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Kang Jin Ae

"Aigoo. What a waste of time."

0 · 515 views · located in Golden Tower High School

a character in “Minute Of Fame”, as played by ViceRicePres


Kang Jin Ae

Female 3

None, really. But she may have developed some feelings for a guy in school named Lee Sang-Min.

Hidden Talent

Jin Ae always loved to do arts such as acting, dancing, painting, but most of all singing. Ever since she was young, she always had a habit of singing when she was either feeling sad, happy, excited, etc. and still sings in the shower. She has a very wide range and excells in high notes which most people can’t really do. Her voice is also loud and powerful but can be pretty soft as well depending on the song. Not too many people know about her voice because she’s always been too shy about singing in public (people only know about her playing the ukulele and piano). Although only a few friends and family know about it, Jin Ae has always wanted to show off her voice to the public. She just never had the courage or confidence to do so and plans on finally letting the world hear her at the talent showcase.


April 21

Jin Ae has a pale complexion with a very slight tan and has caramel brown hair that ends right past her shoulders with front, even bangs and shorter strands of hair framing her face. Rarely does she ever have split-ends or flyaways since she takes care of her hair everyday, seeing as she values it very much and donates it whenever her hair gets too long and she needs a new hair cut. Her lips are thin yet slightly plumped and are a natural light pink color. She stands at 5’4” and weighs around 120 lbs. She has a petite, slender body with curves that fit her perfectly; not too big but not too small either to the extent that she looks like a walking stick. She has perfectly straight, white teeth-thanks to her braces in sixth grade- but doesn't like to smile with them that much. Her eyes are almond shaped with thin, medium-length eyelashes. She dislikes her eyes the most because of its very dark shade of brown, making her eyes look completely black and boring.

Sexual Orientation

Jin Ae is usually cooperative (if you don't bother her) but can be quite stubborn sometimes. She's also independant and doesn't like asking for help that much. She is usually quiet but talks when neccassary (or panicked) and is actually pretty nice (when she wants to be) once you get to know her but she doesn’t take shit from anybody. She usually has a lot of patience, too. If you start getting on her nerves, though, she’ll give you some type of warning to let you know when to stop. But if you continue, she won’t be afraid to hurt you... Oh, and she can also be very competitive and doesn’t like being underestimated either- which happens a lot because of her petite figure and girly appearance.
Despite her looks, Jin Ae has trouble with people sometimes since she doesn’t really like too much attention. She often has a habit of telling people to go away or leave her alone. She’s had a pretty tough childhood so she envies others’ happiness with thedir parents sometimes. She also prefers watching drama by the sidelines rather than being involved in it. She’s actually quite confident too but not when it comes to her talents. She has stage fright and she wants to overcome that fear by auditioning for Ice Entertainment.
Is Jin Ae capable of fun? Maybe... Not really. She doesn’t have a very good sense of humor and rarely laughs for some unknown reason. She barely shows any emotion, too, but that depends on who she’s around. If anything, she hates it when people beat around the bush and is pretty straight forward herself. She doesn’t really care what others think of her nor does she care how others feel. If it has nothing to do with her, why should she?

Skills and Weaknesses
  • Singing
  • Art
  • Dancing
  • Running
  • Sports
  • Baking
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Piano
  • Ukulele
  • Different (Asian) Languages
  • Keeping a straight face

  • Big crowds
  • Swimming
  • Affection
  • Math
  • Anything that has to do with potential interests
  • English
  • Rapping
  • Composing Songs

Feelings about failed trainees returning to school
Jin Ae didn’t really care much about the students leaving for certain entertainments but did have a twinge of jealousy. She actually did admire them for having what she lacked, though; confidence in showing their talents. Truthfully, she was somewhat proud of them since they went to the same school but wasn’t too elated for their achievement since she wasn’t too close with any of them except her cousin. Once she found out they were coming back, she was utterly disappointed in them since they had brought shame upon their school. Even though she knew she she’d probably be competing with some of them at the auditions, she can’t help but wish them luck so they could redeem themselves. But as for now, she doesn’t want anything that has to do with them, excluding her cousin.

Likes & Dislikes
  • Arts (in general)
  • Music
  • Playing piano
  • Playing Guitar
  • Playing the Ukulele
  • Martial Arts
  • Food
  • Animals
  • Nature
  • Flowers (Mainly Orchids)
  • Small Crowds
  • Open spaces
  • Most of her Family
  • Being Active
  • Soft Items
  • Hello Kitty
  • Being Comfortable
  • Winning
  • Action Movies
  • Bright Colors
  • Long Socks

  • Being bored
  • Silence
  • Huge Crowds
  • Attention
  • Aegyo "I don't understand how people find it cute."
  • Pressure
  • Being Rushed "What? It only makes me slower..."
  • Annoying People
  • Obnoxious People
  • Nosy People
  • Crying
  • Drugs/Alchohol
  • Pollution
  • Fake People
  • People who Lie all the time
  • Troublemakers
  • Huge Parties
  • Drawing for others (Only when they ask)
  • Being Useless/Weak
  • People
  • Pity
  • Asking for Help
  • Failing
  • Hugs
  • Being Late
  • Being Told What to Do
  • Drama & Romance
  • Awkward Moments
  • Cinnamon

  • Collecting Key Chains
  • Singing
  • Painting
  • Playing Piano

Face Claim
Girl’s Day’s Park Sojin

Theme Song
Coming Down From Heaven- Oh Won Bin & Miss $

Hex Code

Quirks and Extra
Jin Ae often tells people that she’s allergic to cinnamon although that’s a total lie since she isn’t allergic to anything. She just doesn’t like the taste and the smell irritates her nose. She is also a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and loves watching action movies.
Jin Ae tends to write on her hands, too, whenever she comes across a pen that she likes. She doesn't like it when people take pictures of her either and always says that she's not photogenic. She only likes taking pictures of herself because it highly aggrivates her when people don't delete ugly pictures they take of her. That's one of the reasons why she absolutely despises the camera men on picture day. The other is because they always think they're funny, trying to make you laugh or smile with your teeth and whatnot.
Jin Ae likes to wear baggy tops with either shorts, skinny jeans, or leggings. She owns lots of hoodies and sweaters and multiple pairs of shoes to match each outfit she wears, too. She prefers to wear bright and vibrant colors even though it makes her all the more noticable in a crowd, which is something she doesn't like about her choice of clothing. She doesn't really like to wear anything too formal and only owns a dress or two and a couple more hanboks passed on from her grandmother. Even though she has lots of shorts, she doesn't own a single skirt.
Jin Ae had been playing piano since she was four- forced by her grandmother just to get something out of the "mistake". Fortunately, she found it quite enjoyable. She also knows how to play the ukulele and is recently teaching herself how to play the guitar, too, but can only play a few songs. There are still many other chords she has yet to master.

Jin Ae is half Japanese and Korean; daughter of Kang Tae Moo and Kurenai Akitoki. Her mother was a prostitute and Jin Ae was made from a one night stand. Not wanting to have anything to do with her, Kurenai abandoned Jin Ae with Tae Moo since she ruined her career due to her pregnancy. Still being a teenager when Jin Ae was born, Tae Moo had no idea how to take care of her until Kurenai came back. They took care of Jin Ae together for a few months until Tae Moo figured out that Kurenai only wanted to stay with him for his money and told her to get lost, struggling with Jin Ae even more. Upset, he went to his parents for some advice and they were highly disappointed in him and embarrassed that he was their son. They told Tae Moo that it was his responsibility and his own fault that this whole mess had happened. Pitying their son, they bought him a little trailer to live in but told him that the rest was all his to take care of.
You'd think he'd have some of his friends to support him; but that wasn't the case here. After a few more months, Tae Moo lost his friends and couldn’t find a job. He was unemployed, only having his parents for some source of money to at least manage with electricity and water. He was already having trouble taking care of himself and having another mouth to feed wasn’t any better. He then commited suicide a few weeks right before Jin Ae’s seventh birthday. From then on, Jin Ae had lived with her grandparents whom weren’t so happy about it (mostly her grandmather; her grandfather got over it much quicker than she did), and blamed her for their son’s death. They treated her harshly at first and were very judgemental since her biological mother slept with men for money and always looked down on her. Some of the students at school didn't help either due to children calling her names 'cause their parents warned them about her mother. Because of this, Jin Ae often got into many fights until her grandparents enrolled her in Tae Kwon Do.
She’s always felt alone and never really experienced real, genuine happiness before until she experienced her first family reunion. She got along with many cousins, including Daehyun. His mother also persuaded her gragndmother to treat her better, since “Jin Ae is Jin Ae and Kurenai is Kurenai. They may be share the same blood but they are two completely different people.”

Favorite Band
What? But there’s too many~ Well, at this moment it’s… B2ST :D

So begins...

Kang Jin Ae's Story

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Kang Jin Ae

Just like any other school day, Jin Ae walked silently to Golden Tower High by herself, music being her only company via headphones. Even though she woke up early (as usual) she still didn’t waste time getting to school. She didn’t like coming to school late or right on time sometimes due to the annoying crowds gathered outside the building. The sooner she got there, the more time she got with herself without having to hear anyone gossiping or spreading rumors.

Jin Ae finally arrived, just to see Mi Sun heading towards the outdoor plaza. The girl, Mi Sun, often spoke her opinions out loud even though it may be hurtful... And she respected her for that. She finds it utterly unnecessary lying to others just make them feel better and whatnot- which is also why she hated followers and phonies. But she knew Mi Sun wasn’t like that so she didn’t dislike her... But that doesn’t mean she liked her either. She just found the girl somewhere along the lines of “tolerable” or something. Jin Ae didn’t know but she wasn’t going to waste her time thinking of a category to put her in.

Ignoring the other early birds that already arrived as well, Jin Ae just sat at one of the few benches under a celtis sinensis tree and took out her sketchbook. The failed trainees coming back didn't even cross her mind as she started finishing one of the the sketches she started last night.

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Kang Jin Ae

Jin Ae swiftly put her hair up in a messy bun since her hair was getting in her way as she added the finishing touches to her sketch. A few more minutes passed and the bell hasn’t rung yet. Sighing, Jin Ae proudly looked over her masterpiece before gently slipping it back into her Hello Kitty messenger bag, deciding to just go inside before the great wave of students swallow her whole when the bell actually rings.

Standing up while stretching her arms, Jin Ae looked back at the parking lot to see more cars arriving as well as other students who also used their legs as transportation. She watched as NiHyun strutted out his ride with his purse and Woo Hyuk making his way beside his other half, Mi Sun, shortly followed by another girl... Sang Hee?

Oh, the trainees are back... Which means- Aigoo! She totally forgot that today was the day her cousin, Daehyun, was also coming back to Golden Tower. She did miss him but she couldn’t help but groan in slight disappointment as she entered the school. That damn romantic better not kick any puppies or throw any kittens on his way here. She knew she was exaggerating but she had a habit of doing that sometimes when it came to him. They weren’t on terrible terms but they weren’t exactly all budd-buddy with each other either. He’s actually one of the few she’d waste her precious oxygen on, though, and show some emotions to or give her time of day and such. They got along pretty well but they also have many arguments, too. Nonetheless, she didn’t mind his presence at all despite the fact that he was a total flirt (thankfully not to her- that’d be disgusting).

Finally arriving at her locker- which was just across Mi Sun’s- she opened it to have a bunch of her sketches fall out, all wrinkled up. Cursing under her breath, Jin Ae bent down and started picking them up, ignoring the other people in the hallway. Aish! I knew I shouldn’t have stuffed these in there. Looks like I’m going to have to buy myself a binder.

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Lee Woo Hyuk

Woo Hyuk wasn't one for saying "Good Morning". In reality, he never actually experienced a good morning, so he felt no need to say it. Woo Hyuk rolled his eyes at his friend's obvious reply. Of course, leave it to Mi Sun to always give him a smart ass answer. He couldn't really complain though, since he did the same from time to time. Raising the coffee up to his lips, he took a small sip and sighed lowly. "Ah, the ultimate sugar rush of last month. How could I forget?" He said, grinning at her. "I'm surprised you're still willing to have anything with caffeine after that." Instead of replying to him, Mi Sun slung his arm around his shoulder and he could feel her giving him a disapproving look. Most likely because of his hair. "It's fine." He told her, but she was already digging through her purse to find her comb.

"Woohyuk. Princess. Nice to see you two Siamese twins again." Oh for the love of all that is good, please let it not be Sanghee. Unfortunately, when Woo Hyuk glanced down he saw the small girl smirking at them cockily. He looked at Mi Sun for her reaction and noticed her smirking back at him. He scowled. "Sang,it's nice to see you again. How was it failing out of your record company and being stuck here again?" She replied back bitterly. Ouch. That's gotta hurt. Woo Hyuk stifled a small laugh as he followed his best friend to her locker. Poor failed trainees, he thought as he mentally laughed. He opened his locker, which was conveniently next to Mi Sun's. He grabbed his Calculus textbook and stuffed it into his back pack, before slinging it onto his shoulder and turning to face his friend. Once he did, she instantly started brushing his hair. And he let her. "If you were my sister, I'd go crazy." Woo Hyuk commented with a chuckle. He imagined her going around organizing his room and filling it with pink. He was lucky to have his little perfectionist friend, because things just wouldn't be the same without her.

As Mi Sun finished and started to complain about her dog, Woo Hyuk closed his locker and snickered. "Seems like your Tuesday mood is really kicking in. You're lucky that you don't have a cat that uses your face as a scratching post." He said and rubbed his cheek. Suddenly, the locker next to Mi Sun's opened and several papers came flooding out, followed by a girl desperately trying to pick everything up. With a sigh, he went over and squat down, picking up a couple of papers and not bothering to look at them. Woo Hyuk handed them to the girl, not saying a word.

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Shin Kyung Jae

Kyung Jae made his way to the school on a high speed run. He had a car and actually was a decent driver, but he also loved running. The quick five minute run to school wasn't that big of a deal for him. Another thing was that he never brought a bag to school. The teachers have been on his case about it since school started and even contacted his parents about the matter. To solve the stupid ordeal, he finally bought a bag, but he kept it in his locker. It was almost always empty and he never took it home. He carried most of his books in his arms, but preferred not to be carrying anything at all.

As he made his way into the school, he felt himself slip into the background. He mentally laughed as no one saw him walk around them slowly. He was one of the taller guys in the school so he found it ironic that nobody saw him. His height usually made it difficult to eavesdrop on people's conversations. He found Jin Ae drawing, something she usually did. The girl was oh so quiet. Almost a hint of snobby silence about her. He didn't like her, but she hasn't given him a reason to hate her either. So she was just there. Kyung Jae noted that he actually didn't know her very much. Though he knew plenty about her cousin, Daehyun, who would be returning today. Kyung Jae smirked as he followed Mi Sun, Woohyuk, and Sang-Hee's conversation. He remembered the little love between the two girls and even the year gap between their contact couldn't sever the dislike they had for each other. He knew that. Just like he knew a lot of things that went along in this school.

Sang-Hee was a very independent soul, Kyung Jae looked at her and shuffled inside before she could catch him staring. He gave a quick glance around for Mun Je, his best friend. Not seeing her bubblegum pink hair he ducked his head inside the door, witnessing Nihyun's odd exchange with Woohyuk and Mi Sun. Something just occured to Kyung Jae and Nihyun bounced away and Woohyuk helped Jin Ae with the random cascade of papers that fell from her locker. So she's not organized, he thought. And Woohyuk is suddenly a helpful gentlemen. He chuckled and proceed to his locker, trying to assemble his thoughts for the day. He passed by another two returning trainees, Hyuna and Ren. His eyebrow raised at their physical appearances. He had to admit they looked better then before. It took him a good five minutes to recognize their faces from the exchange of names, but he got it. Ren looked tired, emotionless, and, well, lifeless. Hyuna looked, he couldn't really say in any other conservative way, sexier.

He finally got to his locker and remembered that little thing that would be a hilarious thing to see between the ex-couple, Nihyun and Sang-Hee. He couldn't help but laugh to himself as he swung his empty backpack over his shoulder and lifted a few books to place inside it so teachers wouldn't give him hell for it. Nihyun and Sang-Hee had dated before Sang-Hee left and Nihyun had shown his true colors. He slammed his locker door and made his way to Mun Je's locker. Kyung Jae couldn't hold in the smirk. He rubbed his hands together letting the new information slide around his brain. He was tingling with excitement. Kyung Jae liked being nosy. People didn't like him for it, but he didn't really care. He would have to figure out the details of the trainees before any real action began. He waited by Mun Je's locker, getting a little impatient. He couldn't wait to tell her his new discoveries.

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No Daehyun

Daehyun rolled on his back as his alarm clock rang. He was used to waking up early for training, so his eyes were open a good twenty minutes before the small black box made any type of sound. He sat up, softly hitting the off button on his alarm, the red numbers just blurring his mind. He gave a tired expression and looked around his room. He never thought he would be upset to see the familiar posters, his favorite pair of fuzzy socks, and the overall supposedly comforting bed. But as he stood up and slipped into the bathroom, all he could feel was an inescapable sadness. Staring at his reflection in the mirror, he just sighed. Every time he tried to get mad, he just ended up becoming very sad. The day his manager told him that the company was dropping him, he was in a state of shock. He was almost in a robotic state for the next week or so as he fully took in the situation. Daehyun refused to look at any of the other trainees especially the two girls that were, despite his kind nature, were to blame for the end of his dreams. He had been nice to Soo Ran and it bit him back with Ah Ra's jealousy. Yet he couldn't bring himself to hate them. Ultimately he hated himself. He got into the shower and returned to the boring routine of school. A year ago he would be smiling as he put on his uniform and brought a stuffed animal with him to school for another one of the girls he found cute. Now his face almost curled in a snarl as he faced his reflection in the mirror.

He went downstairs and was met with the quiet faces of his father and two younger sisters. They had sad expressions, but none of them made a move to meet his face. He had been in a quiet stage since he returned home, and he didn't even go outside. He just spent most of his days trying to remember the dream he almost had in his grasp. The thought drove him to tears many times. "Morning," he mumbled, unable to gather up a smile. The only other person who didn't greet him in monotone was his mother. He forced a smile at her strained bright face. "Daehyun," she said. If voices had colors hers would be the only one with tints of color to it. She was so kind and caring, Daehyun felt like failure under her soft gaze. "Here have some chocolate milk and bread. Do you want cream cheese or nutella?" He smiled, not wanting to stress her out even more. He knew his return to regular life had hurt all of his family, especially his younger sisters. How could you brag about your older brother when he was a failure.

He finished his breakfast and was the first to leave the house, declining both his parents requests for him to be driven to school. "I'll walk," he said and shut the door before any type of objection could be made. He heard a loud complaint from his mother, "Our son is in pain and all you can do is give him silence!" followed by the angry tone of both his younger sisters as they said something he didn't catch in unison. Daehyun quickly started down the steps of their small house. He didn't want to hear anymore of them talking. He could already feel the sadness and pain creep up his stomach lodging another river of emotion in his throat. Swallowing it, he forced himself to keep a serious face on. He wasn't worried about his old friends or even his cousin Jin Ae. He was a little worried that they and some people would already learn why he was forced to leave.

Daehyun looked at the floor as he entered the school and didn't look up until he found his locker. He gathered his books and looked around for his first class. He had English first. He walked into the classroom and picked an unoccupied seat in the front. The teacher informed him that no one would sit there. He hoped that no one would recognize his face and leave him alone. He put his head down and waited for class to begin.

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Park Mi Sun

She could see people chuckling,like always but at least ths time there was no cameras out and the dean wasn't called out from his office. Everyone knew they didn't get along,that part was easy to spot. But,as far as they knew,no one knew why.Only two people did and that was herself and Sang-Hee,she never told Woo Hyun just because i was mainly about him and he didn't even know.That reason was because they were friends,best friend almost as good as her and her blonde "brother" few years ago like eighth grade,freshmen year and that was the time they both started to crush on their newly blonde friend. Mi Sun knew him better and liked him longer but still Sang-Hee tried it anyway,which ended up in a fight almost breaking out if Woo Hyuk and a few other guys didn't hold them back. Surprsingly the guys who didn't want to see the fight,which probaby would have been the best fight in Golden Tower's history. I mean the princess and the Pauper in a fight.....who wouldn't want to see that? But,Sang-Hee gave up on trying to be her friend,Woo Hyun chose to stay friends with Mi Sun and there was nothing she could do about it. See sometimes the rich can win. When she saw San-Hee walk around the corner to her locker,she groaned and rolled her wide eyes. Her eyes returned to her best friend as he spoke in his scary deep voice, "If you were my sister, I'd go crazy" She thumped him with her brush before putting it in her bag. "You'd love to have me as a sister and you know it,I mean your room be all cute and pretty like mine at home." She smirked and closed her locker. "Seems like your Tuesday mood is really kicking in. You're lucky that you don't have a cat that uses your face as a scratching post." She started to chuckle and shook her head. "Like always,i feellike any second I will just go balistic on someone. And cats are evil that's why. And why are you telling me this? So I can kiss your cheek for you?" She raised an eyebrow and layed a kiss on two fingers of hers before putting them softly on his cheek,she never saw herself kissing that is. She thought it was like kissing her long lost brother.

She heard NiHyun talking to them as she offered a small smile. She may not have been best friends with the guy just for the fact that he went out with Sang but when he came out,he respected him a lot more than before,see that she was still in the closet. "Try having a dog and a cat fighting and waking you up thirty minutes before your alarm clock." She chuckled and shook her head. Cats are evil "And I'm sorry for Sang-hee's attitude...,I-I mean, good comeback you gave her. Well, I guess we'll see each other soon." She smiled showing off her white teeth. "Wasn't that hard,I have a lot more where that came from.And yea,see you around."While she was talking to NiHyun she saw Woo helping Jin Ae with her papers. She didn't know really anything about her,whch was strange because she knew at least one thing about everyone in school even the teachers but she wasn't like Kyung Jae what so ever. She watched Woo Hyuk pick up her paper without saying anything,typical him.

The only person who knew almost everything about him if not everything was her,it took them a whole semester just to say hello to each other since him saved her from her peers. When he turned bck to her she smirked and raised an eyebrow. "Oh,play that mysterious,sexy bad boy around everyone else but around me you can't stop with the damn sarcasm? I mean you talk about your demon cat,that hates me by the way and I talk about my fish and angel little puppy. But,would it kill you to say something to people other than me all the time? Girls love that strong silent type you have all you have to do is chose one of them." As they talked she saw two people she could have swore she had seen before but who were they.....right Ren and Hyuna. Wow,they changed a lot. Both looking really good looking,but she knew Ren was bisexual like her but mostly went more of NiHyun's way than hers. She smirked and couldn't help but stare for a second at the two before noticing Kyung Jae,she saw him listening to her little talk with Sang but she was kind of busy at the moment,but now she knew he was easedropping,shocker there.

She knew that out of everyone in school he probably was the snoop. He knew a hell of alot more than he should know and that's what freaked her out. But,she saw him walk past them probably looking for his bitchy little friend,Je Mun. Who was no better than Sang-Hee God,those two girl were created just to mess with her. She messed with her hair as she saw no one else but Daehyun walk in. Now,she will admit he was good looking and was good at flirting but there was a limit for her and he didn't know that. She will be the frist to admit that once or twice he had flirted with her and she did smile but didn't really say anything,she didn't know how to react to compliments. She wasn't big on romance,espcially because around a year ago when she was questioning her sexuality. But,now he looked different,no gift for another girl everyday? No smile on his cute face? Nothing? It was odd but she didn't really feel like asking the flirt what was wrong. She already knew he was kicked out but didn't know why he was. He never seemed like the type to get kicked out of anything and he was the only person in school who was always the better reader/english student than her which meant he may be off his game. Which meant she could actually do better than him,....awesome. But,she did feel bad for the guy. Well,she see him sooner or later and hopefully he be in a better mood where she could ask him what was wrong.

She remembered she was going to hand out invitations about this party she was throwing at her house for the return of the trainees,but really her parents were out of town for then next few weeks so she was ready to remind people that she did have good parties if not the best. Yea,she was a socal person,so of course she would have a party. She knew a lot of people and just started to hand them out to peopleshe knew well enough to invite. Like people from her cheerleading team and all the members of her GSA (Gay Straight Alliance),which she was the president of since she started it in the winter semester of her freshmen year. She walked back over to her friend and started to text him.

To:Woo Hyuk
Hey Blondie boy,I'm having a party and you better come if you don't want to be on my hit list like Sang-Hee. Kidding,but you better come unless you want me to stop picking you up all the time :P
Love You,Mi Sunny Bunny
From:Mi Sun

She smirked as she heard his phone in his pocket. Then she looked back at her phone before putting it away. She messed around in her bag to make sure she had the invites because most people who came to the parties knew how to party too much,not this time. She had fourty at the very least which she couldn't wait to hand out. She looked for a very special one and handed the sparkly letter,which was covered in glitter her maid's child put on there to Woo Hyun. "Oh by the way,buddy here is you very V.I.P invite." She laughed and nudged him before looking at the time,good thing she was a student assistant who mainly helped out in te english classes and chemistry since she was an 99% student in there. Great,you're going to be late to your calculus class." She grabbed his strong arm and started to walk,well it was better than having a best friend who was a stick like her. She walked with him as far as she could before going to far from the office. "I'll see you in a minute,if I can find an excuse to come down later. And you better come to my party,Blondie got it?" She started to walk the other way,backwards while pointing at him and raising an eyebrow. She smiled and waved before turning around hearing herboots squeck against the marble floor.

She walked into the office and smiled at the assistat before having her hand her flyers which made her smile. Finally the flyers for the showcase,everyone's been buzzing about it since sh was forced to make annoucement at the beginning of the semester,ever since people have asked her about it,she was just as clueless as them except she knew the prize,it was huge! So huge,she didn't even tell Woo Hyuk when he bugged her about,that indicated it must be amazing if she didn't tell him. She nodded and walked back out to the hall where she started to hang the posters already having people surround her to look. She rolled her eyes as she walked away and heard a girl shreak. She walked towards the english halls and saw a few people she knew in one of the class. She hung a poster on the oppisite side of the wall visible from the glass window in the middle on the door. She kept walking seeing the teacher was taking attendance right now and she hated it when Mi Sun would walk in then because she would lose the name she was on and Sun would have to remind her. But,she had to come back there if she wanted that extra credit,she was offered for being a student teacher. But,now she couldn't think about that all she could think about was winnging the showcase hopefully as a group withWoo Hyun seeing that to be in the entertainment bussness you shoud have a good singing/rapping voice unlike herself,he did and they really balenced each other out.

OCC:Sorry it's so long,a lot went on in two days! You guys are good writers! :D

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Meng Sang-Hee

As Sang-Hee walked away she looked around seeing a lot of people she knew,some she liked better than others. But,none were close friends at least not now,freshmen year maybe she would call that overgrown Asian Barbie doll her best friend,boy was that a mistake. She was just a spoiled brat who saw something she wanted and went after him. Before walking away she saw two people who caught her eyes,Ren,who she didn't know pretty well,but she knew that he chose to leave just like she did. And then there was that cousin of his Hyuna,great just what she needed another girl she couldn't stand back at school but she there was a difference,with Hyuna she jus disliked her for no real apparent reason,but with Mi Sun she absolutly hated her,she didn't evn remember why....oh,yea over that still really hot friend of her's,Woo Hyuk. She looked back at him and saw him helping Jin Ae with her papers,now that was a girl who could keep it quiet,she could learn a thing from her. She stopped for a second to get a drink from the vending machine,when she turned aroun she saw Daehyunwalk into the hallway and something seemed off about that cute flirt. What no complement for another girl,I mean he had a lot of time to tink of some,oh that's right. He was forced out,she was in the same company so she knew right but it wasn't her bussness to tell espsciallybecause she couldn't talk,she left her dream behind too. But,man he seemed almost pissed off,and she was willing to see which girl he would flirt with too,she won't lie she wished he flirted with her but of course she was always taken and sh never got the chance. Maybe this might be her lucky year. She shook her head and just opened her soda. Sang-Hee walk around the corner,she rolled her eyes at that overgrown Asian Barbie doll. of course se had to go for the low blow,as always. Why Woo Hyuk was her best friend,she didn't know but that was his mistake and his alone. She walked past all the staring people and kept her head up,people thought she was the bitch.Don't get me wrong she was a bitch but if people knew her better than they thought they did,they would understand why.

But,that was a mystery just like why she came back to the school in the frist place. She walked down the hall hearing the sound of he heels against the floor and her cheap backpack behind her. After a second she came to her locker which was right by Je Mun's,where she saw her tall best friend standing. She gave him a second glance when she saw the smirk on his face. She raised an eyebrow and just shrugged before opening her empty locker. She grabbed out a few little things to organize her locker. After a second she tossed the trash away and started to put all her books in her new pretty cute locker As she looked in her really old bag,she found a picture of her and Mi sun actually getting along with each other. She scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Stupid bitch,this isn't finished."
She didn't even know if Kyung Jae could hear her but honestly she couldn't care less at the moment. For all she cared he could have seen the picture before she ripped it into pieces just like she did with every picture she had of her and NiHyun. She was just pissed off right now,she had to face her ex,her enenmy,and the another guy she always did have feelings for even when she was with NiHyun. "This year's going to suck." She grabbed her Calculus book and slammed her locker closed. She looked Kyung and gave a half simile before walking past him with her heavy book in hand.

But as she walked she saw someone felt someone bump her,someone who smelled just like her vanilla Hello Kitty perfume,Mi Sun. When the giant turned around to face her she just smirked and flicked her off as Sang-Hee did the exact same thing. But,she was interested in what Sun was hanging up on the wall. She walked over to it hearing the bell ring but honestly,seh didn't care,she was too into the two words,Talent Showcase. She read the poster and bit her lip before getting a devilous smile on her face."Hm,you can't buy your way to fame Princess." She knew Mi Sun wouldn't miss a mistake to go on stage and dance her little butt off and Sang-Hee was going to join and she wanted to go againist the best and weather she liked it or not Mi Sun was one of the best but it takes more than dance moves to become a superstar. She saw people crowd around her to get a better look,so that was her time to leave,she hated tight spaces and being too close to people,so she backed up and walked into her Calculus class. "Sorry,i'm late. I got turned around. he lied but it must of worked since the teacher just told her to take her seat in the middle next to her partner who seemed to be late as well. Hopefuly it was someone who she was friends with.

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Kang Jin Ae

Jin Ae muttered out a low thanks before taking her sketches from Woo Hyuk. She knew she should’ve been thankful and whatnot but she wasn’t going to lie; she felt pissed and a bit insulted. Tch, as if I needed help. Do I look crippled to him? Unless... It better not be because I’m a girl! Babo. He should’ve just minded his own business. I could take care of myself perfectly fine! Whatever. He was just trying to be nice or helpful- I don’t really care- so I’ll let it slip this time... She rambled on and on about people in general inside her head before taking all the things she needed for her class and closed her locker. She passed by Kyung Jae, not even giving him a glance knowing that he was up to pointless trouble like always- that sneaky bastard, and headed straight to her first period: English.

Jin Ae despised that class. It was so boring and she always had trouble with speaking and writing it. She thought English had way too many unnecessary ‘silent’ letters in certain words. Stepping inside, Jin Ae was about to walk towards the back of the classroom until she saw someone sitting at an unoccupied seat. The guy’s face was down so she had no idea what he looked like. Weird, she thought. Thinking it was just some depressed trainee whom failed, Jin Ae simply brushed it off seeing as it was none of her concern, and sat down in her seat at the last row in a corner by the window.

No wonder she was terrible at English. Rarely does she ever pay attention since she’s usually doodling away while draining out the annoying teacher’s high pitched banshee-like voice with music. Thank Buddha earphones were invented. Jin Ae was contently listening to 2NE1 until someone pulled her earphone out. She immediately stopped everything she did before turning to face who’s funeral would be held today. She looked up at the soon-to-be-victim rather emotionlessly, even though she could feel her cheeks slightly heat up. “Yes?” Sang-Min smiled down at her before placing a flyer on her desk. “See this? I’m going to enter it and I was thinking if you could play the piano while I sing. Do you think you could do that for me? I mean, if you don’t mind.” Jin Ae looked down, pretending to read the flyer. She could feel her cheeks get hotter and hotter and it was making her feel uncomfortable. Without hesitation, she nodded which earned her a hug from Sang-Min before he went back to his seat up front. She only said yes because one: she had some feelings for the guy- which no one knew (thank Buddha) and, two: he would leave quicker so he wouldn’t see her all flustered and not have to beg later on for her to agree. Of course, she would also get the satisfaction of spending time with him though she’d never admit that to anyone.

After her face went back to normal, Jin Ae scanned the flyer for a few seconds before shoving it in her bag. She’ll have to reread it later when she wasn’t so busy drawing the class in chibi form.

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Lee Woo Hyuk

Woo Hyuk stood perfectly still as Mi Sun lightly pressed two fingers to his cheek in her own form of a kiss. "Not really. Just wanted to complain to someone." He replied, cracking a small grin. It was this type of skinship that made him a hint uncomfortable, but coming from his best friend he had no reason to feel awkward. His grin faded almost immediately as Nihyun came up to them, saying something about both his cat and his dog. Woo Hyuk had never actually talked to Nihyun, since it seemed that they were complete opposites, and he honestly had no intention to. Well, unless he had to. He remembered someone sneaking around and saying he "came out of the closet", though Woo Hyuk didn't really think he was in one to begin with. Aish, I'm being mean, he said mentally and shook his head.

Meanwhile those two talked briefly, Woo Hyuk gave the girl the last of her papers and heard her mutter a quick thank you before walk away from him. Sheesh, no need to be hostile. He sighed and turned back to a smirking Mi Sun. "What?" He raised his eyebrow back at her. "Oh, play that mysterious, sexy bad boy around everyone else but around me you can't stop with the damn sarcasm? I mean you talk about your demon cat, that hates me by the way and I talk about my fish and angel little puppy. But, would it kill you to say something to people other than me all the time? Girls love that strong silent type you have all you have to do is chose one of them." A deep chuckle rumbled within him as she talked. Does she honestly think he tries to be this way? "You make it sound like I got some kind of talent or something." He laughed and nudged her side with his elbow. He glanced at Hyuna and Ren as they passed. Wow, those company stylists did wonders for them. They both looked totally different since the last time he saw them. But of course, Woohyuk never really paid much attention to them. So why would it matter now that they came back?

He turned his head away from them and opened his mouth as he was about to tell Mi Sun something, but his friend was already out of sight. Looking around, he spotted her giving another girl an invitation, then to a familiar boy he had seen in the hallways often. Oh right, Mi Sun was popular. Well, not exactly popular, but well known. Unlike Woo Hyuk. He recognized those people to be members of the GSA and maybe a couple of cheerleaders. When his friend returned back to his side, she took out her phone and began to text. About three seconds later he felt his pocket vibrating, indicating that he received a message. Raising his eyebrow, Woo Hyuk gave Mi Sun a knowing look before digging into his pocket to pull out his phone. He read over the text with a growing smile on his face, chuckling softly at the last part. He started to text her right after.

To: Mi Sun
Isn't that a little harsh, Princess? Eh, sure. It's not like I have anything to do. Aw, you better not! You know how much I hate taking the bus!
Love ya too :P
From: Woo Hyuk

He slid his phone back into his pocket and was a bit taken back as a sparkly pink envelope flashed in front of him. He carefully took it and examined the front, which had his name in big glittery letters. "V.I.P, huh?" He mumbled to himself and glanced at Mi Sun, then back at the invitation as if it was something new to him. He wasn't a very social guy, so parties were a big no, but no matter what he would go to Mi Sun's. Even if the only thing he was planning to do was to stay at the buffet table and devour all the chips. "Great,you're going to be late to your calculus class." Woo Hyuk blinked in surprise as he was suddenly getting dragged by Mi Sun. He could care less about Calculus. Calculus could burn in the fiery depths of hell for all he cared. "Whoa, when did you get so strong? You better lay off the spinach, Popeye. Wouldn't want you getting stronger than me." He snickered and stepped a few feet away as precaution. Mi Sun would surely smack him over the head for making a comment like that, but he had no regrets what so ever.

"I'll see you in a minute,if I can find an excuse to come down later. And you better come to my party, Blondie got it?" Mi Sun pointed at him menacingly with a raised eyebrow as she started to walk backwards. Woo Hyuk rolled his eyes playfully at his nickname, but nodded nonetheless. "Of course, Princess. I would never miss one of Mi Sunny Bunny's famous parties." He said and faked a small bow, looking back at his friend teasingly as he was about to enter his classroom. "Later." As soon as he walked into the silent classroom, he spotted his seat in the very middle and slowly walked to it. The teacher didn't bother mentioning anything about being late since he was too busy jotting down the latest notes on the board, so he casually sat down and flipped his book open to the page that the class was supposedly on and began to catch up. He hated math, but that wasn't a reasonable excuse to not try, right?

"Sorry, I'm late. I got turned around." He heard a voice murmur, though he didn't bother glancing up. That is, until the person took a seat next to him. He peeked at the person from the corner of his eye and caught a glimpse of the familiar girl. Oh shit, it's Sanghee. He stared down at his textbook, hoping that she wouldn't notice him. He, like most of the students, were completely baffled by why her and Mi Sun fought. It was all so sudden. One day the three of them were the best of friends, then the next the girls were ready to claw each other's eyes out. The two had gone their seperate ways and Woo Hyuk naturally stayed at Mi Sun's side. He felt like Sanghee would be hostile towards him.

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Park Mi Sun
"Of course, Princess. I would never miss one of Mi Sunny Bunny's famous parties." She snapped her fingers and had a huge smile on her face,Woo was the only person she could act like an idiot with. You know it and you better interact with people. We are going to get you known by this party,my friend. And stop calling me Princess." She put up a peace sign. "Later." She waved. "You know it,since I am your best friend,Idiot" She was joking of course but she loved messing with him....she loved messing with everyone.

After about an hour and forty five minutes of hanging up posters and getting asked the same exact questions over and over again weather they were about her party or the showcase. She started to lose her temper and actually yelled at a few annoying freshmen who kept following her until she lost her short temper,if Woo Hyuk was handing them out they weren't even go near him. Hell,when people came up to them it was to talk to her most of the time if not all the time,se couldn't help that she was more popular than her best friend. Mi Sun put the past poster in the gym and walked back to the main office seeing that he dean,Mr.Chang left her to do annoucements yet again. Joy,the last time she did them she had to say something in french for the stupid french club. She grabbed the paper and cleared her throat before turning on the PA. "Extre credit,not worth it." Good morning,Golden Tower. I'm Mi Sun Park and I will be giving the daliy annoucments....again. They will be serveing free bubble teas in the quad for any junior or senior with their student I.Ds." At least she had somethng to look foward to. For any seniors who need to tke their AP chemistry final over,there will be a study session held in the new library at four until seven thirty today. And for anyone who has a musical talent or dancing talent,the ICE entertanment talent showcase will be holding audions in two weeks from Wenesday afternoon until Friday night in the main theater. And since our school is known for their performing arts,lets make sure we bring our best materal. You can get sign up sheets from either me in the quad at lunch today or in the main office before and after classes. They must and I do mean must be handed back in no later than the Monday before auditions. Those are all the annoucments for today and I would love to welcome every single one of the trainees back to our school. Have an awesome day."

She turned the Pa system off and exhaled. Every single one of them my ass. Mi Sun started to think and had to kill time one way. She grabbed the eight remaining invitations she had and put a post it note on them for who they were for,nothing special just a cream envilope with a name written on them. She called out another one of the assistants and told her who to give them to and what class they were in at the time. She invited Sang-Hee for absolutly no reason,she knew they could never be on the terms they were as friends but she wanted to bury that past and move on. She knew Sang-Hee weather she liked it or not and she was a decent dancer and an amazing singer and she would try out then get in. Mi Sun was a natural born dancer but her singing voice does need a lot of work before she's ready to sing in public. She had to swallow her pride and text Woo Hyuk back,after saying "No,I want to perform solo. I love you but I thin I can win by myself." She just now read the text he sent her and chuckled,he was such a giant panda bear to her. On the outside he was soooo 'tough' at least to other people but on the inside he was no meaner than her puppy dog and a hell of a lot nicer than her.

She started to text without being seen and knew he was going to make her swallow her pride like always. When they were 'argue' he would always win,how he didn't know and frankly she didn't care.

To:♫Woo Hyuk♫

Ok,i'm sorry for being so mean to you. I never'd let take the "love of my life" take the bus. :P Joking,completely that's..... ew. Just no,......anyway my very smart blondie friend we shoud be in the showcase as a duo. And I know what I said before but please for me I can't win without you. Do it for your sister. ♥ Btw,Talk To me at lunch.

FromMi Sunny Bunny,Mi Sun♥

She put her phone away and saw as the freshman assistant went out the doors to give NiHyun,Jin Ae,Ren,Hyuna,Dahyun,and the troublemaking twosome. Why she invited them was simple,Je Mun was well in a easy way,just like her only Mi Sun knew when to be quiet and when to not be a complete and utter bitch. And Kyung Jae knew everything about everyone and if anyone could make the trainees feel "welcome" it was those two,besides Mi Sun would probably have her hands full with Sanghee in her house after three years. After the bell rung and the assistast came back empty handed,mean they probably gave them out to hopefully the right person. When the bell rung,Mi sun went to her second period class which was Algebra but sadly couldn't walk with Woo Hyuk because she was late and could wait by their lockers. It was strange walking alone,she didn't like it at all. After a boring class as always Mi Sun ran to her AP Chemisty and got her extra credit taking her to 100%. Yea,she was a dork in that class. But,after that she had her favorite class,lunch. Walking to the quad she showwed her I.D seeing that only Seniors and Juniors could eat out in the beautiful sunlit. She grabbed her and Woo Hyuk's regular table which was under a shady tree that they have eaten at since Mi Sun's frist day of high school. She sat her bag on the seat next to her and waited for Woo Hyuk so that they could plan out exactly how they could take everyone down fair and square.