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Ahn Taehyun

"Wanted by many, taken by none." 17 | Year 3

0 · 300 views · located in Misaki Creek Academy

a character in “Misaki Creek| An All Boys Academy”, originally authored by phnx, as played by RolePlayGateway



Full Name:
Ahn Tae Hyun

Wild and sexy (He's the only one who calls himself that.)



Year 3

Face Claim
Han Shinwoo - Noblesse

Supernatural Affliction:
"If you ask me one more time, you're gonna get your teeth knocked out."
Do not ask Taehyun about his supernatural affliction. His answer will be that he's half human. The redhead would die of embarrassment if he ever outright stated that he's half nymph. He doesn't even want to know how his human father and an nereid nymph met and fell in love.
The most obvious thing he inherited from his mother is his red hair (he also inherited his temper from her). Ability wise he is able to breathe under water. Taehyun is also able to heal when in water (and yet he's always covered in bruises and scratches). If provoked when he's in close proximity of the sea he can do a little waterbending, but nothing too spectacular.

"You know the list would just go on and on."
➣ Swimming - being a son of a minor water goddess swimming is kind of his thing
➣ Fighting/Martial arts - he practised taekwondo for almost 8 years
➣ Confident/Outgoing - he's never afraid to speak his mind or approach somebody
➣ Languages - he doesn't like studying but is able to learn languages quite easily

Favorite Class
"Hahahaa. Good one. Oh, you're serious?"
English (only because he's already fluent in English)

Image Image Image

β™₯ Swimming
β™₯ Water (swimming in said water)
β™₯ Korean food
β™₯ Horror movies
β™₯ Being the centre of attention
βœ— Silence
βœ— Studying
βœ— Classical music
βœ— Dull people
βœ— Eating fish (feels awkward)

Outgoing || Adventurous || Energetic || Stubborn || Hot-Headed
Best way to describe Taehyun would be feisty. He's very energetic and bold, all the time. Always being loud and voicing his opinions even when no one asked for them doesn't make him popular with the professors. But let's be honest education is not his first priority. He ditches class more often than he should. He hasn't attended a singe Psychology lesson this year and is an active hiding from the teacher of said subject.
When not in class Taehyun likes to go on, what he calls, adventures. These "adventures" are the reason he's constantly covered in bruised. His main goal is to do something out of the ordinary so he randomly decides he wants to go hiking (without proper gear and ends up with a broken arm) or hang gliding. He will also talk about all the "interesting events" that happened to him to anyone who's willing to pretend to listen.
At times he can be violent. The outbursts of threats and an occasional punch occur when someone's prodding a touchy subject. Like his supernatural affliction, height or pretty much anything he's insecure about. The ferocity is a sort of defence mechanism.
In regular daily life Taehyun is that kind of cocky guy who thinks of himself as a bad boy but is actually touchy and soft on on the inside.

Secretly listens to k-pop. Favourite song: 4MINUTE - Whatcha Doin' Today?
His height is another thing that should not be spoken about. He feels he's quite short at 173cm.
Has an unconventional piercing he... well... regrets.
Taehyun doesn't eat fish (very appropriate for living in Japan) but has no problem stuffing himself with seafood dishes like Ojingeo Muchim or Miyeok Guk.

So begins...

Ahn Taehyun's Story

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Alexander slowly woke up from his sleep and rubbed his eyes. The sunshine was so strange to him. He was use to the sun but today was a new day. Today would be the day that his father would allow him to go to school. His father was quite the brute when it came to his own son. After first, he insisted that he himself would teach Alexander as he usually did. Alexander was tired of being home schooled and wanted to interact with others for a change. The idea wasn't very good to his father at first but soon, after explaining that he wanted friends for a change, it was decided. His father worried regardless and was still unsure about his choice.

He paused feeling the slight ruffled from under his blanket. He knew exactly who it was. He giggled as Pucci scuttled up to him. He picked up the small spawn and hugged it lightly. "Good morning Pucci! Are you excited about today? Yeah me too!" He lightly pet the pet on the head enjoying its cute noises. He had jut gotten Pucci on his 16th birthday. He had never been happier to have a companion for his own. They were quite popular to demon children but he himself would never imagine he could get one. It was like receiving a dog for your birthday! It was beyond amazing. He paused hearing a loud crash followed by a deep groan. "Oh! Daddy must be up! Lets go say hi."

He leaped out of bed and smiled while putting the companion on his shoulder. He then ran out of his room and headed downstairs to his fathers room. His father was quite the powerful demon but never truly got use to living outside of his birth world. He barely got use to his composite body. He was such a mess when it came to acting normal. It was funny to watch at times. He paused seeing the tall man on the floor. It seems that he slipped out of bed in his sleep again. At least he was awake.

"Aw come on daddy! You remember how legs work." He said with a giggle. His father groaned and rubbed his head. "Yes yes. I am aware how legs work.... He paused slightly. "Is something the matter daddy?"The tall man stood dusting himself off before looking at his son. "Guess the realization is coming to me now. Your growing up so fast. Your no longer my little trouble bug. Your a big trouble bug and ill have to get use to that." Alexander smiled while hearing his father. It was quite rare for a man like him to show any emotion towards anything. He felt very special.

"Don't you worry daddy. Im not that far away. Besides, ill still be able to call you as often as i need too. Its not like im going away forever." This would be his fathers first time at home by himself. Usually Alexander would go with him anywhere but him now living in dorms, no one would be here for him. His father smiled. "Alright then. Keep that in mind. If you don't call, ill come there and embarrass you myself." He couldn't help but laugh with his father. He enjoyed having little joking moments like this with him.

They both headed to the kitchen to have some breakfast before placing Alexanders luggage in his fathers car. Soon they were on their way to the school. Alexander was quite nervous but more excited then anything. He would have friends and have lots of fun! At least that is what he believed would happen. Just the thought of it made him so excited.

As they finally arrived at the school, his father hugged him once more before patting his head. "Raise hell son." Alexander laughed as he heard his father. His father was fully aware of the things Alexander could do and encouraged it. Keeping his demon roots were important to him. "Stay safe daddy!" He said as he waved to the car now driving off. He grabbed his things and looked around before heading to the dorms to place them down.