.

As the group chit-chatted among themselves Damien watched the perimeter, something was off. Even though this was the power station this part of the city was the type to be filled with people wanting to see their source of electricity or simply took this route to get to the other side of town, but there was not a soul. Observing the window he also noticed all the curtains were in place, he even notice one old man yank his curtains shut. Immediately he knew this was a bad place to be. As if to prove his case he noticed, what appeared to be snipers from the police force sneakily set up their positions on the rooftops.

"My intention is not to ruining this little reunion but we are about to get our insides to be road decorations," Damien said loud enough for the group to hear as he stared down the street at three police cruisers and one silver car "I always liked red so that outcome doesn't sound too bad".

At those last words the cars swerved into a road block formation leaving the silver car to park behind it. Two agents in black tuxes, that actually fit them, exited the car along with a young lady with purple hair. The three began their walk towards the group with the lady at the lead. The lady taking the lead dressed in tights that left her arms and legs exposed but she wielded a sword, as she walked her purple hair that was in a ponytail swung left to right.

"Target located, target marked...," Her words were emotionless the same as her face. She continued to walk towards the group even though her bodyguards stood guard a couple feet away, only when she reached the center of the group did she stop as if she was a part of the group, "Tell me why you're doing this? According the information given to me, somehow every one of you were aware of our actions and managed to get away. Tell me how?". Even though her words were emotionless they held a ton of danger within them.


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#, as written by BlueTea
“Red? Personally I prefer the color white, and to keep my innards to remain inside where they belong.”

She was a little surprised to see police cars in their midst. Like everyone else, she really had no idea what was going on but had expected for her pursuers to be something like debt collectors or other people belonging to the typical bad-guy groups in movies.

"Tell me why you're doing this? According the information given to me, somehow every one of you were aware of our actions and managed to get away. Tell me how?"

“Well you weren’t exactly discrete about it.” Mindy scoffed, forgetting for the moment that such smart-talk could easily earn her a fatal wound from the sword the lady had at her side. Reading the mood had never been her strong point. “Strange man looks through window. Strange man breaks door down in a dangerous way when told I’m not home. No wonder I ran. It seems stranger to ask why I would.”

Wanting to put a little distance between herself and the strange woman, Mindy almost took a step backwards when a few small ‘clicks’ stopped her. Looking around, she realized that more than a few guns were pointed in their direction, ready to shoot should one of them decide to bolt. Not wanting to be victim number one, she gave up on trying to move away and instead looked around at the unfamiliar faces surrounding her, deliberately making eye contact and trying to see if any of them had any plans out of this sticky situation.

In a feeble attempt to prolong their conversation and get some information, she asked, "... Is Cassie alright? The girl that was there when you started chasing me. I don't remember doing anything bad enough for the police to come, but even if I did she didn't do anything wrong. Did you guys do anything to her?"


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"Hey.... calm down," said the white haired man softly.

Somehow Glykeria had been able to sooth her anger and her fear but she started to feel tired and weak so as he calmed her with pleasing words and then rested his hand on her shoulder she stumbled and fell on the floor. Her feet had automatically slipped out from the man's huge shoes but she was so tired that she didn't even care that she had hit her butt so hard that even her back tingled with pain.

"I...was...we were..." said a very tanned man with another girl, "I was being chased..."
Glykeria looked passed them but saw ntohing and then she looked back at the man, "Please for the love of god tell me I'm not crazy."

"Don't worry I think we all know what you mean," said Glykeria even though she was exhausted.

The girl with the man started acting scared and asking questions, she was much too disturbed in her head from everything that had happened to her. Then the other girl that had been here before Gly arrived started asking her own questions. Everyone was in the same situation. . . Confusion. Except for one person. The red headed man who stood apart from the others watching over, he somehow seemed calmer and even seemed to know what was going on.

Before Glykeria could rudely ask what he knew he said, "My intention is not to ruining this little reunion but we are about to get our insides to be road decorations, I always liked red so that outcome doesn't sound too bad."

Glykeria was about to snap back at the guy but a very audible woman's voice said, "Tell me why you're doing this? According the information given to me, somehow every one of you were aware of our actions and managed to get away. Tell me how?."

She was a very beautiful woman but Glykeria was not liking her, "Of course we were aware of our actions, just as we were aware that we were being chased for no damn reason!"

Again she yelled and again she was out of breath. Glykeria was abusing of the rest of her strength she was exhausted but she hated showing it so she tried to stand back up and slip the large shoes on. When she got up she was still holding her knees to be sure they wouldn't buckle then she lifted her head and noticed the girl who had seconded Gly's argument was being aimed at by several guns. The girl met Gly's eyes and then turned her attention to the woman to ask her questions about a Cassie who I guessed was her friend.