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Noah Shin

"Woah there, friend." Year 4.

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a character in “Misaki Creek| An All Boys Academy”, as played by Imbecile


Slow down world, you move too fast for me.


Full Name: Born as Shin Woo Ah, but has been known as Noah Shin for a while since he moved to England. Just call him Noah.

Age: 17

Nationality: English (Raised in South Korea, before moving to England when he was 5.)

Year: Year 4


Supernatural Affliction:
Genetically modified human - has inherited demon characteristics. Noah has the power to produce poison from his mouth at will; he can emit toxic fumes from his mouth in the form of invisible vapour clouds but can also manipulate the shape of the poisonous exhale and can therefore concentrate them into liquid bursts or streams of poison. He has full control over it so he will never, say, accidentally kill a guy if they're kissing or anything. Besides, using his abilities always makes him feel nauseous afterwards, so the amount of times he uses it is to the utmost minimum. And do you want to smell acidic demon puke? I thought not.

~ Can play the bass guitar.
~ Sleeping. (?)
~ Quick and flexible hands. He has really nice hands, to be fair.
~ Basketball.
~ Really isn’t anything special, he’s too lazy to take up hobbies.

Favorite Class:
Philosophy. Except there really isn’t a class for Philosophy, he just has personal sessions by himself questioning the purpose of life. Pretty deep, right? Noah would probably like Religion classes more, if it wasn’t so... Christian. Like, man, people put way too much effort in proving God is real, instead of actually worshipping him, you know?

Not being productive, wasting time.
Lazy sex.
Smoking – he likes to call it brainfuel.
Loitering, and being at peace.
Mellow, experimental music.

Drama, scenes.
Working – generally, just having to move.
Being out of blunts.
Straight-laced people – like seriously, dude, calm your jelly beans.
Grovelling over the past, or worrying about the future.
People too full of energy.


Calm, cool and collected. Noah is a laid-back kind of dude. Perhaps, too laid-back – but who gives a damn, because Noah certainly doesn’t. He really doesn’t care for a lot of things, that’s just how he rolls and he very much prefer to keep it that way. Noah lives life at a very. Slow. Speed – by the time you’ve gone and done X, Y and Z, he’s probably still where he was the first time you saw him. It’s very limited, the range of things that motivate him; it’s usually either because he’s hungry, or he ran out of smokes - an unhealthy hobby he gained from living in Manchester for the last couple of years. It’s quite a challenge to get Noah excited or enthusiastic about anything, and because of this he’s often been compared to a sloth. But, you know, that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

Noah isn’t awkward, but he isn’t exactly a social butterfly either. He talks when addressed to, he takes notice when he is approached. Simple mechanics, really. Noah is very much content with his own company and spends a lot of time by himself. Don’t get me wrong, he’s very friendly – however, his method of maintaining conversations is... odd, to say the least. Caring very little about social etiquette he often just says what’s on his mind, he is usually either very random, or being brutally honest – because who actually cares about what people thing, ha. He also likes to ask questions, a lot of questions – seemingly erratic questions, but actually pretty profound. Additionally, he has an excruciating slow drone to his low bass-y voice, and generally spends extended periods of time in between responses to think; he also likes to use unusual terms and phrases that are pretty alien. It’s a rarity for anyone to actually want to talk to him. You are a very special creature if you do. Very special indeed.

His half-lidded, fatigue ridden eyes and his towering figure often intimidate first years but Noah really isn't anything special. He isn't all that smart either. At best, he is unpredictable. If he had to choose sides in a conflict, he would be on the fence, hovering over the neutral side with a blunt and ice-cream. He’ll point out his opinion – if he has to – but he’s never biased. His frank manner of speaking often irritates people and he gives a lot of people a bad first expression – it’s just a shame he doesn’t care, really. Noah doesn’t abuse himself over what he did and what he could’ve, that’s just way too much effort as it is. He would rather not waste all that energy which could be used to- I dunno, sleep, maybe? Bottom line is, Noah accepts whatever life throws at him; and if it’s something bad, he'll shrug it off. Water under the bridge. Like, people need to get over the past, do what they can to fix the present, and just avoid doing the same mistake again in the future. You know? Noah is a being above the concept of time, and does things by his pace and by his terms.

It’s a very foggy area, that of Noah’s fears and desires. In fact, not a lot is known about Noah, period. He tends to not talk a lot about himself, and is seen as that weird quirk in the corner of the classroom who gets stoned a lot. He’s a mystery – a mystery who likes to think about dogs a lot – but still, a mystery. Ooooh.

Is a Buddhist, just would like to point that out.
Tends to smirk a lot, but rarely in a mean way. He just can't help it sometimes.
He is 6"2 tall.


So begins...

Noah Shin's Story

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A large hand rose from the darkened depths of its owner's threadbare duvet. It slowly extended across to the bed-side table and clumsily felt around, shifting empty cigarette boxes and causing the lamp to fall over in the process, before pausing to lie flat over the cooled surface of a phone. After what seemed like a century of seconds, the hand slowly retreated - now with the phone firmly closed within its grasp - and disappeared, once more, into the shadowy gloom of what lied underneath the covers.

A bird carefully landed itself onto the cold metal fence that surrounded the balcony of the apartment, a single note escaping from its small beak.

No activity occurred within the apartment for a few minutes, nothing but the repetitive tune of the pigeon. A purple mass of hair slowly appeared over the top of the duvet. Slowly, the man pushed himself along the bed's headboard until his whole upper body was resting on it. With eyes, barely open, Noah glanced down at his phone to check the time. It was a little over 7:00 am. Too early. He thought passively, with a yawn. I should go back to sleep.

And with that thought, he did - the weight of his lack of motivation dragging him back down, into the cosy warmth of his pillows and blankets he had grown to succumb to over the years.

OOC: You know what I want to do? Write. You know what I'm not good at? Writing.