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Matthew Lancaster

"It took me years to build a life, but only a day to burn it to the ground."

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a character in “Minthill Home for the Troubled”, as played by ArhaHitomi888


Matthew Lancaster
"It took me years to build a life, but only a day to burn it to the ground."

NAME: Lancaster, Matthew Cornelias

NICKNAME(S): Matt (Only good friends)

SEX: Male

AGE: 26

HEIGHT: 6'4"

WEIGHT: 151lbs

CONCERNS: Grief that has progressed into depression as well as some delusions. He has auditory and visual hallucinations and is quick to feel guilty about things. He eats small amounts (slowing descending in the underweight category) and doesn't wish to sleep due to nightmares. He has attempted suicide once or twice, but is usually easily comforted with just some kind words and a caring touch, such as a hand on his shoulder or a hug. He tends to go overboard with drinking when he had access to it and will often abuse medication if he's given the whole bottle and trusted to medicate himself. The mention of the names 'Abby', 'Abigail', or 'Aurthur' will often send him into an abrupt relapse in which he seems to completely break down.

BRIEF PERSONALITY SUMMARY: Matthew is a quiet, soft spoken man. He is somewhat timid and usually as a tiny, tiny smile on his face, which disappears often. He seems almost lost most of the time, prone to simply wander about the house looking at this or that. He eats meager amounts of food and doesn't usually say much when in a room with other people who aren't speaking directly to him. He is, however, a very kind individual. He's always willing to help and will volunteer to do things for others. He is generous, compassionate, and sensitive, which is why they let him into The Minthill House. He gets along well with others and has a very submissive kind of personal, not dominant at all.

BIO: Matthew was adopted at the age of six, his mother dying of a disease and his father having left his mother once he found out she was pregnant. He was raised by an older couple who adopted many kids as their own. He went through school being picked on as a nerd or a geek due to his extreme disinterest of sports and his emphasis of study and fine arts. He became and extremely skilled tenor, violinist, and pianist, going to college to be an Orchestra and Choir teacher. While in school, he met his soon-to-be wife, Abigail Sweeten. After he graduated and got a job teaching high school choir and orchestra, he and Abigail married. About a year later, Abigail told him that she was pregnant, and the couple celebrated. Wanting to keep the gender a surprise, they decided for a boy, he would be named Arthur, and a girl would be named Rosalina.

One fateful day however, Matthew and Abby were driving home from Abby's relative's house in a storm when a tree was struck by lightning and fell on the road. They swerved to avoid the tree, but the car swiped the tree and tumbled off the road. flipping four times. The accident killed both Abigail, and their unborn child. Matthew waited on the side of the country road for hours, fading in and out of consciousness, before help came and took Abby's lifeless body away. Matthew began showing symptoms just after he was released from the hospital (After many surgeries and three months) with the knowledge that Abby had not survived and that his unborn child, Arthur, was killed as well. Since then, his friends has been claiming that he had gone insane, sometimes seeing them and yelling in fear, or sometimes coming to his home to check on him and finding him hiding somewhere, sobbing hysterically, and apologizing as if Abby were there. On occasion, they'd come to spend time with him and he'd spent hours simply wandering around his own house, walking from room to room and occasionally staring out a window. They finally got him help for Matthew overdosed on sleeping pills and they found him in his house, on the bathroom floor, unconscious and lying in a puddle of vomit.

REFERRED BY: Christopher Blum, family friend and Kyle Lancaster, brother.

NOTES: Matthew has long white scars on various places, one from his left shoulderblade curving around the side to his shoulder, one from his left collarbone to just under his right pec, and one from the left side of his left knee across he front to the right side of his left ankle (From the car accident). He's got various other scars all over his body from the crash, but the previously mentioned scars are the largest. Matthew walks with a slight limp. He loves Turtles, blue turtles especially.

So begins...

Matthew Lancaster's Story

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Marie was just about to lead Lux in when she caught sight of a familiar vehicle coming down the boulevard towards the house - And knew that it had to be Shane. The Minthill House was the only house on the boulevard, and she doubted someone would get lost this close to the outsides of town. Minthill was a bit in the country, yes, but not too far as to make it difficult for one to return - It was ten minutes to the city limits at most. As Shane parked and made his way in, she offered him a kindly smile. She wasn't surprised to see him rush into the house and to his office - After all, most doctors who worked here did seem to get rather attached to the building itself.

As she parted her lips to speak, yet another car arrived. She recognized the vehicle as a medical personnel vehicle and pursed her lips a bit, watching as the clearly exasperated nurse grabbed the boy inside and seemed to almost threw him at the house. Marie hid her contempt as the boy held his folder to her. 'What despicable treatment' he thought, watching as the vehicle drove away and disappeared down the road. How could they possibly be so cruel so someone with fragile mental health? She recognized the boy, but thanked him quietly and took the folder from him. "Welcome to Minthill. I'm Marie Swall - I believe, you got my letter?"

Once again, there was a another vehicle coming down the way - But she could only handle so much at once. She hated to bother him, but she called after Shane.

"Dr. Harrisson? There seems another resident is here! Could you possibly introduce them? I'd like to show these two around and to their rooms first, and i'm not much good at keeping track of too much." she asked with a gentle smile.

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Matthew was dead silent as his brother, Kyle, took his arm and put it over his shoulders, slowly taking him towards the navy blue Honda that Kyle owned. Matthew muttered under his breath every moment as Kyle assisted him into the back seat of the car as Chris Blum, a good family friend, loaded some bags into the trunk. Matthew's dull blue eyes rarely moved up from the ground, even focused mainly on his hands when he had settled in the back seat. It was difficult, and rather frightening for him to be in the front seat after the accident, and he could barely keep himself from a panic attack when me looked out the windshield at the world.

"It'll be fine, Matt. You'll like it there." Kyle asked as he rested his hand on his knee, looking into the back to face him. Matthew could feel Kyle's expectant and worried gaze, but barely registered it. Numb, Matthew dragged his gaze up to his brother's face and nodded.

"Okay," he replied in barely above a whisper. Matthew's face had deep etched lines of stress, and the world-weariness of the young man made him seem almost a decade older than he actually was. His eyes reflected things like an unpolished glass pane, dull and blurred with a kind of darkness around the rim. He watched as Kyle's mouth twitched into a sad smile and he patted his knee against before turning forward, allowing his dull blue eyes to trail back down to his hands.

The car ride was spent in complete silence, Matthew observing his hands the entire time. They were thin and pale - just like the rest of him -, fingers laced together. The ring and middle finger of his right hand ached as it pressed against the hard metal of his wedding ring, which shined just as new as the day he had gotten it - A silver band with a small, blue tinted diamond. It had been a cheaper wedding ring, but he didn't need a little metal and bling to say he was married, Abigail's love was enough.


Matthew barely managed to keep from choking on his tongue in shock as he heard the voice, whipping his head around both ways to try and find the familiar face he had expected to see, which would have matched the gentle, feminine voice. When he found no one, he reached up and pressed his hands against his ears. Just as he had pressed his hands hard enough against his ears to begin to physically hurt himself, the door opened and he lowered his hands, giving his brother a dull, blank look.

"We're here,"

Matthew was still, and only moved when they reached in to take his hand before moving it to his shoulder, assisting him out. He was weak from the lack of sleep, so they stopped to make sure that he was steady before leaving him to look at his new surroundings while they took out his bags. There was a large suitcase and a backpack which they set next to Matthew as he simply stared up at the building. In Matthew's mind, almost everything had disappeared and a kind of wandering focus began to draw his attention to things around himself. There was a young woman standing with a younger boy and girl, and a doctor, and finally there was the large house. Slowly, he walked over to one of the bushes near the house, looking down at it and reaching down to pinch a leaf between his thumb and pointer finger, not saying a word, simply staring at the leaf with a half-lidded and lightly closed lips. The man had the air of just being unaware of everything around himself, clueless.

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There were so many people arriving now: another doctor, a couple more patients. She felt so out of place. Lux nibbled on her bottom lip uncomfortably, wanting to just find her room, snuggle up with a book, and wait for this nightmare to be over. She pressed her back against the nearest wall, looking towards Marie and damn near praying for her to take her out of here. Away from all these people who were supposedly just as fucked up as she was. Or worse. One of the men looked about ready to bite the head off of the nearest person and wore more make up than she did. The other looked like he was in a daze or strung out, though admittedly more approachable looking than Mr. Goth-Boy. Mr. Goth-Boy and Mr. Fucking-Depressed were now their names, at least in Lux's head. There were no other female patients, besides herself, that she could see.

"So - ah - are we gonna...go? Or are we all just going to stand out here, enjoying the scenery?" She questioned, lightly tilting her head to the side.

She watched Mr. Fucking Depressed stare at a leaf like it was the meaning of life, and she raised an eyebrow. Maybe she wasn't as messed up as people thought she was, not when she was put up next to these two. Sure, she refused to take her medication, occasionally became a little uncontrollable, and on more than a few occasions attempted to end her life...but at least she seemed to know what was going on around her.

"Is he, y'know, in a walking coma or something?" She elbowed Miss Marie Swall in the side.

She was pretty sure there wasn't such a thing as a walking coma, but it couldn't hurt to ask. Mr. Fucking Depressed looked like the God damned living dead, and she liked to think she knew her undead pretty well. She had an impressive collection of horror films waiting for her back home, Zombies and Vampires being the main creatures in nearly all of them. Not to mention she could do wonders with a little bit of liquid latex and fake blood. Maybe Mr. Goth-Boy would like a tutorial, as he obviously enjoyed the Make Up Industry and all their lipsticky, eye linery glory.