Fiona Kingsley

"Everyone and everything has the ability to change... It's up to them to actually do it."

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“Behind every beautiful thing, there's some kind of pain.”

General Knowledge


| Full Name |
Fiona Elizabeth Kingsley

| Nickname |
She despises any nicknames really, she thinks her name is short enough that it doesn't need it. But the nicknames ever given to her are 'Fifi', 'Princess' and 'Barbie' but sometimes she is called it when being teased either in a kind or mocking way.

| Gender |

| Age |

| Ethnicity/Race |
100% British (Manchester)

| Sexual Orientation |
Ever since what happened between her ex-boyfriend and her, she is actually very confused about what attracts her to someone. So, she just says she is Asexual.

| Room # |
Room 216

| Prior Occupation |
Violinist / Ballet Major / Activist

| Current Occupation |

The Broken Heart

Things You Want To Know

| Hair Color |
Golden Blonde (Often Called Goldie Locks)

| Eye Color |
Crystal Blue with specks of Green

| Height |
Five Feet, Three Inches

| Weight |
One hundred and twenty-three pounds

| Tattoos |

| Piercings |

| Scars |
She has a large scar on her back from when her boyfriend of the time was beating her. There are small ones around her body, mostly in places people would never see that she had given herself.

| Character Color |
Sky Blue-#0B92B8

| Description |
Fiona stands above most other girls her age at a height of 5'3, and she's not your typical blue eyed blonde Barbie either. No child of her family's could really ever be called normal or typical. She gets most of her height from her legs, which are long, lean, and toned from years of running and dancing. Her golden locks travel down to her mid-waist when left down, and always holds a sort of windswept look if she doesn't take the time to slow down and fix it up. Her skin is slightly tanned from summers spent overseas, however, you would call her rather pale. She has one thing she hates about herself and those are her freckles that are all over her face. Overall, she isn't exactly bad to look at (her words) but, she doesn't see herself overly beautiful like most girls from her hometown.

For Better Or For Worse

| Personality |

{Passionate, Cynical, Protective, Caring, Idealist}

The most obvious part of little Miss. Kingsley here is her love of the environment and the Earth itself! She loves everything on the Earth from the beautiful flowers to the gorgeous yet beastly animals that live on it. This is probably the one thing she would give her own life for. Everyone is passionate about something, her passion is about the mother Earth that gives her, her purpose in life; To protect the creatures that cannot protect themselves. Which has made her the outsider or loner in her small town. While most girls were worried about their makeup and texting their boyfriends, Fiona was the one girl who was outside, rain or shine, just thinking of ways to improve the land around her. Which sadly, did get much attention for the men in her town. But something they all didn't get is that she even if she did care about the hurtful things they said to her, she acted like they didn't matter. You see, she acted and still does like she doesn't care. Like she doesn't have a single speck of kindness or care in her little 5'3 body, which is not true. she loves other people once she finds something good about them... or they find something to love about her. Which may take time or if your just as pessimistic as she is on the inside then it may never happen.

On another note, Fiona was or could never be just one thing, she has many different parts of her personality that make her who she is. To some, she comes off as adventurous and naive girl, like a girl who knows basically nothing and is too trusting in these times. And doesn't really know what she wants in life other then to protect animals. To others, she's the calculating, sarcastic, and overall cold-heated vegan who judges people souly on their beliefs being different from her own, unable feel an empathy for others. Willing to do close to anything to save her animals. However, the Brit isn't one or the other. She's both. Fiona is true to her heritage and the way she was raised even if she isn't loyal completely to her parents and family. She is as passionate, caring, and strong as her mother, Evangeline. She's a dreamer just like her mother was and in some cases, she's far more curious than she should be. She is open and adventurous. And she is not afraid of the unknown like a lot of other people are which may make her sound like crazy person. But, she welcomes it, she think without it, even now, than we would still be living in caves. So yea, She could be called a dreamer.

She loves to dream! The nineteen year old loves to believe that if she wants to do something then maybe, just maybe.... she can actually do it. Some people believe that she is a little.... Out There and maybe she is but, hey that's her. Along with this, She's an Idealist who loves and always pursue high hopes, and dreams, and goals. Never shooting down another person's dreams no matter what they are. Again like her mother, she is optimistic, sue her; But the way she sees it it's better to feel everything and think everything is possible than to feel nothing at all and think nothing can be better. It makes her believe that, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. This fact leads her to sometimes thinks too much, a habit she's been trying to break. But, for the last nineteen years it has not been able to be broken. But like her father she is determined, protective, and a leader. She is not one to take pity from anyone about anything and isn't above snapping on someone who sees her as inferior to them. And, she lives to prove those types of people wrong. Which has made her father very proud. Something that she has always wanted to place from him; pride and acceptance.

The Brit is, in two words, cynical and sarcastic. She's got a sharp tongue, and is always ready with a quick comment or a sarcastic quip, though she never means to cause real harm to anyone even if they hurt her first. The girl is also one to always throw herself into everything she does even if that means having to keep at it for hours on end. Like her protest she has done ever since she was able to think for herself. And with those years, she has always hated to lose or being shut down, just thinking about losing makes her pissed off no matter what it is. But, with having good quality she does have a few bad ones just like every other human being who has ever walked the Earth. She is a very cynical person. Never believing that someone is a true and honest s they tell her. She believes that everyone is always out to hurt her or the animals that she cares so much about. She thinks that people only want something from her and then are going to leave her high and dry which is something she is not okay with. So, she tries to push them away. Most of the time it works to an expense but other just stick to her because they prove themselves. Another rather unlovely quality of hers is that she has a strict schedule for herself. Which has made her stricter on herself than how her parents were which is hard to believe but it is true. She has much control over herself and her decisions, always being the one to think of the outcomes. This is the part of Fiona that she needs to feel as if she has done something with her life and that everything that happened to her in her life means something.

Thus leading into the part of her no one ever sees anymore. The part that she has locked away tightly for the past two years from the world for the hope that no one will ever use or abuse it again: the insecure girl, the one who fears being forgotten and used ever again. The one who second-guesses every decision she makes because it might not be good enough for the people around her and that they will leave her over it. This is the part of herself that she hides from the world, not wanting to look weak especially in front of the people that know her well enough to use what is useful to them whenever she shows this. There are a handful of people who she knows won't hurt her but for everyone else. They might just use it against her. Even those close to her only rarely get glimpses anymore, never the full truth. And it did begin to worry her parents but she just assured them that she was just making sure that she never got hurt. Except maybe her best friend here. Overall, Fiona Kingsley is a young lady who just wants to have all her hard work lead up to... something, anything that is worth remembering in history. Whether it's known by the entire world or just the family she hopes to start one day.

| "Hippie" | Strong | Determined | Pessimistic | Protective | Passionate | Fighter | Adventurous | Insecure | Afraid | Stubborn | Cynical |

| Hobbies |

Dancing Protesting Debating Taking Care of Animals Playing Guitar Singing Humming Baking/Cooking Vegan Meals

| Habits |

Has a habit of biting her bottom lip when either flattered or embarrassed She loves to wear bowler hats! No matter what the weather is. She is always messing with her nails when taking a test or answering questions, even if she is not nervous. She adores to draw designs on my hands like Henna tattoos She is always humming to herself no matter what she's doing

| Oddities |

When she attracted to people they are rather old than her by at least three years if not more Hinduism is her religion Has Insomnia Peanuts (Allergic)

Moonlight Walks Meat
Dancing (Ballet Mostly) /Dancing In The Rain Animal Abusers
Vegan Cupcakes Her Scars
Humming People Making Fun Of Her Accent
Playing Guitar Sex
Animals Being Called Barbie or Goldie Locks
Being Alone With A Light On Being Touched Whatsoever
Jogging Men and Boys
Folk and Indie Music and Films Violence
Protesting/Debating/Arguing Being Called a Tree Hugger
BonfiresFlirting/Being Flirted With

Stuff You Shouldn't know...


| Strengths and Weaknesses |

| Character Skills/Talents |

Baking Vegan Foods
She is great with animals of all types

| Character Flaws/Weaknesses |
Trusting Others
Can't sleep because of her insomnia
Telling others when she has feelings for them
She's not the strongest swimmer

Unlike others here, she isn't afraid be in love because she has never felt that emotion for anyone outside of her family. Others say it's awful while she thinks that once she does find someone... That it'll feel magical.

She is classically trained in ballet from majoring in it in college before she came here... Not a big secret but it's something not everyone knows.

She has a deadly fear of being hurt by someone else. Whether it's physically, emotionally, sexually, or mentally. She just does know how it feels to be that hurt except for once and she never wants to find out again.

Agateophobia-Fear or Insanity: She is terrified to go insane one day, she knows not many people really do go insane but what if she is one of those that do? Insomnia does that shit to you.

Dishabiliophobia-Fear of undressing in front of someone: Yeaaa, she can barely look herself in the mirror when she is undressing. Why would she be okay with others looking at all her scars.

Genophobia-Fear of sex: She has had it once and even then she didn't want to. It terrifies her to this very day and she does whatever she has to in order to make sure that she never has to go through that pain again.

Remembering The Past


| Biography |

| Place Of Origin |
Manchester, England

| Birth Date |
March 13th, 1994

| History |
Fiona Elizabeth Kingsley was born in a typical rags to riches story. The first five years of the young girls life was spent in what England called the 'ghetto' of the courty which was Nottingham, England. And growing up, was difficult for the family all because it was a very dangerous place to raise a family of seven. So when Fiona turned six years old, the large family finally began to have money and decided to move to a rather nice area known as the infamous Manchester. In their new city, they were well known for being one of the richest socialites in the area, never having the tough life that many others have after that. Which is how many started calling her 'Princess' in her lifetime, always one to get what she wanted when she wanted it. Yet, none of it mattered because she had a family that adored her. And growing up sure she was spoiled but not rotten, at least not yet.

Growing up from that age was a rather easy life, they went to the best schools, the best parties, had the best clothes, and everything else they needed and/or wanted. But that all changed when she began learning more about animals at the age of thirteen, which is the age that she began taking a stand for something she was finally passionate about. When her friends were shopping, doing makeup, and talking to boys. Fiona was at home or at the park doing something to help the environment. Which of course began to make her the "outcast" in her school from then on. And for the longest time she began wondering what was wrong about her. She was sweet, quiet, and an overall decent girl to be around. Which made her start nitpicking little things that maybe guys didn't see as attractive. And at the end of the day, it began lowering how she felt about herself. She soon started thinking nothing was enough; she wasn't smart enough, she wasn't pretty enough, her accent wasn't proper enough, she wasn't skinny enough. Nothing was good to her or at least, that's how Fiona saw it. Not that many others saw it that way, they mostly saw her as the pretty little vegan freak. That is until a boy named Oli St.James walked into their school when she was sixteen years old. He was perfect in her pretty little blue eyes, he was cute and charming, smart and cool, and on top of all of that, he was American. Something that you rarely saw in her school. And when every girl wanted him (Fiona included), he for some reason began wanting her.

For a while, he would just talk to her and being the way she was, she thought it was just a facade. Another boy who just liked teasing her before going after another girl. But, no. He was different; He wanted her for her. And after a while, she gave in to his flirting. Breaking the awkwardness with a kiss in her bedroom as they were studying English History. And after that, it was all history. Fiona soon became known to everyone for dating the 'American bad boy' the guy every girl seemed to want. Except for her parents who wanted him to just leave their precious daughter alone. They would sneak out together and disappear for days on end to different parts of the country. From London to even the small ones not even on maps. She fell so hard and so fast, so quickly, within months he knew he had had her wrapped around his little finger. Something that she soon would find out would bite her in the ass. But for now, she was in love and she was happy. Yet, she could never bring herself to actually show him how much she loved him by making love to him. She had made a promise to not just herself but her parents, to God, to anyone that she wanted to wait until she was married to make love to the actual love of her life. Whether it was Oli or another man she had yet to meet in her short life. And at the time, it seemed like the couple would have a long life together unlike most teenage couples in the world. And she truly believed that she had found her happily ever after at a young age just as the Disney Princesses did. And she didn't question it.

Yet her life took yet another huge turn on her seventeenth birthday when her and Oli were on their way to a romantic vacation in Paris when all of a sudden. Oli began kissing her neck, which was nothing new to the young, crazy couple. But he began trying to slip off her jacket and then her dress, which is when she had to stop him. He just kept repeating; 'What? Don't you love me, Angel?' And as much as she loved him, she could do it. So, he did something that she never thought he would do. He raped her. He pushed her out of their small car and into an alleyway that rarely anyone came down or close to. He just covered her mouth and said that if she made a sound then she would regret. It seemed like forever, hours of muffling, trying to get away with no such luck. Only when he got up and snatched the necklace off from around her neck could she get up to see that he had driven off, leaving her unclothed and afraid. Luckly, they hadn't left for the airport yet and were still somewhat close to her house. When she came home, she could hear her family in the other room. She couldn't let them know. She couldn't ruin their family like that. After that night, she never heard or saw Oli after that.

Something she was glad about, because after that her life took a complete dive. She found out she was pregnant with a baby girl a few weeks later and she couldn't bring herself to kill the child. So what does she do instead? She had the beautiful baby girl that she wanted to name Florence and gives them a gay couple who were actually a friend of a friend. Who were married for two years and couldn't find someone to let them adopted other than Fiona. They, at the beginning would invite the girl to birthdays and holidays and everything before moving to America. Meaning, she would no longer see her baby unless in pictures. Something that killed her on the inside. But, she knew that she couldn't go to school and have a baby, so she made a choice. And at the end, she regretted it. She felt even worse than she had before Oli walked into her life. For the past year and a half, she has tried to rebuild that bridge with loved ones and friends but once she moved away to school, she couldn't help but cut them all off. Thinking that now, they wanted nothing to do with her. Which broke her, she felt like she was alone in the world, which she was. She had kept herself so blocked off... That she pushed everyone away. That is until she had the 'honor' of meeting The Shepherd, who single handily either made her life easier or a hell of a lot more complicated.

| Family Tree |

Father | Edwin Kingsley | Living |
Mother | Poppy Livingston- Kingsley | Living |
Brother | Xavier Kingsley | Living |
Brother | Leo Kingsley | Living |
Brother | Alexander Kingsley | Living |
Sister | Daisy Kingsley | Living |
Daughter | Emily Elisabeth Sinclair | Living (Adopted Living In Boston) |
Her Daugher's Adopted Fathers | Blake and Austin Jackson | Living in Boston |
Ex-Boyfriend | Oliver "Oli" St.James | 23 | Living (Somewhere in America) |

| Happiest Memory |
"It was during Valentine's day, we were out in London for the first time in my life. You would expect for every Brit to have been to Big Ben once in their life right, but no. At the time, I have never been out of Manchester. And so, Oli decided to sneak me out of my house and we drove and drove and drove, which took about three hours yet for me at least, it seemed like mere seconds. When we got there we quickly went to the London Bridge. The lights were shining, and those goddamn gray eyes of his just made me feel like I wanted to be there, with him forever. And he gave me a locket with a photograph of us in it with my name on the back. At that moment, I knew that I wanted to be with him forever no matter what the cost was..."

| Saddest Memory |
"Isn't it obvious? Must you know anymore about it?!... Fine, it was my seventeenth birthday and we were spending the day together, as always. And just like every holiday, he decided to sneak me out to go to a different destination near our home. This time: Paris. Being a girl of course I was elated with the idea. But it all went south when he started acting different, he would kiss me neck longer, try to slip off my jacket, anything to manipulate me into giving him what he wanted. And when I didn't and I pulled away... He took it out of force. I--I just felt so helpless, he covered my mouth and pinned me down. It was absolutely dreadful and to this day I haven't told a soul. Little did I know it would only get worse from there..."

Theme Song

Save Me | Tyler Blackburn
Can we survive
The heart that's lost control?
Break all your worries
And make my heart feel cold

Well there's nothing in the room
But the shadow of the wall
There's no place to hide it
There's no place at all

Will you save me?
I will believe in you
I'll give love
I'll give love

Save me, your arms i'll fall into
I'll give love
I'll give love now

I believe the world can take
The shadow that's strong as song
It's enough for one man to take
Knowing it's right from wrong

There's no room in the darkness
Bring down these walls
With no one to believe in
There's no sense at all

Will you save me?
I will believe in you
I'll give love
I'll give love

Save me, your arms I'll fall into
I'll give love
I'll give love now

It's moving on in me
Oh love, oh love is a wounded heart
You see . . .

Save me
I will believe in you
I'll give love
I'll give love

Save me, your arms I'll fall into
I'll give love
I'll give love

Save me
I will believe in you
I'll give love
I'll give love

Save me, your arms I'll fall into
I'll give love
I'll give love

Anywhere, anyway
Through a life without a care
We can sing without a song,
we can hope to sing along
I'll be there
I'll be there
I'll be there
I'll be there now
Stay | Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko
All along it was a fever
A cold sweat hot-headed believer
I threw my hands in the air, said, "Show me something,"
He said, "If you dare come a little closer."

Round and around and around and around we go
Oh now, tell me now, tell me now, tell me now you know.

Not really sure how to feel about it.
Something in the way you move
Makes me feel like I can't live without you.
It takes me all the way.
I want you to stay

It's not much of a life you're living
It's not just something you take – it's given

Round and around and around and around we go
Oh now, tell me now, tell me now, tell me now you know.

Not really sure how to feel about it.
Something in the way you move
Makes me feel like I can't live without you.
It takes me all the way.
I want you to stay.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, the reason I hold on
Ooh, ooh, ooh, 'cause I need this hole gone
Funny you're the broken one but I'm the only one who needed saving
'Cause when you never see the light it's hard to know which one of us is caving.

Not really sure how to feel about it.
Something in the way you move
Makes me feel like I can't live without you.
It takes me all the way.
I want you to stay, stay.
I want you to stay, oh.


| Other/Misc |

| Wants to gain |
She wants to gain two things, neither doing with the help of other people: She wants to find respect, not from someone else but, from herself knowing what she's doing is the right thing. And the other thing she hopes to gain is the trusting skills so that she can actually move on in her life.

| Anything else |
None at the moment

| Password |
Fantasy/supernatural and romance.

About 8 and a half years (15 years old-24 years old)

| How often can you get online? |
Everyday as long as my classes don't get in the way.

| How often can we expect you to be able to post? |
Whenever I have enough writing to work with

So begins...

Fiona Kingsley's Story

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"She's walking now. And the other day I could have sworn that she said da-da. But of course, Blake was at work and doesn't believe me about it."

Fiona let out a smile as she talked to one of the foster fathers of her daughter, Georgina. They may have named her Emily but it Fiona's mind, she would always be Georgina. Ever since she had moved into the house of the damned and into the states, she had a lot of time to talk to the extended part of her family more now that they were in the same time zone. Looking at the time now it was about five in the morning. But, Austin always had time to speak to Fiona. The two have actually grown quite close to one another. "Wow, she's growing up so fast." The Brit said as she bit her lip. "You should come and visit! Emily would love to see you and to be honest so would I." Austin said in an upbeat voice.

"I don't know-I mean I would love to but I'm only suppose to come on holidays and you know that." She could hear the male groan before speaking, "Yea, yea, yea. I know that but what the agency doesn't know won't hurt them besides we can say you came to talk to me and Blake. Emily being here could just be a bonus." The young girl smiled before sighing and losing her smile slowly. "You're right, but it can't be now. I have work Monday through Friday. Speaking of which, I should get to sleep as should you, my friend." The man scoffed before returning with his own sarcastic comment, "I know, I'll talk to you soon, love. I'll tell Emily that you love her." With that he hung up leaving Fiona in the silence once again. She sighed, feeling her heart shatter from hearing about her daughter. She loved Blake and Austin but sometimes she regretted giving her baby up. She knew deep down it was for the best but she always felt manipulated by her parents to give her up in the first place just so the family could keep their very nice and 'perfect' reputation.

The girl let out a small groan as she felt the pounding in her head begin once again once she laid down. A constant banging in the back of her mind as if she had banged her head several times against a wall. Her insomnia was never this awful. It was always just a constant tick, tick, ticking and as much as it drove the nineteen year old Brit insane it was never this painful. She put her hand through her long and messy golden locks that were in her face, brushing them back before opening her eyes to see that she was in her new home. It has been three months and she still couldn't believe that she had honestly came to America and made a deal with a man she didn't even know. And with everyday that passed, she hated herself even more. She felt like an idiot for coming her with others who have had much worst things done to them than her. At least that's what she kept telling herself. Not that she had taken the time to get to know most of them, she was the last to come to the house of the damned and for the whole time she has been here, she mostly stayed to herself. Most people in this house didn't even know exactly what she sounded like; some probably didn't even know she was British and if they did it was most likely told to them by the Shepherd.

The young girl just looked at the twinkling lights above her bed for a few moments before sighing, knowing full well she couldn't just lay in bed the whole day no matter how much she would love to. She had people to take care of. And with that she sighed and slipped out of her plush and inviting bed to the cold air that hit her legs. She didn't let it bother her as much as it usually did, she had to get to work and she couldn't be late. She slipped on a pair of light blue scrubs and her sneakers before putting her mane of curls in a high ponytail that would stay out of her way for the day. That was always a plus for her job, she was out of bed and ready in ten minutes. She locked her front door as she looked around to see if anyone was outside, of course most weren't they were either at work or getting ready. She looked at her watch seeing that she was earlier then usual getting ready.

Meaning that she would get there sooner and have the chance to see if her favorite patient, Abigail was still living. She was an older woman who had gotten into a car accident with her husband of forty three years. How the woman was still living was a miracle seeing that her husband died on impact with the semi-truck, not that any of the nurses had the heart to tell her that. Not while the only thing keeping the woman alive was the staff and the hope that she would get to see her husband sometime soon.

As Fiona pulled out of the parking lot and on the street the only thing that she could think about was Abigail, the doctors and nurses were saying that the family wanted to pull the plug sometime soon. Fiona was always hoping that it would be later. The old woman gave Fiona hope that there were good people out there and if she passed, she would slip back in her old ways of having her overly cold and defensive wall up. As she walked into the hospital, she quickly made her way to Abigail room to see that she was still alive and sill breathing. But, she was sleeping and Fiona wasn't going to wake the woman up. So, she quickly walked out, softly closing the door behind her as she went to check on another patient.

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"And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back. And given half the chance would I take any of it back. It's a fine romance but it's left me so undone. It's always darkest before the dawn. Oh whoa, oh whoa... And I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't. So here's to drinks in the dark at the end of my road. And I'm ready to suffer and I'm ready to hope. It's a shot in the dark aimed right at my throat. 'Cause looking for heaven, found the devil in me. Looking for heaven, found the devil in me. Well what the hell I'm gonna let it happen to me, yeah." Was the only thing that could be heard from the young girl's room. As she sung Shake It Out by Florence and the Machine, the latest song that she had become addicted to. At least for the time being. She sung to the beat of the shower water hitting the tile floor as she washed the conditioner out of her hair and turning off the hot water. There was nothing Fiona liked doing after a long jog other than a hot shower. She yawned loudly as she wrapped a towel around her small body and walking into her room to the outfit that she had already set out before jumping into the shower about half an hour ago.

The girl grabbed her phone from beside the dress and sent a text to her close friend, Maki. She had been here three months and he was one of the few that she actually called a friend and to say she didn't have some sort of attraction to the man would be a lie. He was just different from the rest of the guys she had met before and she thought it was a nice change from what she was used to back home.

Want to hang out? I should be over soon.

She tossed her phone back on to the plush bed before tossing the towel away and slipping on the teal and white dress along with a pair of flats. She took another ten minutes to finish her make up and dry her curly hair before heading out the door, locking it behind her and walking towards Mack's apartment. It wasn't long until she was at his door, knocking softly on the wooden door. As she waited for him to answer the door. She unknowingly began fixing her hair, being able to tell that it was already returning back to its unmanageable curls.

Plastering a friendly smile on his face, Maki opened the door a little too quickly. "Oh!" He said, trying to sound disinterested when inside he was filled with nervous energy and glee. "Hey, Fiona." He attempted to look nonchalant as he leaned against the door frame, which was a failed attempt seeing as he ended up bumping his head against the wooden surface. She could tell something bad was going to happen the second he started leaning but that didn't stop here from being shocked. "Oh my God. Are you okay?!"

"Ow!" Maki rubbed his temple gingerly. "Not helping the hangover..." She rolled her eyes and shook her head before grabbing his wrist softly and walking into his apartment to see the television on but on mute. With a light blush, Maki let the British blonde usher him into his apartment. Leave it to him to make himself look like a complete idiot.

"Well, that's why you shouldn't go drinking with Daniel of all people." The Brit let go of his wrist before turning towards him. "But, the best way to sober up is with food and as we both know, I am an excellent cook." She told him as she placed her hands on her small hips with a smirk on her baby doll face. "You just sit and try to keep your head from exploding and I'll make you something, okay? It should be done soon." She told him as the 5'2 girl picked up a comforter off the ground, went on her tiptoes, and put the soft blanket back on his shoulders.

She scurried into the kitchen, turning her back to Mack as she looked through a few of the cabinets for any ideas. He watched her saunter into the kitchen, a small smile playing on his lips. As she looked through the cabinets, it just showed how different the two were. Most of the things in his kitchen weren't in hers and most of the things in her kitchen were things that no one has really heard of. And most people weren't open to trying them. "You're an angel, Fiona," Maki grinned as he plopped onto the couch. "I aim to please, love." She told him from the kitchen as she looked around for a pot.

"We can watch a movie if you want. Your pick since you're cooking." The blonde had to try and hide the smile that was trying forming on her lips. "Um, okay. I'll pick a movie once I'm done." She turned on the stove and turned her attention to the ingredients. Her mother always told her that their family soup could fix and problem, whether it was a headache or a hangover that her older brothers were trying to recover from a night out. She placed the pot on the stove and walked towards the couch. She sat down next to Mack and looked through the movies. "I don't want to watch anything sad because then I'm going to start crying and British people aren't suppose to cry." She said with a smirk on her face as she looked towards the Asian man. "Brits have emotions?" Maki jested. "Huh, who would have thought?" Fiona nudge him as she continued looking. Maki grabbed his blanket, covering his shoulders and snuggling into the sofa as she sat beside him. He didn't say a word as Fiona rifled through the movie selections. He took this time to admire her from his perch, watching the way the sunlight that poured through the blinds bent around her form like a halo, how her blue eyes reflected the soft glow of the television, and the way her light freckles complimented her pale complexion. In Maki's eyes, Fiona was the epitome of beauty and grace. And him? Maki was just Maki, the awkward, clumsy Asian that couldn't even greet his crush without fucking up. He kept a smile on his face despite the veil of inferiority that cloaked him.

"Oh, I know! Let's watch the best movie of the 2000's." She flipped to the Indie films and selected one she had seen years ago, Mr.Nobody. Most of the people she watched it with never really paid attention to it or to her. They mostly were on their phone or doing anything but watching it or talking to her yet, it was always the first pick when she was the one choosing. After selecting it, the young girl got up and went back to the soup which was coming to a boil. "Thanks again for the food, Fiona. It's greatly appreciated." Then she was off, ladling their meal in bowls before she returned.

Smiling at her creation, she turned the stove off before setting it down on a cool burner. Turning towards the cabinets once more, her dress whirling in the progress. She grabbed two bowls and filled them up before walking over to Maki. She set it down in front of him on the coffee table with a spoon before smiling. "Bon Appétit, my friend." She brought her legs on to the couch, next to her as she turned towards Maki. "You wouldn't happen to have another blanket, would you?"

Upon asking for a blanket, Maki shrugged as he shook his head. He did have another blanket, but when you see a window of opportunity you seize that shit.

"Lucky for you," Maki smiled. "I'm charitable."

Maki scooted closer to her side, draping half of the blanket onto her shoulders. "That better?"

She bit her lip, trying to hide her rosy cheeks as she nodded. "Much, thank you." She sighed as she wrapped it around, moving closer to Maki without even realizing. Not that she minded. She just looked towards the movie with her soup in hand as she enjoyed this moment.

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"I really like your accent! Where are you from again?" Asked the little girl Fiona was treating at the moment. The blonde chuckled and looked at the small brunette girl who reminded her so much of herself when she was a young girl. "Now, Jin Jin stand still for one moment and then we can play twenty questions." Fiona told her with a smile on her face as she quickly gave the girl her stuffed teddy bear knowing that once the small Asian girl saw the syringe, she was going to call for her parents unless she had her stuffed animal. She prepped the area with rubbing alcohol. "We'll count to ten, okay love?" Jinny nodded with fear in her eyes. Fiona grabbed her other hand before nodding.

And with that, Fiona slowly counted with Jin to ten while slowly releasing the medicine into the girl small arm. She could hear the small girl's whimpers before Fiona pulled the needle out, quickly putting the cap on and throwing it away with all the other used needles. "And, there you go, cutie. All done." The Brit said as she wrote something down on her clipboard as she headed towards the door. "Wait, you never did answer my question."

Fiona looked at the ceiling as she chuckled. "I'm a princess from England." She said as she left the seven year old girl with shock on her face before waving and leaving for the hallway.

She walked by the nurses' station before being snapped at by her fellow nurse, Jacqueline or Jack Jack as people called her. "Fiona, you have to do one more injection." Fiona sighed before seeing the room. "Blimey, of course I do." The girl said in sarcasm before she walked to the room with the cart. She softly knocked before heading in to see Daniel. He had taken off his lab coat and tossed it haphazardly across one of the arm chairs set up for visiting parents. She could only tell it was him by the shoes he wore, for currently he was hiding underneath the bed. The boy didn't noticed her walk in, his gaze peering over the edge of the massive hospital bed, nerf pistol in hand. Suddenly Daniel rolled out from under the bed, getting up on one knee and aiming with a Nerf gun of his own. "You'll never take me alive Anthony!"

The little boy laughed and a flurry of neon orange bullets went flying. Amidst the chaos, one managed to hit Daniel smack in the middle of the forehead, sticking fast to his tanned skin beneath the fringe of his hair. Daniel was quick to realize he'd been hit, quickly acting as if he'd been shot in the forehead with a real bullet. His eyes rolled back as his arms went limp, falling forward with a harsh smack. Little Anthony laughed, leaning forward slightly to get a better look at his fallen enemy. She offered a small smile before turning to the small child. "Hello, sweetie. I'm only going to take one moment."

The young boy frowned, knowing what it meant. Another needle, another surgery. But, at least Dr. Danny was there to help. He always made sure the kids kept a smile on their face which always made the nurses' jobs easier. "Promise?" The Brit gave him his action figure before speaking, "I promise." From the corner of her eye, she saw Daniel spring up, getting back up on his feet.

She took the syringe off of the cart, quickly prepped his arm, and injected the sedative slowly. She didn't want to cause him anymore pain but she couldn't just insert it all at once. Daniel had brushed himself off, putting the coat back on before he sat himself at Anthony's bedside. The young doctor shot her a look, thanking her without words for her careful treatment of the child. One could tell by his demeanor that he cared for this little boy, that he cared for all of the children in the hospital. He didn't want them to go through the pain of recovery, but he did everything in his power to make them feel comfortable. It was admirable that he was willing to make an utter fool out of himself to accomplish it. "And there we are, sweetie. All done. I told you I'd been done quickly." She told him with a sweet smile.

Anthony smiled in gratitude, "Thank you Fiona." "You are welcome. If you need anything just tell me." Fiona said with a smile on her face as she disposed of the needle. The little boy turned his attention to Daniel, worry setting in. "How long will it take for me to go to sleep."

Daniel offered him a soft smile, "Not long at all. Nurse Kingsley made sure to get you the good stuff," He lightly ran his knuckles across Anthony's arm, careful to miss the IV as he nudged the child's arm. "You won't feel a thing. And hey, when you wake up, I'll be waiting for you with a big ol' bowl of ice cream. How's that sound?"

Anthony lit up, "Really? You mean it?"

"Yeah," Daniel chuckled. His laughter died down as he tousled the little boy's hair, "You're going to pull through okay, Tony. You're too tough to let a little surgery like this get you down."

"Well you're right about that," Anthony said with a smirk. He reached up and popped the Nerf bullet off of Daniel's forehead, quirking his brow, "Thanks for letting me beat you, Danny."

Daniel threw his hands up, laughing a bit, "I didn't let you do anything. That was all you, buddy." Anthony chuckled, his eyes becoming heavy as the sedative began to take affect. Daniel's smile softened as he laid the child down, checking his vitals and petting the boy's hair as a soothing gesture. Once the boy fell asleep, Daniel stood, closing the Nerf bullet in the child's hand as a good luck charm. He turned to Fiona and smiled, nodding forward as a gesture that they should leave and he accompanied her. Another set of nurses went in right after them, unhooking the necessary equipment so they could move him to the OR. Daniel watched the child as he was rolled down the hallway, an unreadable expression in his eyes.

Jacqueline eyed him, meeting Fiona's gaze in question before speaking up to the young doctor, "He'll be alright, Dr. Brennan." Fiona nodded in agreement with a sweet smile. Fiona knew how Daniel was with the children in here. He actually cared for them and he wanted them to live. Unlike The Shepherd who just wanted them dead.

With a smile tugging at the corner of his lips, Daniel turned toward the woman, offering a nod of gratitude, "Thanks Jackie. I know he will." There was sureness in his voice that almost noteworthy. Fiona had heard many doctors reassure themselves of their patients pulling though in a surgery of such importance, but none of them said it with as much confidence as Daniel in that moment. Eventually the older man felt her gaze and looked down at her, a smile on his features as he leaned in, bumping into her softly before he retracted with a cheesy--almost teasing--grin on his face,

Fiona looked towards Daniel as he lightly bumped her with a smug look on his face. Fiona answered with a shrug and a raised eyebrow. "What?" Curiosity in her voice as she wondered why he was looking at her.
"So a little birdie tells me that you and Maki had a little movie date the other date." His brows moved up and down as he turned his back on the other nurses in the station, crossing his arms over his chest.

She opened her mouth to object but she was too embarrassed, feeling her cheeks turn red. She closed her mouth as she began thinking about what to say. "I swear I'm going to kill that 'little bird'. It's wasn't a date per se. I--I just-- Ugh. I just went over to talk and hang out with him. Why? Because, unlike most of the people here he actually likes me. And he was having a hang over, probably because of you and that brother of yours, so I stayed to take care of him. That's all." She told him as she shrugged it off as if it was no big deal to her when deep down she knew that it was at least to her. The last thing the girl needed was to be lead on once again."Besides, it was Maki's idea to watch the movie. If you want to talk to anyone about our so-called 'date' then talk to him." She said with a smirk on her face as she crooked her head a bit to the right and crossed her small arms in front of her chest. "Besides, don't you Americans like talking about anything else other than other people's relationships?"

Daniel watched as she fumbled, the amber speckles in his deep brown eyes laden with amusement. He cocked his brow as she spoke of his brother, agreeing with her that Maki drinking with them was never really a good idea. When she regarded him with some snark of her own, Daniel was quick with his rebuttal, "Tch-.... No." He said this with a sardonic tilt of his brow and a tone which would imply that she should've known that already. "Let me give you an example. Jackie-..."

Fiona shook her head and sighed before speaking, trying to stop Jackie and Daniel from 'explaining' it to her."No, you honestly don't have to do that--"

Said nurse glanced up at him briefly before returning her gaze back to the computer screen, "Hmmm?"

"What's the status on Rebecca and that Rad-Tech guy?"

"Oh Danny," Jacqueline chuckled, her voice taking on a tone most women commonly adorn when in the midst of a good gossip, "I forgot to tell you. She broke up with him last night"

Daniel was curious despite himself, muttering a small, "We'll talk about it later."- before looking to Fiona with a grandiose gesture that simulated that he'd proven his point, "Case and point. Besides, I like you. I'd like to consider us good friends, wouldn't you?"

Fiona rolled her eyes as her two co-workers gossiped. And once Daniel said they were close friends, Fiona pouted her lip and moved her hands to her heart."Aw, Danny, you have no idea how much that warms my tiny tin man heart. She let a smirk grow on her face before continuing. "And yes, I do count us a good friends.... Almost as good as your bromance with Maki."

Jackie held in a laugh but let out a chuckle after hearing Fiona's smart remark towards the man in front of her. "You have a bromance with the guy she had a date with?"

Daniel scoffed, as if it were the most natural thing in the world to have a borderline homosexual relationship with your friend who was clearly interested in your female friend, "Yeah,"

Fiona looked towards the ceiling and sighed before looking back at Jackie. "It wasn't a date for the last time. And you two just love messing with me, don't you?"

To this Daniel grinned, leaning against the counter casually, offering a look of nonchalance, "Well I don't know about Jackie but I definitely have fun."

""Yea, it's always fun messing with British people." Jackie said to the young girl as she handed her a clipboard for another patient she had to go prep for their surgery.

"Yea, whatever. Now, if you don't mind we all should get back to work, don't you think?" She said with a raised eyebrow before handing a graph to Daniel. "That is for you, Daniel. Now, you can stop messing with me and go mess with another nurse." She told him with sarcasm in her voice as she walked the other way to go prep a scared, young girl for her first surgery.

The setting changes from new-york-new-york to House of the Damned

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The snow was like a thin white sheet shrouded the streets of Manhattan. What was once the city that never slept now became the city that never wanted to go outside. Those few who actually enjoyed the freezing temperatures took solace in ice skating or having snowball fights. It was that time of the year where you bundled up by the fire with your loved ones with cups of hot coco, Christmas just around the corner. For the most part, this was a happy time of year; a time to make cherished memories as well as reminiscence on the past year.

However, the same could not be said for our Flock.

For past months, Fiona could feel herself slowly but surely going downhill, while she seemed like the same young girl, secretly, when she was in her room all alone she would just look in the mirror, hating herself. Many tried telling her that it wasn't her fault what happened to her back home in England and for the first five months, she would believe it. But, now...she started thinking it was her fault. And, because of that she couldn't bring her to go anywhere near her daughter, she wasn't worth to see that little girl. Everyday was exactly the same as the last. She would go to work and come home. As if she was just drifting through life. And the days she didn't have to work, she would stay in her house all day, just sitting in the dark, in the silence. Hoping that something would pop out to her to make her feel as if she was worth of something or someone's love, affection, or friendship. Yet, she couldn't think of anything that made her worthy of any of it. What made it worst was the fact that the more she tried to stay away from falling for someone again, the more she found herself falling for Maki. And every time she wanted to be more than what they were, more than friends, she would hear herself saying that she never would deserved someone like him. And on those days where someone would come around, seeing what was going on with the Brit. She wouldn't even answer. By December, she was nothing like herself. She was a shell of the young, bright girl she once was. Wade has taken these months to visit his family only to find his mother had taken up with a man that did not suit well with him. To cut a long story short, Wade and the new boyfriend got in a fight, punches were thrown and Wade was eventually told to leave and never come back. He did not care so much about losing contact with his mother as he did with his younger siblings; whom he loved more dearly that the woman he's been hanging out with. Yes, he and Kaya still accompany each other throughout the week, his affection for her never waning.

Kaya's father finally found out that her mother had been cheating on him for years and her parents are currently in the middle of a messy divorce. Kaya is stuck in the middle, forced to pass on messages but refusing to take sides. Though, on a lighter note, there's a new employee that was just employed at Kaya's place of business, a male who Kaya thinks is rather attractive. Novia, on the other hand, has been dealing with a mental breakdown of an existential nature. For months now she's kept herself hauled up in her apartment in order to avoid Daniel. She would still go to work, however, if only because she is incapable of disrupting her schedule no matter what. Since her first breakdown, she's been avoiding him like the plague and pretty much running away any time he tried to speak to her. Unbeknownst to Daniel, she doesn't mean it. She's not sure what she means anymore. Or what she wants. Or who she is. She's just kinda empty. There's no passion in her. Whenever Daniel would come for the numbers she just slips the paper under the door.

Now onto Jasper. You'd think out of everyone, he would be having the worst time of all the Flock. Well that's where you're wrong. Since the arrival of Annemarie, what time he's not spending at the bottom of the bottle is spent sheathed in her. They've hit it off in a way that is purely psychical, neither of them looking for a relationship and instead searching for a bit of a release. Daniel has kept his promise and came to see Jasper every day, the span of time spent in apartment 277 becoming longer and longer every day he barges in. No matter how many times Jasper changes the locks, Daniel manages to get in, and despite all of his intelligence the young Russian drunk can't seem to wrap his head around how he's been doing. Daniel has been secretly taking bottles of alcohol out of Jasper's apartment for every visit, leaving with it in order to keep him from drinking himself to death. Jasper now has a steady couple of months to live and Daniel's goal remains to increase it by a couple of years at least. Maki and Daniel are still inseparable. They still have a couple of drinks every weekend if Maki doesn't have plans with Fiona, using the Bourbon Daniel swiped from Jasper's apartment instead of going out to the bar. Though, even throughout their time spent together, Daniel has yet to notice that Maki's lifespan is very slowly dwindling. Maybe it's a force of habit on his part. Maki, on the other hand, has noticed something wrong; he just hasn't built up the courage to tell anyone.

So what has The Shepherd been doing as his little sheep suffer through these grueling months? Well, I won't go into much detail, but the amount of time he's been spending with little Emily should be enough to raise someone's suspicions.

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Time: 8:00 A.M.
Date: Saturday, 7 December, 2013
Location: House of the Damned, Manhattan, New York

"If you really think that you deserve someone like him, you've another thing coming." Was the only thing going through her head as she stopped at Maki's door. This was the first time she's been out of her apartment for anything other than work. For the past couple months, she's been doing her best to stay away from Maki whenever she had the chance. Whenever she was around him, she could feel herself falling more and more for him. She knew that the best way to not fall for him was to just stop talking to him, acting as if they never met. And that wasn't something that she could handle. She loved being around him. He made her feel as if someone actually cared about her. But, knowing her luck, he would end up just like her ex did. Nice at first, acting like they actually cared about the young girl but once they had her, they began to show their true colors. Not to mention that she never told him about her daughter.

And that thought alone made her stop before she knocked on his door. "That's what I thought."

The young Brit backed away from the door slowly before turning her back to the apartment. And before she could change her mind she made her way back down the hall to her own house before opening the door. Looking around her apartment, she sighed. As she looked it reminded her of herself nowadays. Cold, dark, and lonely. She rarely turned on the light like she used to, turning most if not all of them on just to create a warm and homely atmosphere. It used to be filled with photos of not just her and her friends but also of her family and her daughter. Now, they were all in a cardboard box in a dark corner near her door. She tossed her black jacket and scarf on her sofa before going into her room and to her closet. She grabbed out a hoodie and a pair of jeans before tossing her old clothes into her hammer and slipping her new clothes on. Looking at herself in the mirror, she could only see a shell of her old self. Instead of being the passionate and happy dancer that she used to be, she was a quiet, depressed... puppet. A girl just going through the motions of her life; eat, sleep, work, eat sleep, work, over and over again.

She ran her fingers through her curly locks before pulling the hood over her head and walked out of her bedroom and into her living room to grab her jacket. All before slipping it on, buttoning it up, and going out into the cold December air after closing her front door.

She walked down the stairs before turning down the street, looking around she could tell that there weren't many people out. Which was fine with her, it gave her a chance to think. She breathed out deeply, seeing her breath before pulling the scarf over her mouth to fend off the cold. It wasn't long until her peace and quiet was interrupted by her vibrating phone. She groaned before pulling out of her pocket and see that it was her daughter's adoptive parents, Blake. She sighed once more before answering the phone, trying to sound upbeat. "Hey, Blake. What's going on?"

"Well for one thing, you haven't talked to us since like October! That was two--maybe three months ago, Fiona.

"Yea, I know." She told him as she looked down at the snow in shame.

"Oh, you know?! You know, do you? Did also known that being part of a joint adoption was actually being a part of the adoption." she could tell the British man was angry with her. She would be too, she could also hear Austin in the background, telling the man to stop yelling. Not that Blake listened. When he was angry, there was no stopping it. "Fiona, let me ask you something. Do you even care about Emily? Do you--"

"Of course I care about her, Blake! If I didn't care about her, I wouldn't have sent all those packages for Christmas and her birthday and everything! If I didn't care, I wouldn't have given her to you in the first place!" She shouted into the phone as stopped walking, letting her feet sink into the fluffy cold snow.

"No, if you actually cared you would keep your word when you said you would come down to visit. Every time you say you're going to, you always make an excuse to why you can't. Whether 'you're busy' or 'you're sick' or whatever fucking excuse you have up your sleeve." In the background, Austin was telling him not to curse in front of Emily. He cursed under his breath before living their living room and going into their sun room, slamming the door behind him. "Fiona, look. I get it, you're young and immature and stupid but, you still are a mom whether you like it or not. But, you can't just act like we don't exist."

"Blake, I'm not acting like you guys don't exist. I love Emily to death and you know that, but I have a lot of shit I have to work out right now and in order to do that properly, I just need time." She said, being able to feel her heart shatter with every word.

"Then take time, but come and see us. We can help."

"Alone, Blake. I need to figure everything out alone. Meaning that, I just need you to act as if I'm nonexistent. At least for the time being." She told him as she wiped a tear away from her eyes.

"Oh...Well, then. Fine, alright, if that's what you want then fine. I wish you the best and when you finally decide to give a damn about Emily. Then give us a call, okay?"

Before the girl could answer, she could hear the man hang up. Fiona just listened to the loud beep for a couple moments before hanging up herself and slipping the phone back into her coat pocket. She just sat down in the snow before bringing her legs to her chest and hiding her face in between. It was then that she just let the tears run down her pale face. She didn't care if someone saw her, she didn't care if it was snowing. All she cared about was the heart break she was feeling at that moment. She had just lost the last thing with meaning in her life. But, even if it hurt now. She knew that it was the best thing she could do not just for herself, but also for her daughter. Which is what she had to keep telling herself.

The young girl dried her tears before coughing and getting back up from the snow, feeling her jeans damp from the melted snow. She fixed her hood and scarf before walking back towards the house. She bundled herself in her jacket before walking back up the stairs and into her apartment, not paying attention to anything. She closed her door behind her and walked over to her couch where she curled up into a ball and tried her best to stop the tears from falling.

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{ In collaboration with BleedingLover }

Time: 8:35 A.M.
Date: 7 December, 2013
Location: House of the Damned, Manhattan, New York

Daniel made his way down the hallway, tipping his head back in a feeble attempt to stop the bleeding. He meandered about, occasionally squeezing the shattered cartilage with a slight whimper. Damn he hoped that Fiona was home. Rasping on her door, Daniel leaned heavily against the door frame, the blood loss starting to get to his head. Fiona had fallen asleep not long after going back to her apartment, it wasn't until a loud sound at her door that had made her jump off of her couch and onto the wooden flooring. She groaned a bit and rubbed her eyes before hearing Daniel's voice from the other side of the door. "Hey Fiona. Mind helping me out?" She groaned louder before getting up off the ground and rubbing her eyes, trying to make herself look as normal as usual.

She took a deep breath before answering the door and looking at him. "Look, what do you want Danny? Now is not a good-..." She looked back at him, really paying attention this time and she noticed his nose. "What the bloody Hell happened to your nose?! What the Hell did you do?!" She asked him, kind of in a tone that sounded like she was shouting at him instead of worrying about him.

Daniel's eyes bulged at the accusation, "What did I do?! Why does it gotta be what I did!? I didn't do this to myself! That jackass over there did!" His voice gradually increased in pitch the more he rambled, gesticulating all the while until he was grabbed by the British blonde.

She pulled him of her apartment and pointed towards a chair in her kitchen. "Sit." Blood never startled her like it did other girls, she worked as a nurse. Meaning she was used of seeing blood and lots of it. What did startle was seeing her close friend with a broken nose. Daniel obliged by sitting where he was told, pouting as he sank into the chair, grumbling to himself like a five year old about being headbutted in the nose.

"Ugh, I haven't said one word to that guy and I already don't like him. I can't believe he broke your nose." She said as she grabbed some paper towels from her kitchen putting them on the wooden table as he sat down. She tilted his head up towards her, seeing just how bad it was. "Dear God, that man has a thick skull." She said with a frown on her pale face. She put her fingers on both sides of the older man's broken nose, trying not to pay attention to the broken bone she could feel as she closed her eyes in order to focus on her power. She wasn't a professional at her power but, she was good and she knew it. The worst part was that she could feel the bones snapping back into place as she healed it. Which sent a shutter up her spine. But, she finished before letting go and smiling. "There you are, my friend." She told him as she took the napkins off of the table before wiping the dry blood off of his nose. She tossed the napkins in the trash before turning back towards him and "So, um... Are you going to tell me what happened exactly or am I going to have to guess?"

Daniel moved with her careful touch, watching as she frowned at the condition his nose was in. He winced as her fingers bracketed his shattered cartilage, gripping the table tightly to try and ignore the insensate pulsating agony around his sinuses. He huffed through his mouth as she snapped it back into place, her powers slowly taking the pain away as it mended the broken ossein. He hadn't even realized he'd shut his eyes until he had to open them to see her smile. He smiled back in gratitude as she cleaned him up, saying without words how thankful he was that she helped him out. At her inquisition, Daniel hesitated, his mouth opening and closing before he could get a word out. He went over what happened in his head, trying to find a way to rationalize what happened, "Well you see-..." he began, stammering a bit, "I went to Jasper's today and we got into it so Maki came to intervene so I wouldn't, you know, die." His face read that of seriousness, his brows risen nearly to his hairline. "Anyway, Maki finally negotiated an agreement so I could still come over without losing my life and as soon as he left, Jasper tackled me and we wrestled a bit. Next thing you know, I'm on top and I make a smart ass remark then BAM!" He gesticulated, "Right in the nose."

She truly was only paying half of her attention to the man before hearing that Maki had to go and save him, that's when she stood up straight. She cared for him, whether she was going to admit it or not. "Well, maybe that'll teach you who you can and cannot tell a smart ass remark to. Me? Fine. But, some anti-social drunk, not so much. Maybe you should learn that before you put yourself and and your best friend in that position." She said with a serious look in her face. "Is... Maki... Okay?" She asked him with caution, trying to acted a bit uninterested or not as worried as she really was. "I mean, I get it that he saved your ass again but, still you never truly know what that drunk is going to do." She reached in her refrigerator and pulled out two bottles of water. She put on on the table before sitting in the chair next to Daniel's. She took a sip of hers, just hoping that he didn't say Maki got hurt because of him. Because, knowing Fiona she would probably forget all about how she was avoiding him just to rush over there and make sure he was okay. After, of course, bitching to Daniel about how much of an idiot he was.

Daniel pouted at her scolding—partly because she wasn't the first one today that seemed to think he was stupid. He took the bottle of water from her, eyeing her insistently as her concern for Maki became more blatantly obvious the longer he waited to answer. "Jas didn't hit him, if that's what you're asking." he told her before taking a swig of his own water. She sighed, feeling more relaxed until he looked back at her. "Are you two okay? You two haven't talked in a while."

Fiona looked down at the flooring and sighed. It had been months since either of them have talked to the other. But, in her defense she felt as if he truly missed her, the Asian man would come and find her. And when it came down to it, that was her excuse if anyone was to ask her. "Of course, we're okay. We just grew apart from one another, that's all." She told him, knowing that it was only half way true. Daniel cocked his brow in inquisition. "Besides we only knew each other, what? Five months? Friends move on. It happens." She shrugged as she finished her sentence. Deep down, it killed her. Knowing that is wasn't 'moving on' that got in the way of her and Maki. It was just her being the scared and cynical girl that she tried so hard to hide from the world.

He could see the sorrow in her eyes and it saddened him. There was something wrong with Maki, that much he gathered from the sight of him. But now Fiona was distressed. It killed him inside knowing that his friends were in so much pain and he didn't know what was wrong. Daniel smiled faltered slightly, standing to hold his friend in a tight embrace. He kept his arms around her torso, laying his chin on her shoulder as he rubbed her back. Fiona wrapped her arms around Daniel and sighed. The tighter she held on to her friend, the more she could feel more tears coming. But, she held them in, telling herself time and again not to cry in front of her friend. She didn't need Daniel to think that she was becoming a different person. Even if it was becoming obvious to most, she didn't want anyone to throw her a pity party. It wasn't until he spoke, that she actually came back to reality."Well hopefully we won't," he muttered, pulling away slightly to smile at her at his sad attempt at a joke, "I don't know what I'd do without you. Are you going to be okay?"

"You'd be just fine, Danny. Trust me and yea, I'll be okay." She insisted as she pulled away from him and rubbed his arm. "Besides, I'm a big, tough girl. I tie my own sandals and everything." She said, quoting the movie Hercules with a smirk. Trying to back to moment. Her smirked changed to a sincere smile as she tried to hide any of the emotions that made him hold her in the first place. Though he was still unsure as to whether or not she'd actually be alright in her solitude, he wouldn't linger, appreciating the Disney quote nonetheless.

"Don't be too sure of yourself," Dan laughed half-heartedly, "With all the trouble I'm getting myself into my visits might become a regular thing."

"Oh, joy. You mean, I'll get to fix your nose everyday? Because that'll make my life worth wild." She said with sarcasm. Trying to make it look like she would be okay by herself once he left her alone. Daniel let her go, his arms falling to his side with a meek smile seemingly plastered onto his face. "Well-..." he rubbed the back of his neck, looking up at the British blonde though she was much shorter, "Thanks for, you know, fixing my nose. You're the best."

She smiled towards him once more, looking up at the man who towered over her. "You are very welcome my friend and I know I am." She said with a smirk as she moved a piece of her hair, out of her face and behind her ear. At the latter statement, he lightly pinched her cheek between his knuckles, taking his leave. He turned around as he hand clasped around the door knob, unable to prevent himself from prying. Fiona closed her eyes as he pinched her cheek and grabbed his hand to make him let go. And when he did she opened her eyes and rubbed her now lightly red cheek with a smirk on her face as he walked towards the door. She grabbed the two bottles of water and put them in her blue recycling bin before looking at the door, not hearing it open or close. She saw Daniel still there. "Is something wrong?"

"Look, whatever happened between you and Maki-..." he paused, trying to ease his way into a touchy subject. She moved her eyes from him to the ground before he continued speaking to her. "He's like a brother to me. Whatever happened-...you two can work it out. Just-..." Daniel nearly choked on his words, not sure how to try and fix something he hadn't known was broken. "Just give him a chance? He's put up with my shit for three years so you know he's a good guy."

She let out a sigh as she listened to him, not being able to say anything. She didn't want to promise him anything that she knew she couldn't keep. She just kept her eyes closed. "I know he is Danny. And that's why he deserves the best. I'll see you later." She told him as normal as she could without her voice cracking from the tears she was holding back.

"Yeah-..." Daniel replied, "See you later" Daniel took his leave, leaving Fiona be before he managed to piss off someone else today.

The setting changes from house-of-the-damned to New York, New York

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Time: 6:15 P.M.
Date: Sunday, 8 December, 2013
Location: House of the Damned, Manhattan, New York

For most of the day, Fiona had been getting ready for the holidays. She's never spent them alone and if she was going to start, she wanted everything to be perfect. But, while she was standing back, admiring her small Christmas tree with the tune of Burn by Ellie Goulding playing in the background coming from her cell phone with her British singers playlist playing in shuffle. She started thinking about what Daniel had told her the day before. Whatever happened-...you two can work it out. Just-... Just give him a chance? He's put up with my shit for three years so you know he's a good guy."

What if he was right? Maybe all they had to do was talk to one another and everything would go back to normal. She sighed before shaking the thought out of her head. It wasn't worth it to her, letting it all out there just for the slim chance that he might actually care about her. The young girl wasn't ready to make that chance again. It wasn't until a loud ringing sound rippled through the apartment. She hummed to the Broadway tune as she rushed towards the phone, looking at the caller I.D. She raised an eyebrow seeing that it was a England number. Then she smiled realizing that it was probably her family. She answered and cleared her throat.


"Hello? Fiona? Is that you? Thank God! What the Hell are you?" Fiona could hear her oldest brother, Xavier's voice on the other line. It was long until she could hear other siblings and not long after, her father's voice in the background asking Xavier over and over again; "It's her?" or telling him "Let me talk to her.". In a demanding but still polite tone like all Kingsleys did. "Dad, no! I'm talking to her!"

"Give that phone this instant, Xavier!" Their father said before grabbing the phone from his oldest son and walking into a more quiet room. "Fiona, where are you? Why haven't you called? Do you know how worried your mother and I have been since you left?! How many times we've tried to reach you only to get the blasted voicemail." Fiona shut her eyes as she listened to her father's lecture over the phone. She sighed, bobbing her head side to side with every word that came out of her father's mouth. She rolled her eyes before speaking in her full British accent, knowing that if she was to speak how she normally spoke her father would shout about how the 'Americans' were changing her into one of them. That happened to her brother, Alex when he did an exchange program and he still doesn't hear the end of it to this very day. "I miss you too, daddy. And I'm sorry okay? I've had a hard time the last few months, that's all. I didn't mean to scare you or mum." She told him, not wanting him to try and pry more information out of her. She could hear her father sigh before speaking again, in a more calm tone than before.

"We have too, sweetie. Do you know how hard it just letting your daughter go to a new country and not hearing from her in months? Fiona, we get that you left for a new adventure but maybe you should just come back home, where you belong." Her father insisted, trying to persuade his oldest daughter. Fiona looked at the ground, wishing it was that easy."Dad, I can't just get up and leave. It's not that simple. I have a job, I--I have friends here unlike back home where I was seen as the 'white collar charity basket case'. People actually like me for me here. And they don't care about my beliefs."

"Edwin, give me the phone." "Great, just what I need. My mother making me feel bad." Fiona sighed deeply and rolled her eyes as her father gave the phone over to her mother, Poppy. "Yes, mom? And if you're just going to try and get me to come home, please don't. I can't just get up and leave."

"I don't see why not, you got up and left here just fine, only telling Daisy that you went to New York." Of course Daisy couldn't keep her mouth shut, even if the sisters weren't close, Fiona had trusted her that she wouldn't tell them where she was. If anything, Fiona would have thought that Daisy would be more than excited to get rid of her vegan freak of a sister. "I can't believe she told you..--"

"Of course she told us. She's our daughter, she tells us everything unlike you." Fiona had to stop herself from hanging up on her mother. "Mom, just give me the phone. If you keep shouting at her she's just going to hang up and not speak to us again." Xavier said to Poppy before taking the phone back from her small hands and going back into their living room where her other siblings were all sitting on their loveseats, waiting to speak to their sister. "Okay FiFi, you're speaker and Daisy is in the room... Just the heads up." Daisy smirked when she heard this before clearing her throat softly and speaking in her soft voice. "Hello Fifi, how's New York at this time of year."

"You know what you little..--"

"Watch what you say, my son's in the room." Xavier added as he handed his one year old son to his wife of two years, Mary. Kissed her on the forehead before Mary walked into the kitchen. "Is he out of the room now?" Fiona asked in a very annoyed voice.

"Yes, yes he is. Continue."

"Yea, go in on her Fiona!" Her older brother, Leo said with a smirk on his handsome face.

"Shut up Leo!"

Fiona let her siblings finish their little argument before clear her throat to get their attention. "If you don't mind. I would like to finish my small rant." Fiona wait for it to get silent before speaking again. "Daisy, you dozy, insignificant, little slag. How dare you tell mom and dad where I am! It is none of your business, the only reason you found out was because you took my plane ticket and made me pay you to give it back. She could hear all three of her brothers start laughing once they heard their sweet innocent sister, Fiona curse. "Excuse me! How dare you call a slag!" Daisy said before having their older brother, Alex lead her out of the room to calm her down.

"Fiona, are you calm now?" Fiona sighed before nodding as if he could see her. She was back to normal, she just needed to get that anger and frustration out of her system. Most of it wasn't even over Daisy and how she stabbed her own sister in the back but, just from everything in the past months just kept building up and up. That she had to finally let it out. Or at least a small part of it. "I'm fine now. Thanks, Xavi."

Xavier took her off of speaker as he put the phone back up to his ear. "So, you don't want to leave. So what? You can't let mom and dad rule you forever, I mean look at me. Twenty four, wife, a child, and mom and dad still act like I'm a child. If you don't want to come home they can't force you to."

"I know that. I just, I just have a lot to think about, you know?"

"Yea, I get it. Besides, you're in New York during Christmas time! You've always wanted to go, right. Well, now you're there. Spend it with your friends, kiss a guy under the mistletoe, Hell I don't know but, do whatever makes you happy."

"Thank you, that's exactly what I needed to hear for once." She smiled as she heard her brother chuckle."Plus it doesn't hurt that you're getting tons of presents from your family here." Xavier said with a smirk on his face. Fiona shrugged before replying. "Well, I guess that always helps. I'll talk to you soon."

"Okay, promise me."

"I promise." She told her oldest brother before hanging up the phone and going back to hanging the last ornament on her small tree. But, now at least she had a smile on her face as she topped her tree with a small angel.

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Time: 11:16 P.M.
Date: Monday 23rd December, 2013
Location:Manhattan, New York

"Let's see, I have my clothes, my charge, my toothbrush. It seems like I have everything." She told herself as she looked over her very detailed check list. She moved her hair out of her way was she crossed out the last few things on her list, unlike others who lived in New York or close to it, she had to get on an eight hour flight from her home in New York to her family in Manchester, something she was not looking forward to ever since she went off on her sister, Daisy. But, she had promised them the next day that she would come home for the holidays. And she was a woman of her word. She took her two bags to the door before returning to her room to get some sleep before her 3:00 a.m flight. Knowing she would have to wake up at one thirty just to get a cab and get to the airport.

She already had her outfit on, an oversized gray Manchester University hoodie and a pair of black leggings paired with a pair of gray knitted Uggs that she left on as she laid in her bed and for the first time in weeks she had no trouble falling asleep. She wasn't afraid to close her eyes, thinking that someone would be looming over her telling her that it'll all be over soon as he covered her mouth to muffle her blood curdling screams for help. Or thinking that sooner or later she would feel someone tugging roughly on her hair to show that they were superior over her. The fear was still there but, she was so tried that she couldn't fight it. She closed her blue eyes and let herself drift off.

It wasn't long until her alarm went off reading one in the morning. She sighed before pushing herself out of bed and walking to her living room after turning off all the lights. She buttoned her gray coat and walked out of her apartment to see a waiting cab. She hurried down and went to the cab, telling him where to take her as she tossed her bags into the seat next to her. It didn't take long for the taxi driver to get her there and help her with her bags before driving off but not before wishing Fiona a Merry Christmas. The young British girl rushed through security and to her gate. She gave the flight attendant her ticket and rushed through in order to get to her seat. Luckily, her parents never let their children ride coach. So, her seat was in the front, right next to the window. Once the plane lifted off and was leveled in the air, Fiona quickly pulled out her computer and slipped in her The Great Gatsby
DVD. She ordered a hot chocolate and let out a relaxed sigh as she laid back in her seat, her purple headphones on as she blocked out the outside world.


Time: 10:40 A.M-1:45 P.M
Date: Tuesday, 24th December, 2013
Location:London and Manchester, England

It wasn't long until the pilot came on the intercom saying that they arriving in London which of course made all the tourist oh and ah. Well, the natives rolled their eyes. The last time Fiona had been in London was with Oli on one of their infamous getaways, thinking about it it made her stomachs go in knots but, she still loved the city. The lights, the snow, just everything about it made her excited to land. She opened her window to let in the sunlight as she looked down to see Big Ben. "Wow, it feels good to be home." She said to herself as she sighed. Not long after her admiring the view did the pilot come back saying that they were now moments away from Manchester. And told everyone to buckle their seat belts and get ready for departure. She buckled her seat belt and put her computer back in her bag as she felt the plane begin it's landing.

After a couple of minutes, the plane made a complete stop and the pilot came back on for the third and final time. "Here we everybody. Welcome to Manchester and have a merry Christmas."

And with that everyone made their way to the exit, with the help of an attractive man behind her she got her suitcase from above her seat and made her way to exit. She looked back at the face of the attractive young man and she began to remember. Back when she was in high school, she was a freak but there was this one boy who acted somewhat kind to her, Peter Bennett. He was always attractive in Fiona's eyes but he was always with someone else. Someone better. With his long black hair, pale complexion, and olive green eyes that stared into your soul, he could capture the heart of anyone he wanted. And on that long list of admirers was the naive and bizarre Fiona Kingsley. She walked to the baggage claim and there he was. The moment she looked away from him, he looked at her with a smile.

"Fiona? Fiona Kingsley? It's been years, how are you?" Peter said in surprise as he made his way over to the small girl who he towered over. He gave her a small hug before pulling away and let Fiona respond. "Peter Bennett. I've been good and you... you've changed! Not it a bad way, just in a...wow." She told him as she looked him up and down for what seemed like the hundredth time. But, she looked back at him as he chuckled and smiled, showing his adorable dimples.

"I'll take that as a compliment and you, you look as beautiful as ever."

"You should. It wasn't meant to be an insult in anyway shape or form. Anyways, what are you doing here? Last I heard you were studying in Manchester to become a doctor." She told him with curiosity in her voice. Which made Peter smile yet again but he shook his head. "I was suppose to but, I decided that America was where I wanted to be. Go to New York, study art, then come right back home to start my new life." He told her.

"Which is exactly what you're doing here... Right?"

"Exactly, but what are you doing in Manchester? Everyone said you went crazy once you stopped coming to school." He said, easing his way into a touchy subject. He didn't believe that she went crazy but he had wondered what happened to her once she disappeared. "I--No, that's not what happened. I decided to finish my year at home before moving to New York just to start over, you know. Since everyone hated me, I didn't believe that anyone would care." She looked towards the baggage, seeing her two bags before rushing over to get them and rolling them away. "It was quite nice seeing you again but, I really should get going." Before she could rush away, Peter softly grabbed her wrist to make her turn around.

"It was nice seeing you too. Do you still live in the small house?" Without question she nodded and smiled a bit. "Great, would you like to go look around a bit. I mean, I know you're probably tired which is understandable but, if you're not maybe we could get something to eat."

"Really?" Peter nodded before looking towards the exit. "Would you like to?" He asked again before Fiona nodded. They both buttoned their coats before making their way into the cold December air. He wrote down an address on a piece of paper before walking towards a bus. "Meet me at that location once you settle down at home!" He shouted from the window as she nodded towards him and waved. She smiled to herself before turning on her heels and walking towards a taxi. She gave the driver the address to her house and with a tip of her hat, they were there in no time. Fiona looked out the window and just took it all in.

"Here we are, darling." The taxi driver told her as she paid him. "Thank you, sir. Have a nice day."

"And you too, young lady." And with that, the old man helped her with her bags and shook her hand before driving off. Looking at the large manor, she looked at the driveway seeing that no one was home. Good. The last thing she needed right now was her brothers and Daisy meddling in her life even more. Within twenty minutes she was into her room and right back out into the cold, asking random people where this mystery location was that Peter had written down. Finally someone pointed her right to Palace Theatre and she rolled her eyes as she walked away. "Of course." She quickly walked across the street to see the tall man leaning against a light pole with a smirk. "The Palace Theatre? Really now?" The man looked down at the girl before answering her.

"Yes, really. It's a symbol of Manchester, my dear and I thought it would be the best place to have lunch with a beautiful girl. Right next it."

"Looking like all the other tourists."

"Still the pessimistic girl, I see."

"Whatever, Peter." She said as she rolled her eyes and softly pushed him. "Besides, it's the only vegan place I could find within a ten miles of Manchester." He said in sarcasm before escorting her inside. And for the next three hours the pair just thought back to their high school days and talking about their lives in New York. She had learned that he was newly single, getting out of long distance relationship with a girl who was in Los Angeles, California for school. He has gotten his degree in art and was now coming to Manchester to stay for good. During their talk, they both let it slip that they somewhat had infatuation for one another. Which surprised Fiona, he was a friend but he never seemed like he liked her. He blamed it on the 'friendzone' but Fiona knew it was her just being blind and dumb.

They looked at the time, 1:45. Peter cleared his throat before looking back at Fiona. "I really don't feel like going back to my house. What about you?" Fiona just shook her head as Peter got up and slid her seat out to let her out like a gentlemen. "Well, what do you want to do? My carriage won't turn into a pumpkin until the cloak strikes midnight." She asked him as she watched him get an devious smirk on her handsome face. [color=#0B92B8]"What are you planning in that sick twisted head of yours?" She asked him only to get a short answer that drove her nuts.

"You'll see, my dear." He told her as they walked out of the bakery and towards the Theatre in front of them.


Time: 11:00 P.M
Date: Tuesday, 24th December, 2013
Location:Manchester, England

For the next couple of hours, Peter had dragged Fiona all around Manchester as if they were tourists. Fiona had stopped at a couple of gift shops to get a few things for her close friends back in New York like Daniel and she even got Maki something. It wasn't anything special but she remembered that when they talked, she had told him about her favorite book. A book that wasn't sold many places and so she promised him she would get her hands on a copy one way or another. He probably wouldn't remember but it was worth a shot. If only she had the guts to go and give it to him. Or maybe she could give it to Danny to give to him even though she was sure he wouldn't allow her to act like such a coward of someone she used to call her really close friend.

As Peter and Fiona walked to her house, which now had all the cars in the large circle driveway. She could hear the Christmas music from the lawn. But, her mind went back to Peter once they stopped in front of it much to Fiona's curiosity. Peter wrapped his arms around her before sighing. "I really had a nice time today, Fiona." Fiona looked down at his arms before speaking. "I--I did too. Look, Peter, I liked you in school but I..--" Before she could finish, her lips were pulled to Peter's. For a moment, she let her hands go on his jaw to keep him from pulling away and let him push her softly against the two wooden doors of the house. He tried slipping his tongue in her mouth but, Fiona was pulled back to reality. "What are you doing you idiot?! You're not looking for someone." She pulled away and looked at him with her sad eyes and sighed.

"Peter, I liked you school but...I'm... I'm not..--"

"You're not looking for someone right now. I get it." Peter said in a disappointed voice before looking away from her. Fiona looked at him and made him look at her again by moving his chin. "I just have so much going on right now in my life, more then you'll understand and you're staying here. I can't. And, I don't want either of us getting hurt. I'm so sorry."

Peter chuckled before kissing her forehead and pulling his arms away from her waist. "Fiona, there's nothing to be sorry about. I get it. I hope whatever you're going through will go away soon." Peter said to the young girl. He walked away from her before stopping as he reached the gate. "Merry Christmas, Fiona. It was really nice seeing you again." And with that he was out the gate, and walking away from the house. "Yea, you too."

Fiona sighed before pulling out her phone and texting him with the new number he had given her.

If you're even in New York again let me know. I really would like to be friends again.

It wasn't long until he replied to her.

Will do. I hope to see you soon, Fiona.

She slipped her phone back in her pocket before gathering her bags from the floor and walking into the warmth of her house and the friendliness of her family as they all hugged her and welcomed her back home. And it felt nice, feeling like she belonged and was wanted for once. She held on to her father who held onto her the longest as he whispered in her ear, trying not to let the others see him so weak and vulnerable. "Welcome home, sweetie."

The setting changes from new-york-new-york to House of the Damned

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{ In collaboration with ibecameinsane}

Time: 12:15 P.M.
Date: Saturday, 28rd December, 2013
Location:Manhattan, New York

Fiona had just back gotten to her apartment after her week long and not even twenty minutes after entering was she unpacking, putting all her flats, dresses, and bows back into their original spots with the rest of her things. While she was happy to be back in New York, she did love going back home even if she didn't want to admit it. Her family acted as if they haven't seen her in years, even Daisy seemed to somewhat miss her older sister. But of them all, surprisingly her father was the one seemed to miss his little girl the most. Just thinking about it made Fiona break a smile as she went to her closet and dresser and then back to her suitcases to get more clothing items to return to their rightful place in her room. When she was done, she looked at her reflection and smiled at what she saw. She saw this girl that she used to be, a girl that she wished she could become again. She twirled around as her dress spun around with her.

From look of her golden blonde locks and red dress bouncing and swaying with every step the small girl took. You could assume that she was happy at least for the time being which was good enough for her. Once she was done and put her two suitcases back in their original spot in the back of her closet, she just laid down in her bed and sighed as she snuggled into her white pillow.

Daniel was alone in his apartment, staring longingly at his piano at the corner of the room. It seemed liked forever since he's played it, he realized. Now all he wanted to do was go over there and play some Hotel California like no one's business. Alas, as his gaze fell to his busted hand, he realized he couldn't. Sure he could try but that would only make it worse. The swelling had gone down over the past few days but his continuous use was going to lead to permanent damage if he wasn't careful. Then it dawned on him. Maybe Fiona was back. He shrugged, seeing that it was worth a try. Getting up, he meandered throughout the house until he reached her door, giving a hearty knock with his left hand. He'd wait only a few minutes before he'd head over to Maki's and check up on him.

Fiona was startled when she heard the loud banging at her door. She let a small groan before standing up in her bed and slipping her her white flats back on. "Coming. Stop pounding on my door." She said to whoever was knocking, the last thing she needed was a headache to ruin her good mood. She went to her door and had to go on her tiptoes to look in the peephole to see who it was. Not to her surprise, it was Daniel. She could see something wrapped around his right hand but couldn't tell exactly what it was. She opened her door and greeted her friend with a smile. "Hey, Danny. What have you been up to--.." She looked at his hand hand seeing that it was wrapped up in bandages. She lost her smile before her arms crossed around her chest before speaking to him again. "What happened this time?" She asked him with her eyebrows raised. She didn't even wait for him to answer before walking back into her apartment and turning towards him as a signal for him to enter as when.

He paused at the door for a second, smiling despite himself. "Why I missed you too, Fiona. Happy belated holidays. Might I say you look beautiful today." However, his friend wasn't having it. Scratching the back of his head with a meek chuckle, Daniel made his way inside. He sat at the island, unwrapping his hand, "I broke my hand punching a wall." He told her, looking at the scabs on his knuckles which were brooked and out of place.

Fiona fixed a few pieces of hair that had slid out of the new barrette that she was given by her grandmother. She turned towards her kitchen as Daniel sat on her granite island and walked in front of him. As Daniel undid his bandage, Fiona looked at it trying to guess what he did. When he did and she saw how bad it was she was shocked. When he told her what happened, she looked him in the eyes and was trying to see if she believed him or not. Her brothers would punch walls all the time and being the immature people they were, if they broke their hand they would show her before showing their parents just to freak her out. But, they never looked this bad but if Daniel was going to tell her, he would tell her. If not, it wasn't her business anyway. "Well, you must have it that wall with impressive force." She told him before sighing. She softly grabbed his broken hand before closing her eyes. It mere seconds she could fell the bones slipping back into place. And for some reason it even hurt her. As if she was fixing her own hand. And the feeling was not good. Once she was done she looked up and him and let go of his hand. "Thanks for the compliment by the way, Danny. So, how was your holiday?"

Daniel watched as Fiona healed him, saw the confusion and discomfort in her face as she did so. He furrowed his brows, slightly confused, but he wiped the look away as she opened her eyes and acted as if nothing was wrong. His hand was as good as new and he smiled up at her in gratitude, nodding a curt and wordless you're welcome as she thanked him. He sighed at her inquiry, still a little exhausted from the escapade. "Eventful-...to say the least." This being to vague for Daniel's taste, he decided to go into detail, "I took Maki up to Rhode Island to meet my dad. I guess you can say things are getting pretty serious between us."

She let out a sigh. "Lucky you. And me without an engagement gift." She said in a flat tone. Was she jealous? Yes, but she wasn't going to let it show.

He waggled his eyebrows teasingly, laughing before cutting himself off, "Well anyway, we're up there and I get a text from The Shepherd. Apparently the bastard had talked Jas into drinking himself to death while I was away and he wanted to gloat." His tone had dropped as his hatred for that demon shone through, but he corrected himself, "I drove back here, punched The Shepherd in the face, took Jas to the hospital, and spent the next two days working on him." He glanced down at his hand, "I'd punched a wall the first night when I thought he wasn't going to make it. There's a hole in room two-fourteen."

Fiona looked at him in disbelief as he told her what happened. "You... Punched The Shepherd?" She couldn't wrap her mind around it. Even if she hated and somewhat feared The Shepherd just as much as the other in this house, she could never see any of them doing anything about it. Especially in a violent way. But, that was a problem for a different time. "You're insane. Do you not know what he could do to you? Hell, he could kill you if he wanted to." She told him as she rubbed her temples trying to keep from getting a headache like she always did when she was stressed. She took a deep breath before looking back at Daniel. Trying to wrap her mind around everything that happened while she was gone. "Okay, so you came back here, leaving your family, to come rescue a guy who broke your nose, hates your guts, and almost drank himself to death. Not to mention because of him, you punched the man who pretty much owns you, for what? Danny, I get that you're caring and you want to play Superman with this guy. But, what if it doesn't change anything? What if he does this again and you can't save him?" She asked him, she wasn't trying to be pessimistic or to make him worry. But, she was just thinking about what could happen. The Shepherd was evil, he didn't care about his little playthings in this house. For all they knew, he could kill them all today just for the fun of it.

Daniel let Fiona badger him, knowing she only did so because she cared. His gaze was unreadable as she prattled on about how Jasper might never change, too caught up on the proof of what'd happened at the hospital to believe it. Yes, punching the harbinger of his soul might not have been the best idea. But if anyone was going to pay for it he was, not anyone else. When the blonde Brit was done with her little spiel he stood, wrapping his arms around her and bringing her into a hug. "You don't have to worry about me, Fiona. Despite popular belief I know what I'm doing," at this he smirked, embracing her tighter and resting his head on her shoulder, "I don't want you to heal me anymore, alright? I won't come and ask you for it. If anything happens to me you have to promise that you won't heal me." He pulled away, looking at her with utmost seriousness, gripping hold of her shoulders, "Promise me"

As Daniel wrapped his arms around her, Fiona sighed, rolled her eyes, and hugged him back. "I can't just-- I can't just watch my friend be in pain knowing that I can heal them." She told him. When he pulled away from her, she could tell that he was completely serious. Fiona sighed and looked down at the floor as he grabbed her shoulders. She looked back at him and slowly nodded. "Fine, I promise."

He smiled before his hands fell to his side "Thanks," Shrugging his shoulders he thought aloud, "Besides if anyone needs to be healed it's Maki-..." Daniel's eyes widened comically, snapping his head to look at his friend before him. "Of course! How could I have been so stupid!? You can heal Maki!"

Fiona just sighed when he thanked her and looked back up at him as he started talking about who needed to be healed. As he talked Fiona didn't believe him. She just kept shaking her head in denial. "No... No. Why would Maki need to be healed? What happened to him? What did Jasper or The Shepherd do to him?!" She asked as she backed away from Daniel, still shaking her head in disbelief.

"They didn't do anything to him, it's-..." he stammered, pausing to keep Maki's secret. "Look, he's doing alright now but it won't last. I don't even know if it's going to work but we've got to try. If anyone could heal him you can." He knew he was being vague but he couldn't just throw his friend's business out there. "He'll have to tell you what's going on. Ask him what's wrong and I'm sure he'll tell you, tell him you can heal him. I don't know when he's coming back but-..." Daniel paused, running his hand through his hair, "You'll look after him, won't you?"

Fiona let out a deep sigh once more before biting on her bottom lip nervously as she listened to Daniel. When he was finished speaking, the young Brit nodded. "Of course I'll look after him. Why wouldn't I?" She asked, her voice a bit shaky. She sat down in on of her four chairs surrounding her dining table. She put her face in her hands before speaking again. "Can you please call him or your family when you get the chance and see when they're coming home?"

Daniel nodded, "I'll go back to my apartment and call them now." Wrapping his arm around her shoulders, he rubbed her arm. "I'll text you when I find out but I'll leave you be." Daniel kissed the top of her head, "He's going to be okay," He smiled at her, "You both will."

The Brit tried to calm her shaking. "Thanks, Daniel" She didn't know what was wrong with Maki but she was going to do whatever she could to protect and help him. She closed her eyes and Danny kissed the top of her head and walked out of her apartment, closing the door behind him. Fiona just wiped the tears away from her eyes and sighed. And then it dawned on her, What if I can't heal him?" If she couldn't heal him, she might lose him and that wasn't something she could deal with. But, she couldn't just sit back and watch. So, whatever it was, she was going to care for him. Even if he didn't want her to.

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{In collaboration with peace_of_mind7}

Time: 3:00 P.M.
Date: Wendesday, 1st Janurary 2014
Location:Manhattan, New York

For the past few days, Fiona couldn't take her mind off of Maki. Daniel had told her the day he would be returning but as the day got closer and closer, Fiona felt herself getting even more worried. She didn't know what was wrong with him, which was driving her crazy. But, she knew that if she had to heal him and Daniel wouldn't tell her exactly what was wrong with his best friend... It was bad which scared her. It scared her so much that during the day she had gotten halfway to his apartment two times before stopping, turning around, and going back into hers.

With the the same thoughts going through her head every time she turned around; "What if I can't do anything?", "What if I can't heal him? Then what?". She was good at healing people, really good. But, she had to be concentrated. She had to act as if the other person wasn't there and with Maki that was really hard to do. With Maki, Fiona couldn't help but wish to be in his arms. With his light brown eyes looking into her blue ones all while he promised to never hurt her. Was it a fantasy? Of course, but that fantasy always made her loss her focus on whatever it was on before.

But, after giving herself a quick pep talk she was out her door once more, walking down the hallway to Maki's door before stopping in front of the door and without a second thought, Fiona knocked on his door softly before pulling her arm back to her side, preparing herself for whatever was wrong.

Maki laid in a heap on the sofa, wrapped from the nose to toe in blankets. There was a bucket at his side, for he had tired of constantly running to the bathroom to puke. The young man was lost in fear; torrents of what could have been constantly crashing down on him. Never would he be able to get married, never have children, and never even tell Fiona how he felt about her. He just couldn’t face her like this; broken and a fragment of what he used to be. He had had a good time with the Brennan’s, but that was merely temporary bliss. He sincerely appreciated the gesture of kindness that they provided him, but that did not change anything. He was still dying, losing this battle for his life…and it just wasn’t fair. There was a blank expression on the young man’s face; one void and empty of the life he once knew. There was a knock on his door and the young Asian groaned in annoyance. He weakly pushed himself onto his feet, abandoning his blankets as he coughed and walked to the door. “Daniel,” He said, already assuming that his friend was probably there to check on his physical and mental stability. “I told you that I was fine…” He opened the door, hacking out a rough cough that wracked his body. His eyes were closed as he wheezed and gathered his composure, “Trust me, it’s not as back as it…” his eyes raised to see the object of his affection standing there, looking even more beautiful than he could remember.

When Maki opened the door and started hacking a piece of Fiona's heart just shattered. Looking at him, she could tell he wasn't the same Maki that he was a few months ago. His eyes were no longer full of life, his skin was now as pale, if not paler than her, and when she looked up she saw that he didn't have any hair. She offered him a small before he spoke to her.

“Oh shit.” He said with wide eyes.

Fiona's smile dropped as her eyes dropped to the floor. She honestly didn't know what to say or where to start. She just swallowed the lump in her throat before letting out a sigh. "I..." She couldn't even finish what she was going to say. She just closed her mouth and wrapped her arms around him, burying her face in his chest. "I missed you."

Words could not express the rush of emotion that overtook Maki’s entire body. She was in his arms; skin against skin…warmth to warmth. He missed this feeling. He ignored the aching of his muscles as he wrapped his arms around her and held her close. His face was buried in her blonde hair, breathing in her perfume. “I’ve been dying to see you.” He just stood there, embracing her and basking in the closeness. “You weren’t supposed to see me like this. I look like shit.

Fiona just held on to him before realizing that she was holding on to him a bit tight. She loosened her grip on him before shaking her head. "Don't say that." She looked up at him, taking his appearance in. His eyes weren't how they always were before. They used to be bright and beautiful and now, it was as if he wasn't even Maki anymore. "You're sick, that's all. When you get better everything will be fine." She wasn't sure of that but, she was going to be hopeful. She, once more buried her head in his chest before letting go and putting her arms back to her side.

It took a moment before she actually was able to say something again. "What do you have?" She could assume, of course but in order to know what to do she had to know for sure. She looked at the empty hallway before looking back at him. "Can I actually come in? Please?"

“Yeah…yeah, come in.” He said too quickly, pushing the door open further for her to enter. Once she was through the door, Maki closed it gingerly and leaned against it; already exhausted from standing up for so long. He needed the wood for support and he appreciated the coolness of the surface against his clammy flesh. Fiona’s sudden presence was not helping his clamminess. In fact, she was the reason behind it. It was utterly embarrassing to be seen so weak, so broken in front of the person you wanted to impress the most. A light flush painted his sunken cheeks as the young Asian swallowed the engorged lump in his esophagus.

"Thank you." Fiona walked in and turned towards him. She could tell that he was weak and it just made her heart ache even more seeing him so weak. She wanted to say something, anything but the words just kept getting stuck. What was she suppose to say to someone she has spoken to in two months?

“I…um…” He couldn’t even think of the words to say, his heart was beating too loudly for him to construct a coherent sentence. Taking a deep breath, Maki reminded himself of the zoo movie he watched earlier that week. Twenty seconds of courage, he mentally scolded himself. He counted backwards from twenty as he grew a pair. This might be the last time he sees Fiona before he was going to permanently hospitalized and waiting for death. Chemo wasn’t working, there was just nothing left to do for him, so he had to say goodbye before it was too late for him. Makoto exhaled the breath he had been holding before pushing himself off of the door and striding in front of Fiona with determination written all over his face. He only have eighteen second left before he became a coward again. It was all or nothing. Maki grabbed both of Fiona’s shoulders, running his palms down her arms until her was caressing her petite hands in his larger ones.

“I was diagnosed with leukemia a few weeks ago…I took a chance with chemo, but it wouldn’t work. The doctors can’t operate on me…so, I’m dying. And I wanted to tell you; you were the first person I wanted to see, but then I thought that you probably had shit you needed to worry about already, and I didn’t want to burden you,” fourteen seconds left. “I wanted to see you be happy and I figured that if you knew that I was going to die; you’d be worrying about me and not living your life. I just didn’t want to be selfish because…I mean,” ten seconds. “I really like you, Fiona. I’ve been crushing on you since you moved in, and all I’ve wanted was to be there for you and find any possible way to see that gorgeous smile of yours. Makes me feel like I’ve won the lottery when I make you laugh. So, I always tried to find reasons for you to come over here; like the time I told you that I thought my DVD Player was broken, which was bullshit…I just wanted to get you to watch a movie with me after it magically started working again,” five seconds. “I’m just sorry I didn’t tell you my feelings for you before…well, this happened.” Time was up. He raised his hand to push a strand of golden hair from her face. “I wish we had more time. I was too stupid to let you know ahead of time.”

Fiona looked down as his hands grabbed her and smiled. She looked him in the eyes as he continued. At this point, nothing he said would make her leave him alone again. Fiona closed her eyes as he removed a piece of hair out of her face before looking back at him, biting her lip softly. She was speechless, something that didn't happen a lot. The young girl looked down at their hands before sighing. "I knew you were lying about that." She told him with a chuckle. She moved her free hand to his jaw. "You have no idea how much I wanted to hear that." And then she went silent again, trying to think what to say. This was the first time someone has ever said anything even close to that about her, not even Oli had told her that much about how much she meant to him.

Part of her just wanted to kiss him then and there, to act spontaneous for once. To not be afraid of what would happen after but, she couldn't. She didn't want to put herself out there with her walls down, vulnerable. Being vulnerable is how you got hurt and she didn't want to get hurt again. After a moment, she realized. What did she have to lose? He had told her how he felt and he deserved to know how she felt. "Maki, I don't know how much time you have and to be honest, I don't want to. Just know until you're in the hospital and your heart stops beating that I'm going be there with you. And that I would have and still will drop anything in order to be with you. And I mean that. Did I have shit going on, of course. But, nothing going on in my life would be worse than losing you." She told him with a tear slipping down her cheek. She never cursed but when she did you knew that she was passionate about whatever she was talking about. "I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have left you alone as long as I did. I was afraid and scared and I knew that the second I told you how much you meant to me was the second that I would lose you and I couldn't deal with being hurt like that again..." She said with a shaky voice as she shook her head, not holding anything back anymore. She slipped her fingers in between his. "Not by you."

The smile that lit up Maki’s face was nearly too large for his face. He was elated with joy. It was the first good thing that he heard since Christmas. Maki released her hands and moved to hug her. “I’d never hurt you, Fiona. I’d be too busy spending every waking moment plotting different ways I can make you happy.” He slowly leaned closer, planning to press his lips against hers, but he was interrupted by a violent coughing fit. Pulling away, Maki turned his head as he brought his arm over his mouth and hacked away.

As Maki moved towards her, she closed her eyes waiting for their lips to meet. It wasn't until he let out a cough that she opened her eyes to see him coughing up a storm. She looked down at the ground and frowned before looking back at him and remembering why she came to his apartment in the first place. Her mouth hung on for a moment. "I can heal you." She said it to the floor before looking back up at him.

"You can what?" Maki tried to say through his gasps for air.

"I mean, I've never healed diseases before but... I know I can if I really concentrated." She told him as if she knew for a fact she could heal, but deep down she wasn't sure. The worst thing that could happen would be that she could heal him and everything they said would go to waste. That he would be angry at her for not being able to do it. "I just need you to promise me that no matter what happens, you don't take back what you said."

He straightened up, his eyes settled on Fiona and nothing else because she was all that mattered. He furrowed his brows, surprised that she would even think that his words could possibly be taken back. He raised a hand to her cheek, his thumb grazing her freckled cheeks. "I wouldn't dream of it. I've been wanting to be with you since we've said hello to one another for the first time. Nothing will ever change that."

She looked him in the eyes for any signs of lying. And when she couldn't, she smiled towards him. "Okay, okay it's worth a shot." She nodded, trying to make herself relax. Fiona softly grabbed the hand Maki had on her cheek, leading him towards his couch to sit down while she sat down on his coffee table, knowing she was light enough to sit without breaking it. She looked up at him before sighing. "Ok so, I could heal you from your face, your arm, or your stomach. Wherever is the most comfortable to you."

Maki blushed as he thought about where he wanted to be healed. He idly picked at one of the tassels of on a throw pillow. Scratching the back of his neck, Maki gestured to his lips with a coy smile. "I...uh...I've never, you know, kissed anyone before. Call me a prude, but I've been saving all of my firsts for someone...well, special," he looked away, his face flushed with embarrassment.

She smirked seeing how embarrassed he was over never being kissed. She moved closer to him, scooting off the table a bit. "Okay?"

"So...I want you to be my first kiss. It's kind of poetic, you know? Kiss of life, healing kiss, lover's first kiss...not that we're lovers!" He panicked with wide eyes. "I mean, not yet anyway. Not unless you want to be! No pressure!" He facepalmed himself, shaking his head. "I'm sorry, I ramble when I'm nervous...did I mention you'd also be my first girlfriend? Not really a ladies man...obviously."

The young girl watched as Maki started fumbling with his words. The whole time he spoke, Fiona just looked at her hands in her lap with a smile on her face and blush on her cheeks. And when he said how she would be his first girlfriend, her cheeks turned even redder. She grabbed his hands and stroked the top of them with her thumbs as she looked at him. "Maki, stop babbling. I would love to your first kiss, your first girlfriend, your lover, everything, just stop talking." She moved next to him, moving her hands from his and moving one of them to his jaw in order to make him look at her. She offered a large smile before moving her other hand to his neck. "I'm not that intimidating, you now." And with that she pressed her lips to his.

When she closed her eyes, Fiona was having to concentrate on two things; she had to focus on healing him while also having to control her heartbeat from speeding up so much. The longer she kissed, the more tried she got from using her power on something so large. She wasn't used to healing diseases, the hardest thing she's even healed was Daniel's hand or a garden that was outside of a park not far from their apartment building.

But, she wasn't going to stop just because she was getting worn out. Maki and her had just admitted how they felt for one another and Fiona was going to be with him. She wanted to be his firsts. His first everything, starting with his first kiss. After a long kiss, Fiona pulled away and laid her forehead on his before smiling. She didn't even realize that she was blushing more than before. But, she was tired. She never had to use her power that much and it drained most of her energy. She was breathing heavily as she looked towards him. "Well?"

When Maki pulled away, his eyes were still closed and his lips tingled delightfully. Now he understood why people made a big deal out of the whole action of kissing. It made his heart threaten to leap out of his ribcage and his mind grow hazy and utterly unclear. He smiled wide like a huge dork. "Whoa...I feel great," His smile fell and his eyes widened. "Wait...I feel GREAT! Holy shit, you did it! I'm cured! Oh my god, Fiona, you're an angel, I swear." Without warning, the Asian man wrapped his arms around his savior's slim waist. He was so happy that he could cry, but he held back his tears and just kissed her cheek, tenderly. "Thank you so much. I'll spend every waking moment searching for different ways to thank you for this." He strung up, feeling light and anew. "I have to call Daniel and tell him that I'm going to live."

Fiona just smiled and wrapped her arms as he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her on the cheek. "You don't have to do anything for me, Maki." She watched him get up. She looked down and sighed for there was still that awkward moment when you asked yourself; "What are we?" Which was exactly what Fiona was asking herself. Were the two of them friends, together, or what. She wasn't a mind reader like he was and she wasn't going to bring Maki's mood down with what could be a complicated question. She got up, fixed her white dress before wrapping her arms around him tightly one last time. "I really love see you like this. Welcome back." She let go of him, offered him a somewhat awkward smile before walking away from him towards his door. "I'll see you around, okay?" Did she want to kiss him again? To feel a spark that she never thought she would feel again? Of course, but what if they weren't going to be together? She would made a fool of herself. If nothing was to happen, she wanted to last memory of the two of them to be of him promising all these things that she's wanted for the longest time. Attention, affection, love, that's all she wanted. And he gave her that even if it only was for a short time.

Maki's smile faltered slightly as her thoughts slammed into his head. She was questioning their relationship. He bit back a smile because she actually wanted them to be more than what they already were. "Hey, don't go just yet," the young Asian smiled, shyly.

Fiona stopped right in front of the door, trying to hide the smile on her face that he actually stopped her. She turned around to look at him with a crooked eyebrow.

"I really meant everything I said and I want us to be together. I've wanted that for months. What I'm trying to say is...will you go on a date with me Friday night?"

Her smile got larger the more he spoke and by the time he was done speaking Fiona wanted to jump up and down like a little girl on Christmas morning when she saw that she got what she wanted. But, on the outside she just continued smiling as she messed with her nimble fingernails and nodded. "I'd love to." When she turned around to make her leave, she stopped again, turned around towards him, not being able to leave like that. She rushed over to him wrapping her small arms around his neck before kissing his cheek. She pulled away to look him in the eyes. "I'll see you Friday night then." She let her arms slide back to her sides as she turned around and walked towards the door. When she opened the door, she turned her head to the side to see Maki out of the corner of her eye before walking out and closing the door behind her.

As she walked down the hallway she had the largest smile on her face and she made no attempt to hide it. And when she got to her apartment and shut the door was when she actually did hop up and down a bit to let her excitement out. She leaned her head on the wooden door before looking up at her ceiling and biting on her lip. Life really could be amazing.

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Time: 5:00 P.M.
Saturday, 4th January, 2014
Location: Fiona's Apartment || House of the Damned

Fiona was asleep in her bed when she began hearing her new phone vibrating underneath her pillow. Why she was asleep in the middle of the day, she wasn't quite sure. All she remembers was staying up all night, worrying about the next night. What to wear, what to talk about, all the same questions she asked when she was getting ready for her first date with her first boyfriend. And when she finally looked at the time, she immediately sprouted up in her bed.

"No! No, no, no, no. This cannot be happening! Not today." She said as she shock her head. Looking at her phone, she realized what woke her from her slumber. A reminder about her hair appointment. She never was one to go out and get her hair done, seeing that she hated having it straightened. It made her feel like now everyone was focusing on the freckles that were scattered all along her face. At least when her hair was curly and covering her face, it distracted people a bit and they paid less attention to her pale complexion or freckles. But, when she called her sister in England to see what her opinion was, she told her older sister that most guys liked girls who dress and looked...well, like Daisy did. And she had been on more dates than Fiona could even keep track of. So, she just went along with it. Looking at the time once more, she realized that she was two hours late for her appointment. "God, I can't believe I missed it. What am I going to do now?"

The Brit looked towards her closet and deeply sighed. Reluctantly, she slid out of her bed and walked over to her closet to see what she could wear. She pulled out every outfit she had, all dresses and laid them out on her bed to see what options she could pick from for her date with Maki. Then she remembered about the pair of jeans she had just brought on Friday to see if she could wear them and a sweater she had just found in the back of her closet that she forgot all about. "Why not? I have nothing more to lose." She grabbed the jeans and heels from the American Eagle bag and slid off her Mr. Bean pajamas. She threw them to her bed and began sliding into her jeans. "Oh bloody hell." She said as she buttoned them up, slid on the tan colored heels, and looked at reflection in the mirror. "Why did Daisy tell me these were comfortable? I hate these." She rolled her eyes as she called her sister. She knew it was ten at night back home but, she didn't care. She tapped her foot on the ground before her sister finally answered her phone.

"Why, hello big sister! What do I own this pleasure? Are the boys not picking up their phones?"

"Why in the world would you tell me about jeans and heels? I hate them both! Who would want to wear jeans everyday anyway?"

Daisy scoffed before chuckling. "Lots of people wear jeans and lots of girls wear heels. Besides, they're sexy. Something you kind of need help with. I mean, dresses, flats, curly hair. Who are you goldey locks..--"

"Hey! Someone must think it's attractive because I have a date tonight." She could hear her sister laugh on the other side of the line. She rolled her eyes and waited for her sister to finish laughing and finally answering. "Oh is that so? Is he blind...and deaf..--"

Fiona laughed mockingly before speaking. "You see that's why everyone says I'm the nice sister. No, he's not. He's someone I met in my apartment. He asked me out and I said yes. End of story." She tossed the heels back into her closet, knowing that she was probably never wear them or the jeans again. She picked up a blue dress of hers as she continued to speak to the younger Kingsley sister. "Fio, I'm only asking this because you're my sister," Fiona raised an eyebrow as he sister stop speaking for a moment before clearing his throat. "Is her attractive? Hear me out, before you interrupt like always. I'm just wondering, I mean it was a miracle that you got Ollie. So, I'm not expecting a male model." The blonde Brit rolled her eyes at the mention of Ollie. "Yea, lucky me. He was such a catch."

She came back reality before putting the phone on speaker and setting it on her dresser so she could continue looking at outfits. "What's it to you? What? Do you want a photo or something?..--"

"Yes, that would be perfect! I want to see this crazy man." She took a deep breath, trying to control her anger as she walked towards her phone and looked through her photos to find one of her and Maki. She didn't have a lot of pictures but most of the ones that she did have were of her with Daniel or more likely, her and Maki. She sent her one of the pictures and just waited for her sister's reaction. "He's Asian? How in the hell did you get an Asian? I mean, I wasn't expecting this. I mean, I had so many jokes but none of them work for him!"

She just listened to her now shocked sister as she held up a light pink dress and squinted her eyes a bit, trying to imagine herself in it. She shook her head before tossing it in the 'no' pile. And when her sister was done with her little rant, Fiona smirked. "And why wouldn't the jokes work for him?" The young girl raised a eyebrow.

"Because, some may say that he's...kind of...sort of...good looking..."

"Oh, he is? I didn't notice."

"Do not get sarcastic with me, Fiona. I have to admit, he is actually very hot...for an Asian." Fiona had to replay what her sister had said in her head. "Did she just say something nice...to me?" But, she smiled with pride as her sister admitted that Maki was indeed attractive. Not that she needed anyone to tell her that, she thought so and in all honest she didn't care what other people thought especially her family. The never had the best judgement in people which might be where Fiona got it from. "Daisy, you know its not a crime to date someone who's not... white, right? I mean, come on now. Just admit it. He's attractive for any race." Daisy sighed before smirking into the phone. "I know that, you just look like...like..--

"Goldilocks, Tinker Bell, Jane from Tarzan..."

"No, Goldilocks definitely but, no...you're like Wendy from Peter Pan!" Fiona just threw her hands up in the air as she listened to her sister. "Now I'm Wendy, that's a new one to add to the book."

"Well, yea. And I just kind of expect you to find your Peter Pan but instead you found..--"

"Don't say it. I'll say it. 'Instead of Peter Pan, I found...Shang from Mulan'?" She said as she made fun of her sister by speaking like her. "I don't sound like that. But I'll admit something, he's kind of sexy. Does he have a good body?" The elder sister just blushed as she listened to her sister, tossing yet another dress into the pile.


"What?! It's a valid question, is it not?" Daisy always was one to like a guy for his body. "Well, yes but I don't know. I haven't seen him shirtless for Christ's sake. Why would I?" Daisy knew how Fiona was when it came to talking about guys like this. She got nervous and started blushing, Daisy found it amusing. "I don't know what you do when your in the states." Fiona just rolled her eyes towards the phone before grabbed the last dress and holding it towards her body. She groan in frustration before having her sister chuckle. "What's wrong now, Wendy? Remember the answer is always faith, trust, and pixie dust." Fiona could hear her sister laugh up a storm before she softly cleared her throat to get her sister's attention once more. They needed to address why she called in the first place.

"This is really petty and if you tell anyone about what I'm about to say, I'll deny it. But, I have nothing to wear. Nothing! And it's too late to just go look for a dress." Daisy chuckled some more. [i]"Did try on that dress I got you for Christmas?"
Fiona raised an eyebrow. "You never got me a dress for Christmas."

"Yes, I did. The white box with the pretty blue ribbons on it. You--You didn't open it? Did you?!" Fiona looked towards the box that she still had in her suitcase. She was never given presents by Daisy and when she got them, they were either in her size or a prank that gave the older girl a heart attack and the younger girl a great little moment. "No, I didn't. I was afraid of what was inside."

"Well, open it. I'm sure you're like it." Reluctantly, Fiona opened her suitcase and grabbed the box out and tossed it onto her bed. She carefully began opening it when her sister had to, of course ruin the silence. "Are you opening it?" Fiona just rustled the ribbons to make a loud noise so her sister could hear it. When she opened the box, she gasped and grabbed the red dress. She looked into the mirror, holding it against her small body and squealing like a little child. "Well?"

"I love it! It's perfect and it actually looks good."

"Don't asked so surprise," Daisy stopped talking, apparently being head by their mother who was now telling her to go to sleep. Fiona listened to her mother and sister go back and forth before Daisy finally gave in to their mother's request. "Well, I have to go. But, tell me all about the date after..--"

"Wait, I need to ask you something."

"What is it?" The young girl asked obviously a bit annoyed. "Should I even go on a date with him. We're close friends and I don't want to ruin that." Daisy sighed, hearing that her sister was actually really wondering.

"Fio, you're not going to ruin anything, okay? And if you don't go on the date, I will." Fiona chuckled along with her sister. "Alright, I'll talk to you later." She listened to her sister hang before she looked back in the mirror with a smile. But, then she tilted her head. She laid the dress on her bed and rushed to her mirror, which held all her bows and such in the drawer and looked through them before finding a black one. She grabbed a pair of flats and laid both he bow and the shoes on her bed right next to her dress. "Time to get pretty." She told herself as she sat down at her vanity and let her hair down. Looking at the time, she sighed with a nervous smile. She could feel the butterflies forming in her stomach.

The setting changes from house-of-the-damned to New York, New York

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Time: 8:00 PM
Date: Saturday, 4 January 2014
Location: Botanical Gardens || Bronx, NYC

{In collaboration with BleedingLover}

Maki was pleased with himself. Not only did he plan the perfect first date, but he had also gotten a chance to see Jasper break a sweat. He had a feeling it was going to be a good night. Much to his surprise, he wasn’t nervous. Perhaps he was still in shock; getting a date and being cured of cancer wasn’t really that common, after all. He checked himself out in the mirror of his bathroom, straightening his black blazer and brushing the wrinkles out of his white button up. He deemed himself presentable. His outfit was simple, yet classy. Easy. Glancing down at his watch, Maki grinned. He was going to be right on time. Grabbing onto the bouquet of blue chrysanthemums he had purchased earlier that day, Maki pocketed his wallet, picked up the blanket before tucking it under his arm, and carried the picnic basket to the door. He locked his door, moving before venturing forward down the hallway. It was eight o’clock on the dot when he knocked on Fiona’s door. Electricity shot up his spine as excitement conquered his emotions. It was sinking in now…he was going to be going on his first date. “No pressure…”

For next three hours, Fiona was getting herself ready. She burnt her wrist three times curling her hair but, nothing she couldn't somehow cover up. Looking at herself in the mirror, she took the time to make sure she looked okay. She fixed the bow in her hair to make it even on both sides and made sure her dress looked okay. Looking at the time, she sighed in nervousness and messed with her fingernails. She could feel the butterflies forming even more than before. And all she could do was remind herself to relax and just enjoy tonight, Maki was different than most guys and that was a good thing. She needed that. Fiona was in the mirror once more as she heard a knock at the door. "Okay, just relax. You've done this before, nothing to be nervous about." She grabbed her small black bag before rushing to the door and looking out the peephole. Looking out, she just smiled at the sight of Maki and the flowers. "Aw, he got me flowers."

The young girl looked over herself in the mirror set by the door before opening the door and looking up at Maki. "Hi." That was the only thing she could mustered before looking at the blanket and picnic basket and smiling. "You can come in. I just need to grab my coat." She opened the door for him before walking into her bedroom to grab the jacket that she had laid out as well. Sliding it on, she fixed her hair and walked back to Maki with a smile. She let out a sigh before looking back up at him. "Ready?"

Maki waited with the utmost patience as his date quickly grabbed her coat. As he waited, he surveyed the bouquet in his hands with a nervous smile. He found himself constantly shift from foot to foot. Blame the anxiety, but Maki was beginning to doubt himself. And then, she was in front of him; wearing that flattering red dress and grinning up at him with a light blush on her freckled cheeks, and all of his worries began to melt. He just looked at her in slight awe, his lips parting as he tried to form a coherent sentence, but instead he just ended up thrusting the flowers out in her direction...and the word-vomit began to spill from his mouth. "I brought you these blue chrysanthemums because when I saw them, I instantly thought of your eyes. I'm sorry...was that cheesy? I mean, it was true, but I probably shouldn't have said that, huh? I don't know...anyway...here," he was bright red, his arm still extended as he looked down at his shoes in embarrassment. "You look beyond beautiful, by the way," he smiled, meekly, looking up behind dark lashes. "So beautiful that I'm getting flustered."

Fiona looked down at the flowers before looking back at Maki as he began to babble. She chuckled and bit her lip to stop herself as he turned red and looked down. She softly grabbed the flowers from his hand and smiled down at them. And when he called her beautiful she started to blush brightly herself just as her date did. "Aw, thank you. But, you don't have to get flustered. Just relax. That's what I have to keep telling myself," With her empty hand, she grabbed his. She slowly moved closer to him and kissed his cheek, hoping to calm his nerves a bit. While Fiona was nervous, all her nerves went away once she saw him. When she moved away she had a huge smile on her face. "Besides, I like cheesy. It's romantic." She placed the flowers down lightly but took one out and placed it behind her ear. She looked down at the blanket and picnic basket before looking back towards Maki with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. "So, I gathered that we're going to have a picnic....in January?"

"Well, yeah," Maki smiled as he looped their arms together and ushered her out of the door. They meandered into the hallway, arm in arm with grins on their faces. "You're in for a surprise."

It didn't take long for the couple to make it to the Bronx, and as Maki helped Fiona out of the taxi, he could stop himself from playing prince charming and kissing the back of her hand. He paid the driver, telling the man that they'd be in touch. He made sure that he was standing in front of Fiona, blocking her view of their destination as the taxi puttered away.

As they got in the cab, Fiona just kept looking out the window for any clues of where they were heading. It wasn't long until Maki was helping her out of the car. She just smiled and watched her date pay the driver before turning back towards the girl.

You trust me?" he grinned, brushing a strand of hair out of her face. "Close your eyes, okay? I don't want to ruin the surprise."

She sighed softly before nodding. "You know I hate surprises." But, she did trust him enough to obey. She sighed once more before closing her eyes and waiting for whatever the surprise was.

Maki’s lips lifted into a lopsided grin as he led her forward; carefully guiding her on the slippery pavement. His gripped the picnic basket while his other hand gently wrapped over her closed lids. It was freezing tonight, but as he escorted her up the steps and into the building, Maki’s entire body felt strangely warm. His toes were tingling with excitement and nervousness; what if she didn’t like what he did for her…no, he couldn’t think that. He had to be positive. This was their first date. If he fucked this up, he’d make it his mission to prove himself to her. After confessing his feelings to Fiona, all that he could think about was how blessed he had been to have her there. He almost thanked the Shepard for tormenting him for so long because in the end, she made it worth it. He opened the door for Fiona, ushering her into the warmth of the building.

Their heels clicked against the shining floors as the couple got closer and closer to the sight. He grinned brightly when they finally made it. Maki had planned this evening with Fiona in mind, remembering everything he had learned about her during their time together. So, with a fraction of the money he stored away before leaving his family, Maki rented out the building for the night. He even decorated the place himself; setting up an array of twinkling lights and candles to illuminate their path. Maki glanced up at the moonless sky, admiring the splash of stars that dotted the cloudless heavens. He peeked at Fiona’s face, utterly awestruck by the flattering way the candlelight made her freckles glow; its amber hue, making her milky skin turn golden. He leaned closer to her; his chest lightly brushing the blades of her delicate shoulders. “I spent all afternoon making this special for you.” he whispered, softly in her ear as he moved his hand away from her face. “Open your eyes. Tell me what you think.”

As the couple made their way into the building, Fiona could feel the excitement going through her body. As Maki lead her towards their secret location, the blonde kept messing with her nimble fingernails. She tried not to show that she was nervous but around Maki, she was different. She couldn't help but become the girl she used to be back home. A cynical, shy, and overall scared little nineteen year old. When he whispered in her ear, she looked in his direction and smiled.

When he removed his hand from her eyes, she took a deep breath before fluttering her eyes open. She softly rubbed her eyes to get them adjusted to the lighting before looking around and blushing. She was speechless. She just pulled Maki into a hug before letting out a chuckle. "Oh my gosh, Maki. You did not have to do all of this for me. I really don't deserve this. I mean, She couldn't even finish her sentence before she pulled away from him, covering her mouth in surprise. "It's beautiful, I love it. But, you didn't have to go through all this trouble especially for me."

He was beaming down at her, resting his palms on his shoulders. "You deserve this and more. This is the least I could do, Fiona. You saved my life."

"I know. I just." The young girl sighed, not even knowing what to say. Fiona just couldn't wrap her mind around this. A guy, an amazing guy that she didn't deserve went through all this trouble...for her. She wasn't used to it, someone giving her flowers because they reminded them of her baby blue eyes, someone who rented out a garden just for their first date and decorated it to make it look even more beautiful. It's not that she didn't love it, she just wasn't used to being treated so nicely by guys around her age. She covered her mouth, trying to hide her smile as she chuckled. "God, I'm smiling like an idiot." She bit down on her lip as she looked up at her date. "So, what's in the basket?"

Maki was now officially pleased with himself. He witnessed that everlasting smile on his date's face, finding himself unable to hold in his glee too. He lifted the basket, gesturing to it as if it were the most precious thing in the world. "Since I knew that you were a vegan, I found this awesome vegan restaurant in SOHO. I got us takeout," He grabbed her hand, rubbing his thumb on the back of her palm as he continued. "However, classy women deserve to dine in a classy fashion. So, I set up a candlelit dinner for the two of us." Excited to show her, Maki guided her through the decorated double doors, transporting her into a place of natural beauty. They were surrounded by flowers and tropical plants. Maki walked slowly, so they could both bask in the various colors and scents as a trail of twinkling lights illuminated their path. Soon they reached a gazebo in the center of the majestic garden. Protected inside was a table for two that was gleaming with two small candles perched in the center on the white table cloth. Plates and silverware were already in place, along with two shining wine glasses. "My lady, Maki jested before bowing. He then released her hand to put down the basket and pull out her chair.

While she was smiling, she could tell that Maki was looking down at her. Even if she shouldn't be, she was bit embarrassed and by the rosy color of her freckled cheeks it was even more obvious. When he grabbed her hand she couldn't help but look down at them hand and hand, smiling. When he was escorting her inside, she laid her head softly on his arm and looked around at all the different flowers and plants. "God, it's so beautiful in here." She said softly, more to herself than to her date. She continued to look around just enjoying the silence as they walked through the garden. Fiona let out a sigh and closed her eyes, enjoying the peacefulness of everything around them. It wasn't until he spoke again that she came back to reality and looked towards the table in front of them.

She kept her eyes on him as he released her petite hand and set everything down. She walked towards her seat and sat down before looking up towards Maki before getting a sarcastic and smug look on her baby doll face. "You're really cheesy, you know that?"

“I blame all of the romantic comedies you forced upon me,” Maki teased as he pushed her chair in for her. He meandered over to their waiting meal, scooping up the basket and opening it to reveal the array of food he had for them. He cleared his throat with a smirk and stiffened his posture. “For tonight’s meal, madam,” he said in his best uppity French waiter voice. “We have prepared a delectable grilled and spiced artichoke coupled with savory herbed mushroom that has been bathed in white wine.” He served the two of them, placing the food on the plates like a waiter should. Once that was finished, Maki pulled out a bottle of sparkling cider.

Fiona chuckled at Maki's French accent as she looked at the food he was setting down. She licked her lips and watched man sit down and pull out something that looked like wine. She raised her eyebrow and looked up at him.

“I know that you’re not old enough to drink yet,” he said in his normal voice. “Besides, I’d rather have you sober than trashed.” With that, the young Asian poured the drinks into the glasses before finally sitting down in front of her. He grabbed her hand from across the table, finding it incredibly hard to stop doing that. He liked the way her small palm felt against his larger one. His thumb drew small circles on the back of her hand as he beheld her beauty. “Believe it or not, I planned out our first date a few months ago, but it was Daniel’s idea to decorate this place. Gotta give the guy credit.”

Fiona tightened her grip on Maki's hand as she listened to him. When she found out that Danny, of course gave his best friend advice on what to do for the couple's first date, she chuckled and shook her head. "You really spent so much time on this date? Well, might I say that planning really paid off. It really is beautiful here, Maki." She told him with reassurance in her voice, letting him know he did a good job impressing the younger girl all before moving a piece of her hair out of the way. While her hair was done, the curls were still a bit uncontrollable. Meaning she had to move a piece of hair back out of her face every once and a while. She looked down at the glasses before picking hers up. "Cheers?"

"To second chances," Maki said, raising his glass and clanking it against hers with a wide grin. The evening went on with an abundance of laughter and various tales that occurred in their pasts. They had finished their dinner as Maki was telling Fiona about a time that he and Daniel raced mini dirt bikes in the mall after purchasing them from RadioShack. He explained how what was meant to be a simple race turned into a disaster.

"So, I bank left and Daniel's right on my ass. I wasn't paying attention at all, didn't see the watch display coming my way. Then BOOM, I end up surrounded by a bunch of Rolexs and I'm on my back staring up at the salesman. Daniel just grins at the guy, gestures to me and says 'He really wanted to know what time it was..."

He let out a wholehearted chuckle at the memory before sipping at his cider. "Your turn, Fiona."

"My turn?" She scoffed with a smirk on her face. "I don't have any embarrassing stories." She turned her glace up to him before sighing. "Okay, fine I'm lying. It was the Winter before the year before I managed to find myself in New York. And to say the least, it gets really cold in England, always snowing, always. But, that's not the worst thing, I was stuck over my...friend's house because it was too treacherous to try and make it back to my house and they live in a loft which is attached to this attic and below this attic is an open garage area. He made me go into the attic to get something. I don't remember but, the next thing I do remember I hear this breaking and creaking from the floorboards below me."

She cleared her throat and took a sip of her cider. "Not even ten seconds later, my waist and below are just hanging. I call out his name and he comes, of course but by the time he gets up there the whole floor just caves in, I guess you could say. We land feet first into the two feet snow. He's wear jeans, so he can get out no problem. Me being the classy and crazy girl I am, I'm wearing a dress. I'm stuck in this freezing snow. Long story cut a little shorter, it took us about fifteen, twenty minutes to get me out of this massive hole I got myself stuck in. My legs were so cold and bruised that I still have a faint mark on the back of my left leg."

"Really? God, that sounds so painful." Maki cringed a little for dramatic effect before taking another swig of his beverage. Smiling, he slipped out of his seat, waltzing over to the radio he had tucked in the corner. He pressed play, the soft melody of John Legend wrapping around the two of them. Turning to Fiona, Maki offered his hand to her as Hold On Longer filled the space. "Care to dance?"

She raised an eyebrow in suspicion and chuckled as she looked down at his hand then back at him. "I haven't danced in months, you know. But," She reached out her hand reluctantly for his before standing up, looking up at the man who towered over her. "I'd love to."

And just like that, Maki scooped Fiona off of her feet and twirled her with a bemused expression on his face. He put her down with the utmost care before holding her hand and pulling her close to his cheek. They danced with only the amber glow of the various candles and twinkling lights to brighten the dark room. Flowers swirled around them in a frenzy of exotic colors and hues, the scents wrapping them up like a soft blanket. That’s how they spent the rest of their night together, holding one another and allowing the precious melody to guide their steps. There was adoration in their young faces as they gazed upon one another as if this moment was meant to there—this was a sign of flourishing young love.