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Casimir Solovyov

Casimir seeks the extremes: there is no such thing as moderation for him.

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a character in “Misaki Creek Academy| An All Boys Academy”, as played by Lorah


Age: 17 years old
Nationality: 1/2 Russian 1/2 French
Year: 3rd year
Physical description: Casimir is pale with dark blue eyes and long dirty blonde hair that reaches slightly past his shoulders. He is around 5 foot 9. He is an odd hybrid of his father's strong Russian features and his mother's graceful ones: he possesses his father's strong facial features and his mother's slender physique. He tries to keep his hair, hands, and face clean of paint, but a daub or two always occasionally find their way onto him. He bears a stark resemblance to his mother in coloring and has occasionally dyed or bleached his hair in fits of fury to reduce the resemblance.
Skills: Casimir is quite the wordsmith (and with a French socialite for a mother, it's really no wonder). He knows exactly how to craft his sentences and twist his words to suit his motives and to get an advantage over others. He's also quite adept at putting on elaborate facades in front of others or, as he likes to put it, simply "showing people what they want to see in another person." However, his ability to put on masks isn't a natural talent: it's the result of years of drilling and etiquette lessons from both of his parents. His horrible temper and impatience also tend to cause these masks to crack after more than a few hours of interaction, which usually reveals his true nature as a rather cunning serpent to whomever he is talking to. He possesses a natural eye and ear for beauty and a prodigal talent in the arts (though few will even pretend to comprehend the psychedelic swirls and splashes of paint he puts down on the canvas). He knows how to read sheet music, but doesn't possess the ability to play piano well because of his complete disregard for rhythm, timing, and note-length. Casimir speaks French, a smattering of Russian, and English.
Favorite Class: Music (He enjoys painting, but he hates the feeling of having a person criticizing him and telling him what to draw. He mostly likes music because he can simply close his eyes, relax, and listen.)
Likes: Painting, beautiful things/people, classical piano music, his 12-year old stepsister, Aurelie (though mostly because she resembles her late mother--whom he did have a sort of puppy-love crush for--in both looks and personality), and his 20-year old stepbrother, Seth (though he likes to claim to dislike him and have little petty squabbles with him.)
Dislikes: Those who think they are superior to him/think they have the right to judge and criticize him, modern music (rock, electric, etc.), when things fail to go his way, being controlled in any way, his mother, his (ex) stepfather, insipid people, getting out of his comfort zone to meet new people/make new friends, unstoppable change in the people and world around him.
Personality: Casimir is naturally brusque, impatient, hot-tempered, and, perhaps, just a bit insane in the eyes of the rest of society. He constantly crosses society's implied restrictions and rules simply because he wasn't brought up to regard them, unless it was for his own benefit. His somewhat odd and erratic nature isn't the result of any mental trauma in his past, but really stems from a childhood that was a bit too free. His busy parents let his personality grow like a weed, in whatever direction it desired, and the end-result was the 17-year old Casimir. He does what he pleases, when he wants to, and follows no real pattern or schedule. He find life to be incessantly boring and does whatever he can to spice it up; he is constantly seeking quick thrills and extreme sensations, whether that sensation be in the form of a quick romance or even a dangerous stunt performed in an outrageously casual manner. He loves things and people that are beautiful, a trait that was inherited from his parents, and is magpie-ish in his attempts to acquire them. If one were to walk into his room, one would find it littered with numerous shiny odds and ends and bits of ribbons and glass. In his attempts to "acquire" people, he hunts after them with a hunger that would more befit a predator after prey, luring them in with words, charm, and whatever other tools he has. He is naturally attracted to beautiful people and tends to prefer to date beautiful people. However, this attraction is merely physical and most of his little romantic affairs usually end after a week or two of emotional highs and after he deems the person a mere pretty shell with nothing inside. He divides the people of the world into 2 categories: those who are uninteresting and those who are. He doesn't even bother to talk to those he finds uninteresting, which is why he can often be found isolated in the small back corner of a room. However, he courts those he finds interesting with a childishly obsessive interest, prodding gently into the person's interests and almost attempting to dissect the person's personality and life, . Within the "interesting" category, he also has a circle of close friends (he has no people in his life who are just "friends": he deviates between 2 extremes, stranger with nothing to do with his life and close friend). Currently, the circle only has 2 people in it: his stepsister and stepbrother. Despite his tendency to step over social boundaries, he is exceptionally reserved in choosing and making friends. He is always hesitant in letting others into the circle and sometimes wishes that the world would stop so his friends would stop changing and moving on in their lives. He reveals his true nature around his close friends, but also reserves a sort of fondness and tenderness for them. Because of his parents, Casimir has commitment issues and has never imagined himself as someone's long-term boyfriend or husband; he doesn't even refer to the subjects of his brief romantic stints as his "boyfriends" or "girlfriends." He can't imagine binding himself, in any way, to a "stranger." At one point, he even declared that he would marry his stepsister just to avoid the idea of marrying a person who didn't know him as he was growing up. He is capable of being charming and fully utilizing the rhetoric and persuasion skills his parents taught him when he needs to or wants to in order to gain something. He usually dons the persona of a smooth, confident charmer when courting someone due to a physical attraction or when he is dealing with his mother's social crowd and the persona of a serious, eager, and somewhat shy student when he is in front of figures of authority in school. When he grows angry or impatient when he is in a certain persona, his temper tends to spill out from behind the mask and he develops certain tics, like tapping a finger against a surface or his leg or "accidentally" knocking something over or breaking something. He can be quite malicious when he is angry. He has a strong sense of pride and hates the feeling of being controlled.
Historical Background: Casimir is the child of a French socialite (the daughter of a prominent French politician) and a Russian scientist from a formerly aristocratic family, both pleasure-seekers very much like him. The marriage ended a few months after he was born and, afterwards, both parents took minimal interest in his life, interfering once and a while only to insure that he would receive an education befitting the heir of their families. When he was 8-years old, his mother took him along when they moved to America, where she was remarried to an oil tycoon who had 2 children of his own, Seth and Aurelie, from a mistress. Casimir grew up with Seth and Aurelie and their mother, who was a bit eccentric, but comforting and nurturing unlike his own mother. The makeshift family broke apart once his mother grew tired of the lifestyle and decided to begin once again, taking the 13-year old Casimir with her. After she quickly found herself a new lifestyle and a new glamorous world for herself once more back in her native homeland of France, Casimir decided that he'd tired of his life with her and asked to go to Japan, the homeland of Seth and Aurelie's mother, as a student at Misaki Creek Academy.

So begins...

Casimir Solovyov's Story

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Court Yard

The long haired student stood rather stoically outside the courtyard of the Academy, pulling his hair back for the occasion, and making sure his uniform was proper and prim. It was his duty to greet new and returning students to the school, as would many other renowned Seniors around campus, at the school's several different entrances. His was particularly the one where most of the student would be delivered or arrive. His hand would meet and shake that of many different students, and he was surprised by how many foreigners would come to walk these steps, he would never really found out how prestigious and alluring the school was until his Sophomore year, when they sought out to build extra space for the oncoming surge of students. Plus, the school was rather young compared to the older more Japanese centric schools around, he would know since he typically lived closer to those, but felt isolated from the locals, it was a tight knit community, and that was to be expected. Anyhow, it didn't effect the proceedings going in the courtyard, already students were wandering about, wondering why this tall, stoic looking young man was simply standing at the gate's entrance, that is until a worried, and shy freshmen approached him, and it was obvious it was a freshmen by his demeanor. His voice came across as deep, but pleasing to the ears, once he spoke to the boy. "May I help you?"

The young boy sort of paused for a moment as if he forgot why he was there in the first place, and then showed Haruka his schedule. "W-where should I go first" Haruka peered closer at the piece of parchment. "There's no need to worry about your classes today, we'll just be getting acquainted with our dorm mates, and get familiar with the school layout. The ideal place to be would be the Cafe, that way you can get a meal and wait for further announcements from administration. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this first day!" he touted the last part of the sentence with a bit of excitement in his voice, which was absent from the rest of it. He was starting to become more like a receptionist the more and more he was assigned to this job since instructions were fairly easy. He wondered if this year would provide any new meaning to him, the other years had been filled with students lauding him as always, people looking up to him, becoming an exemplar role model and such, he only found that he wanted none of it, but wouldn't be able to escape it's crutch for the simple fact that he couldn't bear to see another person disappointing in him. He would wonder as he continued to greet freshmen, if that could hopefully change this year.

Teacher's Lounge

Crossed legs, and a cup of caffeine in his hand, Alphonse was getting a bit impatient waiting for the day to commence, he wouldn't even be teacher today, simply greeting, and getting to know his students, but he was an excitable sort who often suffered from anxiety whenever these events came along. It was his second year teaching here, and he was starting to think he wouldn't dare go and out and find another job even if the pay somehow turned out to be shit (and it certainly wasn't). He sat in one of the comfortable cushioned sofas in the Teacher's Lounge, having already had about 3 cups of coffee, he decided enough was enough when he found himself slightly jittery, and he wasn't normally a coffee drinker by any means. He was waiting for his other colleagues, particularly the ones he made good enough friends with, Tsukishi and Fontaine being among them. He'd finally have people to disperse all this excitement within in towards, but he wondered if such a thing would annoy someone so early in the morning. Not many people were used to excitable types like himself, but he was able to make it seem like he wasn't excited at all. Maybe he should be some cool, suave professional like some of the students painted out some of the teachers to be, but alas, he was one of the few who never exactly regarded as such, nonetheless people saw him as wholesome, fun teacher, and that was all that really mattered to him.