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Minute Of Fame

Golden Tower High School


a part of Minute Of Fame, by .euphoria..


.euphoria. holds sovereignty over Golden Tower High School, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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i got the idea from a cloe friend of mine but,she hasn't been on since may.


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Golden Tower High School is a part of Minute Of Fame.

10 Characters Here

Woo NiHyun [15] "Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet."
Park Mi Sun [15] Harlie history
Lee Woo Hyuk [13] "We're trapped in a box called reason."
Meng Sang-Hee [13] Tales of the Tamers
Kang Jin Ae [10] "Aigoo. What a waste of time."
No Daehyun [9] "So I wrote you a poem cause you said you like them..."
Shin Kyung Jae [9] "I see what you did there."
Kim Je Mun [9] "Don't be hatin' all this beauty, you may loose a leg if ya do. Heehee."

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Character Portrait: No Daehyun
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No Daehyun

Daehyun became a zombie for the rest of his classes. He ignored his classmates for the first period and the second period which was English. He kept his head down for most of the time so he wasn't recognized until the gentleman in him couldn't help but come out. One of the girls rushing to her class tripped on the stairs and all her books and papers in her hands had flew on the floor. No one else seemed to be willing to help her. If he remembered correctly her name was Hyun Na Ran and he had took her out once or twice. He might have sang for her a couple of times. The students around her were laughing and her face was red as she started to take her papers. Daehyun guessed her social status had fallen since his departure from the school. He walked over and started to gather her books. He smiled as he handed her a stack of two small textbooks and a broken folder with chemistry papers inside. "Thank you so much," she rushed, flushing before looking up to see his face. She stared for a little and then realized who the face was. "Daehyun!" she exclaimed, standing up together. He nodded. "Hey, Na Ran," he smiled.

They walked for a bit and talked. He told her that he was back from the industry, she didn't press on why he had to leave. She was a kind person who didn't get involved with people much. She was usually very school oriented and tried to get good grades all the time. Yet Na Ran was disorganized and easily distracted. She was also clumsy, but she had a good heart as Daehyun remembered. It turned out they had Chemistry together during third period. Daehyun started to feel less depressed while talking to her. He sat in Chemistry finally smiling.

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Park Mi Sun
"Of course, Princess. I would never miss one of Mi Sunny Bunny's famous parties." She snapped her fingers and had a huge smile on her face,Woo was the only person she could act like an idiot with. You know it and you better interact with people. We are going to get you known by this party,my friend. And stop calling me Princess." She put up a peace sign. "Later." She waved. "You know it,since I am your best friend,Idiot" She was joking of course but she loved messing with him....she loved messing with everyone.

After about an hour and forty five minutes of hanging up posters and getting asked the same exact questions over and over again weather they were about her party or the showcase. She started to lose her temper and actually yelled at a few annoying freshmen who kept following her until she lost her short temper,if Woo Hyuk was handing them out they weren't even go near him. Hell,when people came up to them it was to talk to her most of the time if not all the time,se couldn't help that she was more popular than her best friend. Mi Sun put the past poster in the gym and walked back to the main office seeing that he dean,Mr.Chang left her to do annoucements yet again. Joy,the last time she did them she had to say something in french for the stupid french club. She grabbed the paper and cleared her throat before turning on the PA. "Extre credit,not worth it." Good morning,Golden Tower. I'm Mi Sun Park and I will be giving the daliy annoucments....again. They will be serveing free bubble teas in the quad for any junior or senior with their student I.Ds." At least she had somethng to look foward to. For any seniors who need to tke their AP chemistry final over,there will be a study session held in the new library at four until seven thirty today. And for anyone who has a musical talent or dancing talent,the ICE entertanment talent showcase will be holding audions in two weeks from Wenesday afternoon until Friday night in the main theater. And since our school is known for their performing arts,lets make sure we bring our best materal. You can get sign up sheets from either me in the quad at lunch today or in the main office before and after classes. They must and I do mean must be handed back in no later than the Monday before auditions. Those are all the annoucments for today and I would love to welcome every single one of the trainees back to our school. Have an awesome day."

She turned the Pa system off and exhaled. Every single one of them my ass. Mi Sun started to think and had to kill time one way. She grabbed the eight remaining invitations she had and put a post it note on them for who they were for,nothing special just a cream envilope with a name written on them. She called out another one of the assistants and told her who to give them to and what class they were in at the time. She invited Sang-Hee for absolutly no reason,she knew they could never be on the terms they were as friends but she wanted to bury that past and move on. She knew Sang-Hee weather she liked it or not and she was a decent dancer and an amazing singer and she would try out then get in. Mi Sun was a natural born dancer but her singing voice does need a lot of work before she's ready to sing in public. She had to swallow her pride and text Woo Hyuk back,after saying "No,I want to perform solo. I love you but I thin I can win by myself." She just now read the text he sent her and chuckled,he was such a giant panda bear to her. On the outside he was soooo 'tough' at least to other people but on the inside he was no meaner than her puppy dog and a hell of a lot nicer than her.

She started to text without being seen and knew he was going to make her swallow her pride like always. When they were 'argue' he would always win,how he didn't know and frankly she didn't care.

To:♫Woo Hyuk♫

Ok,i'm sorry for being so mean to you. I never'd let take the "love of my life" take the bus. :P Joking,completely that's..... ew. Just no,......anyway my very smart blondie friend we shoud be in the showcase as a duo. And I know what I said before but please for me I can't win without you. Do it for your sister. ♥ Btw,Talk To me at lunch.

FromMi Sunny Bunny,Mi Sun♥

She put her phone away and saw as the freshman assistant went out the doors to give NiHyun,Jin Ae,Ren,Hyuna,Dahyun,and the troublemaking twosome. Why she invited them was simple,Je Mun was well in a easy way,just like her only Mi Sun knew when to be quiet and when to not be a complete and utter bitch. And Kyung Jae knew everything about everyone and if anyone could make the trainees feel "welcome" it was those two,besides Mi Sun would probably have her hands full with Sanghee in her house after three years. After the bell rung and the assistast came back empty handed,mean they probably gave them out to hopefully the right person. When the bell rung,Mi sun went to her second period class which was Algebra but sadly couldn't walk with Woo Hyuk because she was late and could wait by their lockers. It was strange walking alone,she didn't like it at all. After a boring class as always Mi Sun ran to her AP Chemisty and got her extra credit taking her to 100%. Yea,she was a dork in that class. But,after that she had her favorite class,lunch. Walking to the quad she showwed her I.D seeing that only Seniors and Juniors could eat out in the beautiful sunlit. She grabbed her and Woo Hyuk's regular table which was under a shady tree that they have eaten at since Mi Sun's frist day of high school. She sat her bag on the seat next to her and waited for Woo Hyuk so that they could plan out exactly how they could take everyone down fair and square.