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Larkin Creed

"Shall I take a look at your wound?"

0 · 259 views · located in Mirrim, a kingdom with a Renaissance style.

a character in “Mirrim Guide”, as played by anything14


Name: Larkin Creed

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Appearance: Larkin has pale, white hair and striking sky blue eyes that are only intensified by her pale skin. Her bone structure is very elegant and symmetrical. She is very slender, but with a hint of muscle that is barley visible. She usually wears a knee length dress with leggings and a cloak. She is always seen with a dark, sapphire necklace, that her mother had given to her just before she died, it is Larkin's most prize possession.

Personality: While her short height and pale hair, give her an air of innocence, it is best not to underestimate her. Though she doesn't look like it, she is a very good fighter, if need be, though she prefers to heal people rather than hurt. Larkin is more at home among books, than large groups of people. She is a kind, caring, human being, who will often take what people say to heart. Larkin is incredibly loyal, and while she is distrustful towards those who she has just met, she is incredibly overprotective of those close to her, often leading her to do reckless things in order to make sure that they don't get hurt. Larkin is a hard working, stubborn girl, with determination that forces her to continue even when her body is begging her to stop. Though she is normally very calm, if you know how to push her buttons right, it will not take long for her temper to emerge.

helping others
being outside

the Dark
seeing those she cares about being hurt or worse
too hot or humid weather
Being called Lark

Fears: Heights, while she is fine if she focuses on something intensely, she is realizes how high she is, she starts freaking out.
Dark, she often heard stories of people being attacked late at night by creatures of the dark, taking this to hear

Weapon(s): She has a scythe that she is very skilled at using, but she also has two twin daggers she keeps in the small of her back for emergency situations.

Knowledge of the human body and it's pressure points.
Can hold her own in a fight

Not very strong
Reckless at times
Directionally challenged(don't let her hold the map -_-...unless you like getting lost)
Severe motion sickness
Can be hot headed, if the correct buttons are pushed
Clumsy/ accident prone

Other: She was raised in the forest for a majority of her life after her parents were killed, with a medicine man named Titus Creed, so she is proficient in numerous herbs, as well as their medical purposes. Larkin, is a very good cook.

So begins...

Larkin Creed's Story


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"Accursed dress," Larkin swore under her breath as she ran through the yard of the castle.
She was late, very late, an unexpected and complicated birth in her village had delayed her journey. She couldn't just leave the young mother, not when she was the only healer for miles, and the apprentice healer she had hired to take her place while she was away, had run late.
Larkin's bare feet pounded on the ground with surprising force, causing her leather healing bag, filled with numerous herbs and carefully bottled liquids, to bounce painfully against her hip, but she was beyond caring at this point.
Turning a corner sharply, she noticed two boys one a top a short horse, and the other with striking blue hair and a large spear.
"Please wait," Larkin yelled with what little breath she could spare, as she sprinted up to them with unexpected speed.
Stopping just a few paces in front of them, she bent over, placing her hands on her knees in an attempt to slow her pounding heart. With this accomplished she straightened herself, only to bow deeply.
"Please forgive, my tardiness, there was some unexpected business that required my attention," Larkin raised herself once more, her long, white hair falling around her like a waterfall of snow.
"My name is Larkin Creed. I assume that both of you are going to White-Face Mountain in search of a hawkling, correct?" She said, adding a dimpled smile at the end.


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Character Portrait: Lantis Stormrider Character Portrait: Isamu Korino Character Portrait: Larkin Creed
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Lantis grinned at Isamu's concern for him. "Ah don't worry about me. I'm sturdier than I look. Your horse will tire out before I do."

A yell caused Lantis' head to turn, years of training had told him that sounds were bad. He warily examined the girl who ran up, listening carefully to her as she introduced herself. "That's right, I'm Lantis Stormrider." Lantis said with a bow, "Will you be joining us?"

As nice as it would be to have a female travelling with them, Lantis didn't exactly want another person to join. Nothing against them personally, he just didn't do well with lots of people. It was hard to swing a spear around when you had to watch out for multiple people. Killing your allies wasn't exactly the best thing to do.


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Character Portrait: Lantis Stormrider Character Portrait: Isamu Korino Character Portrait: Larkin Creed
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Isamu shrank in fear at the noise and kicked Moo, sending the horse into a frenzied trot. The horse trotted in a circle then snorted and turned back towards Lanties. He understood that the woman meant no harm, and that his master was trying to flee. But Moo wouldn't have it. He was, after all, a very stubborn horse.

Isamu hid behind the horse's neck. But, Moo thought this inappropriate so he got down onto his knees with such a swift movement that it sent Isamu tumbling off of his back and onto the ground. The boy grunted in pain and sat up, rubbing his back. "Dammit Moo!" He snapped.

The horse seemed to snicker as he stood to his feet and walked over to Larkin, where he then proceeded to lightly nibble on her hair.

Larkin giggled as the chubby horse, supposedly named Moo by the sickly looking boy, began to nibble her hair lightly.
"Silly horse, that's not food, however," Larkin reached into her healers bag, and pulled out sweet lemon grass that she used to help with headaches and stomachaches "this will taste quite yummy," she smiled placing the grass on the ground in a sort of peace offering to the mammal.
Gently tugging her hair out of the horses mouth, she turned towards the two boys. "To answer you're question, I am going to join you on your quest. Though I can take care of myself, so please don't worry about me," she said smiling sweetly, her mind wandering, to the sleek, collapsible staff in her bag.
"I am a healer in a village a little while from her," she walked over to the boy on his bottom and extended her hand, "pleased to meet you."

Moo snorted and munched on the lemon grass happily. He was a rather rotund little fellow and it was obvious that he ate much more than his master, Isamu. His tail swished as he ate.

Isamu hesitently took hold of Larkin's hand and stood, "My name is Isamu Korino, and I will be the guide to White Face mountain. Please excuse Moo, he doesn't have any manners." Isamu seemed to come out of his shell a tiny bit, as soon as he and Lantis had exited the Throne Room. It was much easier for him to relax now that he didnt't have the accusing eyes of the king piercing into his soul. Isamu despised him, and the feeling was mutual.

Isamu wiped the dirt off his pants with his hands and mounted Moo again, "Alright, are you guys ready to go? We don't have much time..." as Isamu finished the sentence he turned his attention to his hands, not wanting to look at either of them, in fear that they would see the fear on his pale face.