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"I have to survive no matter what!"

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❈Yuki Minami❈

|❈Measurements❈ | "Sigh... I suppose I could tell you".
Height: 5'5 (165cm) |Weight:120lbs |Role: Diary Holder #8

Getting to know me better

|❈Nickname❈| "My name is short as it is, there's no need for one. But if you're lazy just call me Yu".
Yu, K, Ki, key

|❈Gender❈ | "I see you're not a smart one are you?".

|❈Age/Birth Date❈ | "Why you plan on giving me a present on my birthday don't ya?".
19, December 3

|❈Sexual Orientation❈ | "Sorry to disappoint you girls but..."

|❈Eye Color❈ | "I know, I love my eyes too"
Violet, however at times they look a bit blue/grayish. It all depends on the light there is in the room. From time to time she likes to use baby blue contacts.

|❈Hair Color❈ | "If I like you, I might just let you stroke my hair".
Yuki's hair has a dark brown color, it is extremely smooth and thick which is why sometimes the front of her hair is poking out. She usually wears two tiny braids on her hair. Apart from that, she usually take a lot of pride on her hair and is often taking care of it which is is why it is always shiny and smooth.

|❈Likes❈ | "I see you are interested"
  • Winning, and she means it in every way there can be of the word.
  • Perfectionism, since a very young age Yuki has a habit of being organizational, and very neat. She likes to do things a certain way.
  • Music, mostly rock and music with a good beat, besides that pretty much anything she can sing to.
  • Singing, she has taken singing lessons since she was young and has loved it ever since she can remember.
  • Drawing, although she is not very good at it (even when she does not admit it) she likes drawing anything from portraits to manga.
  • Horror Movies, she is a hardcore fan of any type of horror/gory movies.
  • Praises, feeds Yuki's narcissist demeanor and gets you on her good side.
  • Romance, even though Yuki will never admit it she is actually a helpless romantic.
  • Competitions, they always get Yuki pumped up, specially if she wins afterwards

|❈Dislikes❈ | "You don't want to get on my bad side."
  • Losing, hurts Yuki's ego specially Yuki being a sore loser
  • Rudeness, even though she gets to be pretty rude herself.
  • Hypocrisy, she hates hypocrisy the most, even though she knows she can be a little pain in the butt from time to time (most of times) she always tries to show her true personality which is why she hates falseness the most.
  • Cats, "they don't like me and I don't like them... easy as 1, 2 ,3".
  • Shy People, not for any reasons, she just believes they are insecure of themselves and makes her a bit frustrated.
  • Insecurity, she dislikes when others feel sorry for themselves the most, specially if they make her feel sorry about them too.
  • Pity, she dislikes the feeling overall. Either feeling pity on others or even worse others feeling pity on her.

|❈Weapons❈ | "Every girl needs protection, I just happen to need a little bit more"
Yuki's weapon consists of a big red scythe. She obtained it as a price in a competition. She keeps it because it initially belonged to her mother who passed away when Yuki was young. She used to have a engraved knife she loved, however she lost it when she got found out at school and got confiscated immediately for obvious reasons.

|❈Future Diary Type❈| "I could tell you... but I don't think I will"
Yuki's diary is more of a to-do list, besides being a normal phone it is also an agenda. Because of Yuki's tendency to be organized and neat she would always writes things she neededs to do, even if it included ignoring certain people or remembering an important date. She would also write about random things every once in a while using her phone as something to distract herself. Sometimes the diary tells her things she can't even understand herself from time to time. Now her diary can show her the future in a peculiar way, the diary shows her things she could have done different throughout the day, or things she needs to do as well as things that are currently happening, for example:

[Entry no.3] No matter how much I think about it, I shouldn't have gone to school today. As I thought I didn't bring an umbrella and my clothes got ruined! today is ruined

[Entry no.6] I really shouldn't have trusted that dumbass from class 1, he told everyone that I like candies and now every guy is putting candies in my locker. How embarrassing!

[Entry no.10] Oh no! I should have studied more, today there is a surprise test.

[Entry no.20] My mom seems even sicker today, I should have made her soup before I came to the hospital.

|❈Habits❈ | "Everyone has habits; some good ones and some bad, I just happen to have both. "
Yuki is constantly washing her hands whenever she can and she always carries a small bottle of hand sanitizer with her. She also has a strange habit of reorganizing her things over and over again most likely because she is a perfectionist and likes to go over even the minor details. Yuki is also known for being a "planner" and an "organizer" due to her OCD.

|❈Physical Appearance❈ | "I admit I like looking my best".
She is not afraid to admit she likes her looks, after all she works hard to maintain them. She likes using expensive clothing, some she even designed herself and some from famous designers, one thing is for sure Yuki likes wearing things out of the ordinary. Her hair is another thing she is very proud of, as mentioned before, she likes to take care of her hair and her skin not only for her OCD and about being clean but because she truly likes to look her best and to stand out in a crowd.

|❈Personality❈ | "Do you really have to ask such questions?"
Yuki can be described by many things: narcissistic and full of herself and by others as an annoying brat but the one thing they could all agree upon is that she likes to stay true to herself and others. She is very blunt about almost everything except.... when it comes to boys, not every boy of course just a handful probably. On the outside she may seem like a tough girl, but in truth she is warm and caring, obviously only to those she decides to put her trust in. She is mistrusting of others for the most part and only opens up to those she think are worthy of her time and friendship. Once she decides to fully put her trust in others she is naive and extremely loyal, and would do anything for them.
Another one of her distinctive traits is that of being childish, and being awkward in serious situations, she also likes talking a lot which is why she can't stand places that are too quiet or people that are TOO quiet as well.

|❈Interest❈ | "I suppose I like a lot of things"
One of her interest are that of fashion, she is really interested in having her own style that can define her. She is also really interested in different languages, and is currently fluent in Spanish. Yuki also likes martial arts and is a student at a taekwondo academy, even though she began at an early age she had to leave for some time because of personal reasons but after some years she finally went back.

|❈Eating Preferences❈| "It's kind of embarrassing, you better not tell anyone"
Even when she find it childish/immature and embarrassing, Yuki has a great love for sweets and chocolate.One of her favorite chocolates is that of ferrero rocher's, however she does not have a favorite candy as she almost likes them all in equal measure.


Stuff you shouldn't know...

|❈Secrets❈ | "I don't know if I can trust you yet, but once I do you better take them your grave"
In reality, Yuki is often forgetful which is why she likes to keep an agenda (her current future diary). She is also frightened by darkness, not kind of darkness but pitchful complete and utter darkness, the type where you can literally see nothing but you mind and your troubled thoughts/memories. Another secret is that she likes cute things, she dislikes other knowing of this as they may see her as childish.

|❈Fears/Phobias❈ | "No... just no..."
As mentioned before, Yuki is afraid of complete darkness and has a bit of claustrophobia. Another fear of hers is that of Bacteriophobia, even when it is not severe, she does find germs and microbes utterly disgusting and even somewhat frightful.

|❈Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities❈ | "I don't think I have a problem"
Even though it is not serious Yuki has OCD, she also has ADHD. Yuki does not like to admit any type of weakness so it is really rare that she tells anyone about her OCD or her hyperactivity. From time to time she also gets anxiety attacks although they are not as bad.

|❈Relationship Status❈ | "Well..."
Currently single.

|❈Relationship History❈ | "..."
Yuki has dated a few boys in high school, however she has never had a boyfriend before. She has also has an extremely obsessive stalker who follows her everywhere, he currently studies at the same university she does and still follows her whenever he can.


|❈History❈ | "I don't think I can tell you".
Yuki was not always the strong girl that appears not to be afraid of anything, in fact she was a bit of a loner and an outcast when she was little. After the years passed she often felt lonely and had an empty feeling, an emptiness that she did not know how to deal with. Her parents loved her very much but were unaware that their daughter was often bullied at school, unable to protect her. As the years passed Yuki learned to stand up to herself no matter what, she hated herself for being the way she was and her personality, and was determined to change to a whole new person.

Time passed and Yuki would always try to give her best in everything, often times she had the highest grades, she was the class president and was involved in many other activities in school. Besides wanting to show everyone including herself, that she could do anything she would set her mind to, she mostly did so to please her parents who were often traveling leaving Yuki with her strict aunt.

In her high school years, Yuki's mother would constantly get sick and weak, she was often hospitalized. As for her father, Yuki's father is almost never around as he is a business man that is often traveling.

Oliver Clark - Friend- Another transfer student like herself, that is always following Yuki around. He's not very talkative, except when it comes to Yuki.

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|❈Theme❈ | "Anything that I can sing to is good enough for me".
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So begins...

Yuki Minami's Story


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ImageYuki looked over and over at her cellphone, 'it's a good thing that everyone is always doing the same, or else I would probably look weird' she thought for a moment. The cellphone contained a new entry that sent chills all the way to her spine, it was another one of the mysterious entries she had been getting ever since a few days ago. It so happened that her cellphone could now tell her the future, and she was sure that today's entry would be no different, however today's entry was strange.

[Entry 3.] I think I met someone new today in math class, however his face seems oddly familiar...

Oliver walked her to school again, despite she asked him not to. 'That boy sure never gives up' she sighted for a moment,"What are you doing here again? You sure must be bored, even more so than me" she said coldly. Oliver laughed and smiled warmly to the girl that he thought was in live ever since he came from England as a transfer student. His accent was obvious, but that didn't stopped him from talking with Yuki, besides she was fluent English and could understand him. Sometimes, she would speak in Japanese while he would respond in English. "I like walking you to school" he said with a wide smile.

Yuki had tried everything to keep him away, even more so with the strange things that were happening to her now, he was too nosy and she feared that he would discover her diary.


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"Arisu, today I met a girl who lives in this area, a student. I don't remember seeing her before, which is strange because she's my age, and she's pretty too. She's got very long straight hair, with two small braids, but most of it hanging free. Brown. Her name is Minami, and she looks at her cell phone frequently. I doubt she's a Holder too, but she could be, I guess. There was also a guy with her, a transfer student from England, a different part from where I was. She didn't pay him much regard. No comment on what their relationship might be. I doubt they're dating."

Toshi played the audio again. He didn't know how it could have sounded so exact. He figured nobody could have sounded exactly like him, and yet here it was. He shook his head and quickly put the music back on, before he lost focus. He would have to be on the lookout for this person, as he could notice her any moment. But that aside, he had more important things. Like food. He was almost out of rice, and would have to drop by the store to get some.

Toshi popped out of his flat, checked both ways for anyone who might fit the description his Diary gave, saw nobody. He sighed, realizing how tense he was getting, then travelled down the hallway to the lift and took it to the bottom floor. He glanced around again as he left the building, wary of anyone who might have it out for him. He had his wakizashi, but it was pointless if someone managed to get him before he could react. He turned the music down the lowest it could be while still providing its focussing point, and continued his walk to the store.

At an intersection, he saw two people. One of them had short light brown hair, and seemed dogged on accompanying the girl next to him, though she hardly paid him any mind...

Toshi almost froze at the similarity. He quickly played the audio again, and listened. Long straight hair, two braids, brown. And she was checking her phone! She had already checked it twice in the few seconds it had taken him to approach the two! It was all fitting! Don't mind it, don't mind her, he told himself as all three of them found themselves caught on the same intersection, waiting for the flow of cars to thin enough to permit a crossing.


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ImageOliver kept on talking on and on about his plans for the day, from practicing with his band to playing video games.He invited Yuki, but she was too distracted to even respond. "Yuki, let's go to the amusement park tomorrow" he said nonchalantly, giving her a smile nonetheless. Yuki ignored him as her phone made another noise, the same it had been doing whenever she got a notification, a new entry. She would never admit it but she felt scared as she had learned that she was not the only one with a diary, and the single thought made her wary.

"Yuki?" he asked a bit concerned as he saw her more absent than always. She opened her phone once more and was surprised at what she saw. A new entry had just appeared and it read as following:

Entry 4. Today I came across someone who seems a bit suspicious, is it just my nerves?
He looks around my age, he has dark hair and blue eyes, he seems somewhat tall! anyways, he kept eyeing me.
I should have ignored him... What if he's a holder?
What if he knows something?

One of the disadvantage of Yuki's diary was that it hardly paid any mind to physical descriptions as Yuki too, hardly paid any attention to any others looks that did not include herself. Instead it focused on mannerisms and other things such as oddities, habits, etc. However, this time the diary made a strange exception.

As soon as she was done reading the new entry her mind went a bit blank. She looked past her shoulders trying to see if someone was watching, her as he entry had predicted. There was no one else but Oliver, ogling her as always, who now looked deeply concerned. "Is something wrong?" he asked seeing her alarmed. "It's nothing" she finally said as she shook her head.

Minutes passed and the phone had not made any sound which only meant one thing, the prediction had not changed. 'why is that entry so vague?' she thought in frustration. She kept on walking when a firm hand touched her shoulder "Yuki!". Oliver had pulled her closer and she seemed confused,"what?" she asked perplexed at his strange behavior. He starred at her in anger as he pointed out the crosswalk sign flashing and now turning to a red hand.

She didn't say anything as she also noticed something else, more like someone else. A male around her age who stood out of the crowd not only for his above average height but for his looks that made him appear like he was a foreign. She looked at him surprised as he also seemed to be looking towards her direction. 'just a coincidence' she repeated in her head wishing for it to be true. She read the entry once again.

A bit shocked she tried ignoring him but it was useless, she was not one to be discrete, she kept on starring him. Oliver surprised at her reaction, he gazed towards the boy's direction too, "do you know him?" he asked much to her surprise. 'was I that obvious?' she thought mortified as she shook her head again, "No" she finally said admittedly. "But he looks a bit familiar" she said trying to justify her strange behavior.

'I should have ignore him' she repeated in her head as the crosswalk would soon turn green allowing them to cross towards the other side. She hoped that he had not realized her obvious interest, but knowing that her demeanor had given her away she let out a smile. She turned her eyes to Oliver, feeling grateful for once that he was there, letting out a small smile, "Hai. Let's go to to the amusement park then" she finally said trying her hardest not to look at the boy with dark hair. Oliver smiled warmly and nodded happily.