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Tille Baker

Accidental Magic Reversal Squad

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a character in “Ministry of Magic - remake”, as played by Totchocity1


"We have nothing to lose, nothing to gain, nothing we desired anymore- except to make our lives into a work of art."

Theme Song
◈ Trouble || Imagine Dragons



Full Name
Matilda Jane Baker



Date of Birth
July Tenth


Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes | Accidental Magic Reversal Squad


✔ Charming
✔ Sensitive to others
✔ Imaginative and curious
✔ Passionate
✔ Artistic
✘ Fiercely independent
✘ Unpredictable
✘ Easily stressed
✘ Overly competitive
✘ Fluctuating self-esteem


Personality Description
Tillie is a sweet and sensitive woman. She has always been a gentle soul. Although she is charming, she is introverted. Because she is so adept at social interaction, it can be very surprising to those around her when she steps back to recharge from it. She is not known to take criticism well, and making snide comments to her can spark her temper in a remarkable fashion. She loves living in the moment, and therefore planning for the future holds no merit for her. Tillie is a great listener, and just as good a friend. She doesn't form attachments easily, but when she does she does so fiercely. She has a tendency to engage in risky behavior, but her absolute enthusiasm means it usually pays off in her favor. Some call it luck, Tillie calls it vigor.

If the goals and principles are noble, Tillie can act with amazing charity and selflessness – but it can also happen that she enacts a more self-centered identity, acting with selfishness, manipulation and egoism. It's important for her to remember to actively become the person they want to be. Developing and maintaining a new habit may not come naturally, but taking the time each day to understand their motivations allows her to use her strengths to pursue whatever she's come to love.


Tillie's childhood was relatively normal until her letter came from Hogwarts. Her parents had been living hidden among muggles in London for years before she was born and continued to do so until she received her letter. They returned to the wizarding world. The learning curve was sharp, but Tillie proved herself up to the challenge. She became Hufflepuff's resident little sister, inspiring in every one of her housemates a fondness and protectiveness that drew them to her. An innocent smile was all it took to get her and her partners in crime out of trouble.

When Tillie was 17, her joints began to ache. She began to present periodic fevers and a salmon-pink, hive-like rash in the evenings. The pain began in her wrists, which swelled along with her fingers. After two years of constant pain that spread throughout almost all of her joints, she was diagnosed with juvenile-onset Still's Disease. There was no cure, not even magical. With treatment, however, she has regained most of her mobility, and her life is mostly clear of pain. She is usually delicate with her body, always thinking before she does things that most people consider mundane. She took a couple years off after school to try and regain her health. Now, she feels she can finally live again.

Tillie's background with muggles and her prodigy-level talent for counter spells meant she was perfect for accidental magic reversal. She worked editing her parents' textbooks on muggle life and culture for years, so she knows how important her work is. She was ecstatic to be offered the position and begin what she sees as her real life.

Rain ▲ Thunder ▲ Curly hair ▲ Kind eyes ▲ Music ▲ Art ▲ Animals ▲ Reading ▲ Sweaters ▲ Soft textures ▲ Autumn ▲ Touching ▲ Tea

Rudeness ▼ Flies ▼ Planning ahead ▼ Lying ▼ The heat ▼ Being sick ▼ Dust

Tillie keeps her chronic illness a secret, as many people seem to consider it a failing of both her morals and her magic. She also does not speak often of her childhood spent with muggles due to others' disapproval, though it serves her well in her current occupation and she is not ashamed.

Salome Baker || Mother
Richard Baker || Father



Wand Type:
Hazel | Unicorn Tail Hair | 11 inches

Nebelung Cat


Occupation or What they did Before Recruitment:
Tillie worked for her parents editing their texts on muggles for the years after her schooling at Hogwarts

Greta| Grey cat | Female | 8 months

Magical Strengths:
Healing Magic

Magical Weaknesses:
Dark magic of any kind
Study of ancient runes


Face Claim:
Lily James

Portrayed by:

Dialogue Color:

So begins...

Tille Baker's Story


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London | Ministry of Magic | Summer | 1962

Font Gabriola | Colour #5e6370

Excerpts from the Daily Prophet:

Minister Leach First Muggle-Born Minister!
It is with great pleasure that the ministry is pleased to announce the appointment of one Mister Nobby Leach. We genuinely look forward to the great strides towards magical equality and creative freedom this Ministry is sure Minister Leach will strive towards. Appointed on this day, Friday the first of June we wait most eagerly for the Ministers first active day on the fourth. The Prophet is rooting for you, Minister!

Unrest in the Ministry
The Prophet is saddened to have to report that only weeks after the appointment of one Minister Leach the Ministry has lost close to a hundred workers. When we asked one such worker to leave the Ministry he had this to say: "It's a bloody disgrace it is! Having a Muggle as the face of the Ministry. When will everyone see we'd be much better off when the muggles are cut out of our world?"

Ministry Recruit Program a Minor Success
Despite the losses the Ministry has been facing these past months with the addition of our new Minister, Leach has never seemed stronger! A model of stability the Minister has taken the protests within the ministry in stride and with the potential uprising outside of the walls he has come together with a few other ministry officials and started a program that seeks new workers for the Ministry. Our inside sources tell us that this mission has been rather successful and the new recruits will begin on Monday the sixth of August. It is expected that with the addition to the Ministry's work force they will be able to more effectively take care of the wizarding world and perhaps even settle the unrest within London.


Summer brought with it the sort of muggy heat that had everyone indoors. The beat down upon the cobblestone streets of London and had a haze in the air as traffic slowly moved along. The large street of Diagon alley and even the shadowed streets of Knockturn were bare. Should a wizard have to make the venture outside they might be seen with a small pleasant shower of cool water showering over them as they walked. Or perhaps a fan that hovered in front of them blowing around the hot air. Despite the lack of presence outside the wizarding world was indeed bustling.

Deeper within London, the Ministry of Magic stood proudly for all wizards to see as muggles eyes seemed to slide right over it. Within the walls wizards raced around completing one task after the other. Today was the day many new recruits would be arriving, and so in preparation the eighth level, the Atrium, was being set up to receive a large number. Simple white chairs sat in rows of four all facing a large podium that had been conjured. The podium had a rather large carving of a dragon on its front and it looked down at the chairs with a rather regal and powerful gaze.

While Wizards raced around ensuring there were food and refreshments for the new recruits as well, a Minister Nobby Leach stood in his office on the First Level. He gazed out of his window down towards Level Eight and saw the tiny specs of white chairs. He straightened his robes a little and glanced in the mirror opposite his desk. He noticed his cap was a little askew and adjusted that as well. The mirror had come from Leach's old office and he used it for the same purpose now then he did back then.
"Alright you old boy." He said looking at his reflection. He glanced down to his desk and saw a copy of the Prophet and moved his gaze away from it before he could read the painful headline again.
Muggle Family Home left in Flame- Death Eaters Suspected

He thanked his lucky stars none of his family had been home at the time and made a mental note to ensure their protection. Perhaps his elderly father might enjoy Fiji. Nobby blinked a moment and then forced his vision back on his appearance. "Today you will speak. And today you will inspire young minds." He gave himself a thin lipped smile and noticed that despite only being in office for two months he was already loosing his hair.

Location: Home - Ministry Level 8 | #7ed4af | Assistant to the Minister for Magic

The heat had kept her up all night, or at least that is what she would tell her family when she would venture downstairs for breakfast. In truth, the thought of the day to come and all her duties had kept her brain in overdrive. The thought of her disapproving parents should she mess up on the first day was also a driving force to be perfection itself. Gwen Andrews looked at herself closely in the mirror and lifted her wand to her face just under her eyes. Muttering a quick spell the dark circles under her eyes lessened and she turned away from her appearance. She had spent the last few hours ensuring that she would be perfectly presentable for her first day at the ministry.

She had tried on countless robes until finally settling on a soft green set. She curled her hair into soft waves with a bit of magic and then finally when she felt as if she had everything in place she descended the ornate staircase near her bedroom and down to the breakfast room. Her father was seated at the end of the table and her mother was next to him. Both were reading their own copies of the Prophet and she seated herself a few chairs down from them. Corry the Andrews House elf quickly scuttled up offering her mistress the copy of the Prophet as well and with a snap of her fingers Gwen watched as hot tea filled the mug set in front of her and breakfast took form on her plate. Without thanking the little creature she placed the paper beside her plate and glanced over the front page. There was more talk over the Minister and his Recruitment force that was to convene today.

Feeling a nervous lump in her throat Gwen turned over the paper and ignored the Ask Gerty section. Instead she focused on her food. Daintily picking up her utensils she dug in and ate a few bites. However she just was not feeling hungry. So she sipped her tea and glanced on over to her parents. She and her Mother made eye contact and Gwen sighed as the elegant woman placed down her paper and looked at her over the brim of her circle glasses perched ever so precariously on the tip of her nose.
"I take it you are prepared for today?" She asked in a regal voice. Gwen noticed her father stop reading as well and his dark eyes diverted to her face.
Straightening a little she nodded and said "Yes, mother. I've been placed on Level One as you suspected I would. I appear to be working close to the Minister." Her mother's brow furrowed a little at the mention of the Minister but she said nothing. Instead the elderly woman nodded and she returned to her paper. Pleased that was all the conversation she would have to endure from her parents Gwen stood and retreated from the breakfast room.

Once she was in the hallway she checked the time on the clock in the hallway and noted it was about time for her to leave. She gathered her bag from her room and then vanished with a soft crack. She appeared moments later in the dark tile halls of the Ministry. There were flashes of green fire as wizards used the Floo Network to get to work. Sighing a little she straightened her bag and headed for Level Eight, where all new recruits had been instructed to visit.

Once there she noticed a large table filled to the brim with an assortment of foods and drinks and she lifted her nose a little at the sight but deciding it might be rude to ignore it she poured herself a tea and found herself a seat. Already a few new recruits had arrived and she looked around wondering if she might get to work with anyone else. Secretly she hoped that she might be left in peace but she knew it was wishful thinking.

Location: Home - Ministry Level 8 | #daa520 | Aurors Office

His home was an absolute mess. Clothes lay here and there and books littered the floor. Alex Gallagher looked at the chaos from his bedroom door and wondered to himself how on earth he had let it come to this. His hands were on his hips and he let out a long breath.
"I suppose we can do this the easy way or the hard way." He said to nothing in particular. He pulled his wand from his pale yellow robes and with a few intricate swishes and jabs the apartment was set to its rightful state. While it still might be considered a mess by some Alex was quite pleased with his clean up job and walked around to inspect his work. Sure the books were sloppily in the book case and out of order but hey, they were in the bookcase. Dishes were haphazardly in their cupboards and the doors remained open but to Alex it was perfect. He smiled to himself and sat down on his couch ignoring the cloud of dust that rose as his body sank into the old cushions.

Today was the day he became a regular working part of society again. No more travelling, but normalcy. He sighed a little and looked around at his trinkets that he had gathered from his excursions. Stability was a good thing he reminded himself. He stared for a long moment, thinking about his goals and priorities. Today he would become a dark wizard catcher. That would certainly be an adventure he reminded himself. However it did also mean he was required to do paperwork. Something Alex was not particularly fond of. Deciding to grin and bear it Alex decided it was about time to leave he stood and brushed off the dust. Once he felt he was good to go he stepped to his fireplace and grabbed a small bit of powder from a flower pot by it.

Speaking the name of the ministry he stepped into his fireplace and moments later steppe out of a ministry fireplace. He smiled a a few folks whom he made eye contact with and made his way up to the Atrium. There he noticed a table full of food and remembering he had not yet had breakfast he eagerly made his way there. Piling his plate full of pastries and other goodies he remained where he was just in case he wanted seconds.

Location: Home - Ministry Level 8 | #4f7c19 | Beast Division

"The Ashwinder is a serpent that is created from the remains of any magical fire that is allowed to burn unchecked. As it is a serpentine creature, the Ashwinder may very well be susceptible to Parseltongue magic." Elias leaned back in his desk and looked down at his typewriter. Beside him dozens of pages lay face down, filled with information on various magical creatures. He smiled to himself and felt a large yawn incoming.

As he was breathing loudly a pure white cat named Finch jumped up onto his lap to rub her face fondly at his beard. Laughing a little he leaned back and allowed his friend to nestle against him. Once Finch was settled Elias rubbed a large hand over her fur.
"Hello there..." He said groggily. Finch meowed back to him and he placed a loving kiss on her head. Not one to be left out his other cat Atticus stood on his hind legs and leaned against Elias. He meowed up at his master and then looked towards their empty food bowl.

Elias followed the cats gaze and blinked in surprise. "I just filled that..." Sudden realization hit him and he straightened sending Finch falling to the ground. The cat made a small noise of protest but Elias didn't notice. "What time is it?!" He shouted to himself. He looked around for a clock and found it under a pile of paper and when he saw the time he let out a small noise of agony. "I wrote all night!? Damn it! I have to go to work." He stumbled towards his bedroom and pulled on the first robes he found.

They were a set of blue robes and they had a rather interesting stain near the leg. Deciding he could deal with the stain late he went about cleaning himself up as quick as he could and then with out even a goodbye to his cats he had vanished into thin air. Elias appeared in the main hall of the Ministry and then suddenly swore loudly making people look at him oddly. He flashed them all a grin and said, "I uh... forgot my wand." He vanished again with a little pop and then was back within moments holding a bag and hastily stuffing his wand in his pocket. He ran quickly for the Eighth Level and found himself a seat. Panting heavily he leaned back. "Oh god I'm out of shape." He muttered as yet another yawn overtook him. Glancing towards the small table of sweets and things he smelt the faint musk of coffee and breathed in deeply as if the mere scent might help his state of mind. He wondered if he had the energy to stand but instead slumped a little more in his seat.


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#, as written by la.lune

Image Image Image Image

Dialogue - #7E64A1 || Orion's home - Ministry Of Magic Level 8

As per usual, Ophelia was up at the crack of dawn. She was already dressed in her deep scarlet robes with a matching red lip, cooking breakfast when her brother stumbled into the kitchen, still half asleep. "How on earth do you do it?" Orion asks when he sees his fresh faced sister, wide awake and dressed while he was still wearing his pyjama bottoms with golden snitches all over them. Laughing softly at her brothers disheveled appearance, Ophelia merely shrugs before placing a steaming hot plate in front of him, "Not all of us are beloved Quidditch players who get to make their own schedules," She retorts, then plating up some breakfast for herself and taking a seat with her brother at the breakfast bar. "That's not true, it's just not peak season so I don't have to train so much." Orion says, defending his profession. "You're right, it's a tough life being the adored seeker of the English National Quidditch team." She teases, watching her elder sibling scoff down his breakfast while she paced herself with her own.

Once breakfast was finished, Ophelia quickly jumps out of her seat and dumps the plates in the sink, "Well since I cooked breakfast and have an actual job to get to, you can clean the dishes." Ophelia grins cheekily, biting her tongue. Not giving her brother time to complain she kisses his cheek and heads for the door. "Lia, wait-" Orion calls out after her, which has her turning on her heels just as she is about to leave, "I'm really proud of you little sis." He beams and Ophelia can't help but feel her heart melt a little. Her brother (besides her father) was truly the only man she could trust. "I'll tell you all about it when I'm back." Ophelia promises hearing him shout out "Good luck!" As she leaves their apartment and heads for the lift.

Growing up in the suburbs, Ophelia wasn't quite used to the Muggle contraptions she's had to use since coming to London. Especially the lifts, they just baffled her. Of course she knew the mechanics of the thing but it just seemed so ugly she hated being trapped inside the steel coffin and much preferred taking the stairs but as she lived on the 9th floor, Ophelia figured she didn't really have time to spare traipsing down all of them today.

Finding her way to the exit, Ophelia headed next-door to the odd little antique shop most wouldn't even notice when walking past. Greeting Hector with a wave, the tiny man hobbles over to Ophelia and embraces the young girl in a hug. "Ah my dear, it's good to see you!" Hector was a close friend of Ophelia's parents and quickly became hers once she moved to London. "Hey Hector - I'd love to chat but I have to get going." Ophelia apologises heading to the large fireplace that was hidden behind rows of old books and odd looking clocks. Most of them were used as port keys, although Ophelia didn't like to use them. She much preferred the Floo Network. "Oh of course you're starting at the ministry today," Hector gushes, seemingly more excited about Ophelia's job than she was, "Best of luck, and give your parents my regards when you next see them, would you?" The elderly man asks, smiling at the thought of his childhood friends. "Of course," Ophelia agrees stepping into the fireplace, "Bye now!" She says before loudly announcing her destination and throwing the powder.

And with that, the girl disappeared. Before quickly reappearing in the Ministry. Taking a deep breath, Ophelia runs a hand through her cropped black hair and heads for Level Eight. She couldn't decipher whether it was fear or excitement she was feeling. Deciding it was probably a little of both Ophelia tries to push her anxiety to the back of her mind. While internally the girl was rather nervous, not a second of that worry played on her ever calm features. Finding where she figured the Minister would hold his speech, Ophelia notices a fair few people already in the room and takes a seat a few away from anyone else. Nobody seemed to be seated with someone else and Ophelia figured she'd follow suit. Besides, she didn't recognise anyone there.


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Michael Nott
Location: Auror's Office - Ministry Level 8 l #067330 l Auror's Office

Michael heaved a sigh of relief after finishing the extensive amount of work he'd been left to perform as a result of the recent Ministry walk-outs. One of which had been the previous Head Auror, now this itself wasn't too big an issue since the Office wasn't exactly stable even under the best of times. As such the precedent was until otherwise appointed the most senior Auror would assume the position of acting Head until an official appointment could be made; unfortunately the walk out added some extra seniority to Michael's position and while he wasn't the most senior - the work had still been diverted to him.

Thus over the past couple weeks, he'd been forced to produce several booklets to act as an alternative of the standard three year training curriculum to keep the number of acting personnel as high as possible without sacrificing too much in terms of quality of preparation. This was in addition to an increased workload and time spent in the field because of the sudden decrease in personnel - add in an extra peer review because of a dangerous alchemical substance he'd successfully recreated for the Ministry and it was easy to see that the man was being sorely taxed by his workload. In fact he'd just submitted the report on the findings of the investigations of the magical arson that most likely joined the ranks of the top stories in The Daily Prophet. He intended to use the crime scene as a way to get the newbies feet wet - complete with a potentially unnecessary request of supervision from the Beast Division since not all Auror's were experts on the matters of spawning magical creature, himself being a prime example.

Sadly, he couldn't enjoy the satisfaction of finally having nothing to do since he'd been assigned as part of the security to the Minister's little welcoming party for the new blood. This left the poor wizard to magically shrinking he latest set of booklets for the Auror's, pack them in his coat, and hobble to the lift with as much gusto as he could muster before taking his assigned station. He could only count himself lucky for not being part of the Minister's personal entourage, but the fact his was the only station out in plain sight left him a little uncomfortable...he hated being the Center. Nevertheless as a professional, he batted the unnecessary thoughts aside to focus on skimming the crowd and the faces therein.