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Ryuu Satoru

Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus

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a character in “Misaki Creek Academy| An All Boys Academy”, as played by Lysander



Full Name:
Ryuu Satoru
Ryuu means "Dragon Spirit"

Age: 17

Nationality: japanese/english

Year 4

good singer
plays the guitar

Favorite Class Physical Education

cute boys
good whisky


people who pick on those smaller and weaker than them
boring people
being told what to do


Ryuu is a very open-minded person, a free spirit who does like to have his independence and privacy. Still, he also is someone who enjoys social gatherings and likes to hang out with the most different kind of people. At school he is very well liked for his reliable and friendly character, though due to his high level of self-confidence, he sometimes appeares to be a bit arrogant, but he doesn't believe in modesty. He knows what he is good at and he is not afraid to say so. But he's also not afraid to ask for help when he really needs it, even if mostly it is too late by then. Ryuu is quite charismatic and loves to flirt, though once he is in a relationship is is faithful and expects the same of his partner.

Family History:
Ryuu was born in Blackpool, England, but his family moved to Japan when he was about four years old. His mother, Rachel, is english and a very gentle and caring woman. His father, Daisuke, is from Tokio and works as a lawyer, he is quite strict and wants his son to follow in his steps. Ryuu grew up as an only child and is manners (if he so desires) are very good.

He plays in a rock band and does a lot of sport, especially swimming, to keep fit
Ryuu is a seme

So begins...

Ryuu Satoru's Story

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Ryuu Saturo

Another day, another year. His final one, at last! Ryuu rocked back on his chair with a smirk on his face, holding himself steady by grabbing the table. Although he didn't yet know what to do with his life after school, he just wanted to be done with it. Studying, homework, teachers (even if they could be quite cute) had been bothering him for long enough and it was time to be free again.
"You know that you still have a whole year in front of you?" his mother asked slyly and winked at him. Ryuu growled annoyed and glared slightly at her, not that he would ever be able to truely be mad at her. "Thanks for reminding me, mum." he sighed before throwing an impish grin at her. "The only thing that interests me is what kind of cute guys will be attending this year." Ryuu said cheekily, making his mother laugh softly, as she was wont.

"You should concentrate on your studies instead of such romantic drivel!" the stern voice of his father cut through the happy atmosphere in the room and his mother sighed."My grades are good enough, father." Ryuu stated coldly and this time the glare was real. He hated that his father could never seem to relax and leave off this subject. "I am just thinking of your future, son." the man said reproachfully. Of course he was, that was all he ever seemed to think about.
Shaking his head, Ryuu got up from the table and shouldered his bag. "I should be off now, don't want to be late, right dad?" he couldn't help but add and now it was his fathers turn to sigh. Ryuu pressed his lips to his mother's hair and nodded goodbye to his dad before slipping out of the house.

When he reached the school, his bright green eyes quickly spotted some of his classmates and he waved to them as he crossed the campus. Ryuu pulled out a cigarette and leaned against the wall next to the cafe entrance to smoke. He enhaled slowly, his eyes gliding over the people on the campus, checking out the boys one by one to see if anyone might catch his intrest.


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#, as written by S1mon
Renard Fontaine & Ro Kaizer

Image Image

It was another year, but who knows what this year holds. Every year it was the same in every school with the seniors leaving and freshmen coming in, even the occasional transfer student like himself coming in. The question was, was that he really didn’t know what to expect. So far in his life he was merely a leaf that went with the wind but never truly going down his own course unless guided by others. As to why, he either had no choice in the matter or he was simply not strong enough to oppose the change. It was most likely due to his lack of confidence in himself. It was what could be expected, seeing that he had spent the majority of his school life under his brothers’ study through elementary and then middle school, it was only in his sophomore year in High School that the shackles were finally broken so that he could fly.

His flight however was only temporary, since his father conveniently got a new job in Japan, causing the whole family to move over there. Just after Ro had begun opening more at school and making friends, becoming popular and all that, now he was back at ground level to start all over again in a school that didn’t even speak the same lingo. There was probably some, though it was probably handy that his parents got him a tutor to learn Japanese over the holidays which further restricted him over his summer holidays. Nothing went his way at all it seemed, so would this year be any different? Afterall, last year without his brother he had made friends and revealed what he was made of. Sure not all of it was great with his embarrassing relationship with Jackson Main, the guy in every girl’s dreams, seeing as he dated quite a few of them, if not all, only to then desire him.

Ro truly did not understand people sometimes, nor could he even understand himself. Though he was disappointed in leaving, it did give him a fresh start where he could forget about the whole Jackson affair. The bonus of being in an all-boys academy was that there was no girls which meant he was only to concentrate on work and playing now and then, the whole concept of love could be thrown out the window for now and thereby reduce the confusion as he now entered the school grounds and saw how big Misaki Creek was. He was expecting it to be big with it being an Academy and that you lived there which was also a bonus as he could be more independent and helped him get away from his brother and his not-so-caring parents, but he underestimated how big it truly was.

”Are you lost?” was the sound that came behind him. Turning around, Ro rested his eyes upon a slim and slender man who had just come out of his sleek and slender car. There was no way that the man was a student, for one he didn’t look young and two, how a student could afford such a car as he had. ”I am new here, I am just curious as to where I’m supposed to go. This place is massive!”, he exclaimed, looking around as he saw groups of students scattered here and there and having no idea where to start. Intimidation was not the word, and didn’t help that there were guys way taller and stronger out there too, it was like a jungle. Sure he was aware he’d be starting from scratch of having to meet people again but Misaki was enormous and a much bigger challenge than anticipated.

A thin smile spread across Renard’s face as the new student was no doubt bewildered by the grandeur that was this particular institute that had become a home to him. “If you believe the exterior is massive, wait till you see the interior...”, he responded with a playful tone. It was not his intention to scare the student even more, but highlight the reality of the situation, so he decided then to make amends, ”It is not as bad as it may seem in all honesty, you soon get used to it and then find yourself going to one area more than another. As for where you’re supposed to go, well anywhere really since today is for introductions, though the cafe is the best place which is where I’m going now if you follow me. My name is Renard Fontaine, Head of the Expressive Arts Department and Teacher for Art and Music, and you are?”.

Ro’s eyes widened as soon as the man spoke about the place being even more bigger and monstrous inside, not that they were the terms used by the man who was certainly learned, leaving him to suggest that he must be a teacher which he revealed. He suppressed his excitement as he usually does when Art is mentioned, seeing as such is what has kept him going year after year while he remained in his brothers’ shadow. However, Art is not exactly ‘guy’ material, hence why he preferred sport and why he excelled at such last year, even if it resulted catching the wrong kind of attention. He was secretly hoping for girls to be fan-girling him, not expecting the most popular guy in school who also worked as a model to be enthralled by him. “Ro, Ro Kaizer, third year”, he answered quite quickly and sounding like a computer almost.

It seemed that Ro wasn’t much the talker, though mostly his attitude was contributed by his nervousness, “Interesting...I would ask what has brought you to Misaki, but the most important part is that you are here and that you have time to settle in. From the looks of you...”, taking closer examination of Ro as Renard’s piercing eyes scanned him from top to bottom quite quickly, specifically taking note to his exposed chest that had caused by his neglect to do up the buttons, though no doubt such was his style, “ seem like someone interested in sport, though I would suggest hiding your exposing area, the guys go bananas...”. Renard couldn’t help but have a little humour here and there when he can, it was not his fault that others gave him the opportunity, before easing the student’s mind, “am kidding...”, and locating Ryuu outside the cafe, unfortunately smoking but he’d let it go since he was outside.

“Ryuu, Ro....Ro, Ryuu”, as Renard introduced them both before turning to Ryuu, “Ro is a transfer student in third year, so seeing as you both have a common interest in sport, perhaps you can help get him acquainted with the place, or that cigarette is coming out your mouth”, not intending for it to be blackmail at all. If he wanted to smoke, then it was his choice as far as Renard is concerned, as long as it doesn’t disturb his work and right now his work included being responsible for the new year intake. Renard isn’t the strict or serious type unless it involves music or art, though he does see the need to show discipline now and then to show whose boss, though he tends to do such in a relaxed and laid-back manner as he was with Ryuu, since he was essentially passing Ro onto him so that he could continue on his route. Besides, passing new students onto other students would then help that get acquainted from a student perspective rather than a teacher who would only drum into their hand how wonderful music and art is.

Entering into the cafe, he looked around at the faces, some familiar and some new, the new ones perking up his interest as he walked casually round the tables like a ghost until his eyes was instantly lured in by a drawing from one of the new students it seemed. Smiling, he went up towards the counter, only for his eyes to rest upon Victor who was smoking, another cigarette and this time it was indoors which unfortunately bound him as a teacher to intervene, as two long fingers shaped as scissors, took hold of his cigarette and pulled out with a sigh coming from his mouth since it came from one of his students, that in itself caused him to be more concerned than these lovers of sport, not that he has anything against them. "Sie wissen, dass Sie nicht rauchen sollen, Victor [You know you shouldn't be smoking Victor]..... aber ich denke, die odd one würde nicht schaden [though I guess the odd one wouldn't hurt], he told him in German as he lifted the cigarette to his own mouth, before blowing out into the air and passing it back afterwards.

The students that tend to enjoy the lessons more are clearly the ones who love the class, Victor was one of these students, and of course if students enjoyed the class and produced wonderful work, then such students became Renard’s favourites, again such was the case with Victor so it truly was a shame that it was his last year. It was the same every year but it was the way the cookie crumbled. “I’ll be right back", he told him before walking up to the counter for 'teacher privilege' which was an awesome invention, "Two Hot Chocolates....actually make that Three", slapping down the change on the counter as he spotted Luka enter who was quite talented at drawing himself which he could recall from his Art classes, as he called, "Luka....Watashi o sanka shi ni kite kudasai [Please come join me]", as he took the three cups of hot chocolate onto the table where the unknown first year sat. He then passed one to an empty seat for Luka and then another to the first year, "Call it artist prerogative", he said with a smile, "What is it that you are drawing?", motioning Luka to look also, seeing that he was just about to pass on another student to another, as well as help the unknown first year get acquainted with one of his classmates. With no classes today, there wasn't alot that Renard could actually do.

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Ryuu Satoru

Ryuu exhaled slowly, watching the smoke drift higher and higher into the cold morning air. More and more people were rushing to and fro on the campus and he felt as if life had sped up without him...or had he just slowed down? That was also quite possible, as sometimes Ryuu just lost track of time when he was thinking.

His hand lifted the cigarette to his mouth and he took another drag, feeling the tobacco itch at the back of his throat, but it was a pleasant feeling, one Ryuu had become quite used to in the past few years. His mother often complained about his smoking habits, telling him that it was dangerous and unhealthy, but he really didn't care. There were things much more dangerous to do afterall, like driving his motorbike, but his mother didn't argue with him about that, did she?

He chuckled darkly. His dear mother only wanted the best for him, he knew, but sometimes she could be a bit overbearing. Just like his father, only in a completely different way. Ryuu rolled his eyes. Soon he would be of age and then he would move out and get his own little flat somewhere in the city.

One of his teachers, sensei Fontaine, was walking in his direction, a young boy at his side. A new student probably, Ryuu thought and snorted. New students were always rather amusing, the way they were bumbling about, trying to fit in. Ryuu inclined his head in greeting to his teacher and then chuckled slightly at the threat. He'd love to see Renard take the cigarette from him, that might actually be amusing. But he wouldn't press his luck with his teacher's good spirit and instead raised his hand in a mock-salute. "Don't worry about the lad, I will take good care of him..." Ryuu threw a predatory smile at the younger boy and then smirked at his teacher.

Once the two of them were alone, Ryuu dropped the joking manner and turned his attention on Ro, sizing him up carefully. He did look rather athletic, so maybe he would be a good option to train with. "So ... do you smoke?" he asked him, holding out a package of cigarettes.

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#, as written by S1mon
Ro Kaizer


For his first impression, it wasn't exactly planned for his first impression to be with a teacher and then being led by the teacher as if he was back in Elementary. Though it probably wasn't too bad, as it seemed Renard was much more open and friendly than other teachers he had come across, not even refraining from pulling the odd joke, even if one wasn't to his liking when he suggested how 'guys go bananas' from exposure of skin. Such only reminded him of last year, intending to please the girls, only to please a certain guy instead and now was in a school full of guys. Surely he should of learnt his lesson the first time to not keep his chest exposed partly, but such was the way he felt comfortable, such was the way he felt alive as the wind brushed against his skin. Image was a factor also as image is also a factor, hence why he wasn't open about his hidden art talents he had developed whilst being in his brothers' shadow, seeing as such is only meant for girls yet beside him was a fully grown man who seemed not afraid to say at all. He also seemed pretty smart to give him a glance to see what he was interested in which he automatically recognised as sport, thankfully those piercing eyes did not see right through him to recognise his other talent.

Thankfully there was not a chance to do so as they arrived outside the cafe where a tall guy with red hair was leaning against the wall smoking a cigarette. What was it with smoking in this school? recognised a few smokers when he first entered and now again. "Ryuu, Ro....Ro, Ryuu", as he was introduced to the older student which no doubt was in his final year if Renard was suggesting him to be his mentor when he asked Ryuu to guide him round and show him the ropes, only for Ryuu to respond with a wide smile that seemed more fearsome than friendly, "Don't worry about the lad, I will take good care of him...", which he truly hoped so, having already been teased by Renard as a teacher and now again. Maybe it was a bad idea to come dressed as he had, was something shouting 'tease him' inside their heads, nevertheless he felt vulnerable but then again, this was a whole new college in a whole new place in a school full of bigger guys, there was certainly intimidation but he wouldn't let it get to him.

Ro soon relaxed once Renard had gone, and it seemed Ryuu had to which was relief, " you smoke?", holding the package to him. When presented with a chance to bond, how could he say 'no' as he took one and said honestly, "I don't smoke, at least not regularly", as he certainly would not want to make a habit of it, seeing the damages that smoking can do and how it would make things harder later down the line. "But I'll have one, thank you", taking one out the packet, holding between his fingers before motioning to him to light it since he didn't exactly bring a lighter with him. It was curious of course why he was so eager for acceptance, but of course the years under his brother had caused him to open up more with no wish to repeat his younger years.

It was not only that, but seemed Renard had identified Ryuu as a lover of sport too, so you couldn't go wrong with other active guys who loved sports as much as he did, probably more though the whole smoking thing raised questions, just as his exposure of skin since there was no girls to impress. An act of coolness of course, as smoking seems to be a popular thing and Ro couldn't deny how cool it made Ryuu look when he first approached him with an air of mystery as to what he might be like from the smoke-filled fog that was about him. "I'm guessing you're a senior here, so how do you find it? what's the sports teacher like?", as such would be important if his favourite subject would be enjoyable or not.

Renard Fontaine


Renard liked to think that he was doing the right thing and that students enjoyed his classes, such was the contrary for his own lessons back when he was a young student, recalling the schoolmaster with a ruler and banging it against a desk or the board to get everyone's attention. He was not cool at all and made the whole learning experience a drag, but Renard felt that the whole experience was thrilling, even more so as a teacher than a student, hence his decision to become a teacher. As a student, you'd be widening your ideas, developing your skills and having many doors for you to walk through. As a teacher, you get to see such students grow throughout the four years and even beyond when past students keep in contact for how they are progressing. Renard was certainly proud, though of course he favoured the arts and music students over the others, a personal bias but who cares. Teachers claim they have no favourites when clearly they do.

For music, it just had to be Viktor with such talent that he had. As for Art, it had to be Luka though it seemed another wished to be in the running to start his day drawing, hence what had pulled Renard to the new student so quickly, rewarding him with a nice hot chocolate which from experience helped a great deal which he knew himself. "Erm...Thank you...sensei...I...erm...I was just sketching a bit...I always do that when I'm nervous...I'm sorry, I'm Haruko Yuomi. First year", as Haruko introduced himself, clearly evident that he was nervous, though hopefully his nerves will ease as he was sure he would with fellow lovers of art which was why he invited Luka as he might be more receptive to another student first.

Such seemed the case after Luka introduced himself as best as he could in English before asking permission to draw him, such making him smile, followed by Haruko's more confident response in Japanese, only for him to start shying away when Renard noticed him bite his lip when Luka expressed the desire to join him. "Wareware wa koko de geijutsu no ryōhō no aikō-kadesu. Luka wa hijō ni sainō ga aru to watashi wa kare ga anata ni yoku byōga suru subete no jishin o mo~tsu te. Dare ga korera no hi no kamera o hitsuyō to shimasu... [We are both lovers of art here. Luka is extremely talented and I have every confidence he will draw you well. Who needs cameras these days...]", offering a friendly smile, before turning to Luka and resting his hand on his shoulder, "Anata wa mado no soto ni aru mono no ōku o kyatchi suru koto ga dekimasunode, osoraku kono seki wa, yoriyoi sābisu o teikyō shimasu [Perhaps this seat will serve you better so you can catch more of what is outside the window]". Following this, he stood up from his seat and motioned Luka to sit where he had.

Now standing, he moved to Haruko's side, where he crouched down slightly to see his drawing, "Sore wa kanari inshō-teki sakuhindesu! [that is pretty impressive work!]", he praised, recognising such as Viktor on his table who he then glanced to. There was certainly room for improvement however, though for a first year it was a pretty good job, "Shikashi... [though...]" as he then took his pencil out of his suit pocket and begun adding the refined features of Viktor's face that he had been accustomed to for the last few years into Haruko's drawing. Offering a smile, "Anata ga watashi o hitsuyō to surunode, areba, watashi wa ōpundoaporishī o motte, o kigaru ni, watashi wa āto to ongaku o oshiete irunode, tsūjō no hyōjō geijutsu bumon de watashi o mitsukerudeshouga, watashi wa kyō urotsui sa remasunode, watashi wa jibun de o ai dekiru no o tanoshimini shite Ressun wa,node, watashi wa Luka no yūnōna te no naka ni anata o nokoshite shinakereba naranai. ... Yoi shigoto Luka o iji [I have an open door policy so if you ever need me, feel free, I'll be wandering around today though you will usually find me in the Expressive Arts department since I teach Art and Music, so I look forward to seeing you in my lessons, so I shall leave you in Luka's capable hands....keep up the good work Luka], giving a smile to Luka, before getting up and walking away.

With the transfer student in Ryuu's hands and the new student in Luka's hands, it was now time to return to his rounds, though as he told Victor that he would be back, back he was as he took the seat opposite him as Victor chewed on his pen. What he did notice that the cigarette was no longer present which was a good sign. Afterall, cigarettes lead to problems later on, and problems meant less time to express yourself, for such was as simple as that. In his hand was a hot chocolate that he had bought before, which he then took a sip of as the sweet taste ran down his gullet. Nice. "Ich habe wieder .... wie waren deine Ferien Victor? Sie freut sich auf den Begriff vor?...Ich kann nicht glauben, wie schnell Zeit wurde von fleeted ..... Kann ich dir einen Drink? [I have were your holidays Victor? you looking forward to the term ahead?...I cannot believe how quick time has fleeted by.....Can I get you a drink?]", seeing as this was Victor's final year, then he'd lose his favourite student, a shame, a real shame.