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Mamoru Murakami

Teacher | "Today's class will be most interesting."

0 · 298 views · located in Misaki Creek Academy

a character in “Misaki Creek| An All Boys Academy”, originally authored by Misdemeanor, as played by RolePlayGateway

So begins...

Mamoru Murakami's Story

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Mamoru had already been awake for some time. Unlike his peers, he does enjoy teaching and it was his nature to make sure everything was in order for every one, yes, it includes for the students and his fellow teachers. It can't be helped since he is inherently desire to have all organized. He hates mishaps but, welcomes it due to the opportunity it presents for him to induce much needed punishment. In the end, he had finished ahead of time and was now walking along the grounds of the school. It had not been that long since he had joined the faculty of Misaki Creek. Yes, he is rather the newest addition to the teaching staff, but this is measured by years already. It was a good thing he still holds that title, he finds it entertaining to a certain degree.

The cherry trees were in full blossom and he can't help but smile at its sight. He approached one of the lined trees. The grounds were empty still being early. He stood underneath and leaned his back against its trunk. His crimson eyes looked above. His line of sight passing through the swaying branches of those pink petals, resting his gaze on the beautiful clouds rolling by. In his younger days, he would do this and let the world around him disappear. This moment was his alone and it was amusing to him, imagining various shapes befitting of the clouds he sees. This was a good life for him, most of it. Just like that, time passes him by quietly until...

His cellphone rang. Mamoru took it out of his pocket and answered it nonchalantly. "Hello." He didn't remove his eyes on the sky as an incoherent voice filtered through the speaker of his phone. "Yellow and black as the color? Hmmm... interesting." The conversation continued like that for a few minutes until he lowered his gaze finally and saw from a notable distance some students entering the school grounds. "I'll leave it up to you. Yes, I love you too." Then, the line was cut. He kept his phone and straightened himself. He even made sure to remove some of the petals which had fallen on his form. He can't have himself looking disoriented and filthy in front of the students now.

Clean and neat, passing his taste, Mamoru entered the main building. He was going to check the hallways and other things. There was also the general assembly. Really, the Headmaster should be doing this. He should get a raise, he should discuss that with him. Talking to some of the maintenance staff, he was certain that all was in order. He then continued his observations when he passed a certain room, he could not resist, so he entered and had whimsical desire needed to be satisfied.

Delicate. Ephemeral. Melancholy. It resonated through the spring winds playing with the falling cherry blossoms petals. A melody played by a certain individual who sees such a gesture as an avenue for his sanctuary. It came from the indicated, music hall. Various instruments could be seen in an organized manner. The room expressed an orchestral feeling filled with endless knowledge and limitless imagination. At the core, a black-clothed person stood with a beautiful violin in hand. It was the origin of the echoing notes which seemed to drift from the different locations within the campus. The means? Through the open windows and the passing breeze. It was through it as well that the pink petals fluttered about the room and even on the one playing. Anyone who would chance upon him will be enthralled. It was like a beautiful sad dream had become painstakingly turned into sweet reality.