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Aoi Tsukishi

A half-american-half-japanese teacher with a cheerful facade hiding his true natures.

0 · 149 views · located in Misaki Creek Academy

a character in “Misaki Creek Academy| An All Boys Academy”, originally authored by Lainpinky131, as played by RolePlayGateway




Full Name: Aoi Tsukishi
Surname: Tsukishi
First name: Aoi
Pronunciation: Ah-oh-ee Tsoo-kee-shee
Age: 23 1/2
Nationality: Japanese
Ethinicity: Half-Japanese-Half-American

Class: English- All grade levels
• Teaching
• Writing- perfect penmanship
• Persuasion
• Reading
• Music- preferably Classical and Indie
• Smoking Cigarettes
• Cute and Honest People
• Flowers
• Coffee
• Thieves- someone stealing people and things away from him
• Cleaning

Tsukishi-Sensei, or simply Aoi to his close friends, is a kind and happy person. Despite his distances from other teachers and his own students, Aoi-san is polite and considerate to any person he meets. He enjoys teaching anyone who is willing to listen. While he is friendly and happy up-front, Aoi-san is actually incredibly lazy and unmotivated when he is alone. He dislikes cleaning and cooking and will only do something about his messy house or his hunger if he really feels the motivation to do so. Though, he may unintentionally take advantage of someone, he truly does not mean; usually detaching himself from all romantic involvements and friendships if he believes that he is hurting his loved-ones.
Aoi-san’s is often afraid of hurting those whom are close to him or becoming a burden to the ones he loves, that being his only real fear. Aoi-san desires a true friendship and partnership like the ones he had read about. While desiring something more in life, he claims to be “happy” in his current place in life; never willingly or openly stating his fears or desires. Aoi-san had been in relationships before, but all of them had ended badly. Nevertheless, that does not mean he was unpopular. His cool attitude, his gorgeous looks, and the way that he has never been seen without a smile has always captured the young and innocent hearts of nearly all of the women he has ever met. Of course, Aoi-san has openly stated before that he has never been attracted to a woman before.
That is just how Aoi-san is.

Miscellaneous: Aoi-san currently lives in a small apartment by himself with no pets or roommates. A few years previous, Aoi-san did share his apartment with a male companion. Due to a fight between the two males, the companion moved out; leaving Aoi-san alone once again.
Aoi is the Seme.

So begins...

Aoi Tsukishi's Story

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Court Yard

The long haired student stood rather stoically outside the courtyard of the Academy, pulling his hair back for the occasion, and making sure his uniform was proper and prim. It was his duty to greet new and returning students to the school, as would many other renowned Seniors around campus, at the school's several different entrances. His was particularly the one where most of the student would be delivered or arrive. His hand would meet and shake that of many different students, and he was surprised by how many foreigners would come to walk these steps, he would never really found out how prestigious and alluring the school was until his Sophomore year, when they sought out to build extra space for the oncoming surge of students. Plus, the school was rather young compared to the older more Japanese centric schools around, he would know since he typically lived closer to those, but felt isolated from the locals, it was a tight knit community, and that was to be expected. Anyhow, it didn't effect the proceedings going in the courtyard, already students were wandering about, wondering why this tall, stoic looking young man was simply standing at the gate's entrance, that is until a worried, and shy freshmen approached him, and it was obvious it was a freshmen by his demeanor. His voice came across as deep, but pleasing to the ears, once he spoke to the boy. "May I help you?"

The young boy sort of paused for a moment as if he forgot why he was there in the first place, and then showed Haruka his schedule. "W-where should I go first" Haruka peered closer at the piece of parchment. "There's no need to worry about your classes today, we'll just be getting acquainted with our dorm mates, and get familiar with the school layout. The ideal place to be would be the Cafe, that way you can get a meal and wait for further announcements from administration. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this first day!" he touted the last part of the sentence with a bit of excitement in his voice, which was absent from the rest of it. He was starting to become more like a receptionist the more and more he was assigned to this job since instructions were fairly easy. He wondered if this year would provide any new meaning to him, the other years had been filled with students lauding him as always, people looking up to him, becoming an exemplar role model and such, he only found that he wanted none of it, but wouldn't be able to escape it's crutch for the simple fact that he couldn't bear to see another person disappointing in him. He would wonder as he continued to greet freshmen, if that could hopefully change this year.

Teacher's Lounge

Crossed legs, and a cup of caffeine in his hand, Alphonse was getting a bit impatient waiting for the day to commence, he wouldn't even be teacher today, simply greeting, and getting to know his students, but he was an excitable sort who often suffered from anxiety whenever these events came along. It was his second year teaching here, and he was starting to think he wouldn't dare go and out and find another job even if the pay somehow turned out to be shit (and it certainly wasn't). He sat in one of the comfortable cushioned sofas in the Teacher's Lounge, having already had about 3 cups of coffee, he decided enough was enough when he found himself slightly jittery, and he wasn't normally a coffee drinker by any means. He was waiting for his other colleagues, particularly the ones he made good enough friends with, Tsukishi and Fontaine being among them. He'd finally have people to disperse all this excitement within in towards, but he wondered if such a thing would annoy someone so early in the morning. Not many people were used to excitable types like himself, but he was able to make it seem like he wasn't excited at all. Maybe he should be some cool, suave professional like some of the students painted out some of the teachers to be, but alas, he was one of the few who never exactly regarded as such, nonetheless people saw him as wholesome, fun teacher, and that was all that really mattered to him.

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The sun gradually began to climb its way above the distant, blue horizon. The cool and refreshing morning was a perfect start for the first day back to school. Well, perfect for everyone except Aoi Tsukishi. The man had a hard enough time waking up before noon, let alone waking up in time to go to work. He knew that sleeping in would likely be a terrible idea, but he just could not will himself to get up.

That was until the alarm clock buzzer had gone off, steadily getting louder and louder until Aoi forced himself out of bed.
Roughly a half-an-hour later, Aoi finally had himself up right, unsteadily wobbling beside his bed. Groggily rubbing his weary eyes, Aoi began to prepare himself for the day. His preparations included stepping—and tripping—over objects that, to Aoi, had decided to plant themselves in his path; sluggishly changing into the only clean clothes in his apartment, and lightly patting down the tangled yellow mop he called hair. As ready as he was willing to make himself, Aoi slowly shoved open his door.

Leaving his small apartment behind and unlocking the doors to his car, Aoi wondered what would be in store for him in the days to come.


Aoi, or Tsukishi-sensei to his students, arrived on campus later than usual, obviously taking his own time in getting to the academy. It was not as if they needed the teachers today anyway. There were no classes on the first day, so Aoi could arrive as late as he wanted to as long as he got to the school before the day ended.

Aoi definitely did not want to meet with the other teachers in the teacher's lounge. He rarely spoke with anyone, so he hardly knew any of the other teachers. Not to mention the fact that there was no smoking inside the school, and Aoi was really craving a cigarette right about now.

Aoi understood that the school had prohibited smoking inside the school and on the school grounds, but it was not entirely enforced. Therefore, Aoi could smoke with ease.

So Aoi took advantage of his current situation and decided to enjoy a cigarette in the courtyard. Away from all the viewing eyes of the new-arrivals, he relaxed.

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#, as written by merthur

Zeron decided he hated people such as the two beside him now, chattering away and driving him completely insane. If it wasn't for the amount of cigarettes he had already smoked, and the calming effect it always had on him, he probably would have turned and said something to them by now, along the lines of telling them to shut up and to stop being so cheery. Happy people just bothered him- they obviously did not deserve to be happy, no one did. Happiness was just something made up, for weak people. Something for them to believe in. Zeron knew better though, knew that it was only made up, that no one could ever truly be happy. That was why he was content with being the way he was, sort of depressed he supposed, living with hatred for everyone around him. Even his "friends". Zeron was simply someone who loved himself so much that he had no love left for the rest.

Zeron didn't have a problem with love or happiness, per say. He had nothing against it, he believed people could be in love, he supposed. But he didn't believe he would ever be in love, didn't believe he could ever truly feel anything more than contempt and maybe slight amusement towards another person. Though the people that were in love, or were happy, those people he regarded even more negatively than those that were not. It made little sense logically, but made all the sense in the world to Zeron.

It was after he crushed his cigarette under the heel of his boot that he realized it was his last one. Though he was still leaned back against the tree in a relaxed manor, he was tense now, eyes searching the people surrounding him for someone who looked like a smoker. And hopefully could speak English. His eyes rested on a blonde, obviously too old to be a student. "Watashi wa tabako o motte irudarou ka?" Asked Zeron after he had approached the teacher, in broken Japanese that obviously showed he didn't speak it very well.

-- Zeron

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The wind gently blew against Aoi's messy, golden hair; making it look almost worse than it already did. Despite that, there was no problem.

Aoi stood motionless against the tree; silently enjoying the first cigarette of his day and engulfing himself in the smell of the smoke and tobacco. Standing under the large tree in peace and solitude...

Well, peace and solitude until a complete stranger had approached Aoi. He quickly examined the stranger who was talking to him; easily noticing that the young man standing before him was most likely a student and was definitely foreigner. Everything else, he had no idea. He immediately averted his sharp, yellow eyes away from the stranger's appealing face.

“たばこ?*” Aoi said, confused by the unfamiliar person who had just asked him for a cigarette. He assumed that the boy was a student, but then why would he be asking a teacher of all people for a cigarette? Well, it did not matter that much to him, anyway. He really did not care.

The young man’s thick foreign accent was easily detectable as he spoke. Aoi was almost certain that this kid probably couldn't even speak Japanese properly.

“あなたはタバコをすいたいですか?**「Do you speak English? 」” Aoi smiled lazily as he asked the boy in perfect, fluent English. An English teacher obviously had to know how to speak the language, after all. It was simple for him.

*A cigarette?
** Do you want a cigarette?