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Kito Viltrol

Library/History Teacher

0 · 288 views · located in Misaki Creek Academy

a character in “Misaki Creek| An All Boys Academy”, as played by Ville.Sunfall



Kito Viltrol

28 (Appears to be)

Library/History Teacher
Supernatural Affliction:
He is a Vampire who appears to be human. No one knows what he is though, because he has never told or shown anyone. Well no one but the headmaster that is.

His talent is well that of a vampires. He is mostly skilled with knowledge, mainly because he reads, but mostly because he lived through the world. He always does say the best of knowledge is to get out there and learn it, instead of staying behind a book.
Reading anything
Enjoys helping others

When he is around others he is always always a gentleman. He will smile and help them, you'd think he was a prince. But when he is away from others, he changes completely, you'd think he wasn't the same person at all. It's not that he is pulling off an act in front of others, he actually enjoys being kind, but no one can be kind 24/7, now can they?

-Wears Reading glasses, sometimes he forgets they are on. But they are just for show mostly

-He cherishes his son, his son always comes first

-Almost always carrying books or some sort of papers

-Smokes when he is pissed off

-He has no family members that he stays in contact with. If they want him, they will find him, if they could.

So begins...

Kito Viltrol's Story

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Image The morning of school, first thing Seto is doing is he woke up early and started baking, even before getting dressed. This morning he made some mini corn dog muffins, it's a special recipe that he made makes for breakfast with hot dogs, cornflower and katcup. They are out of this world. He kind of hopes that the twins might like it and even Chris. They're not sweet or anything, it's just it was a good breakfast idea. Well anyways, he shrugged it off and put them into a little tupperware. He made enough for them to have at least one, and some extra, just in case.

Baking was one thing Seto always loved doing, it got him away from the world and into his own. He could bake anything and everything, not a thing he failed at when it came down to it. Sure he can't eat himself, least not too much human food, but he had friends who could, friends that he admired for it. If Seto ate human food, he couldn't really taste it, unless it was super sweet, to the max.

Normally the only thing he could eat was raw meats loaded with blood. It was the only thing he could taste and unlike his father, he couldn't just live off of blood itself, he had to have meat too. And as odd as he thought it was, he just accepted it, but never once did he eat something like that infront of anyone other than his dad, or maybe even Rien, whom he grew up with.

Rien was Seto's neighbor for as long as he could remember. He is so comfortable around him, that people might mistake it for something more than just friendship. It sometimes get Seto wondering if he truly is inlove with that man, or if it's just misjudgment because they known each other for so long. It's not like he would try anything to him, because he is a teacher and Seto is a student the last thing he wants is for his friend to get into trouble all because of him.

After getting dressed and putting the muffins into his bookbag. He went up to his fathers room with a small black/silver bottle. "Pa-pa! It's time for school, are you awake yet?" Seto slowly opened the door and giggled when he saw his dad was sound asleep still. Shaking his head he set the bottle down on the nightstand and shook his father awake. "Pa-pa! It's time for school."

Unlike Seto, Kito wasn't a day person, even if he worked for the school , he still wasn't a day person. ""Hmm, Im up, just to lazy to get up."

He giggled at his dad and handed him the bottle. "It's fresh, drink it while it's warm."

"Got it."

Getting to school was fast, seeing as his father take no time in getting there slowly. In fact, they never drove slow, it was just something Vampires did. Fast to humans was slow for them and fast for them was lightening speed for humans. Once they got to school, his father and him took separate ways after he kissed his son on the forehead, throwing his dark shades on and headed inside.

Seto smiled and waved his father off, walking over to a bench, waiting for his friends to show up. He pulled out a note book and started to write music in it. Humming just a little, and minding his own business.

Image The mornings for Kito always dragged on, never in his life did he like the sun. Nor did he long for it's hot and burning beam of light. To him it was disgusting and miserable. A waste of time, for him he wished it to always be night.

Once he got to the library he automatically pressed the button so that all the curtains would shut. Flipping on the dimmed lights, lights enough to read with, but not bright enough to irritate Kito. Along with a gentle fireplace on each side of the library. Students who came in always thought it was cold, so those were recently put in.

After he was done with that, he fixed his hair slightly and sighed, walking back into the lightened school, he made his way over to the teacher's lounge. Where he unexpectedly met the Head Master. Quietly he nodded at him and put one of his black/silver bottles into a pit of hot water, seeing as he couldn't put silver in the microwave. He took hot water from the water jug and put it into a pot. Dropping his head over the water that held his bottle he closed his eyes. "Looks like another year in paradise." He mumbled to himself, but knew that the Head Master heard him. He didn't bother to be quiet about it. Too tired to care.

Once it was done he took it out of the water and dried it off with his sleeve. Taking a long sip of the warmth, put color into his skin, making it seem he was human. It even put him into a better mood and you'd think, what he just said, didn't come out of him.

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#, as written by Akantha


The sunlight filtered in through the dark blue curtains fluttering from the open window on the other side of the room. Birds chirped, singing songs of the rising sun as morning arrived. Mihail stirred underneath his cream-colored covers and pulled the pillow closer to his body, hugging it closely. A small grumble escaped his lips and his eyes squeezed shut, straining against the forces of the sunlight streaking across his face. After a few minutes of tossing and turning, Mihail allowed himself to be called to wakefulness by the birdsong outside. His eyes open revealing cloudy gray-blue eyes that took in his surroundings with wariness as if he didn't completely recognize where he was. Mihail was not a morning person tended to be groggy and often slow in the time between waking up and his first coffee. If other people came around they usually received grumpy mumbles and sluggish glares. He stretched his arms above his head, reveling in the way his muscles unwound after laying still for so long. The djinn was still getting used to having a human body and the responsibilities that came with it even after year or two. It was a hard transition to go from being a spirit of the aether who felt mother nature's warm embrace and raced across the colorful skies as pure unbridled energy to being a solid vulnerable human, a shell of what used to be. A human body was more trouble than it was worth too. For one, it always felt unclean and tired and always needed sustenance, whether that sustenance be aetheric because of his djinni nature or processed food. Sometimes he ached to belong to nature and feel invincible again but he was bound by this body and until he remembered his name he would stay this way. Mihail leaned his elbows on his knees as he sat on the edge of his bed and gazed down at the hardwood floor, collecting himself slowly.

Mihail cursed under his breath as he remembered that today was the first day of school. Soon, the freshman and returning students would be entering the school grounds to begin or continue their education as high school students. Mihail pushed off the bed and stumbled towards the bathroom to take a shower. He couldn't waste any more time just sitting around or he would be late to the commencement ceremony at nine. Soon he was under the spray of scalding water and stepping out refreshened and smelling decently nice as a flowery smell wafted from his hair. He didn't mind the smell however because he liked the scent of flowers and this particular scent was like honey and roses. Mihail dried himself off and stepped up to the bathroom mirror and proceeded to brush his teeth while his gaze floated over his features briefly. His blonde hair was mostly dry and hung down over his shoulders just a bit, with a few strands in his bangs annoying him endlessly by getting in his eyes. His gaze was more alert now that he had showered but still seemed distracted since he hadn't had any caffeine yet. Mihail finished brushing his teeth and turned to go back inside the main room of his condo.

The condo was minimalistic with very few sentimental items. There were no photos of family or even posters on the walls. His white and cream bedsheets were in disarray and the light blue and white-striped walls which were oddly calming surrounded him. The floors were covered in a beautiful polished oak and nothing piled on the wood. In fact, Mihail kept his room immaculate and not even dust rested on any of the furniture even though Mihail always had the window open for fresh air. He wasn't claustrophobic but he preferred the natural air from outside as compared to the air conditioning. Now that he was aware and somewhat awake, he caught the scent of cherry blossoms in the room. Mihail walked to the window, keeping to the side and out of sight, to peer out curiously at the cherry blossom trees blooming in the distance. Some of the petals were drifting on the wind and this elicited a slight smile from him before it vanished when he turned away.

Mihail dressed in black slacks, a white dress shirt, dark blue tie, and black indoor loafers before wandering back to the mirror in the bathroom. He reached up to tie his hair in a suitably professional ponytail and after scrutinizing himself in the mirror to assure quality he strode to the door of his apartment and opened it to go outside. The djinn strode through the halls towards the teachers lounge where he was sure to find some coffee. When he arrived, his gaze flitted over the occupants already inside. The headmaster sipped his coffee on the couch, looking comfortable and thoughtful. Mihail reluctantly pulled his gaze away from the headmaster, Hiroshi, and peered over at Kito Vitrol who was the history teacher at Misaki Creek. Mihail debated on saying hello to the both of them before he figured that he was too grumpy to manage a polite greeting yet. So, instead, he walked over to the coffeemaker and poured himself a hot mug of black coffee with no sugar and no creamer. He loved the bitter taste. While taking a cautious sip from the blue mug as he strode over to the couch, he relished the awareness he received from the dark liquid. The fog over his mind completely faded after a few more gulps of the coffee. He let his gaze settle on Hiroshi as he lowered his mug to his lap. "Morning." It was short and to the point, his usual greeting since he hated adding 'good' in front of 'morning'. Why greet with 'good morning' when it was neither a happy greeting nor an actual pleasant morning. Mihail figured it was the usual human complexity. He preferred it simple and frank. Mihail looked to the clock on the wall and scowled. He wasn't ready to face hordes of student just yet with his grumpiness.

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"I wish that I never wake up, but not all wishes can come true."

Rrrring!!! Rrrring!!! Rrrring!!!

A shrill melody echoed within the hollow white room. The notes bounded off the walls without much of a hindrance. Window was slightly ajar which the morning light utilized to its advantage to creep inside the lackluster domain. As it brightened the dark room, it revealed it to be mostly empty. It was far more easy to describe what it does have than what it doesn't have. The said room has a closet, white curtains, a king-sized bed, and the unrelenting source of that piercing sound. There were no touches which would signify who the owner of this bedroom. Hmmm... may be that is exactly the right symbolism to describe the one who claims this dreary chamber.

Rrrring!!! Rrrring!!! Rrrring!!!

There was movement from the bed situated at the very center of the room. Seemingly endless white sheets seemed to glow as the rays of light dawned upon it. What was most interesting was the figure sprawled on top of it. A sylphlike form wearing a white long-sleeved collared shirt, which was unbuttoned allowing the showcase of such smooth porcelain skin, and semi-loose blue pants. The chest exposed for anyone's eyes rose with such an even pacing. Messy sky blue hair rested much like a heavenly crown upon the pillows. In entirety, the personage was sleeping with such unguarded expression befitting of an ethereal princess. Too bad, it is a prince.

Rrrring!!! Rrrring!!! Rrrring!!!

Blooming like a flower, revealing brilliant blue eyes which held a nonchalant expression, the figure looked at the corner of his eyes towards the origins of the sound. It took only a few seconds before he seemingly ignored it and gazed at the fluttering lights shown through the translucent white curtains. It seemed that morning has finally come. Another wish. Another dream had remained distant and impossible from his reach. A new day has come for him, only to remind that life will go on for him. He was getting exhausted every time, but that was simply how it is for someone like him.

Rrrring!!! Rrrring!!! Rrrring!!!

There it was again. He graceful stood from his bed and turned off his dutiful alarm clock. It had been a while since he had heard its sound. He had set it up because of the day today. The beginning of a new semester, a new school year. He will once again play his part as a teacher to the young ones. He walked towards his windows and parted the curtain for him to see the scenery outside. It was breathtaking as the fragile pink blossoms dance with the wind to signify the start of spring. He stood there for a few good minutes before taking a step back. He needs to prepare himself since there will be a general assembly and so he did without much of a hassle.

Once done, he exited his room and made his way through the halls. He now wore a white suit with a black collared inner shirt. There was also a black ribbon which seemed to have remained untied. He wasn't really much attached to what he looks like in the first place. Lucky him, he still looks dastardly beautiful and matched with his inherent liquid grace movements. He is a lovely sight to anyone's pleasure. This hasn't changed through the years. Still, many had indeed change in this school since he had come. It was understandable since time had never stopped. He envies that because even objects which has no life are able to experience the touch of grandfather time.

Those thoughts evaporated soon enough when he stopped before the door to the Teacher's Lounge. He entered and saw three familiar faces. There was the Headmaster, Mr. Vitrol, and Mr. Abram. They appear to enjoy some caffeine this early morning. Anyway, he did what he had always done ever since. "Good morning, Headmaster Tatsuno. Mr. Viltrol. Mr. Abram." He said while bowing his head in proper politeness. His tone also held a distant warmth which was simply by etiquette. He then went towards a bowl of colorful candies placed near the coffeemaker. He took a piece and elegantly unwrapped it cover and delicately placed it inside his mouth. The sweetness filled him and for now, that was enough for him to ignore the others inside the room momentarily or the fact he is a teacher.