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Sorin Silivasi

16 | Year 2

0 · 478 views · located in Misaki Creek Academy

a character in “Misaki Creek| An All Boys Academy”, as played by IEatChildren



Full Name: Sorin "Rin" Silivasi

Age: 16

Nationality: Romanian

Year 2

Supernatural Affliction:
Rin is a ghoul with powers similar to his brothers'. He has immunity, and can regrow limbs, although he does not have Pain Suppression. Where he's lacking there, he has another power, Animated Shadow. Because Rin isn't in control of his powers just yet, his shadow animates on it's own, and even has a mind of it's own. It will occasionally push or trip someone near Rin. Rin will talk to his shadow, even in unanimated state, and despite it's inability to talk back. His shadow can hear though. Animating his shadow is very draining, and whatever happens to the shadow happens to Rin, vice versa.
-Speaks Romanian and English
-Plays the Triangle pretty well
-Can burp the ABC's

Favorite Class
-surfing the web
-baked goods
-baby/small animals

-talking to girls
-talking to adults

Out of the two Silivasi brothers, Rin is definitely the more social one. In fact, he is more social than any of his other family members combined. It's not that he's a social butterfly, he just enjoys talking. Except for people who are female and/or over the age of 20. Around that select group of people he just can't quite get his shit together, and will spout random crap at them. But mostly, he likes making new friends. Being by himself just seems so boring in Rin's book. Friends add color to your life, as he likes to think. Although he has never had a best/close friend in his life, not counting his twin, he has and had a great handful of people he considers friends. Sadly, many of his so-called friends don't consider him one back.
Rin will overdramatize things. It's his specialty really. For example, if he were to get a paper cut don't be surprised when you see him balled on the floor, crying, and sucking on his freshly cut finger. After someone grudgingly puts a band-aid on it, Rin will be happier than ever as if he had never gotten the cut in the first place.
Did I mention he's got some nasty mood swings, and a ridiculous tantrum? Well, he does. If he's fed and has a full nights rest, the always changing moods and the tantrums can be avoided. Many have yet to experience these from him, but it's only a matter of time!
Naive seems to be another adjective to describe Rin. He can be too trusting even if someone will continually break that trust. His downfall will be just that, his trust in others as well as his undying loyalty. Once attached he can never let go, he will continue to follow his friends and family where ever, when ever. That especially applies to his twin brother, Adrian, whom he follows recklessly.

-His natural hair color is a dark brown, but Adrian told him to color it.
-He writes childish, yet humorous stories that he likes to put under the mystery genre.
-Rin has a bad slouching habit.
-He has a twin brother, Adrian.

So begins...

Sorin Silivasi's Story

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Image The morning of school, first thing Seto is doing is he woke up early and started baking, even before getting dressed. This morning he made some mini corn dog muffins, it's a special recipe that he made makes for breakfast with hot dogs, cornflower and katcup. They are out of this world. He kind of hopes that the twins might like it and even Chris. They're not sweet or anything, it's just it was a good breakfast idea. Well anyways, he shrugged it off and put them into a little tupperware. He made enough for them to have at least one, and some extra, just in case.

Baking was one thing Seto always loved doing, it got him away from the world and into his own. He could bake anything and everything, not a thing he failed at when it came down to it. Sure he can't eat himself, least not too much human food, but he had friends who could, friends that he admired for it. If Seto ate human food, he couldn't really taste it, unless it was super sweet, to the max.

Normally the only thing he could eat was raw meats loaded with blood. It was the only thing he could taste and unlike his father, he couldn't just live off of blood itself, he had to have meat too. And as odd as he thought it was, he just accepted it, but never once did he eat something like that infront of anyone other than his dad, or maybe even Rien, whom he grew up with.

Rien was Seto's neighbor for as long as he could remember. He is so comfortable around him, that people might mistake it for something more than just friendship. It sometimes get Seto wondering if he truly is inlove with that man, or if it's just misjudgment because they known each other for so long. It's not like he would try anything to him, because he is a teacher and Seto is a student the last thing he wants is for his friend to get into trouble all because of him.

After getting dressed and putting the muffins into his bookbag. He went up to his fathers room with a small black/silver bottle. "Pa-pa! It's time for school, are you awake yet?" Seto slowly opened the door and giggled when he saw his dad was sound asleep still. Shaking his head he set the bottle down on the nightstand and shook his father awake. "Pa-pa! It's time for school."

Unlike Seto, Kito wasn't a day person, even if he worked for the school , he still wasn't a day person. ""Hmm, Im up, just to lazy to get up."

He giggled at his dad and handed him the bottle. "It's fresh, drink it while it's warm."

"Got it."

Getting to school was fast, seeing as his father take no time in getting there slowly. In fact, they never drove slow, it was just something Vampires did. Fast to humans was slow for them and fast for them was lightening speed for humans. Once they got to school, his father and him took separate ways after he kissed his son on the forehead, throwing his dark shades on and headed inside.

Seto smiled and waved his father off, walking over to a bench, waiting for his friends to show up. He pulled out a note book and started to write music in it. Humming just a little, and minding his own business.

Image The mornings for Kito always dragged on, never in his life did he like the sun. Nor did he long for it's hot and burning beam of light. To him it was disgusting and miserable. A waste of time, for him he wished it to always be night.

Once he got to the library he automatically pressed the button so that all the curtains would shut. Flipping on the dimmed lights, lights enough to read with, but not bright enough to irritate Kito. Along with a gentle fireplace on each side of the library. Students who came in always thought it was cold, so those were recently put in.

After he was done with that, he fixed his hair slightly and sighed, walking back into the lightened school, he made his way over to the teacher's lounge. Where he unexpectedly met the Head Master. Quietly he nodded at him and put one of his black/silver bottles into a pit of hot water, seeing as he couldn't put silver in the microwave. He took hot water from the water jug and put it into a pot. Dropping his head over the water that held his bottle he closed his eyes. "Looks like another year in paradise." He mumbled to himself, but knew that the Head Master heard him. He didn't bother to be quiet about it. Too tired to care.

Once it was done he took it out of the water and dried it off with his sleeve. Taking a long sip of the warmth, put color into his skin, making it seem he was human. It even put him into a better mood and you'd think, what he just said, didn't come out of him.

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Bodies tired, legs sore, feet aching, the path to school was a long one. For Adrian and Sorin, anyways. Their house was several miles from their destination, Misaki Creek Academy. Before they left, their older cousin offered to give them a ride but they had to refuse. Adrian had a bad case of motion sickness, after all. Sorin had thrown a tantrum at the house, but Adrian didn't give in. There was no way he would allow his body to enter a vehicle that moved, ever. And splitting up on their first day of school was not an option so Sorin grudgingly followed his brother.

"My lungs..." Sorin gasped,"Collapsing!" He threw his hands onto his chest. Adrian rolled his eyes. The two had been walking a couple hours, but both were in fine enough shape to handle this. Especially since the pace of their walking was slow.

"Stop being such a baby, Rin." Adrian mumbled. He readjusted the straps of his duffel bag, making his light gray cardigan fall onto the ground. The cardigan belonged to his outfit given to him by the school as part of the uniform. He wasn't too keen on the double layers so he had thrown it over his shoulder until they got to school grounds. Sorin on the other hand was excited to wear his uniform. Unlike most mornings, he woke up early just to put on his uniform and look good for the day to come. Everything had been going good too, until he realized he had completely forgotten to tie a tie. So it was still hung around Sorin's neck, untied.

The sound of water running made the twins look up. The sound was coming from the creek that they both knew was located near the school. The twins gave each other a look, Sorin smiling. Adrian sighed and nodded his head up and down. It was a cue for Sorin, saying Adrian didn't mind if Sorin ran up ahead.

As Sorin ran down the last of the sidewalk to the school, Adrian bent down to pick up his cardigan. Times like this made Adrian wish he had as much enthusiam towards school as Sorin did. The two boys had different mind sets. All school did was make Adrian stress, and since he just bottled it up, it definitely was not healthy. The red-haired boy continued walking, watching his brother intently as he ran.

Sorin's feet slapped the sidewalk hard. His excitement replaced the exhaustion that had just seconds ago made him drag his feet. When the gates of Misaki Creek Academy came upon him, he turned. The wide expanse of school greeted him. Seeing the school again made him feel at home. Sure, this was only his second year of school here, but after having to leave his real home in Romania, it was hard for him. The year before MCA was the first year the two boys lived in Japan and neither one liked it. When they were accepted into the school, and Sorin made some friends, it was like being back in Romania.

The sight of friends made Sorin slow down to a jog. Making sure they didn't see him, he snuck up behind Christian, the older of the two friends. His body launched forward and onto the blonde haired boy's back.

"Boo!" Sorin yelled. To help from falling off, the blue-haired boy wrapped his arms around Chris' shoulders and his legs around his waist. As he attached his body to Chris', his twin brother walked up. Adrian dropped his bag onto the ground next to the bench that Seto was sitting on. The cardigan he had dropped early was now gently tied onto the strap of the black bag.

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Image "Ah.... What might you be doodling, my good man?" Chris chuckled softly, folding his arms over his chest. Chris was probably the only one who could catch Seto off guard, with is light foot steps and quiet arua. It was almost like the man was a ghost or some sneaky animal. Sure Seto had the power of hearing even a bug crawl, but sometimes when he was lost in thought, he'd forget to hear or focus.

The sound of Chris's voice made Seto's cheek flush a soft pink color as he looked up smiling. "Good morning, Sinclair." Handing Chris's his note pad, all it had was music notes and no lyrics. Some notes where off the chart lines and others were upside down or right side up. None of his music ever made since to people, even his music teacher had hard times of understanding. But the only thing that mattered what that he himself understood it all.

"I know you made the twins and I something so tell me, what highly delicious cuisine you brought with you today?" Chris cheerfully said, his stomach starting to growl as he sat down next to Seto comfortably. The sound of the mans stomach made Seto giggle, shuffling his hand away inside his bag, starting to pull out the baked goods.

"'s corn dog muffins. I hope that it's ok." Blushing more feeling a little shy, he opened the container to offer Chris some. He always did love feeding Chris, seeing his reactions to Seto's cooking was always so cute. "There is plenty so have as much as you like."

But before Chris could respond Sorin had snuck up on him "Boo!" Sorin yelled, wrapping himself around Chris' shoulders and his legs around his waist.

Smiling softly, Seto put down the container onto the bench, taking his book back from Chris so that it wouldn't fall. "Morning Silivasi, you too hungry?" He said to Sorin, but lifted his hand to wave ever so softly at Adrian, as if to say good morning to him too.

The twins were the first friends he had ever made in school. The others would mostly, stay away from Seto, knowing he is the son of Kito, it was hard to be friends with a Teacher's son. But he was fine by it, it left him to his studies and his music. He wasn't sad about not having friends or anything, he actually sat back and enjoyed watching others and their lives fly past with fun, drama, sadness, happiness, it just went on and on. Seto felt like he was in it without being close to it. So in a way everyone was like secret friends of his. He grew to know almost everything about everyone. Even though he has only been in high school for about a year or two, it was still easy.

In the end, he did end up with a few great friends, it's something that he'd always put first, before himself. Seto was only afraid of one thing when t came to his friends, and that was of himself. What if they got hurt or something bad happened to them. Seto would snap and he doesn't know what would happen. He wishes he would never have that happen.

Rubbing his cheek softly, his smile slowly dropped. He could hear the sound of soft music in the air, it was distant, but he could hear it as if it was right next to him. Looking around from where he sat the music suddenly stopped. It was odd, it didn't even come from the school music room, sure there was someone playing there, but this was different. He felt as if he had heard the tune before, but couldn't remember where from.