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Severus Snape

It's that Potter and his blasted group of foolish little friends!

0 · 2,291 views · located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Mischief Managed”, as played by xKyrie



Full Name: Severus Snape
Nicknames: Sev - from Lily and Snivellus - from those damned Marauders
Age: 16 years old
Birthdate: January 9
Home Town: Spinner's End, Cokeworth, England
Sexuality: Heterosexual

House: Slytherin. "What house will teach me Dark Arts and everything about there is?" This is the question a young Severus Snape has posed towards the sorting hat, six years ago. Now, if you were that sorting hat where would you place such an inquisitive darkyoung mind? The answer would be quite obvious and though Severus can also be placed in Ravenclaw; his more cunning streak has overpowered and has been deemed most appropriate to the house of Salazar Slytherin compared to the thirst for knowledge the students of Rowena Ravenclaw seemed to have.
Wand: Birch, fourteen inches with Dragon heartstrings core. Wands with dragon hearstrings core are those that are powerful and capable of flamboyant spells, usually those that are used in Charms and Defense Against Dark Arts classes. Severus finds it pliable and easier to use.
Likes: ▂Lily Evans. ▂Dark Arts. ▂getting dirt on Potter and his idiotic group of happy friends. ▂learning more about dark arts. ▂spending time with Lily
Dislikes: ✖James Potter ✖Sirius Black ✖His father ✖Idiots ✖Muggles ✖Lily getting angry at him
Boggart: Lily's death
Best Classes: Potions and Defense Against Dark Arts and Charms. Severus have a knack for potion. He can understand rather easily how each potions works, what ingredients will make up a better concoction and all that calculations and approximations stuff. Having a fascination with Dark Arts, Severus also finds it a must to excel well on DADA class. He will study ahead of classes usually in order to understand the lesson well. Charms, like Potions, comes rather easily to him. He will only have to see how a spell is executed once and then he will be able to perform it on his first try. (It won't always be that successful though)
Worst Classes: Astronomy and Muggle Studies. He hates Muggles and will rather read about Ancient Runes or that blasted Divination instead of preoccupying himself with Muggle Studies. Astronomy- he doesn't like watching the stars and the galaxy to predict the future.

Personality: Severus can be best described... as a loner and a very private man. He is quiet, regrettably somewhat insecure and vulnerable. He yearned to be part of something better and because of this, he was very pleased when he found a friend in Lily Evans. He doesn't let people into his life and he don't befriend others that easily. In fact, he either treats the other students as acquaintances or as plain schoolmates as much as he could-- except if he would treat them valuable enough to be considered his friends. He usually prefers to be alone and if found in company with others, it's usually the Slytherins who he is with. He is also sarcastic and blunt, a combination that causes other people to be quite hesitant to approach him.

He is an exceptional student with a good common sense and one who had long been able to create spells and other charms even when he was still a child. He loves to learn and because of this if he is not seen trailing Potter and his friends (trying to find dirt about them), he can often be seen at the library with his head buried under a thick book. Severus is very, very clever and cunning. He is a calculating guy who tends to think thoroughly first before doing something reckless. Undeniably there are moments that he lets his emotions and need to prove something get ahead of his decisions though.

Severus is also a realist. He can get arrogant and idealistic most of the times but having grown up with a rather violent father, had made him specifically aware that life is not all about ideals and all that fluffy mushy stuff. If you wanted to do something and to be greater than what you currently are, you must do all your best to excel in whatever that you have aimed to be.

His dignity is also everything that there is for Severus. He will do everything he can just to uphold and protect the dignity or self-worth he currently had. He is proud to be a Slytherin and because of that, he will try his hardest to be the best Slytherin that he can be. His temper is also something to watch out for. While he is a silent guy, he can lash out rather badly when he is deeply provoked.

History: Severus's mother was a pure-blood witch, her name was Eileen Prince and she married muggle named Tobias Snape. With his father being a muggle, Severus was considered as a half-blood wizard. His father was neglectful and possibly even violent, causing Severus to prefer his mother's family. His unhappy relationship with his father had been the origin of his apparent disdain for muggles. As a child, Severus was friendless and his parents were too busy with other things than to take care of him. This lack of care from them had shaped his bitter disposition and the need to belong to somewhere. Severus had known that he was a wizard even in childhood because of his mother's teachings. Whenever his parents got into another row he would often run to his room and wish that he was eleven years old already to be promptly taken by the goblins towards Hogwarts. Things changed as he grew though, while he was fully confident about being accepted to Hogwarts, he was realistic enough to not raise his hopes up. He knew details about the Wizarding world, and because of this, had dedicated his time to study ahead compared to others.

Severus had once seen Lily when he was on his way home from the primary school. He and Lily Evans had lived in the same town, with the girl staying towards the more respectable suburb of Cokeworth. He had then noticed her evident magical abilities and began making friendly approaches towards her after some weeks. The two of them had bonded quickly and he immediately had grown attached to her refreshing personality. It was during this time that he also developed contempt to Lily's older sister, Petunia. Petunia didn't like him. She always seemed to have disapproving comments towards his clothes and residence. He hated her because of this and also with the fact that she was a Muggle.

Despite everything, Lily and Severus had become closer. Their friendship stayed stronger even when they were sorted at different houses when they eventually attended Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry years later.

Severus got his letter from Hogwarts few months before his eleventh birthday. By then, his father was on the couch, passed out after another long drinking session with his colleagues. Severus had long been waiting for this mail and when an owl had unexpectedly delivered him one before the start of the school term, he was beyond ecstatic. He immediately grabbed the letter, disregarding the owl and locked himself in his room. There, he ran an eager eye through the letter and read everything else. He waited until his mother went home before he showed it to them and asked to be accompanied towards Diagon Alley.

When September came and with a trunk full of supplies (mostly second-hand), Severus had boarded the Hogwarts express with Lily. There they met his would be long-time nemesis, James Potter along with Sirius Black. There was an immediate dislike on both parties and with Potter's obvious interest on Lily, Severus instantly hated them. They were sorted after that and even though they had been placed in different houses the aggressiveness between them never waned. In fact it grew stronger because Lily was sorted with the other Gryffindors along with the Potter and Black. It was only because of the red-haired girl that things have not escalated greatly aside from verbal arguing and the occasional bouts of bullying from Potter and his friends. Severus had since then made it a lifelong goal to find a way to have his archenemies expelled from the school.

It was on their sixth year when Severus was harshly bullied by James Potter, who had turned him upside-down to reveal his underwear in front of several students including Lily. Lily had came to Severus' defense but this only made things worse. In a subsequent lashing out at James in an attempt to recover his lost dignity, Severus inadvertently called Lily a Mudblood, something that he promised he would never call her. Deeply regretting his mistake, Severus had then been currently trying to find different ways in order to talk to Lily and ask for her forgiveness.
Anything else?: He is one of those barely-there members of Slug Club since Horace didn't exactly favored him and another thing is that Voldemort had recently contacted him.

So begins...

Severus Snape's Story