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Kazuki Satoko

"Having something special about yourself means that you are different. It should be encouraged, not hit down on.

0 · 210 views · located in Misaki Creek Academy

a character in “Misaki Creek Academy| An All Boys Academy”, as played by Robbhus



:Full Name:
Kazuki Satoko



4th Year



Some sports
Mainly Kendo, though during middle school, kazuki was a decent soccer player and also played some baseball

Had Kendo classes for three years as his father wanted it. Didn't really like it and didn't want to continue after that

Despite that his father wanted him to focus on Kendo, Kazuki managed to get in contact with a local writer and therefor has a small amount of literature-writing knowledge

Not the first thing to expect of him, but he is actually a quite decent cook. Not by far on a professional level, but he is not bad at all either

:Favorite Class:

Good foodBad literature
SportsUnnecessary violence

:Personality & Biography:
What is it they say, "Wolf in sheep's clothing"? Pretty accurate description in itself. While Kazuki appear as a person with a dominating personality, his personality normally does a 180 flip when with someone he likes. On the street, he appears as an easy-going person, often laughing, being the center of attention. Was quite the womanizer during middle-school, but more or less stopped when entering high school. Only he knew the reason of course.

Quickly during high school, his popularity fell however. Rumors started spreading that he had been hitting on a guy, which was part true, though it had mainly been slightly intoxicated joking. Some girls squealed over it, other cried. However, the one that felt the pain was himself. When the rumors of him being gay started spreading, he lost more and more of his past good friends. "Not caring about such things" they lied, but in truth, they slowly pushed the friendship away. He started feeling lonesome. Days felt longer and longer, and there was no-longer anyone to spend the time he had spare with. Female friends would only ask and ask over and over again about how it was being gay. It was a real pain, undoubtedly. It was even worse than not having friends at all.

It started to develop from not having friends to being bullied. It wasn't much as he was quite strong, but it happened, and he despised it. He had never been like that towards someone, so why now? His wish for other people around him slowly vanished as his mother got sick. He spent more time with her while his father was working, and used that time to balance out his social need. He also spent more time with his two younger siblings, his sister Tamiko who were five and his brother Takeshi at eight. It was alright really. Family he hadn't spent much time with in the past became an important part of the everyday schedule. He had to make dinner, both for his mother and his siblings, had to do more housework, and he had to help his brother with homework and so on.

Fatal days always had to happen during winter, right? The time of the year when traffic was at its slowest and the weather was at it's harshest. His mother didn't stop getting sick as the winter hit in, not at all. Their house was cold, and it took a long time to get a doctor, even with the money that the family had. Late during December, his mother passed away. The funeral followed up without his father attending, he was too busy with his work to participate in a funeral. It was tearing in him in itself that he couldn't even dedicate a couple hours to participate in his own wife's funeral. However, life goes on.

Kazuki completed the first three years of high school where he lived, mainly to keep an eye on his sister. He saved up money over the time, and decided he would take his last year somewhere else, travel a bit. That, and actually meet some new people, hopefully even getting a boyfriend. His siblings were old enough to take care of themselves, so he could try to enjoy his last year of high school.

On the outside, Kazuki appears as very sociable and an enjoyable person to be around. Very easy-going and easy to get along with, very adaptive to other people's quirks and doesn't seem very affected by it, at least not in negative matters. On the inside though, he hides the depression of his mother's death, as well as his true sexuality, afraid to mess up his last year in high school.

Not anything but the fact that he hides his sexuality and started at Misaki Creek at the fourth year.

So begins...

Kazuki Satoko's Story