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Miracle Day

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

the idea is loosely - and by loosely, i mean very loosely - is based off of torchwood: miracle day (


Miracle Day

What if, one day, nobody died? What if, one day, everyone became immortal?
Would this day be considered a miracle? Or would this be the day of our downfall?

This day, this miracle day, has come. People on the earth have suddenly stopped dying. Formerly lethal wounds have now become little more than an annoyance. Tumors are now all benign. All diseases are now no more lethal than the common cold. This has to be a good thing, right?

Wrong. These people are the living dead. They should be dead, freed from suffering, but instead they are forced to stay alive. They still feel the pain of their conditions, and many have no chance of recovering purely from how severe their injuries or illnesses are. Those who have diseases have now become plague rats; they are carriers of the disease and can easily spread them to other humans.

Along with the risk of disease and the never healing injuries comes another threat: the population. With no deaths, the population of earth is steadily rising. Within four months, the earth will be unable to support human life.

There is a streak of hope in this 'Miracle Day'. Governments from around the world are gathering together in order to assemble a team of people, a team to end this Miracle Day. This team is made up of the best of the best and the worst of the worse. Scientists, doctors, spies, assassins, thieves, and murderers. It does not matter if they were from the highest level of society or were found in its very dregs. If they are of use, they are on this team.

You have been requested to join the team. Will you join to put a stop to this cursed Miracle Day?


Leader: [Reserved for Leon21]
The leader is the head of the team, the one who runs everything and makes sure all is under control. It is their job to make sure all of the members of the team are getting along and are working together. They also must make sure that the work is getting done and that progress is being made. Dealing with the press also is their job, as is dealing with the government. They are the face of the team, but also the one who will get into trouble if the team fails.

Doctor: [Open]
In this disease and danger filled world, a doctor is a necessity. Their job is to help any injured team members, as well as head research on diseases. If Miracle Day is caused by a disease, the doctor is the one responsible for finding this out and reporting it to the leader. The doctor is also responsible for maintaining contact with hospitals around the world and gathering data from them as well as informing them of new findings.

Doctor's Assistant: [Open]
Since a human can only do so much work, the doctor's assistant is there to help the doctor with any work that they may not be able to finish. They are also responsible for treating any minor injuries in the team, and for helping keep the hospitals up to date.

Researcher: [Open]
The researcher's job is to find out any information that could be useful, whether it is about people, about organizations, about locations. Anything. They must even look into history and into myths, in hopes of finding out whether this has happened before and, if yes, what was done to solve it. Their information can come through many channels, both legal and not. Hacking is just as accepted as going to a library, and, as long as they can get the information, all's well that ends well.

Field Agent One: [Open]
Field Agent Two: [Open]
The job of the field agents is fairly obvious: they are the ones who go out into the real world and investigate. While the entire team does end up at crime scenes eventually, the field agents are the ones who are there first. It is their job to find any hints in the environment, as well as to track any strange occurrences. If Miracle Day is caused by criminal or natural activity, it is their job to figure out how to stop it.

All members of the team are equally important , and, while they all have separate specialties, their jobs do blur together every now and then. If one member of the team is taken out, the team will still manage to function, but it will not function very well. The goal of the team is to find the cause of Miracle Day before it is too late, so it is priority to keep all members of the team in a working condition.

Character Form

Code: Select all
[center][img]Insert Picture Here (Optional)[/img]
[size=115][u]General Information[/u][/size]

[size=95][b]Name[/b]: (First and last, please. Even if someone doesn't use their surname, most people do have one. It would be very difficult to get hired on a government team if you don't have a surname)
[b]Age[/b]: (Above eighteen. They aren't about to hire kids to save the world)
[b]Gender[/b]: (What you are mentally; does not necessarily need to match with your sex, or fall under the gender binary)
[b]Sex[/b]: (What you are physically. Most humans are generally either male or female)
[b]Position[/b]: (Ranking in the team)
[b]Origin[/b]: (What country are you originally from?)


[b]Hair Colour and Style[/b]:
[b]Eye Colour and Shape[/b]:
[b]Skin Colour[/b]:
[b]Identifying Markings[/b]: (Scars, Tattoos, Piercings)


[size=95][b]Personality[/b]: (A minimum of five sentences, please)
[b]Sexual Orientation[/b]:
[b]Strengths[/b]: (Two minimum)
[b]Weaknesses[/b]: (Two minimum)
[b]Likes[/b]: (Two minimum)
[b]Dislikes[/b]: (Two minimum)
[b]History[/b]: (A minimum of five sentences. These people are hired by the government, and governments generally won't hire people without doing a thorough background check, so, no, 'Oh, he won't talk about it')

[b]Weapon(s)[/b]: (Not too many. After all, weapons do weigh quite a bit, especially some of the guns. Also, make it realistic. This is the modern day, so they're not going to be lugging around swords and bows. Guns are fairly heavy, and you can only carry so much ammunition on you. Research a bit about the weapons that you want your character to have to make sure they're realistic, both in weight and style)
[b]Skill(s)[/b]: (No polymaths. You can have one major skill - like hacking or sniping, or flying planes - and a few smaller skills. Their skill does not necessarily need to fit what position they have, although it would be better if it did. Try to avoid overpowering your character. Characters who are perfect and overly powerful are no fun, after all)

(Please kindly delete everything in parenthesis)

I will reserve characters if you ask nicely in the OoC or if you PM me. Reservations last for 72 hours, starting upon time of reservation, no excuses. While you are highly likely to get the character if you reserve the spot, there is not a guarantee that you will be accepted. Whether your character bio looks decent or not plays a major role in whether I accept your character or not, so take your time when filling out the character bio. Please use the above template. While you can make minor edits to it, I would prefer for you to not remove any of the current fields on it. Thank you! Oh, and also, it is not required to reserve a character. Feel free to make a character for an open spot without reserving the spot, just make sure that it is actually open.

Toggle Rules

-No godmodding or powerplaying. By this I mean that you shouldn't control other people's characters, and your character should not be overly powerful. Not every bullet will hit other characters, nor will they miss your character all the time.
-No perfect characters. Perfect characters make roleplays boring. The characters are all only human, and they all have their flaws.
-Write at least 200 words per post. As you may have figured out from the character skeleton, this is a literate roleplay, which means you should write posts of a decent length with good grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If you do not think that you can manage to write 200 words per post, this roleplay is not for you.
-Stay active. Don't just disappear off of the face of the earth for a week without letting me know. It's not required to post every day, but a post at least once every two or three days would be appreciated. If you are going to be gone for more than a week, please post in OoC or PM me.
-Gore is accepted, but please try to stay away from a horror movie level. There are those of us who are more sensitive than others, so kindly avoid going into too much detail. I'm not saying don't use any detail, but try to wrap up the gore by the time you get to the noises and smells.
-While romance is allowed, please keep in mind that none of these people know each other, and most are probably rather focused on their work. After all, they're trying to save the world here, not find a new date. Romance should be kept as a minor part of the roleplay. Also, please remember that romantic relationships take a while to build up. You don't just instantly fall in love with someone and then live happily ever after. Relationships have their highs and lows and take time to build up, so no insta-romance in the roleplay.
-Be polite to other roleplayers. This should be a given. Even if you and another roleplayer disagree on something, you should not argue about it. Instead, figure it out in OoC or PMs. Arguments in-character are ok, but arguments out of character are not.
-My word is law, and I expect you to obey it. I reserve the rights to change these rules if I find it necessary.
-Have fun!

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