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Misadventures on Golarion



a part of Misadventures on Golarion, by LonelyGhost.

Welcome to Garund, a diverse continent with a variety of terrain including forest, jungles, plains, and deserts. Garund also houses several rather interesting locations such as Geb, Katapesh, and The Shackles.

LonelyGhost holds sovereignty over Garund, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Garund is the possibly the most used continent in Pathfinder due to it's diversity. The black markets of Katapesh, the pirates of the Shackles, and Geb, a nation ruled by an ancient necromancer. For simplicities sake, as well as the fact most of our characters are from here, this will be the starting point.
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Welcome to Garund, a diverse continent with a variety of terrain including forest, jungles, plains, and deserts. Garund also houses several rather interesting locations such as Geb, Katapesh, and The Shackles.


Garund is a part of Golarion.

1 Places in Garund:


1 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Patraeko Payemyndii
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Far out in the calm blue sea stood two ships. Held together via hooked ropes after a boarding. One of these ships was a rather large Brig, equipped with three sails (Not including the front side sail), a nameplace could be seen at the front of the ship, 'Seishaw' is what was read. The other was a smaller schooner-like ship, holding two sails and floating in a highly damaged state. A boarding had just finished, the cheering left aside for work to occur as barrels and boxes of supplies were hauled over into the Seishaw.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Captain Schwab..." Spoke a strange voice, it seemed to be full of happiness and excitement, along with resentment. The source of the voice was walking towards a single man who was tied up against the main mast, dressed in blue military uniform with a commodore's hat.
"Is that you, 56?" Captain Schwab replied as he slowly raised his head, seeing the formally dressed captain, who was wearing his mask of course. Made of black leather and only showing his only red eye, with the mouth area holding a print of a teethed mouth. The red eye was wide with either excitement, or anger, or maybe even psychosis.
"Bitch it might be!" 56 giggled as he crouched down, resting one arm on his knee. His unbuttoned sleeveless jacket opened a little to show off the flintlock pistols which was worn underneath.
"What happened to Greyshackles? Did he finally promote you?"
"Hmmm..." 56 looked up to the clear blue sky for a moment, his eye then quickly darted down to look at the Captain. "Who knows?"
Schwab gave off a pathetic laughter, as if he were giving up, "So you managed to kill him, you crazy bastard... What do you want?"
56 moved his head to stare at Schwab right in the eye, "Supplies, and your lovely large masts, maybe even the deckwood..."
Schwab's eyes opened wide, "What? No! You can't take my ship apart!"
"You lost, so you pay the penalty. Don't worry, I only want wood that's not too wet and intact, so only the deckwood would be taken. Your ship will still sail, wherever the current would take you." 56 stood up and called out loud; "Take the masts and the deckwood!"
"Wait wait wait wait wait! I can help you! Y'know about what Greyshackles was searching for?"
56's head slowly turned to face Schwab yet again, "Of course, it's what I'm going for."
"Well, I know the general location. I can tell you! As long as you don't rip my ship apart!" Schwab was getting desperate.
"'kay, deal. Now tell me." 56 replied, his voice full of happiness and curiosity.
"Isger, go there. It's somewhere around there."
"Is that it!?" He shouted, annoyed with the idea of hunting around yet another place for ages. "Can't you narrow it down to an even more general area?"
"No, that's all I know..."
BANG! 56 quickly pulled out one of his flintlock pistols and shot the man in the head. "Continue..." He gave the order for the crew to continue ripping the boat apart and stocking up.

Finally with a location to travel to, along with a large amount of supplies, Patraeko's story will finally begin. Not just this search, but other treasures await. Large riches to be found, and great risks to be done.
But, for now, upgrades and recruitment needs to take place. So the Seishaw will head off to the Garund mainland, ready to trade, purchase and recruit...


3 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Morris Aberrigan Character Portrait: Arkus Clan-Killer Character Portrait: Akira Vaeriar
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#, as written by broheim
In the middle of the small crater was a rather small woman and a man who was talking to himself. Harvesting his powerful voice, he called out to the man.

"What is the meaning of this?"

Morris is startled by the voice of the orc coming from behind him and turns around to see who it is. He looks rather surprised.

"Hmmm... Don't i know ya? orc, a few bottles hangin' round your waist. You're Arkus, aren't you? a guard-for-hire for the caravaneers. Heard some things about you, included the small... Incident, where you survived an assault from a dragon on your tribe. Only survivor."
Morris leans in closer to Arkus and whispers to him "I've seen my share of alchemists, and i believe that's not what happened..."
He moves back again
"But whatever. You want the meaning of this? i came here because i saw something shiny and it crash-landed here while i was taking out a corpse from the bar, you probably saw me. And it turns out, this girl is the shiny thing that crash-landed here. So that's pretty much it.
She's an Aasimar, go nuts asking stuff to her. I'll stick around in case bad things happens."

Morris moves away to let Arkus see the girl, and sits at the foot of a tree.

"Oh and i'm Morris. Morris "ShallowGrave" Aberrigan, ex-gladiator and rogue. Pleasure to meet you, orc. Hahaha..."