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Humphrey Caractacus Burke

Permanent Under-Secretary of Magical Law Enforcement

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a character in “Ministry of Magic - remake”, as played by TomorrowsHerald


Humphrey Caractacus Burke
"I have served 6 ministers in the past 50 years. If I'd believed in all of their policies, I would have been a stark-staring raving schizophrenic"

Theme Song
The Men From the Ministry || Ivor Ernst Slaney



Full Name
Humphrey Caractacus (II) Burke
Date of Birth
12th of July 1895
Ministry for Magic Support Staff
Hogwarts House
Blood Status
Pure Blood



Personality Description
Humphrey is, without a shadow of a doubt, a member of the old pure blood establishment; by virtue of his career choices and his temperament. Cultured, shrewd and devious, the heir to house Burke has done very well for himself in wizarding politics. The aimed goal of cutting away the last vestiges of the family's historic role as the vassals of stronger and wealthier pure blood houses, has been achieved, without those esteemed houses even realizing the implications of the change. All in all, a life lead in a manner Slytherin would have approved. Once Caractacus Burke Senior conveniently and mysteriously finds his end in a few years time, Humphrey will assume the Burke lordship, while his hypothetically deceased grand father's "exotic artifacts" store will pass on to Mr. Borgin almost exclusive ownership; as a reward for his services. When that time comes, Humphrey will be finally free to show the so called ancient houses what happens when they entrust their legal secrets and disputes to one of those "ever so helpful but positively unambitious" Burks, or at least; one who has a backbone and ambition to match.

Presently, Humphrey is a contented spirit; satisfied to wait until he is ready to move forwards with his schemes. His children are doing well in their careers, the family name is refreshingly free of scandals; a niche the Blacks seem more than willing to adopt in their stead. A life time in public service has taken its toll on the middle aged wizard, but the prizes in contacts and direct influence on the magical world have been worth the cost. Truthfully, Humphrey didn't think he would return to the ministry, under a muggle-born minister no less, since his dismissal by Ignatius Tuft; that ungrateful imbecilic so and so. After long deliberations with pure blood circles, Mr. Burke decided to accept the appointment. While most of the more influential denizens of pure blood society unanimously agreed to resign in protest of the mudblood's appointment, it simply would not do to leave the Ministry at the mercy of muggle lovers and blood traitors. Humphrey, respected in the ministry for his decades of service, was the perfect man to keep an eye on things for the others. In reality, he was simply perceived as a minor power in the pure blood social hierarchy, one that wouldn't pose a challenge to the boycott by accepting the appointment.

Humphrey of course has his own agenda. He would have accepted the appointment even without the blessing of his counterparts. Maintaining the ability to court both camps was a boon to his plans, but it doe pose a problem. Without the widespread outcry of pure bloods against him, some of the so called mudbloods and blood traitors might assume that he is there to spy on them. Humphrey can't have that, before long he will have to publicly challenge his fellow pure bloods, while he privately maintains his role as their man in the Ministry. A war is coming, and no matter who emerges victorious; no one is better set up to benefit from the deaths of several of his most noble and ancient cousins than the man with legal knowledge and goblins contacts to pull it off, or in other words; Humphrey Caractacus Burke.


In the early 19th century, the ancient and noble house of Burke was a shadow of its former glories. The family's fortune had been squandered in several generations of mismanagement until it neared the verge of bankruptcy. Only the intervention of house Malfoy saved the family's finances; but the price was high. Amelia Burke, the house's 2nd child, was married to Septimus Malfoy, in a marriage contract which effectively promised almost all the Burke family's remaining landed and owned assets to any heir born of the marriage; stripping the designated heir, Percival Albion Burke, from his inheritance. Caractacus senior spent the remainder of his life trying to return the Burke fortunes though his trade in dangerous and illegal dark objects without success. in 1897, Percival's was caught using magical means to seduce several witches and imprisoned. His three year old son passed to Caractacus's guardianship, but was removed from his care in 1903 by the ministry after the then young Humphrey was almost killed by a dark artifact. The boy's aunt, Marian Malfoy nee Burke, assumed the guardianship and Humphrey was brought up as a ward to house Malfoy.

Humphrey prospered under the care of the Malfoy's, who though strict, provided the young boy with his first stable home. When he turned 11, Humphrey was sorted into Slytherin were he honed his social skills and his dueling talent; both of whom would serve him well in later life. Humphrey was confirmed as the heir to the Burke lordship when he turned 17, though in reality, little remained to the Burke name now effectively vassals to house Malfoy. The Burke heir immediately joined the ministry's civil service, specializing in wizarding law. Humphrey was appointed Under-Secretary of the Auror office in 1935 at the height of Grindelwald's reign. The new Under Secretary broke tradition by personally participating in the war after the head auror was assassinated by the dark lord's agents. After the war, Humphrey emerged as the leading legal expert of his time and served as Under-Secretary for the Wizengamot in Dumbledore's first years as Chief Warlock. Outside of his prospering career, Humphrey married the widow of the assassinated wartime auror office head, honoring his promise to take care of his late leader's family. No further children were born in marriage, but the young Alexanders came to see Humphrey as their father, and the latter in turn recognized both children as his legal heirs.

Humphrey was made Permanent Under-Secretary of Magical Law Enforcement in 1948, a post he held until his dismissal by Ignatius Tuft in 1959. Humphrey refused to accept any other appointment and quit the ministry in favor of a Gringots commission. Burke returned to the ministry in 1962 to bolster the drained higher echelons of the ministry's civil service.

Dueling Gardening Magical History Goblins Money Scheming Magical Law

The Dark Arts/artifacts Politicians Reform Liberals Vigilantes War

Has consistently refuse to plead for his father's release until the latter's death. Rumors persist that someone systematically misplaced all documentation regarding his father's existence until he was virtually forgotten in prison well beyond his sentence. The documents turned up several years after Albion's death in the Pest Advisory Board files, under L for "Lecherous Swine".

Zenobia Alexander-Burke - 60 - Wife - Mixed Blood* - Retired auror/private investigator.
Marcus Alexander-Burke - 25 - Adopted Son - Mixed Blood - Gringots curse breaker
Romana Alexander-Burke - 24 - Adopted Daughter - Mixed Blood - Middle-east auror department
Caractacus Burke - 116 - Grandfather - Pure Blood - Proprietor of Borgin and Burkes

Mixed Blood: Technically a pure blood but not sufficiently old or pure to be counted among the sacred houses.



Wand Type:
11 inch Hawthorn and Phoenix feather

A Common Nightingale

The Imperius Curse

Occupation or What they did Before Recruitment:
Gringots legal advisor

A toad called Lady Carrow, usually nicknamed Lady.

Magical Strengths:
Dark Arts
A History of Magic
Defense Against the Dark Arts

Magical Weaknesses:


Face Claim:
Roger Delgado

Portrayed by:

Dialogue Color:

So begins...

Humphrey Caractacus Burke's Story


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ImageGranny's Advanced Time Capsule Artifact Study - Test GATCA-Ts592 - Report: Level 3 Dimension altering charms failed to initiate partial GATCA's temporal displacement. Recommend further extension charm comparability studies prior to approval of Level 4 charms...
The grandfather clock hoisted above the Victorian era wooden compartment gonged thrice, garnering a mixed reaction from the scribbling dark robed researcher; a sort of simultaneous frustrated sigh and amused chuckle. Thus far, the department had failed to comprehend, let alone repair the time traveling device. Even the clock refused to obey any and all attempts to return it to real time.

A silent Reductor hit the clock head on, shattering the delicate mechanics. Max closed his eyes and quietly tapped his wand five times; once for each second passed. Surely enough, when he reopened his eyes, the clock was visibly whole and ticking as usual. Self-repairing charm: resetting time to previous value? Determine significance if proven Max set aside his quill and project journal. Since his unofficial return to the department, the time capsule had consistently baffled most of his preconceptions regarding time travel.

Location: Department of Mysteries - Level 9
Dialog Colour: ##4d4e50

"Still at it Mr. Greenslade?" asked one of the department's early arrivals. "Good morning miss Mckinnon. I arrived a short while ago, twelve minutes and fifteen seconds to be exact. I believe the time room has a tardiness discouraging spell about it. ", said Max, gesturing towards the multitude of clocks and time-turners assembled in the hall outside his laboratory.

The unspeakable hesitantly nodded, rightly disbelieving Max's obvious lie, "I know you technically returned to the department a few days ago, but you are still marked down as one of the rookies of the new recruitment drive. The Minister is expecting your lot for some sort of orientation", said the unspeakable, turning to leave the laboratory. "But of course, have a pleasant day" Max mumbled, his gaze locked on his research papers once more. His college stopped by the doorway, displeased at his inaction, "I would make my way down there soon if I were you", she rebuked, leaving no options for discussion.

Max decided to accept his college's words of advice and take a break of his futile attempts at understanding magical devices that theoretically should not exist. Life was so much simpler when one embraced the theory and pretended that anything that disproved it was simply a figment of the imagination. Muggles consistently ignored centuries of obviously magical events, pretending that they were ether pranks of freak acts of nature. Pure-blood's maintained their idiotic beliefs regarding muggle-born, though every bit of ministry sanctioned research disproved most of their dogma as utter nonsense.Seething in frustration of his lack of progress, Max barley noticed the incoming male figure before he ran straight into it.

"My sincerest apologies", said Max offering his hand in aid, "I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings, are you all right?" He asked, taking note of the wizard's expensive velvet dark brown robes. The man conveyed him a disapproving glare, denying Max's offer, of help, preferring instead to stand upright on his own initiative. "Apology accepted, young man, though I would suggest that you pay more attention in public magical spaces, least you continue to waste the valuable time of others". The man huffed and went on his merry way, an ominous snake branded silver-black cane in hand. Max's though but decided against sending any rude gestures towards the pure-blood in-breed's back; he had been the one at fault, though that didn't excuse the pompous bigot's attitude. Young man indeed, he thought with a condescending sneer.

The mechanics of the brain suddenly clicked, leaving Max rooted to the reception area's tiles.
...magical spaces...waste valuable time...

Max was familiar with the muggle time-space theory. Until now, he had dismissed it out of hand, since it didn't account for another element; magic. Magic in turn interacted with both time and space, but separately; not as a single manifold. Could all three elements be incorporated into a single spell? Max paused only to take a seat by an Asian witch, to whom he offered only a brief acknowledging nod, before he took out his research journal and wrote down a small circle and the words matter, energy, space, time, magic. He didn't hold much hope of a breakthrough, but at least he was making progress.


Humphrey walked a brisk pace, concealing his fury only at face value. He refused to look back at the oblivious muggle spawned delinquent he had just had the misfortune to 'run into' along the hallway. His eyes searched the room with growing discomfort, ears reeling at the sight of the undignified, often excitable conversations of the assembled mass of humanity. How had it come to this? The great and powerful ministry had been reduced to a magical equivalent of the common muggle circus; many acts but only a handful of professional handlers.

He didn't waste his time charging one party or the other with the blame; the liberals and moderates had evidently made up their mind to challenge the traditional establishment, rather than select a compromise half-blood candidate. The pure-blood traditionalists correctly saw the mudblood's appointment for what it was; a deceleration of war against the establishment.

Burke quietly censored his choice of terminology; thoughts and deeds went hand in hand, if he wanted to work with the current administration, he couldn't afford to fall back on purist ideology. No, though he understood the reasons he could not agree with the "the great walk out" as it was now termed. The irresponsible action not only threatened the stability of the ministry, it played on the fears of otherwise moderate pure bloods; creating the bogyman of an administration hostile to pure bloods everywhere.

Which was of course the exact aim of the operation; discrediting the ministry would double if not triple Death Eater membership.

Among the crowd, Humphrey was delighted to recognize Michael Nott and quickly made his way towards civilized company. "Behold the sight of the modern Trojan horse" he declared, preferring a lapse of drama to the usual pleasantries. "So assured of their victory are they not? In their eyes, they have already beaten the establishment, they do not see the transfigured wooden sculpture for what it truly is; a sleeping Horn-tail". Humphrey presented his hand in greeting, revealing the Burke heir's ring; "I am Humphrey Caractacus Burke, reinstated Permanent Under-Secretary of Magical Law Enforcement, order of Merlin second class. I must say, it is quite the relief to meet you Mr. Nott. I hadn't realized any members of your most distinguished house remained in the ministry."


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Michael Nott
Location:Ministry Level 8 l #067330 l Auror's Office

Michael had virtually no time to sink back into a pit of self pity of his current predicament as people swarmed into the room... with one face in particular being familiar but he couldn't place it on exactly how he recognized the woman. The Auror dismissed the line of thought, if he couldn't recall the reason he recognized the woman then the reason must be a small matter and could be ignored for the time being. Nevertheless he made a mental note to watch the girl and flexed his free left hand that bore his wand in a dueling bracer for his own comfort. A familiar voice that sounded out familiar poetics prompted a switch in his cane towards his left hand as he turned to address the owner of the voice - his cover unfortunately to be blown for a matter of social protocol. However since in this case, secrecy was not required so a change to a more overt position was allowable.

It was a rare, genuine smile that surfaced on Michael's face as he clasped hands with the Under-Secretary." It's great to have you back Mister Burke; acting Head Auror Michael Nott and I must say it's beyond my talent of tongue to say how reassuring it is to have you back. After all, regardless of the whims of politics - the Ministry keeps the peace after much bloodshed from our ancestors and no one knows how improper abandoning such noble work due to the opinions of the masses better than yourself. Truth be told, the less-than-reliable substitute during your previous absence made things far more difficult for us in the field- your reinstatement clearly shows the current Minister possesses better judgement than the last." Michael made sure to keep a level of respectful formality since after all the man was his elder and also a superior. Despite the fact that the man's various weigh-ins on legal matters had saved his skin more than once and kept a couple dangerous individuals locked up despite...recent opinions on how things should be run. As he himself was only a branch member within the Nott line, Michael held no delusions that any of those had been deliberate or even meant explicitly for his own benefit. In more simple terms, despite his own gratitude, Michael felt that the man was a professional that performed his job and duties admirably - something he could healthily respect.

Still he could only inwardly wince since he'd controlled the volume of his voice less skillfully that he'd like given the noise of the crowd and his own excitement. His word just now of it being the duty of Purebloods to support the safety and well-being of the wizarding community matched his words in a Prophet interview that took place because of his family's rather well known views - he still didn't enjoy the memory of the experience. He could understand the reporter was doing his job: trying to sell a story, but he found the attempts to bait him into a negative reaction obtuse.


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Image ImageImage Image

| Location: Level 2, Head of MLE Office - Ministry level 8 | #8a3f21 | Beast Division |

Lexa slumped down into the chair across from her sisters desk trying to stifle a yawn but failing in the end. From behind Susan, Lexa's identical twin, walked in holding two piping hot coffees in styrofoam cups. "So I hear you took up that offer in the beast division?" Susan placed one of the cups in front of Lexa and she accepted it as if it was the only thing keeping her alive, taking a sip and wincing when she burns the tip of her tongue. "Always so impatient, have you forgotten that coffee is hot?" Her sister asked with sarcasm present in her words and a grin upon her lips as she takes a sip of her own coffee.

Lexa rolled her eyes and blew the top of the coffee this time before taking another sip with no casualties. "Haha, very funny Suzy." there was a pause as Lexa pondered a thought. "Yeah, I think it's time to get back out there. Try something new and something I like." Lexa finished with another sip of her coffee and Susan nodded agreeingly. "And Gemma? How's my only niece doing?" The other sister asked once again, taking a seat in her chair and looking through a pile of papers that sat on the edge of her desk. Leaning back in her chair, Lexa kicked her feet up onto the edge of her sisters desk while resting her hands behind her head. "She's brilliant! I had her sleeping over for the last three days and took her back this morning. She's growing up fast Suzy." Lexa smiled, proud of her daughter. "As they do," Susan replied smiling back at her sister briefly before returning to the papers in front of her, signing away like there was no tomorrow. "I'll pass by mothers later and see her. She still likes strawberry cupcakes?" Susan couldn't help but to smile down at her papers when the two both said strawberry cupcakes in union. "Yeah," Lexa chuckled, she still loves em."

A minute went by in silence as the two enjoyed each others company, Susan scribbling away on parchment and Lexa sipping her coffee and staring up at the ceiling spotting all the little imperfections that she hadn't noticed before. "Hey, Xandra?" Susan raised her head from her papers, taking a peek over at the magical wall clock that ticked away with no electricity whatsoever. "Yeah,?" Eyes still stuck on the ceiling. "Shouldn't you be on the eight level by now?" Alex looked at her sister for a second. It was like looking into a mirror, a mirror that had her reflection but with short hair color blonde. It only took a second for realization to dawn on her before her eyes moved towards the clock. "Bloody hell, I almost forgot." In a swift move Lexa jumped to her feet, boots hitting the ground with a slight thud.

Her hand reached down instinctively in order to feel for her wand just to make sure it was there, an old habit of hers. Once she felt the handle Lexa quickly learned over the desk and pecked her sister on the cheek, grabbed her coffee and was headed out of the office within seconds shouting a "See you later" over her shoulder. Now out and about in the Auror department Lexa couldn't help but to greet old comrades of hers. I mean they were still her friends and it wouldn't be cool if she just sped walked right by them without saying much, although, most of them already knew her so they knew how she was like. Before reaching the elevator there were a few times where she almost ran into a witch here or wizard there threatening to spill her coffee but she protected it with her life and once she got into the elevator she was able to take a few more well deserved sips in peace.

Upon reaching the eighth floor Lexa adjusted her light weight, black dragon-hide robe that she kept open in the front looking more like a coat that anything. Another Auror habit she hasn't broke yet, most didn't wear robes but what they could run and fight in. Spotting a table filled with food that instantly became her first destination. She plucked a blueberry muffin off the table and with her half empty cup of coffee Lexa sat herself in an empty seat, not noticing that she had plopped herself down next to a brunette wearing a beautiful green robe as she bite into the side of the muffin.