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Shane Harrisson

Everyone dies eventually. The only difference is how they are remembered.

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a character in “Minthill Home for the Troubled”, as played by Cadounus


"Everyone dies eventually. The only difference is how they are remembered."

NAME: Harrisson , Shane
SEX: Male
AGE: 29
HEIGHT: 6'0''
WEIGHT: 210 lbs
REASON FOR APPLYING: Because even if it's only one person I help, thats one mark i've left on this Earth.
BRIEF PERSONALITY SUMMARY: Outside of work, Shane is quite a laid back guy, with a quick wit and a sarcastic sense of humor. He's very shy and takes a while to get used to someones company. But as soon as he dons his white coat, he changes into a passionate man with drive and confidence. With his patients, he is extremely friendly and approachable. He often comes across as a little debonair, with his natural charm, and quick tongue. Shane's social circle is a small one. He has a few close friends but tends to be a work-a-holic, which, in his profession, leaves very little time for socializing and parties.
BIO: Whenever someone asks Shane "Why did you become a doctor?" they always expect a perfect, fairy-tale story about how it was "always his passion" or how his father had been mentally unstable, and that drove him to help others. But the truth is, Shane's story really isn't like this at all. As a child, he was convinced he would grow up to be an author. He loved literature, and books (reading AND writing!). This addiction to the written word continued well into his late teens, when he began to study biology at college. It was at this point that his addiction to the beauty of language was replaced with an addiction to the beauty of the human body. He found himself captivated and inspired by the complex network of neurones and chemicals that made up the body and mind. By the young age of 25 he had completed his medical degree. His parents had both died tragically in the 7/7 bombings while touring in London, England. And so, after completing his degree, he sold their home and moved away from the town where they had lived, as he felt no connection there anymore. In his new town, he found himself working in the accident and emergency department at a major hospital, which he enjoyed a lot, but it wasn't long before he found his niche in the Mental health wing of a different small hospital. He discovered that he preffered this aspect of doctoring to any other, and now, at age 29, he finds himself at Minthill.
TREATMENT STRENGTHS: Great at getting patients to co-operate. Very persuasive, and a great bargainer. Dr Harrisson has a gentle bedside manner that makes him approachable. (He also has a beautiful picture of an adorable blue turtle. Great for calming people down.)
NOTES: Small tattoo on his left shoulderblade. The name "Violet" in scripture italics. A memento of a lost love.
Theme Song!:

So begins...

Shane Harrisson's Story

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Shane adjusted his tie slightly, pulling it a little tighter around his neck. He turned away from the mirror, and slid open the zip on his brown leather man-bag. His hands swiftly rifled through the MASS of paperwork in their, and he did a quick check that he had everything he needed.

Patient files: Check.
Signed contract: Check.
Medical Identification: Check
Uniform: Check.
And of course, The photo of his parents.

He was looking forward to getting back to his office at Minthill. It had been a long few weeks since Minthill closed between admittance groups. In this time, the other Doctors would be visiting their families. But Shane, who had no close family left, spent his time watching junk television and kicking back with his 2 closest friends. He'd also spent a considerable amount of time burning off his boredom at the local gym.

Satisfied that he had everything he would need for now, He loaded up his car, an old black BMW. Not the most expensive or flashy car in the world, but he didn't really care about cars anyway.
He slumped into the drivers seat and twisted the key in the ignition. The engine spat out a satisfying growl, and he curled off of his driveway.

The drive to Minthill was tiresome, and uninteresting. But as soon as he drew close, and saw the marvelous House looming closer, his heart perked up a little. He was excited to be back in his comfort zone.
As he parked up, he grabbed his bags. He saw Marie, the founder (and his boss), talking to a pretty young girl who he assumed was a patient. She couldn't have been any older that 18, something he found a little heartbreaking in it's own way.

As he walked up to the pair. He flashed Marie a quick smile, and said "Hello" to the young girl, and then walked through the front doors. heading towards his office. He didn't want to overwhelm the new patient by bombarding her with medical personnel.

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Marie was just about to lead Lux in when she caught sight of a familiar vehicle coming down the boulevard towards the house - And knew that it had to be Shane. The Minthill House was the only house on the boulevard, and she doubted someone would get lost this close to the outsides of town. Minthill was a bit in the country, yes, but not too far as to make it difficult for one to return - It was ten minutes to the city limits at most. As Shane parked and made his way in, she offered him a kindly smile. She wasn't surprised to see him rush into the house and to his office - After all, most doctors who worked here did seem to get rather attached to the building itself.

As she parted her lips to speak, yet another car arrived. She recognized the vehicle as a medical personnel vehicle and pursed her lips a bit, watching as the clearly exasperated nurse grabbed the boy inside and seemed to almost threw him at the house. Marie hid her contempt as the boy held his folder to her. 'What despicable treatment' he thought, watching as the vehicle drove away and disappeared down the road. How could they possibly be so cruel so someone with fragile mental health? She recognized the boy, but thanked him quietly and took the folder from him. "Welcome to Minthill. I'm Marie Swall - I believe, you got my letter?"

Once again, there was a another vehicle coming down the way - But she could only handle so much at once. She hated to bother him, but she called after Shane.

"Dr. Harrisson? There seems another resident is here! Could you possibly introduce them? I'd like to show these two around and to their rooms first, and i'm not much good at keeping track of too much." she asked with a gentle smile.

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Matthew was dead silent as his brother, Kyle, took his arm and put it over his shoulders, slowly taking him towards the navy blue Honda that Kyle owned. Matthew muttered under his breath every moment as Kyle assisted him into the back seat of the car as Chris Blum, a good family friend, loaded some bags into the trunk. Matthew's dull blue eyes rarely moved up from the ground, even focused mainly on his hands when he had settled in the back seat. It was difficult, and rather frightening for him to be in the front seat after the accident, and he could barely keep himself from a panic attack when me looked out the windshield at the world.

"It'll be fine, Matt. You'll like it there." Kyle asked as he rested his hand on his knee, looking into the back to face him. Matthew could feel Kyle's expectant and worried gaze, but barely registered it. Numb, Matthew dragged his gaze up to his brother's face and nodded.

"Okay," he replied in barely above a whisper. Matthew's face had deep etched lines of stress, and the world-weariness of the young man made him seem almost a decade older than he actually was. His eyes reflected things like an unpolished glass pane, dull and blurred with a kind of darkness around the rim. He watched as Kyle's mouth twitched into a sad smile and he patted his knee against before turning forward, allowing his dull blue eyes to trail back down to his hands.

The car ride was spent in complete silence, Matthew observing his hands the entire time. They were thin and pale - just like the rest of him -, fingers laced together. The ring and middle finger of his right hand ached as it pressed against the hard metal of his wedding ring, which shined just as new as the day he had gotten it - A silver band with a small, blue tinted diamond. It had been a cheaper wedding ring, but he didn't need a little metal and bling to say he was married, Abigail's love was enough.


Matthew barely managed to keep from choking on his tongue in shock as he heard the voice, whipping his head around both ways to try and find the familiar face he had expected to see, which would have matched the gentle, feminine voice. When he found no one, he reached up and pressed his hands against his ears. Just as he had pressed his hands hard enough against his ears to begin to physically hurt himself, the door opened and he lowered his hands, giving his brother a dull, blank look.

"We're here,"

Matthew was still, and only moved when they reached in to take his hand before moving it to his shoulder, assisting him out. He was weak from the lack of sleep, so they stopped to make sure that he was steady before leaving him to look at his new surroundings while they took out his bags. There was a large suitcase and a backpack which they set next to Matthew as he simply stared up at the building. In Matthew's mind, almost everything had disappeared and a kind of wandering focus began to draw his attention to things around himself. There was a young woman standing with a younger boy and girl, and a doctor, and finally there was the large house. Slowly, he walked over to one of the bushes near the house, looking down at it and reaching down to pinch a leaf between his thumb and pointer finger, not saying a word, simply staring at the leaf with a half-lidded and lightly closed lips. The man had the air of just being unaware of everything around himself, clueless.

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There were so many people arriving now: another doctor, a couple more patients. She felt so out of place. Lux nibbled on her bottom lip uncomfortably, wanting to just find her room, snuggle up with a book, and wait for this nightmare to be over. She pressed her back against the nearest wall, looking towards Marie and damn near praying for her to take her out of here. Away from all these people who were supposedly just as fucked up as she was. Or worse. One of the men looked about ready to bite the head off of the nearest person and wore more make up than she did. The other looked like he was in a daze or strung out, though admittedly more approachable looking than Mr. Goth-Boy. Mr. Goth-Boy and Mr. Fucking-Depressed were now their names, at least in Lux's head. There were no other female patients, besides herself, that she could see.

"So - ah - are we gonna...go? Or are we all just going to stand out here, enjoying the scenery?" She questioned, lightly tilting her head to the side.

She watched Mr. Fucking Depressed stare at a leaf like it was the meaning of life, and she raised an eyebrow. Maybe she wasn't as messed up as people thought she was, not when she was put up next to these two. Sure, she refused to take her medication, occasionally became a little uncontrollable, and on more than a few occasions attempted to end her life...but at least she seemed to know what was going on around her.

"Is he, y'know, in a walking coma or something?" She elbowed Miss Marie Swall in the side.

She was pretty sure there wasn't such a thing as a walking coma, but it couldn't hurt to ask. Mr. Fucking Depressed looked like the God damned living dead, and she liked to think she knew her undead pretty well. She had an impressive collection of horror films waiting for her back home, Zombies and Vampires being the main creatures in nearly all of them. Not to mention she could do wonders with a little bit of liquid latex and fake blood. Maybe Mr. Goth-Boy would like a tutorial, as he obviously enjoyed the Make Up Industry and all their lipsticky, eye linery glory.