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Eren Leonhart

"Hard work beats talent, when talent won't work hard."

0 · 268 views · located in Misaki Creek Academy

a character in “Misaki Creek Academy| An All Boys Academy”, as played by NerdyWhiteChick



Full Name: Eren Leonhart

Age: 17

Nationality: American

Year Year 3

Skills:Martial Arts
Excellent hearing
Anything that involves being athletic

Favorite Class
Physical Education

Likes: Having something to do
Asian food
Proving people wrong
Showing off
The outdoors

Dislikes Having nothing to do
Mexican food
People who judge others by looks alone
Hurting people
Small spaces

Personality: Eren is stubborn to a fault, hard working, and determined. He's usually friendly and outgoing, unless you do something to lose his respect, in which case he will let you know. He's practically fearless, save for his claustrophobia, but not reckless, he knows when something is stupid to do. Untrusting but loyal once you earn that trust. Respectful unless you do something to lose it. Intelligence isn't his strong suit, but he's willing to put the hard work in to study or learn something. He's modest and shy when it comes to revealing his body to others, he's got some nasty scars from his past on his back, stomach, and chest and doesn't like to show them to people. Not because he's ashamed of them, but because he hates how people look at him when they know about them. He hates sterotyping, mostly because he's American and he is nothing like the sterotypical American.

He's thoughtful, observant, and a good listener, he knows when its the time to talk and when its the time to listen. He's also pretty good at giving advice, because he doesn't judge people at all. He's very open minded most things. He's confident and comfortable with his body, despite its flaws. He never compares himself to other people, simply because there isn't anyone to compare to. He's is himself, and nothing will ever change that.

Miscellaneous: Eren looks skinny because of his metabolism, but don't underestimate him because of it, he's scary strong.

So begins...

Eren Leonhart's Story

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Court Yard

The long haired student stood rather stoically outside the courtyard of the Academy, pulling his hair back for the occasion, and making sure his uniform was proper and prim. It was his duty to greet new and returning students to the school, as would many other renowned Seniors around campus, at the school's several different entrances. His was particularly the one where most of the student would be delivered or arrive. His hand would meet and shake that of many different students, and he was surprised by how many foreigners would come to walk these steps, he would never really found out how prestigious and alluring the school was until his Sophomore year, when they sought out to build extra space for the oncoming surge of students. Plus, the school was rather young compared to the older more Japanese centric schools around, he would know since he typically lived closer to those, but felt isolated from the locals, it was a tight knit community, and that was to be expected. Anyhow, it didn't effect the proceedings going in the courtyard, already students were wandering about, wondering why this tall, stoic looking young man was simply standing at the gate's entrance, that is until a worried, and shy freshmen approached him, and it was obvious it was a freshmen by his demeanor. His voice came across as deep, but pleasing to the ears, once he spoke to the boy. "May I help you?"

The young boy sort of paused for a moment as if he forgot why he was there in the first place, and then showed Haruka his schedule. "W-where should I go first" Haruka peered closer at the piece of parchment. "There's no need to worry about your classes today, we'll just be getting acquainted with our dorm mates, and get familiar with the school layout. The ideal place to be would be the Cafe, that way you can get a meal and wait for further announcements from administration. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this first day!" he touted the last part of the sentence with a bit of excitement in his voice, which was absent from the rest of it. He was starting to become more like a receptionist the more and more he was assigned to this job since instructions were fairly easy. He wondered if this year would provide any new meaning to him, the other years had been filled with students lauding him as always, people looking up to him, becoming an exemplar role model and such, he only found that he wanted none of it, but wouldn't be able to escape it's crutch for the simple fact that he couldn't bear to see another person disappointing in him. He would wonder as he continued to greet freshmen, if that could hopefully change this year.

Teacher's Lounge

Crossed legs, and a cup of caffeine in his hand, Alphonse was getting a bit impatient waiting for the day to commence, he wouldn't even be teacher today, simply greeting, and getting to know his students, but he was an excitable sort who often suffered from anxiety whenever these events came along. It was his second year teaching here, and he was starting to think he wouldn't dare go and out and find another job even if the pay somehow turned out to be shit (and it certainly wasn't). He sat in one of the comfortable cushioned sofas in the Teacher's Lounge, having already had about 3 cups of coffee, he decided enough was enough when he found himself slightly jittery, and he wasn't normally a coffee drinker by any means. He was waiting for his other colleagues, particularly the ones he made good enough friends with, Tsukishi and Fontaine being among them. He'd finally have people to disperse all this excitement within in towards, but he wondered if such a thing would annoy someone so early in the morning. Not many people were used to excitable types like himself, but he was able to make it seem like he wasn't excited at all. Maybe he should be some cool, suave professional like some of the students painted out some of the teachers to be, but alas, he was one of the few who never exactly regarded as such, nonetheless people saw him as wholesome, fun teacher, and that was all that really mattered to him.

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A new job, a new country, a new school, a new life. Eren's mother had gotten a job transfer to Japan, so of course, Eren had to leave his friends and old life behind. Hey, at least a school with a dorm meant he could escape from his five older sisters for a while. The car came to a stop outside the school and Eren looked into the faces of complete strangers. The worst part about transfering to a new school was everybody in your year knew each other, but you had nobody.

Eren slipped out of the car and said thanks to his oldest sister, who had been willing to drive him. He waited until she drove away before approaching the school. It was much different than he had imagined, but it was still impressive. He took another moment to steel himself for expected onslaught of American jokes. Especially because he was from California. Its not like he hadn't heard them before, he had, a lot. They were getting old and repetitive though. He walked up to one of the students who had long hair and was standing outside the courtyard. "You look like you know what you're doing." He said in carefully pronounced Japanese that still held his American accent, "Are there classes today or we just getting used to the school?"