Lily Evans

"James is such a toerag!" ~Lily Evans

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Full Name: Lily Abigail Evans
Nicknames: Lil, Lils, mudblood(by purebloods), and just Lily would be fine.
Age: Sixteen; 6th year
Birthdate: January 30, 1960
Home Town: Cokeworth, England
Sexuality: Heterosexual

House: Gryffindor; Lily was placed in Gryffindor for being a determined young girl who was brave and self-sacrificing. When it came to her friends and those she cared about she wasn't going to back down and if so be it she'd offer herself for her friends. Lily also wouldn't put up with bullying from others, she wouldn't stand for it and she'd stand up for the person being picked on it was plain and simple.
Wand: Willow, 10 1/4 and Kneazle whisker. It's rather swishy and was told that it would be good for charm work.
Likes: Potions, Charms, Horace Slughorn, Hogwarts, being treated equally, Gryffindor, and oddly enough she likes Hufflepuffs because she finds them incredibly adorable.
Dislikes: The word 'mudblood', James Potter, Severus for what he called her, those who bully people, magical care for creatures(when she took it in third year), and being named a know it all.
Boggart: Lily is most afraid of having the people she loves taken away from her.
Best Classes: Potions and Charms. Lily is great at potions and charms, potions she just seeed to be great with from the start, there wasn't too much reason behind it but perhaps it was all the reading she did of potions and because she just loved the idea of potions. As for charms well her wand was said to be great to use with charms and so Lily has seemed to prove her wand and give justice to it.
Worst Classes: Divination and Care for magical creatures. She's not great at these classes like her other ones. Lily is good at her other classes because if you read the books and study you can do well where as with these two classes it's a lot more difficult because you need to gain some extra skill to use them.

Personality: Lily Evans is a mixute of many different personality traits but she's a witty girl. She has a sharp tongue, and she's the smartest witch of her age. She studies and learns quite a lot because she's fascinated but it all and she can't help but study and learn as much knowledge as she possibly could and surely it was paying off and it was working real well. With that Lily was very determined to go after and fight for the things she wanted without backing down because it is often said that Lily has a temper as firey as her hair. Lily will not put up with any crap that you hand her way especially if it's someone she cares about but that's also one of her downfalls to be exact, if her family was to be hurt it would nearly break her and she wouldn't know what to do other than put herself in front of who ever it was, it's what she will do and always will do. You can mess with her and her only but if you harm her family and friends you'll get it and you'll get it good.

On another hand Lily has been know to be caring and kind hearted, she seems to try and find the best in everyone no matter who you are, your blood status, where you come from, or anything like that because those are things you can't help but sometimes it's difficult to find the best in people and she has a hard time doing that with James Potter right now. Extreme difficulty. Lily is seemed to be well liked around by most people and she was rewarded with house perfect for her sixth year in Hogwarts and Lily plans to be a good role model for them all as for the young ones do need someone to look up to and Lily thinks she'd make a well enough person to look up to.
History: Lily was born to Mr. and Mr.Evans, who were both muggles. She was born January 30th and she was the second born to the family having an older sister Petunia. The family lived in England. Cokeworth, England to be exact. Petunia and Lily were relatively close as sisters while they were younger but soon enough when Lily became nine that was when she met Severus Snape and became his friend, he lived in a different neighbourhood but it was within walking distance, often times Petunia would be sneering at Severus because she simply disliked the boy and where he came from. Severus and Lily were great friends and they were almost always hanging out despite his love for the dark arts of the magical world. Severus was the first person to tell Lily of her magical ability and that she was a witch and from then on they continued to talk about the magical world and Severus would be informing her about it. This was when Lily was starting to grow farther from Petunia, it was because of her magical abilities and because she was hanging out with Severus more and more. Lily seemed to have control of her magic while underaged and before she got her letter to Hogwarts.

Lily first got her leter in August when she was eleven years old, when she did she wasn't too terribly shocked because she had already heard about this from Severus and it had just proved to her that he had been right, Lily was actually content because then she could go with her friend Severus to Hogwarts and they could continue being friends. However her sister Petunia on the other hand was jealous of Lily and she sent the head master Dumbledore a letter begging to go in and be apart of Hogwarts. At the leaving station at platform 9 3/4 when she said good bye to her sister it wasn't a good one but either way Lily went onto the train and upon going on the train that was where she met Sirius and James and she had instantly grew a dislike for both of the boys.

Upon first arriving at Hogwarts she thought it was wonderful and it was fantastic, she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw it and it was just so unrealistic that it was so hard to believe. When it came to the sorting hat ceremony she went up there and soon enough she was sorted into Gryffindor and as she went to the table Sirius had went to make room for her at the table but she didn't appreciate it too well. Soon enoughs she figured out that her best friend Severus had been sorte into Slytherin. From first year and on Sirius and James would always pick on Severus in good fun and because they were bored but Lily wouldn't stand for that, that was her friend and she had started to defend Severus because that wasn't acceptable and Lily grew to hate James a lot. Remus meanwhile was always in the background and not doing anything about it. Lily seemed to excelle in Potions and charms and which Professor Slughorn took interest in and made her part of the Slug club.

Last year was quite a terrible year for Lily because like always James and Sirius were making fun of Severus and soon enough Lily went on to protect Severus not wanting Sirius and James to pick on Severus anymore but soon enough he lashed out at her and he had called her a mudblood which he promised he'd never do and this greatly upset Lily and soon enough she ended her friendship with Severus and as well as hating him she also hates James for what he's done, he's such an arrogant toerag in her eyes and words.
Anything else?: She's in the slug Club and Horace Slughorn seems to take a great liking to her. Lily is also great with dueling. She's also house perfect.

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