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James Potter

"Another year at Hogwarts, boys. Let's make it a good one!"

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a character in “Mischief Managed”, as played by Imagine That!



Full Name: James Charlus Potter
Nicknames: "Prongs" to the other Marauders, just James to everyone else.
Age: Sixteen.
Birthdate: Twenty-Seventh of March.
Home Town: London, England.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.

House: Gryffindor ~ James is extremely stubborn, and happens to have an "all-brawn-no-brains" hypothesis about himself. James has the typical Gryffindor trait of being extremely daring and courageous - standing up to bullies (well, he is one) and jumping into situations he knows will get him into trouble. The tipping point for him being put into the red house, is his extreme loyalty to his friends, and to anyone that he feels is right.
Wand: Mahogany, eleven inches with dragon heartstring core. His wand is pliable, and is best used in Transfiguration classes, and for creating his patronus.
Likes: ♦ Lily Evans ♦ playing pranks ♦ running through the forest as a Stag ♦ horror movies ♦ hexing those silly little students who irritate him ♦ Quiddich ♦ chocolate frog cards (as well as the chocolate frogs themselves) ♦ making other people smile ♦ ruffling up his hair (it makes him look as if he's just got off of his broomstick) ♦ girls following him around, lusting. Oh wait... are they after Sirius? Nah, they can't be.
Dislikes: ♦ Snivelous Snape ♦ anything to do with the dark arts ♦ being knocked off of his broomstick & loosing at Quiddich ♦ being turned down again and again by Lily ♦ Hunters in the woods (for obvious reasons) ♦ Bertie Bott's Every Flavoured Beans ♦ nurses ♦ being forced to study by Lily ♦ pranks going horribly wrong ♦ toads.
Boggart: Everyone dead. Lily, Padfoot, Moony, even Wormtail... He couldn't handle that.
Best Classes: ♦ Transfiguration - "I taught myself to change into a stag at the young age of fifteen. Transfiguration is a doddle for me! It's definitely my favorite subject." ♦ Defense Against the Dark Arts - "I'm awesome when it comes to protecting myself from evil charms and spells. Go on, throw one at me - I dare you."
Worst Classes: ♦ Herbology - "Okay, plants suck. How boring is this subject... also, those horrible little Mandrakes are always crying! Even when you're not working with them, you can still hear them!" ♦ Divination - "Such a phony subject! Honestly, if you tell me you can tell when I'm going to die by looking at a bunch of leaves in the bottom of a cup, you belong locked up in Azkaban for being insane!"

Personality: James Potter is one of the best, and worst students at Hogwarts. He causes a lot of problems for the teachers, as well as surprising them with correct answers in class. He's a jokester, and pulls a lot of pranks along-side his friends, and in all honesty, he can be a little bit of a bully. He hexes some of the students around the school for no reason, and he particularly picks on Severous Snape, or Snivelous as they call him. James' rebellious streak gets him in trouble numerous times a day, but it's doubtful that will ever change - he likes to challenge the rules, and will continue to do so. He's extremely proud of his accomplishments, which include his captain-ship of the Quiddich team (something he boasts about often) and he is extremely self-confident. James likes to think that he is hilarious, and irresistible to the ladies, although, there is only one woman who has stolen his heart - and everyone knows about it. Around Lily, James is practically a different person. Whilst he still acts a little childish and flirts with her constantly, he always tries to do his best to impress her - even if that means studying. Finally, James hates labels, and he will not stand for any discrimination over blood lines. He was born into a pure-blood family, but he has never discriminated against anyone that is different.

History: James Charlus Potter was born on the twenty-seventh of March, to a surprisingly elderly, surprisingly well known, and surprisingly wealthy wizarding couple, their only child. Due to their age, and their money, James was spoiled rotten as a child, his parents supplying him with anything that he wanted (probably the reason he is so arrogant and boastful now). He was born into the wizarding world, not sheltered from it, and everything magical interested him. As a child, he couldn't wait to get his letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, so he could learn how to do the spells and the charms that he saw his parents do - watching his mother make the mop move was one of his most favourite things to do as a child. He used to chase the mop, but whenever he would touch it, it would fall to the ground. Then he would pout, begin to cry, and his mother would start up the charm again, ending in a vicious circle. (I'll add in something about Marlene and Charlotte here too when they're created.)

At the age of eleven, James was casually watching his mother charm the breakfast dishes to wash themselves, when something hit him in the back of the head. A frown came across the boy's face before he turned around to see what had hit him, but to his surprise, it was a letter. With a very familiar seal on the back. The young boy started screaming in joy, and he ran around the dining table clutching it in his hands, the loud scream still emanating from his voice. His mother actually had to use a spell to freeze him to make him stop, after numerous times of working. Finally, the young boy with such a passion for magic was going to be going to Hogwarts, a place he could learn how to use and harness the magic he had waited so long to handle.

James literally couldn't stop jabbering about going to Hogwarts, especially when he was standing at the barrier between Platforms Eight and Nine. Th boy was literally shivering with excitement, and he had left his parents behind in the crowd, rushing to get to the train. With his owl, Nym in her cage, sitting upon his trolley, the boy ran at the wall, only to smack straight into it. The owl screeched as it crashed onto the floor, and his parents followed the clutter of noise to their child. James had gotten it wrong - the boy who had studied everything Hogwarts had gotten the number of the platform wrong. The redness on his face however instantly died down once he got through the true portal to Platform Nine and Three Quarters, and he was elated once again. He quickly said goodbye to his parents before jumping on the train, sitting down on the seat nearest the door. Throughout the entire journey, he was literally jittering with excitement. He was going to Hogwarts!

During the boat ride across the Black Lake, James nearly fell over the edge as he leaned over, trying to get the best look at he could at the school of his dreams. The excited boy thought about jumping off and swimming, expecting to get their quicker, but he obviously decided against that. Besides, the water looked extremely cold. Whilst standing in the Great Hall, waiting to be sorted by the quirky Sorting Hat, another thing that had attracted James' attention, he spoke to Sirius Black, another new first year. Soon, his name was being called, and he was quickly sorted into Gryffindor - the Sorting Hat had only thought about it for a moment before throwing him in there with all the brave and noble students - the house that James had wanted to be in.

{I will add in some more about his adventures at Hogwarts for the last six years, however, I need to know what Sirius/Remus/Wormtail are putting to be able to do it}

Anything else?: I'm the Captain of the Gryffindor Quiddich team, and I'm also one of the Chasers. James doesn't have to wear his glasses all of the time, only for seeing the blackboard when he sits at the back of the classroom, and for playing Quiddich.

So begins...

James Potter's Story