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Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge


When powerful forces collide, the fate of everything will rest in the hands of a few. But with everything at stake, and the web of deception spread throughout, who will come out on top? (Private RP, Invite Only)

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And so the intro begins....

"Keep running!" the man yelled as the two of them ran through the forest, with marching, growling, and various projectiles after them. An arrow nearly pierced the man's head as he carried a baby boy through the forest. He followed the woman though the shadowy forest, with only moonlight and the stars to guide them. Well, that and their magical senses. As they ran, they started to see their destination in sight. An old Elovion temple, hidden in the forest. It was their one hope. They could not let the baby boy be put in danger.

"We must keep the prince safe, until he is old enough and his powers are ready. He can no longer remain in stasis, it is time" the female told him. "It is time for him to complete his destiny".

"But with the state the world is in right now, what it will become by the time he is of age? They will find him before he reaches an adult!" the man warned her. She took down her hood, revealing cat like eyes, as they ran into the old temple, covered in moss and moonlight. On the inside, bits and pieces of it had fallen apart. The woman put her hand on the panel, and it registered her magic, causing the doors to seal, if only to hold off the attackers for an instant. She then looked to him.

"Then we will buy him all the time we can. Once we send him through the gate, we will use the power of this temple to slow them down. Once it runs out of power, they will be unable to follow him. He will be lost to them, forever" the woman told him. "We will just have to hope we is found and raised by kind hearted people".

"Ashara would not be so cruel as to force him to a fate otherwise, given what he is destined to endure" the man replied, as the pounding on the doors echoed throughout the temples deteriorating structure. Still, as the man touched a console, it powered on like magic. That was because a majority of the technology in this world is powered by magic. As it warmed up, he put the baby in the center of the floor, surrounded by three rings. There was enough room for an adult to go through as well, but they both knew in order to protect the child, neither of them could follow. The woman was already activating the magical defenses, such as golems and crystal grids, as the man initiated the Warp Gate. The rings started spinning around the baby, building up magical energy, a few soldiers managed to get through the walls and into the room.

"You will give us the child! He will serve our master!" one of them yelled, weapons raised. However, suddenly two of them were cut down. The man had drawn his sword, and severed the heads of two of the soldiers.

"This child has a destiny, and your master has nothing to do with it!" the man yelled, as he pressed a button. There was a large flash of light, and as the rings stopped spinning, the soldiers realizes he was gone. The female then put an arrow in each of the remaining soldiers. They entered the center of the ring now, kneeled down, and began the chant.

"Oh sacred temple, help us guard the young one! Seal this place in time itself, and let no second pass for those inside!"

And thus, the temple would keep itself sealed in time, until its magical power ran out, in which case, it would make it unable for anyone to follow where the boy went. Even if they died, it was all worth it.

Ten years later, in the city of Azma

Clattering and stomping could be heard throughout the streets, as one would expect in the City of Azma. Azma translated into Beginnings, so in a way it was known as the city of beginnings. The reason for this was that Azma was one of the largest cities in the world, and many heroes, guilds, and corporations started out from here. It was here that many inventions in the world today were created. Here in the city of Azma, there was always something going on. And clattering and stomping were no different, especially when they came from the Children of Azma. That is a term used for children who did not know who their birth parents were that grew up in Azma.

And among them was one child in particular. His name? Emerin Liro. Liro was the name of his adoptive father, who ran a bakery on Gigamore Street called the "Liro Bakery". Not the most imaginative name, but it was still cool. Emerin and a few of the other kids ran across the rooftops. I will take over the introduction now. Hi, my name is Emerin Liro! I am a ten year old boy, a skilled baker thanks to my dad, and one skilled with the art of magic. You see, each and every person is born with a certain magical attenuation, which causes them to excel in one type of magic over any other. There is also species attunity, which causes a certain species to be attuned to another type of magic, different from your individual attunity. As for me? My affinity is spatial magic. And that means I can do stuff.... Emerin opened up a portal in front of him, and another on a higher rooftop, and they all jumped through before it closed. that! Spatial wizards affect space, spaces, dimensions, and how much space something takes up! And right now, my greatest power is my portal magic. Well, there is another type of Spatial Magic I am really great at...but I will leave that as a surprise.... "All right guys, ready for a game?" he asked as Emerin took out a ball. "Alright, this ball is programmed with super fast flight magic, and I just set up a zone on this rooftop for it to stay in. Our goal, don't get hit for 30 minutes! Afterwards, we hit the hot springs!"

"Right!" They yelled, as they played a magically enhanced version of dodgeball. While maybe it would seem odd to the humans native to earth, to the people native to the world of Tavia this was normal. Of course, even then, sometimes the best plans....don't always work out so well. Which is why the group is currently at the hotsprings, nursing bruises and what not from an over-charged ball. Emerin relaxed as far as he could into the water.

"Next time, check the magical charge on the ball" one of them said as he tried to relieve his pain. "That thing was overcharged".

Little did they know, something was on the horizon that would change their lives forever...


RP Premise:

A world set in a time of ending peace, as dark forces rise up. The Shadow King, Varryn, and his army begin to march on a path of vengeance to destroy those who remained free and allowed them to be slaves for so long. Powered by powerful but ancient magic, they have constructed machines of war to bring death and suffering to those who allowed them to suffer and did nothing, liberating all the slaves they can in the process. Ten years ago, they took over the Kingdom of Amora, and learned a secret from the dark king's archives, about something they had been searching for. Unfortunately, their quarry escaped, but not before its two guardians were slain. However, should they find this prize, it would mean they could potentially gain the power to so easily destroy the world that let them be imprisoned.

This is a world of magic, which power all sorts of stuff. Every creature holds magic inside them, even if they cannot use it. And in this world, there are many races, both humanoid and not. Those who cannot use magic however, are capable of becoming hardy warriors, shifty rogues, or all sorts of stuff. That small amount of magic, even if it cannot be used normally, can still be harnessed through one's potential, and is how truly great warrior knights and skillful rogues are born, possessing skills that seem unnaturally strong. It also allows them to use magic tools, which is how normal people can use things that run on magic. Of course, if you use too much magic, you will tire out and pass out....or worse, if taken to extremes. Magic is like one's stamina. You can run out, but you can also recharge overtime as well as through rest and other means.

This is a world of many kingdoms, many terrains, and many laws. It is a place of dreams and nightmares, a place where adventures unfold, gods are worshipped, and many universes exist. The Taviaverse, the Celestiaverse, the Demoiaverse, and so many, many others. Here in Tavia, all sorts of places exist. In this world, punishments can be harsh, fate cruel, and struggles boundless. Prisoners and slaves are permittered one large piece of clothing and nothing else, to avoid the ability to hide weapons on their person. The rich have lots of power and sway. And some creatures and beings with immense power are treated like commotities, caught, captured, bottled, and sold to the highest bidder. Like Elovians, they are believed to be non-existant nowadays, so a single living Elovian is worth millions in gold. So would a Dragons Fang.

And right now, several adventurous heroes are about to be thrown into one big adventure, whether they like it or not. And they will have to seek the legendary place, known only as Mirror's Edge.

Mirror's Edge is a place lost to legend, but some of the most common consistencies between legends say a lost kingdom is hidden there. Others believe that it is a place full of treasures, worth billions of gold and many that hold great magical power. And others indicate that the first person to find the kingdom will become one of the greatest Kings in the land, and his friends shall become the greatest Royal Guard. It is believed to be named Mirror's Edge because of a great, hidden lake there, known as Mirror Lake, and that the Kingdom began on its edge. They say the lake is perfect, and that the left side of it always mirrors the right. They also claim that massive amounts of magical power is stored inside it. But, its so well hidden, no one yet has found a clue to finding it....until today...



(For Religions, see the Religions section below)

The Culture of this world varies between each settlement, city, country, and race. However, there are quite a few general things to expect in most if not all places in the world. Its very complicated and unique, so comparing it to that of a single culture from Earth would be difficult if not impossible. Kings in this world hold either immeasurable power or immeasurable influence. It is said that most if not all Kings possess something called a Kingsstone on their person, which is both a symbol and a focus of their power. Those that hold immeasurable power have been known to fight alongside their men, and often are the most loved or the most feared. The ones with immeasurable influence are more secretive, but can be loved and feared in their own way. They are considered the most intelligent, and the most honored.

Many people speak the Common Language, which contains all the words and styles of English, however it is well known for people who live in cities to pick up other languages as well, such as Lopish, Harrenese, and Zorean. Zorean, which is a language that was created by the Zortan Empire centuries ago before it fell and fragmented, is often spoke in cities, and many lands are still referred to by their Zorean names out of respect for their ancestors and the dead. Many people combine several other languages with Common when speaking, just out of habit, such as Bellotian (Japanese), Tatcha (French), and a few others. (Cause mixing languages could be fun. Making up new languages can be fun too. That said, always make sure translations are put in parenthesis after each sentence that requires translation).

Despite so many kingdoms and settlements, much of the world still remains unknown. Ruins of ancient civilizations that battles some of the darkest evils and lost. However, despite the hardships everyone faces, there is still happiness and joy in the world. Wonderful Hot Springs exist, with several containing mystical energies that promote healing or provide some other benefit, such as magical restoration or even some that remove unwanted curses from the body. There is even one that can supposedly hatch Dragon's Eggs. Dragons are creatures that command fear and respect. It is said that while there are dragons are just mindless beasts, others have obtained great amounts of intelligence and magic, and those have a variety of natures and desires. Its even rumored in a remote area, there is a kingdom ruled by a Dragon.

Traditions can also vary between kingdoms, but some general ones are these. Honor is something to take seriously, and those who adventure and take down vicious creatures are held in high respect. Very few kingdoms openly support Slavery, especially since the rise of the Free King AKA The Shadow King, but some kingdoms do not address it as much as they should, often ignoring and keeping hidden reports of their own use of slaves as well as others. Additionally, in many kingdoms if not every, punishments may be used as a replacement for simply throwing one in jail, especially if the crime is small, to avoid prisoner expenses and to keep the cells from overflowing. Punishments are often done in public on the spot, and depending on the crime, could span from something extremely humiliating and embarrassing, to something painful but fitting.


Some Zorean to Common Translations:

Yata = Ouch, Damnit, and a few curse words probably. Kava = Sorry, Apologies

Zef = Pet Loto = Worries, Worrying, Worry

Bakata = Stupid, Idiot Hashel = Lesson, Idea, Lessons

Lez = Child Vokima = Learn, Teach (context is needed because it stands for the general exchange of knowledge, both giving and receiving), learnt, taught

-di = Suffix you use when something is plural. Ex: Lez-di = Children Sro = Her, She, hers

-Shu = Suffix used for someone close to you but not related, Ex: Emerin-Shu. Tho, most would use it with a shorterned version, like Emery-Shu. Vro = His, Him, He

-Ek = Suffix used for someone you dislike/hate. Gvel = Will

-Lovir = Used to refer to someone you see as a parent, teacher, superior, or caretaker. Amur = Power, Strength,

Makat = Interesting object, or just Interesting. Also could mean fascinated. Hial = Magic, Supernatural, mystic

Dasha = Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner. In other words, meal. Orlu = Unknown, Mysterious, Unique

Ocho = And, Combine, Add Matia = Unique, Special

Haz = Or, If, Maybe Atios = Air, Wind, Storm

Baka = Intelligent, Smart, awesome. Vor = Limb

Ta = No, Negative, Zero Zool = Ball

Golr = Black Doka = Good, Right, Nice

Eda = Dark Keza = Game, Event, Match

Geb = Silver Oto = For

Doro = Chaos Zuva = All, Everyone

Myn = Astral, Spirit, Ascendent

Umo = Steel

Mehl = Defense, Fortress, Castle

Esh = Hidden, Secret, Invisible

Waz = Blue

Vera = Waves, Ocean

Shor = Grey

Nara = Wolves

Gli = Golden

Deen = Land(s)

Mohlt = Sun, Ray

As = Red

Hara = Dunes

Elt = Universe

Liad = Consult

Akr = Wild, Untamed, Savage


Some Of The Major Notable Kings:

The Free King/The Shadow King, Varryn Brale, the King of the Black Dark, Golreda (Golr = Black, Eda = Dark). Former slave, he led the slave revolt that resulted in the freedom of hundreds of thousands if not millions of slaves. He believes in hard work, fairness, and equality. However, he is also consumed by rage at the world for allowing this system of slavery in the first place, and has vowed to take over, control, or destroy all those in the world who let himself and others be used as slaves, allowing his men to be brutal in the carrying out of his dream, in fact even endoursing it. He uses magically enhanced chains as weapons, and has some magical powers of his own. He also has a tendency to use chains as whips and hangings, possibly a side affect of growing up a slave. His royal guard is known as the Royal Liberation Force, and is made up of a few who are strong enough to hold his power. He hates all Kings, especially the Beloved King due to the fact all his people seem to live so comfortably despite not working much, which makes him suspect he employs heavy slave labor. Their capital is the human built city of Veilfyre. His lands are full of mountains and hills, and are rich in minerals, which is why such a heavy slave force was formerly used in this area. It is a place that produces some of the toughest warriors, and it is believed he does in fact have the strongest army.

The Warrior King, Justin Balor, the King of the Silver Steel, Gebumo (Geb = Silver, Umo = Steel). This king possesses great strength and speed. He also possesses a strategic mind, allowing him to overcome much on the battlefield. He is capable of slashing through stone and iron with his sword, Orima, which is Runic for Division. Additionally, all of his Royal Guards have a level of power that is a large fraction of their King's power, but there can only ever be eight of them. It is said the Silver Royal Guard is a group of ragtag misfits who are the most unusual people you would expect to face, but they all show great devotion and loyalty to their king. He gets along well with the Lunar King, but despises the Kind King and The Beloved King for being so soft. The capital is located in the ancient city of Mehlesh. (Mehl = Defense, Fortress, Castle, Esh = Hidden, Secret, Invisible) Their lands are full of plains, wetlands, and a few mountains, and are known to host many festivals and championships.

The Kind King, Alaine Yatora, the King of the Blue Waves, Wazvera (Waz = Blue, Vera = Waves). She is a beautiful King with overwhelming magical power to control the waves and the ocean, as well as water itself. She is capable of using her magic to destroy whole towns given enough time and water. She is capable of crushing any threat in her way, and cares deeply for her people. She is the last person you want to upset, unless you are ready for the consequences. Her Royal Guard is known as the Order of the Sea, and is made up by those beings who are strongly tied to the ocean and Water Magic. While her and The Beloved King have great relations, she does not like the brutality of war that The Lunar King and the Warrior King prefer to live by. Its capital is known as Mehlvera. (Mehl = Defense, Fortress, Castle, Vera = Ocean, Waves) Her lands are built on the ocean itself, taking advantages of the numerous islands to build her kingdom. However, a large portion of her kingdom was also built underwater, including several military bases. They utilize magical vessels that are capable of traveling underneeth the water. There are also a number of swamplands in her domain as well.

The Lunar King, Doran Hakar, the King of the Grey Wolves, Shornara (Shor = Grey, Nara=Wolves). He is a Crotayin King who is also the Alpha of a powerful Werewolf Bloodline. It is said that only by defeating the Alpha can you become The Lunar King and the Alpha of this pack. The Lunar King is known for having strong bonds with his people, and for being vicious, ruthless, and unrelenting. If you murdered a member of his family unjustly, he would hunt you down to the ends of the worlds. He is also known as the Beast King. His Royal Guard is known as the Night Beasts, and they are considered the fearcest Werewolves in the pack. He's rather fond of the Warrior King for his strength and brutality he leads, but doesn't understand or agree with the Kind King or Beloved King and their passive nature. His capital is simply known as The Alpha City. Their lands are full of thick forests, rivers, a few mountains and hilly terrain, but mostly forests.

The Beloved King, Drescel Blaire, the King of the Golden Lands, Glideen (Gli = Golden, Deen = Land(s)). Drescel is to the point of obsession with obtaining the best of everything for his kingdom. Magic, people, power, strength, artifacts, specimens. His kingdom has no poor people, and in his Kingdom anyone can obtain most things with ease. As a result, it usually ends up the dream of these people to obtain secrets and legendary treasures that they can brag about to others. While the Beloved King has no special abilities himself, he has influence over many people thanks to his wealth and network of spies. His Royal Guard is known as the Golden Guard, and they all have objects of Legendary power and strength. He and the Kind King see similar codes to live by and are drawn together because of it, even if he displays more greed then all the other Kings. He doesn't see much credibility in the Warrior King and the Lunar King, seeing them both as animals. He resides and leads his people in Glimohlt. (Gli- Golden, Mohlt- Sun, Ray) Most of this land has been built into great cities, but has numerous plains, mines, and what not. Everyone lives in comfort. More magical tools are employed here then anywhere else, and the most scientic advances have been made here.

The Wandering King, Ordin Okaba, the King of the Red Dunes, Ashara (As =Red, Hara = Dunes). Ordin is an Avian, and is not one to be tied down or caged in some palace. Thus the name The Wandering King. Ordin instead goes around his kingdom, seeing what is what, and making his official orders based on what he sees. Ordin is protected by his Royal Guard, the Desert Legion. They are Knights, Rogues, and Mages of unusual characters, who wander much like the King himself, carrying out his will directly as well as protecting him. He prefers to keep his distance from the other Kings, minding his own business and tending to his own people. The capital of his kingdom is Filbast. (Fil- Sky, Bast- Oasis.) and it is suspended in the air by Magic. Slavery is one hundred percent outlawed in his lands, though that does not stop people from trying. His lands are a lot of desert, some forests, a few mountains, a lot of rivers, and a few canyons. The light of the sun sometimes makes the sand look red.


Races of the World:

Humans: Not much to say, humans are just that, the normal average human beings that you would expect to see in any world for one reason or another. They are naturally attuned to Mind based Magic.

Crotayins: While at first glance they may appear human, Crotayins are those people who also possess animal like traits, such as tails and what not. Crotayins are actually more genetically diverse then humans, and are descendents from humans. It is believed they came into existence after the Dark God Droga forced them to curse themselves, but they managed to make it so that the curse was nowhere near as bad as he wished, defeating the god at his own game. As a result, Crotayins are known for being tricky and mishivous from this tale. They are most attuned to Nature based magic.

Imoljans: A race of humanoid volcanic like creatures, for lack of a better word. They could be compared to elemental golems, only with free will. They do not follow any of the main religions, instead worshipping their ancestor's spirits and what not. While they are not that isolated, often interacting with other species, they also usually live in their own communities, with some exceptions. They are most attuned to Fire and Earth based magic.

Lezarins: A cold blooded reptillian race, on the surface they appear hard skinned (technically scaled) and tough creatures, but deep down, they are just as diverse mentally as humans. (CAUSE JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING ISNT HUMAN DOESNT MEAN THEY ARE ALL BOUND TO CERTAIN PERSONALITY TYPES!). Lezarins typically live in warm enviornments, but can survive in cold envirornments when nessisary. Their average magical potential is not low, but its not high and is barely medium. This species is naturally attuned to Magic that involves healing and defending.

Altarins: The Altarins are a race of humans, however unlike normal humans, they are cold blooded, tough creatures who are good at taking hits. Their average magical potential is a little low however. The ones with magical power are attuned to Enhancement based magic, which is where they enhance their own bodies and objects they hold to unnatural levels.

Lopids: An amphipious race of humanoids, they appear as frog like creatures. They don't have any hair, but they do resemble humans, only with bigger eyes and skin tones that favor shades of blue. They can breath both air and water. Though this probably didn't need to be said, they have a natural affinity for Water based Magic.

Avians: A race of bird-like humanoids. Their bones are lighter than that of a humans and have feathers on their arms wings so that they can fly...the only sentient creatures that can do so without the use of magic. However, they are in fact naturally attuned to Air and Wind based magic.

Elovions: A race that is as playful as they look, Elovions appear as children even when they are adults. They never appear to be physically older then 10 or 11. It is believed they existed centuries ago, but have not been seen in ages. They are believed to contain the highest amount of magic, and were attuned to all natures of this power. Many believe they are in hiding or extinct due to the fact they are one of the few if only species worth harvesting for their magic. Some believe they may be related to Dragons, but the lack of anything apparently draconic according to descriptions makes this unlikely. It is said an Elovion can live for centuries, but given that no one has apparently seen any in ages, this is also doubted. While legends depict them as powerful, the simple fact they do not seem to exist anymore would indicate that they are not undefeatable, and not invincible.

Eryochon: A non-humanoid species akin to Wild Boar, only these things are large enough for people to ride and pack stuff on, and are capable of smashing through iron given enough time. Their meat is also considered to be some of the most delectable.

Froglodytes: A race of amphibous sea creatures used as mounts in Wetland, Beach, and Kingdoms with a lot of water. Can handle both fresh water and salt, unlike most if not all regular frogs.

Enroukin: Giant, flying creatures that look kind of like Manta Rays.

Lepospians: A small rabbit like creature, they are both incredibly strong and incredibly loyal. As a result, they make great pets!

Asdian: A race of small bird like creatures, they are filled with magical energy and prey on whatever their heart desires. Including people!

Dragons: Too much variety of facts other then what is obvious.


Major Religions:

The Harmonous Coven: The Harmonous Coven is a Religion that worships a group of gods who created this world to observe the people in it and what would happen, only influencing it when they feel like it. They also believe these gods appreciate those who are modest, those who fight for what they believe in, and those who show strength and overcome obstacles in their path. Typically the morally straight and most determined individuals can be found worshipping this religion. The heads of this religion are known as the Tri-Exemplars, three priests who each enforce a different aspect (Modesty, Fighting Spirit, and Strength) of the religion on its people, and are determined to have others practice it whether they believe or not to help save people and spread the faith. It believes that people must overcome feelings of fear, humiliation, and weakness, and as a result, employs many practices that either require hard work, humiliation to the point of nudity, and facing ones fears. It also tests people's morals, and its text often requires people to do acts of kindness at least once in a while.

Those that worship this can go on a pilgrimidge to the Harmonous Path. It is believed to be a sacred path, located in sacred lands, that leads to one of their most sacred temples. So sacred, that those that walk the path must leave all worldly possessions behind, including their clothing, and use only what they find on the path. It is believed that those that disobey will never be seen again alive. That is only the most sacred path though, there are others that are more lenient, but they do not hold the same reward and prestige as this path does.

The Chaos Theorum: The Chaos Theorum believes in a singular god who believes in Chaos, influencing things only to further his own likes, dislikes, and beliefs. Its also believed that the more devout you appear and the more you do to appease him, the more he will favor you, though nothing will stop his Grand Plan. Sacrifices are common in this religion as are shrines, graffiti, and making the singular God's name sacred so as only the most worthy can speak his name. While sacrifices of people are only done by either the most devout or the most deluded, often a sacrifice might just be tossing some coins into the water or donating money to the homeless. Some of the rituals do involve doing archaic things however, including dripping one's blood onto one's self and smearing it upon them to ask for favor from the god of Chaos. Shrines often involve candles, bones, and blood of the devout, to show your full willingness to do his bidding.

It is said that if one wants to induct themselves higher into his favor for sure, that one must fast for three days and three nights, drinking nothing but one glass of water and eating nothing but one pound of red meat a day, while working on the shrine for at least four hours.

They are led by the most devout, the Priests of Kara (Chaos). And they are led by the High Priest that they choose among them to be the voice of his will. His name, the one rarely spoken, is Doromyn. (Doro = Chaos, Myn = Astral, Spirit, Ascendent)

The Almighty Flow: THe Almighty Flow worships Magic and Mana, believing it to be sentient and that people blessed with overwhelming magical power are favored by this force they believe is unified. People who follow this religion tend to be stronger and more well versed in becoming atuned in their magical abilities due to dilligence in the field...or maybe they were right. It is said that those that fully believe this religion magically inscribe symbols and marks onto themselves and their children, and that they sacrifice physical strength for magical strength. It is said that if one is truly brave and willing to test their devotion and favor to Magic itself, they must shed all protection and belongings, and meditate in a place filled with colliding magical currents while meditating with their magical defense down. It is believed that once a day passes, if they are still alive, they are in his favor. The actual reason they should shed all belongings though is because the magical currents would completely destroy most objects given enough time. And you have to go past that time to complete the ritual. It is said those are successful have the magic in their veins glow so bright you can see it through their skin.

They are led by those who are the strongest in magical power and devouted to their religion. The stronger your magical power, the higher rank you are.


Locations, Lands, and Places:

Azma: A city of bustling life, trade, and information, this desert city borders a forest and is known as the beginning of trade, commerce. A lot of adventurers are born here, because they see all the exotic goods and hear all the exotic stories. Azma is its own brand of interesting, so it also helps prepare people for the life of an adventurer. It has five districts. The Center District, and one district per direction AKA North, South, East, and West. These are only there to help people navigate through the city and find people's adresses. They do not determine wealth and value. The only district with anything specific is the Central District, which holds the Palace and many Government buildings.

One of the greatest attractions of the city os the Azma Market, where entertainment and goods can always be found for a reasonable price. Work can also be found here, for those of all talents and ages. Though be careful, as some may turn out to be slavers. Another attraction is the hot springs that exists in the city, which allows all people to enter and enjoy it any day of the week. Both public baths and private baths for just you or you and close friends are available, just don't bring any food, drink, or any foreign material other then yourselves into the hot springs. You can find two types of Azma guards, the kind that are kind to people, and the kind that take their jobs way too seriously and occasionally viciously. Well, there is the occasional corrupt and cruel one too, but those are very few.

The dangers in town are notorious and bloodthirsty travelers who murder for fun or because you somehow insulted them, doing something to upset the peace and get the strict guards to come after you, being tricked by slavers or just plain getting captured by them, and going after one of the Children of Azma and getting discovered. Because the rest of them will not tolerate that so easily. Of course, there are other dangers, but there are always other dangers. These are just the most prominant in this town.

The people of this town, due to the heat that often exists in the area, wear very light clothing usually, and are more then capable of taking the heat, as well as the cold desert nights.

The Misty Woods: Due to its location near Azma, and the fact its massive and spans several kingdoms, the Misty Woods is told in many tales. It is nearly always covered in mist and fog, and is filled with magical beasts. People say the most feared creatures in those woods are the Akr(Akir)nara. (Akr = Wild, Untamed, Savage, Nara = Wolves) The Akrnara are those under the curse of the werewolf who have lost all humanity or all control, and are now vicious beasts the roam the forest looking for prey. Only the mightiest of warriors can face against them.

The Duvane Desert: When moving from Azma to the Gilded City, which lies within the lands of Glideen, the Golden Lands, one will almost certainly pass through the Duvane Desert. This desert is not just a large expanse of sand however, but is filled with desert trees, canyons, rocks, and other things, making it a bit like a maze. Many creatures hunt other creatures in this area, and humans are not beyond the possibility of becoming victims. This area is especially known for its Sand Worms, giant creatures which can eat a large man and his horse in one bite. Traveling through this desert at night is not recommended, so its best to only travel during the day.

Gilded City: A city in the lands of Glideen, it holds the Library of Elliad, an ancient library in the ruins that the city was built over. The Gilded City exists in a small area of the Golden Lands that is covered in jungle, and claims all rights over the Library. It is rumored however troves of information are still locked away, yet even then it still has more knowledge stored here then most places. (Its also on Altian's List of locations he wants to visit).

Tower Town: A town located inside the Misty Woods, it is built inside an old but still well standing and well maintained large fortified tower. Complete with a courtyard, the people here are resourceful, as is made evident by the utilization of the tower into creating a safe town inside the Misty Woods. Many grow up to be trained and experienced hunters.



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The leader launched a volley of magical attacks at Emerin, who managed to dodge them all. However, it had been anticipated, since he had only left that route to dodge, allowing him to know where Emerin would be and launch an attack there. At first, it seemed like it hit, but then the cloak and shirt Emerin had once been wearing fell to the ground empty. Emerin appeared behind the leader, and did a full force Light Mode Enhanced Kick to his face, sending him flying, but he managed to recover mid-air and land only a few yards away. Additionally, he managed to generate a barrier in time to take part, but not all, of the hit. Emerin now stood against him, wearing just his pants. The leader launched another attack towards him, only it turned out to be an air mirage...and he appeared from his shirt and cloak and kicked him from behind.

The leader of the group looked towards Altian. “Maybe you will surrender peacefully….if I take your friend out of commission! Now, you will see my full power! You might know Advanced Magic…” he started, as Emerin tried to take advantage of his speech by launching a surprise attack at max speed while in Light Mode. However, a powerful barrier blocked it. “…but I possess not just Advanced Magic, but even some extreme magic!”

Extreme Magic was powerful magic that could not be taught to anyone. It is a magic spell of such complexity, it can only be created and used by the one who creates it. “Extreme Magic! Mind Obliteration!”

The leader watched as it shot towards Altian, but then Emerin moved into the way and got hit with it instead, just as he expected. Fighting him directly was a bad idea, but he was able to manipulate their friendship to score a direct hit. Mind Obliteration was based on Advanced Shadow Magic, which could be used for a variety of things. Not only could they use Shadow Magic to bend shadows in the physical world, but they could also use Shadow Magic to manipulate, alter, and corrupt people’s minds. This utilized that part of Shadow Magic, only it was far more efficient. It would allow him to delete all of Emerin’s memories, such as those of his friends and family, and create new ones. He could only have this active on so many people at one time, and it would use a good portion of his magical energy, but he figured given the situation it was more than warranted. To everyone else, it would look like the two were covered in this dark magic and just standing there, immobile but shrouded in that magic. Should anyone try to approach it, they would find the barriers hard to break, and when attacked, would counter attack in a dangerous and intelligent way, the exact way changing to adapt to the attack.

Suddenly, while in Emerin’s mind, he appeared in an alleyway in Azma while it was raining, which shocked him since he didn’t do it. A young blue haired boy, which appeared to be Emerin around five years old, was walking past an alleyway when he heard someone crying. He went down the alleyway and looked behind some crates, and found a boy around his age, crying and naked, curled up while it was raining. Emerin gave him his shirt while talking to him, which was large enough to cover his body, and started to help him.

Suddenly, the alleyway disappeared, and he was standing in pitch blackness again. Only this time, Emerin had appeared behind him. Sensing this, he turned around quickly and backed two steps away. “What is going on? That memory shouldn’t still exist, I obliterated them, and no one used any recovery magic on you or anything yet, they shouldn’t even know what happened yet. And how are you even here?! This is impossible!”

“You attacked Alt-Shu to try to get to me” he told him, with that blank look on his face. It wasn’t from light mode this time, but it was because he was extremely angry but at the same time keeping his cool. While he might be hard to read in combat, it was pretty easy to tell how Emerin felt emotionally. “I knew the second you targeted him that you knew what I would do”.

“Are you saying you knew what my spell would do? I could understand your friend figuring out, he is intelligent, but from what I learned from you, you don’t have anywhere near the intelligence to read other people’s spells. You two are so different, I don’t even understand how you became best friends”.

“And that’s why your spell failed to work. You failed to understand the strength of our friendship”.

“This isn’t some child’s fairy tale. Friendship has no real power, it simply means you have someone you are willing to risk your life for”.

Emerin shook his head. “That memory you saw was the first day me and Alt-Shu met. You tried to obliterate it, yet it failed. Its because magic is partially fueled by willpower, and the willpower of me and Alt-Shu’s friendship is much too powerful to be obliterated by anything, even magic”.

As he looked into Emerin’s eyes, the man noticed his left eye and his right eye were different colors, even though outside in the real world, even in Light Mode, they were the same color. Still, he could wonder about that later. “You think this will stop us? Without your attacks, the others will fall. Your friend will die if you stay here and fight me. Submit, and I will spare his life”.
Emerin stopped looking angry, and smiled at him. He could immediately tell from that smile, they had made a horrible miscalculation, and that now Emerin knew for a fact they would win. This overwhelmed him with shock. Emerin just had this happy, innocent, confident look on his face, but from what he learned, it probably spelled their doom. “Good to know you already lost”.

“What the hell do you mean?! What could I have possibly said that made you so confident?!”

“I don’t know the limits of the other three, so I don’t know how powerful they are compared to me, but I think my pure raw magical power outranks them all. But, while I might have more magical power to draw from then Alt-Shu…he has more overall magical knowledge. Which means his Advanced Magic is way more powerful and effective than my own, not to mention all the other knowledge he possesses. While he might always insist I am the more dangerous one, this is not true. Between the two of us….Alt-Shu is far more dangerous”.

He could tell Emerin was being sincere. At the very least, he truly believed this to be true. And given his own level of power, that meant while he had anticipated Emerin’s skill….he and his men had not taken into account Altian enough then they should have. They had been so careful, but he realized just now that if Emerin knew they were following, then it could have been possible….no, highly likely, Altian knew as well….and until now had been holding back his true skill level. But, there was one thing he did know. “He isn’t like you, my spellcasters can bind his magic”.

“I never said Magic was his only weapon” Emerin reminded him, thinking back to a specific moment.

It was around noon, and they had just eaten lunch. He and Alt-Shu were wearing Balics, super light pieces of clothing that just barely covered your private areas and nothing else, because they were training and didn’t want to overheat. For males, Balics had only one piece, which consisted of a cloth wrapped around the waist and brought up between the legs before tied together and tightened up so it would stay on. For females, they had that and a piece to cover their chest. It was also the cheapest clothing possible, so it was rare for Nobles to be seen wearing them unless it was super hot. While training, Emerin was working on a new spell, when he had asked Altian about binding magic and how to counter it.

“Actually, I am confident you don’t need to worry about that. If anyone used binding magic on your, at least normal binding magic, it would probably backfire. You see, you emit a lot of magical power, and possess a large amount of magical power as well. Binding magic works kind of like a sealing bubble in terms of imagery. While it would work on a number of magic users, people like you who have so much, it would apply too much pressure. The magical power would build up quickly, and then explode outward from you. It wouldn’t harm you, but it would harm anyone near you, especially the one who tried to bind you” Altian explained to him.

“What about you then? You always say you don’t have anywhere near as large of a magical pool as me. How would you deal with binding magic? Is there any way we can protect you from it?”

“Well, binding magic takes a lot of focus. Maybe if I used my pen to bring out a weapon and attack them directly, but I am not sure I would be able to wield a weapon strong enough to be effective, even with my pen’s properties. I am not much of a brute strength person”.

“What about that one story you told me about, involving that one guy who defeated a greatsword user with a small knife or dagger or whatever it was, using speed and intelligence instead of strength and the weight of the weapon?”

Altian took out his pen, and made it form a small, curved dagger. “I did think about that, but its difficult, even for me. Supposedly it takes years to master though, and I have only been working on it for a few months”.

“Then you probably nearly have it down! After all, what takes years for others to learn takes weeks for you. I have an idea, think of it like how I think when I use Windbreaker. Feel like you yourself are the wind”.

Emerin smiled. That had been over a year ago. Which meant, knowing Alt-Shu….Emerin was confident he was more than holding his own, no matter what situation he was in. However, he still had this guy to deal with. Even though they were inside Emerin’s head, he still had access to his magic. He charged up again, and tried to do another mental attack. As a result, another one of Emerin’s memories triggered to distract them while his mind began fighting off the intrusion.

Suddenly, he started to use his Shadow Magic directly on the memories, as well as firing a large shot at his brain to do as much damage as possible. Emerin’s magical shielding prevented the attack from hitting, but it affected him in some way.

“Heh, you weren’t so…” he started, when suddenly he was slashed. Behind him, another Emerin had appeared, with two green eyes. While no physical damage was done, it damaged his life essence. It was advanced magic, but it was more complex then what Emerin was capable of. This green eyed variant, it wasn’t the real Emerin. It was something different all together. “Who the hell are you?”

“A fragment” he told the man. “It is the duty of the father to keep the son safe from harm, especially from the likes of you. Now, get out of my son’s head. Soulshredder!”

From the outside, it appeared as if the shadow magic around them was shattered and the one who cast the spell, their leader, had been severely injured by an attack. Meanwhile, one other physical change had occurred. While it would be difficult to notice, it would not be impossible, especially to those who have been around him the longest, but Emerin’s eyes had changed colors. They were now green. As the leader looked into these eyes, he could see it. There was still a residual link between the two of them, so he could see the two different magical powers inside Emerin. They had achieved a link with each other. “What the hell…what are you?”

Suddenly, the leader blocked. At first, the attack would have been missed, but then those would see Emerin standing behind the leader. Suddenly, the leader’s energy barrier disintegrated into actual dust, which shouldn’t even be possible, and suddenly he collapsed onto the ground in pain. He quickly got back up, and chuckled. “So this…this is the power that someone like you can wield. I only suspected for a time, but now it appears that my theory was correct. What a find indeed”.

One of his wizards ran closer to him. “Sir, you need to get up and fight!”

He managed to get up, but it was clear that he had taken substantial damage. However, as he got up, he smiled. “Now that I have confirmed the data I needed to, I sent a message via Magic to a nearby relay station. However, it appears part of it got scrambled. I didn’t think he could do that”.

Suddenly, the magic flow changed, as it seemed like all the magic from the surrounding area was trying to force its way into him. Emerin’s eyes appeared to be both green and blue at the same time, the father was giving control back to the son, but he was also casting a powerful spell. “Lord of Lightning, Dwell in our body for a time, let us become a bolt of lightning that will allow us to remove the threats to those we care about. Advanced Magic! Living Lightning!”

Emerin put his hands on his own body, and transmuted it into lightning itself. It then proceeded to bolt around, piercing the hearts of two wizards and two footmen, before striking their commander, who was much stronger, over and over again. Each strike burned his skin, and forced him to focus more on barriers and less on attacking. However, even with the barriers, some damage always got through. Emerin was not attacking directly, but on an angle, which allowed him to pierce the barrier. Additionally, he was moving to fast to properly prepare for. In other words, Emerin had gotten the upper hand in all categories.
And then suddenly, the spell timed out, and Emerin appeared behind him. “Time for everyone’s favorite! Alt-Shu, hold onto something!” Suddenly more wind wrapped around his arm than ever before. It charged more than any of them had ever seen before. An 100% Windbreaker at close range. Except it wasn’t 100%. It seemed to have surpassed 100% somehow, as only Altian would notice, and realize that something has been overcharging his magic. “Windbreaker!”

As the Windbreaker landed, the man’s armor was completely obliterated, and he was sent flying into a tree. The blow had such strength, the tree’s trunk shatter, and so did the trunk behind the tree. Finally, a large rock stopped his momentum, though he got dug really far into it.

As Emerin walked across the battlefield, a few of the soldiers looked at him in shock. “Did he just….kill the captain?”

“No” Emerin told everyone. “While yes, that blow would kill a normal human being, he isn’t a normal human being. When he entered my mind, I reversed the connection and looked into his. You know Tam, you should probably be angry…this unit….this whole fucking unit….are soul locked into their bodies. Which means, every single person who has died so far…”

Suddenly, the dead began to stand back up. “They are all still alive. But for everyone single one that falls in battle, whether dead or unconscious, their power is transferred back into their leader. I can see the flow of magic moving throughout them all”.
As the captain walked back onto the battlefield, he looked at the group. “TO answer your questions, everything I do I do in loyalty to my King. He is the reason we breath fresh air, walk the skies, and can truly live. Our king only wishes to safeguard not just our freedom, but the freedom of all who have been imprisoned. Which is why I will be leaving here with that boy! I cannot fail our Kings Grand Goal of mass liberation, and to punish the world that allows slavery to occur!”

“The worst acts have been committed with the best intentions” Emerin told him.

“There is one thing though, you got the power somewhat wrong. Those seals don’t last very long, they are only there so I can absorb their power before they die!” he shouted, as the shadows of his dead warriors retracted from them and flew into them. The dead then stopped attacking everyone, and fell to the ground for the last time. Meanwhile, for every person that was killed or incapacitated, their shadows fueled their captain’s power to even greater levels.

“Vessels of the Dead, hear my call! Rise up in Demon Form!”

“Son of a….” Emerin got off when the dead bodies combined into one large demon, colored blood red and full of hatred. It immediately slammed into Emerin, which appeared to completely crush him.

“Your wind barrier isn’t strong enough to…wait….why is his magical power rising?!”

“Wind Barrier….Level 2!”

The wind barrier repelled the demon, but both Emerin and Altian would know even a Wind Barrier Level 2, which actually turned the air itself into a partially solid state, would not be strong enough to hold a demon's power back fully. However, as Altian knew, Emerin was holding back his most potent magic.

"Demon, show him your Darkness Inferno!"

The demon inhaled, and then let loose enough black fire to turn Emerin to dust. However, he just smiled, even when it seemed like it was about to breach the barrier and hit him. "I forgot to tell you....I don't naturally specialize in Wind Magic".

Suddenly, the attack was reflected back at the demon. In front of Emerin, two portals had formed, and both his palms were glowing. The captain looked in anger. "Portals...but, for someone that young to have portals requires being naturally attuned to Spatial Magic. So then, aren't naturally attuned to wind? But how? Your wind spells are so strong! You mean all this let us believe you were wind specialized?!"

Emerin smiled. "Its like I told you before. You already lost. Your people wont survive our next round of attacks. Leave now, or we stop holding back. I am not particularly fond of killing people, in fact I like to avoid it when possible, but if you continue to be people who come after us, I will no longer hold back. Understood?"

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Mac's weariness had suddenly left him leaving him to pause, a shock at first until looking back to see Altian. He straightens up and flexes his arm, feeling the strength return to him, at least enough to keep fighting for a bit, maybe not enough to pull on Voidhowl again. He chuckles for a moment. "Hey, thanks, hope I'm not being a burden with that transfer and er... to be perfectly honest I'm not entirely sure yet, but once I find out I'll fill you in!" He sees Fru-Fru fly by and then his eyes grow wide, he then looks around at the mayhem. "Was that... that a flying Hamster? I was literally gone for like 5 minutes." He smacks his head and laughs. "Well thats a relief, at least you guys seem fi-"

“Extreme Magic! Mind Obliteration!”

His grin faded again, seeing the spell zooming by him towards Altian, and Emerin's seeming sacrifice. His jaw runs agape at what transpired. "Ey, kid... you...?" His voice meek at first. Gritting his teeth and grinding them, throwing a piercing glare at the shadow leader. His composure was lost, he was beyond the point of anger, droplets of water begin to form and shake violently around him as if an extension of his very sentiments. "What... what the hell kind of twisted cowards are you!? You can't just... you can't just play with people's minds like they are toys! Fix it!"

He looked to see, Emerin seemed relatively fine. His look of anger now contained a portion of confusion. He was silent and rapidly glancing back and forth between Emerin and the leader, the fragments of shadows, and each of them seemingly just... sitting in place. "What... is going on?" He then watched quietly as this internal battle went on. As soon as he sees wounds appearing upon the body of the leader a thought came to his head. "Seriously..? Are they having some... mental battle..? It looks like this guy wasn't really up to it, kid must have some strong determination."

He watched as the captain fell to the ground, and his subordinates running to his side. What happened next made him leap back as Emerin blasted them with an immense electrical discharge, taking out the remaining troops. The captain was staying up, the damn guy seemed far more durable than any normal human. And Emerin possessed a magical pool that rivaled his own, a rare gift if he's ever seen one. Then again, to have the king of shadows himself after him, he'd have to be something. The guy seemed to remain smug, this guy is so damn smug. He started to prepare his magic, to lash the guy himself but then watched as the man was thrashed against a tree, the tree itself suffering greatly from the impact. "A bit overkill but-"

“While yes, that blow would kill a normal human being, he isn’t a normal human being. When he entered my mind, I reversed the connection and looked into his. You know Tam, you should probably be angry…this unit….this whole fucking unit….are soul locked into their bodies. Which means, every single person who has died so far…”

"Are you kidding me right now..?" Mako muttered in absolute disbelief. He was horrified but above all...

“TO answer your questions, everything I do I do in loyalty to my King. He is the reason we breath fresh air, walk the skies, and can truly live. Our king only wishes to safeguard not just our freedom, but the freedom of all who have been imprisoned. Which is why I will be leaving here with that boy! I cannot fail our Kings Grand Goal of mass liberation, and to punish the world that allows slavery to occur!”

Mako's eyes told volumes of just how he felt about this, his fins fully erect, his body stiff, he cracked a crooked grin, but it was not in amusement or even mockery, it was shock, utter disbelief. The thought bounces around cruelly in his head. No, just no, this isn't freedom, he thought to himself, trying to make sense of the madness before him. His thoughts became scattered, and Voidhowl softly now flutters with life. The voice, warped and deep, now clear. Binding, grinding, twisting bone, chained in flesh, caged in soul. He holds his chest, breathing labored. Alive..? Is this life!?

At this point he barely even was in touch with reality, sound grew muffled, the battle waged on ahead of him. He had never before grasped exactly the level of Varryn Brale's madness until now. From what he had heard, from what little he had seen before, he thought him only an ambitious extremist. But no, seeing now, it was beyond that. These men were literally prisoners of their own bodies, to be used for his ends. They were not free, not really, sure they had their wills but... given the nature of shadow magic shown recently, it was not far off to assume the possibility that manipulation of minds plays some role. And now this captain was using his own dead comrades to bend them into some... monster! Pretty words feel no sweeter, betraying swords taste so bitter...

After a moment Mako just lets out a strained chuckle in the middle of the captain and Emerin's deadlock. His chuckle turns into a maddened cackle. It was joyless, sickened, and twisted. He had heard enough in just a few instances to assess the entirety of Varryn's nation. They were all still slaves, bound in a whole different and twisted way. It wasn't freedom, it wasn't peace, it was just... wrong.

"You... you call your acts loyalty, but given the nature of your magic, and everything you display here, how do you even know that to be true? For all you know you are all bound up m-meat puppets acting towards your king's whims. Look at yourselves! Just look at yourselves! You cannot even have an afterlife! Your king has turned you all into... into..!" He was stuttering, his tone was cracking, his eyes and motions twitch. He took a deep breath, his magic was acting erratically with his own instability. "T-the only world you can create is one of servitude through fear and destruction, you'll kill anybody that isn't a slave, or scare them into serving your cause... this... this is just slavery under another name... no... this is wrong... y-you... baho ahu ahuta at bra'nq bash yao!? (what the hell is wrong with you!?) Have you ever looked upon this and thought that maybe this isn't quite okay? That maybe in the end, if you were to succeed, that it might not exactly be a world worth living in, if even a world still exists at all!? Freedom, true freedom is one where all people are treated as damn equals, where no life is greater or less regardless of status! That is a future a true Free King would seek to create! I may not be a follower of the flow, but even I can see how screwed up this is!"

He stays staring ahead at the captain, but his mind was now set upon Emerin. He could tell the boy didn't want to kill, but would if he had to. The thought had occurred to him again how similar the two of them were, and through his father he had reflected on how his own may be feeling now. "Listen, boy," he pauses and shakes his head. "No, Emerin... to be perfectly honest, I started following you after overhearing something what I can only guess was one of these guys... I heard of something interesting and jumped at it... and... the first impression I admit was far less than elegant. I've seen, however, how people feel about you, the lengths they were willing to go to protect you from a stranger like me... so..."

Mako draws Voidhowl and points it up at the captain, gritting his teeth and narrowing his eyes, his pupils themselves narrowing. The magical energy being emitted by his body was concentrated, the droplets of water that were suspended around him pulsing in sync with his heartbeat. The expression on his face lacked his previous joviality, now angry and determined. Voidhowl begins to pulsate once more with life, the water slowly gathering around it. It wasn't likely that he'd be able to handle it any longer than he already has, but caring had ended as soon as he started to grasp the depths of Golredan depravity.

"If you don't leave, I'll personally acquaint you with whatever occupies this blade. These two need not taint themselves on the likes of you."

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Emerin's magic suddenly exploded with power, causing him to take a step back. He was sure of it now. His spells were more powerful then they normally were. A reaction with the bite? No, even if Alt-Shu was right, the reaction didn't make sense, and Alt-Shu would have known and warned him about it if that was the case. Which means it was something else. Emry looked around, but all there was around them was this thick fog that felt like it was suffocating him.

Wait, hold on. Why isn't anyone else being affected by the fog as much as I am...unless...the fog is rich in magic!

The demon rushed towards him, but in a flash, it fell to the ground in front of him. Emerin appeared in front of their leader, and before anything could be done, punched him in the face with enough force to knock him to the ground. He didn't even use any magic that time, he just used a normal fist. "That was for trying to use my best friend against me".

The battle seemed to pause for a moment. They had seen Emerin fight, so they knew he could have used Windbreaker and finished him off. But for some reason, he didn't. Their leader lay on the ground, bloodied and worn. Emerin stood over him, his fist having some blood from that punch he just gave him. "So, are you going to kill me now?"

Emerin looked up at him, but instead of anger, it was a smile. "Naaah, don't feel like it".

(Insert shocked looks from everyone else here)

" said earlier...."

"I said I didn't agree with you, but I don't hate you" he said to the man. "After all, when you saw some of my memories, I saw some of yours".

Emerin then looked towards Mako. "We shouldn't really hate them for being loyal to their king, or for following out these actions based on their orders. Because when you think about it...all of these people...were slaves for over half their lives. They have known life in chains more then life away from them. Think about how this has altered their perspectives? They must have nightmares every night about what was done to them, how they suffered. So, I can't really hate them. At least, not these men. Sure, they might be against us, and I don't condone their methods, but..." Emerin wiped a tear from his face. "...I cannot hate them either. Their story is just too sad, and in different circumstances, we might have been as desperate as they keep their freedom. Which is why we are letting them all go, all the ones still alive".

Their leader looked at Emerin. This kid....who is he? What is he? Is he a boy, or could he be...?

He then approached Alt-Shu, and muttered something in his ear as he passed using Wind Whisper. "Something about this forest caused my magic to be more volatile, powerful, and harder to control. You noticed it too right? Some spells were way more out there then normal. We need to get out of here as quickly as possible".

Before they left though, the man asked Emerin a question. "I am still loyal to my king, but I will tell you this. The place your heading...its dangerous. And you will meet a lot more unsavory people along the way, hunting for the same treasure....and the same weapons. And next time, you may be unable to spare them".

"Destiny is like bread. The end result might be anticipated, but it can take any shape and flavor that you determine".

The leader chuckled to himself. He really is a great man....and I have no desire to get in his way anymore. I will still support my king, but I wont be frowning if he also succeeds.


After some time....

"But why did you have us stop right there? We could have turned things around and finished this!"

Their leader chuckled. "That reminded me of someone else I once met. Besides, there was no way we could win".

"But what was that comment about destiny about?" one of them asked.

"Just something that was once said....a long time was his own way of saying it, but it was too similar to ignore...."

Yes, it was ten years ago I heard our king, the one who led us to freedom, say something similar. That our King would do whatever it takes to ensure not just our freedom, but freedom itself for this world. "I may have to make actions and orders that seem dark or evil, but as a King that people trust to guarantee their freedom, how could I not do everything I can to earn and deserve their trust? It is our destiny to be free, but it is up to us to use whatever actions and means we deem necessary to reach that destiny. While it may not be moral, it is up to us to protect what we hold dear".


Emerin sighed with relief. "Well, I am glad that's over. Werewolves ran away too, at least for now. Good thing that worked, I was really worried what might have happened if the battle kept going on. Something he was causing my magic to be more volatile, powerful, and unpredictable, and if the battle escalated anymore, I was worried what might happen".

(Tagged everyone just in case, but unless someone comes and says otherwise, think we lost some people. Also, sorry for the delay)

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The smile that appeared on Altian's face was an icon of the friendship he and Emry-Shu had developed together. Through thick and thin, they traversed every obstacle and surmounted it, sometimes with Emry's raw power, sometimes with his own knowledge, sometimes with both. Altian wasn't scared for Emry's sake when he took the Mind Obliteration spell, although he was slightly annoyed. If Emry had purposefully known what was going to happen when he did or if he'd legitimately fallen for it, he would never know. Nor did it matter. At this stage, they were more than prepared to deal with these goons. They just didn't know what they were getting into when they did. Altian had gotten after Tam about alerting them, but maybe it was for the better to draw them out of the shadows. The element of surprise was all the opposing side had and once that was was a cake walk.

Altian then turned towards the Lopid, who had his partially complete dagger drawn and at the ready. The lanky figure had become extremely volatile during this fight, showing his true colors to everyone else as he did. He had memories stirring within him, Alt could feel it. Memories that brought out this side of honor...this side of courage out of Mac. And the boy wasn't going to deny it, it was admirable to witness, especially for a figure he'd questioned the ideals for from the very beginning. A minuscule part of Altian wanted to let Mac charge forward and decimate this individual. But he'd for more than proven his own worth today. Mercy was the option that would reign supreme. Emry-Shu knew this as well, even though he didn't hold restraint in his punch.

There was no need to take a life today.

"Something about this forest caused my magic to be more volatile, powerful, and harder to control. You noticed it too right? Some spells were way more out there then normal. We need to get out of here as quickly as possible."

Altian could feel it too. Emry-Shu's magical abilities had been increased, but it seemed like all this extra energy couldn't be contained within him, letting loose extra bursts of energy with each spell his friend cast. Perhaps this was why the bubbles lasted as long as they did. At the same time, this spike in magical energy was unpredictable and volatile, meaning it was only a matter of time before it would turn against them. Altian wasn't sure whether it stemmed from the bite he'd received eaarlier or from the mist itself. Altian agreed...they needed to leave as soon as possible.


"I know," Altian replied in the same tongue, "But we need to check on that bite. Make sure you're completely resistant to it. While I'm thinking it's a combination of the two, I don't want it to be a burden on you later. That is something we need to fix right now. Once we do, we can leave."

Altian turned towards Willow, "You follow the ways of the Almighty Flow, meaning you know where the highest density of magic is in this forest. Can you take us to it?"

A couple hours later, the group of five arrived at the location...a surprisingly serene setting among the jungle of wild and crazy magic. Perhaps it was the stillness of the lake they saw, the water reflecting the canopy above them in mirror-like fashion. Or maybe it was the small island at the lake's center, perfectly symmetrical despite the laws of nature. But Altian would describe it as a presence of atmosphere. One didn't need to be hyper sensitive to magic to tell it was all around them, leaving it's imprint on this setting.

"There," Willow pointed to the island, "That is the epicenter of magic in the Misty Woods."

Altian nodded, "Then let's get started. For starters, no one touch anything. This setting has to be as preserved as possible. Mac, Tam, I need you two to keep an eye out for the Aknara while we set this up. Emry-Shu, you stay here and focus on keeping you energy contained. We don't want to attract any unwanted attention. Willow, since you're the most familiar with magic than anyone else here, I'll need your help setting up this specific circle I had in mind."

With that, Altian touched the Crotayin, a magical pulse flowing through the two of them, and suddenly they teleported to the island.

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Tam followed softly, the scrawl of wards crawling over his body slowly faded back to their pale scar tissue color as they walked.
The bronzed man lamented quietly over the blood stained gear he had to wear, it wasn't as if he had time to wash his clothing, and unlike his counter parts, had to actually be withing arms length of his foes..

His eyes watched the two boys apprehensively, what would these two stumble into next? And would he be forced to join the flow so early on his own quest to slate the thirst for adventure these two had? Only time would tell.

Upon hearing Altain's request , the childish side of Tam wanted to suggest that they had no need for him seeing as he could do it all himself, but he was no child and simply did as requested, only a fool wouldn't do something that needed done just to spite a companion.

" You fought well Lopid, and have the soul of a poet." Tam murmured, as he scanned their surroundings, his curved bow held at low ready, half drawn.

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Even after the restoration Altian gave him, and after the effects the blade had upon his body had worn off, he felt weary, and not entirely in body. Mac's mind clouds as he follows along, head downcast, he didn't really know what to think of what happened, let alone of himself losing his composure. He was a treasure hunter, an adventurer, not a killer, and yet there he was back there ready to take a lethal shot because he saw no other solution. The thought rings, repeating over and over inside his head, the thought that he was not strong enough, that he did not have enough power.

He heard a voice breaking through his thoughts. He looks up, first hearing from Willow then Altian before they sat off to do their ritual to summon that great ghost. He watches the island, noting the flow of water around it. Even he could feel it as some great Nexus point of whatever residual power permeated throughout these cursed woods. It was a presence that chilled him, it was a literal coldness in the air. Yet he had no fear from it, perhaps worry for them but not fear. He has his own desire, he wants to know how to cure the curse. He still owes a favor to a friend.

Maybe she's still alive out there, he thought.

Part of him wanted to go there himself, to give hell to whatever lingering sentiments exist of this being for ever setting loose such a scourge upon the world. To dare defile a forest with this wicked magic, let alone condemning people to such a horrid state of life. It was a disgusting abuse of power, and that is something lacking elegance. In fact, there was nothing at all elegant about this curse... it is just... cruel. It should be purged.

He heard another voice at this point, it was the Altarin, Tam, saying what seems to be praise. It was shocking, to say the least, he had originally thought he held nothing but resentment for him earlier. In fact, he feels considerably more welcome than before and he is at a loss as to why.

"Thank you, though I fear I lost myself some," he responds honestly, thinking back at his temper flaring. "You fought well yourself, and I suppose necessity has been a great teacher in that regard."


He thought back again on what Emerin said about those men, that they were only following orders, that they were guided by nightmares. He thought about it quite a lot since then.

"I don't exactly hate them, I hate the course of action chosen... or more, the course the world has made it seem like these actions are deemed necessary by them. Fear may connect them, but it is also such a manipulative feeling, twisting what may have once been a noble cause, and blinding to others. Fear is their chains now, and nightmares are their cages," he mutters, taking a drink from one of his canteens. "Perhaps... but regardless... every nightmare needs to come to an end, and a different kind of power is needed to do just that. True power. The power not to destroy, but create new possibilities. Now wouldn't that be some treasure?"

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As Emerin got closer and closer to the Nexus of this power, the more and more distracted he became, as whispers filled his head. Whispers of the past, the present, and maybe the future, or so they claimed. In fact, they could all be an illusion of this magic that filled the air. However, Emerin was the only one who seemed to hear it.

"That is fine Mac...I don't like their chosen actions either, but I simply cant hate them. After all, none of us as far as I know experienced the same hell they did".

He could feel the dragon flare up a bit as they approached the destination. It was getting unruly. So was the magic here. It was actually getting very dangerous. He could feel it, even the creatures were becoming unruly and unbearable. It was all Emerin could do to keep his own levels stable enough to scare them off.

"Whatever you plan to do Alt-Shu, do it quickly. We are in a lot of trouble" Emerin told him, breathing heavily. For him, it might as well be trying to drown him in all this magic.

Suddenly, Emerin's own magic seemed to come alive the moment Alt-Shu and Willow used the teleportation spell, and as a result, teleported a number of Akrnara right to them. However, the Akrnara were nowhere near as fast or as vicious as they normally would. The magic was suffocating them just like it was Emerin, causing their bodies and movements to be harder to control. They were still dangerous, but nowhere near as dangerous as they could have been. Of course, if an Akrnara that happened to develop an immunity to the magic toxation that was occurring here, things could get monumentally worse.

A few minutes in, and the Akrnara disappeared into nothing, having been teleported away...and this time, replaced with some other forest creatures that suddenly went insane after being exposed to so much magic. At this point, Emerin spouted a huge flood of magic at once. And then, he realized it. "Damnit, of course. That is why...guys! Listen, I have good news and bad news. Good news is, I am probably fine. The bad news, the dense magic in this forest...pretty sure its alive. Probably anyways".

Emerin found himself surrounded by this magic. "Could this magic be....what Alt-Shu is...".

Suddenly, all the creatures disappeared again, the same way as before. The teleportation spell was activating and de-activating on its own, and it was causing all manner of trouble. For a few seconds, everyone's possessions and clothing disappeared, only to re-appear perfectly as is. A tree next to Emerin then caught fire, and in response, one of its roots knocked Emerin into a nearby rock.

"I really hate this place".

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Sympathy smoldered through Tam watching the lopid's dilemma. As furious as he was he was soft, and kind. Frog or not those were the sort of people that really changed the world for the better. People like Tam had a purpose but it wasn't as warm as the Lopids, it was heart breaking to Tam to witness the Lopid slowly lose part of himself over such a thing.

"... Necessity or not Lopid, killing is killing. I am not saying this to harm you.. but it is no easy task to kill someone. In my clan, it is taught you do not kill a man; you end everything he could have been. .." Tam paused watching the still water like a viper.

" You end every good deed and bad likewise. The fingerless man handing bread to a starving child, or Elder taking a young bride against her will. Either one weights no more than the other if it could never happen. We believe that those actions weigh on our souls. And as such , we sink into the sands of violence and depravity unless we are stead fast in will, and know when it is time to stay our spears..." He offered the Lopid a soft smile before continuing" Take solace , I'd rather be slain than in such a state." With that he pressed on, circling the group cautiously , watching for any signs of an attack.

Tam turned his attention to the boys " of corse the magic is ali-----!"
Chaos struck as it so often had, Tam simply Froze, and attempted to fire an Arrow at a creature wandering a bit to close for his comfort, which was to say mere feet, only to have it, the arrow, and even the few garments the bronze man wore vanished.
The wards and various writer were etched all around the sculpted man's figure... ebbing and flowing, following the contours
of his frame. Tam's whole life until this point was on display for anyone to see... A deeply personal thing shared only by lovers and near brothers...

A great shame took hold of Tam but it would not show outwardly in his posture. "Then I suggest we finish this instead of waiting around for Ya'nahm ( A winter festival of the desert people comparable to x-mas and new years that comes once every five years)

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"Hmm. Yeah... Yeah, we probably should've turned left back there."

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Mako "Mac" Mynvera

"Admit it, you're jealous of the fin."

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There is always a Path

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Emerin "Emry" Liro

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"What our champions have left behind in these books are for us to learn from, not to just sit here and collect dust!"

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Altian Acropaleus

"What our champions have left behind in these books are for us to learn from, not to just sit here and collect dust!"

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"Hmm. Yeah... Yeah, we probably should've turned left back there."

Character Portrait: Mako "Mac" Mynvera
Mako "Mac" Mynvera

"Admit it, you're jealous of the fin."

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